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  1. This Josh Allen fella is pretty good at the football isn’t he?
  2. Lol Looking like Milano on a few of his tackle attempts tonight.
  3. All I want for Christmas is a well executed screen to Cook. Just once
  4. I mean it’s another ugly win but let’s be honest they just need to get healthy and keep stacking w’s. I’m warming up to the obj idea more and more. Hopefully Crowder comes back soon cause Josh needs his Beasley back.
  5. Jesus man coulda just said put some extra stickum on em. Now I got the whole jacking off an elephant process in my head. Is that a one man or two? Is the elephant standing, sitting? Any type of medication or can a dude just ***** an elephant and the elephant is cool with it? Is this something that happens at the zoo or only in the wild?
  6. I ain’t even trippin I know Beasley retired twice already but can we see if he’d be interested doing it a third time.
  7. Is that three drops for this guy? Two for first downs if he brings em in
  8. Don’t know which commercial you’re referring too but it sounds like an interesting target market
  9. Ssshhhhh Don’t ask questions just let it happen.
  10. I think the team that has the most points at the end of the game is going to win. Take it to the bank. Go team
  11. No Everything’s falling apart and we suck again. Fire everyone. I think I’m getting the hang of this place
  12. I say we take a shot to Diggs first play. Four down territory
  13. I still think Knox got hurt in the first game against LA. He had a play where his leg got all tangled up. He seems to be limping a lot and doesn’t seem to have his normal burst. JMO
  14. Been that way for bout four years now. I’m sure his next team will figure out how to use him
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