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  1. They will make the playoff but it will be tough from there because White is our best defender. White is not just a great CB he was a team leader and very popular with his teammates. We're going to miss him for sure
  2. If Tre White is gone and it looks that way based reports this morning , we need other players to step up. Thre Bills play zone but need guys in the front 7 to start making plays on the QB.
  3. I think Breida on screen plays will really help slow the pass rush. Unlike two other players Brieda is explosive once he gets to the second level. Look forward to seeing him on screens/wheel routes and sweep running plays. Once other teams start seeing big explosive chuck plays from RB position you will start seeing teams moving safeties & LB's movingh closer to the line and that is when we can start making exploisive receiver passing plays.
  4. I think getting Covid has cost him this season, does not look the same at all and he is the anchor of our offensive line.
  5. I told everyone that Breida would be a difference maker, noticeable difference when he gets to the second level. He will big runs against Patriots if he gets opportunities. I said because d-lineman were just rushing upfield Briedia would make a big screen play and he did for TD.
  6. Speed kills, I think having Breida gives the Bills an extra big play weapon
  7. Terrible that it looks like White is gone for the season
  8. I knew Breida could make big plays with screens, now take Allen out of the game
  9. They will tonight only because Saints has missing so many guys but I just don't see against Patriots they way we're playing
  10. Great play, now offence needs to get points on this drive. Don't let Saints feel like they can win
  11. Frazier cannot coach conservative, bring pressure or this guy will pick the Bills apart. You need to pressure him
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