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  1. Scary and impressive at the same time, now i see why they had so much WR activity in final few games of the season. I remember watching him come off the field in that Patriots game. We never really saw those explosive plays that he was making during the season, had a few last night but you could see there was something missing
  2. How about you answer how much would you pay Milano? If he were that great 31 YEAR old Kelce would not have been running all of the field uncovered yesterday. Someone said he was great last week and i said talk with me after the Chiefs game, he is solid/good LB but not great or elite
  3. I agree, Bills need to get him a true big play RB. You get a big play back catching that pass in the flat that Singletary dropped and he is the very least in FG position. We got him a true #1 WR this past season and keep needing to add him more weapons, KC was ignoring Singletary and using that as an advantage to double up Diggs.
  4. You make a great point that as painful as losing yesterday was, the game also highlighted areas that need improvement. I loved watching Diggs stay on the field to watch KC celebrate. This will only fuel Diggs and Allen more getting ready for next season, that tells me how much he wanted it and cares about winning.
  5. Like many of the rest of you, i am just heartbroken today, i was so hopeful we would get our day to shine and make up for those 4 Super Bowl losses. I am sure most you have read my posts during the season, yes i am one of the most pessimistic on this site and always the doubting Thomas. LMAO! Today i know something great is just getting started and the franchise is about to enjoy some great long-term success. Do we have some holes, yes and so does every other team in this league. The one thing that brings a smile to my face is despite the small holes to fill the most important position on
  6. I don't mind taking a flyer in 4th or 5th round on a pure speed WR or RB, you cannot coach speed and once Brown went down we lost our ability to stretch the field.
  7. That drop to me was the end of his time with the Bills, he is not good enough as a runner to be dropping wide open passes. Had open field in front of him and if he made those plays that KC was conceding it would have opened up single coverage on WR'S downfield. They basically gave us that because they were not concerned of any of our RB'S breaking a big play. So if we want to beat KC, you beat them at their own game and start adding speed at skilled positions like RB & TE
  8. I think even Patrick suffered a loss in first attempt at championship game, Josh will learn from this one but the players around him also need to do better. Had our defence create a couple of turnovers that would have helped. Frazier played a soft zone allowing KC to both chew clock and score, no attempt to get shots into Mahomes and make him uncomfortable after return with both a bad toe anfd concussion. KC's plan was to rush hard off the ends forcing Josh to step up, KC also knows Mitch Morse's weakness is standing up to a hard push up the middle which forced Allen to back peddle over
  9. I liked what we saw in Williams who played in Miami game, showed a burst that neither Moss or Singletary provided us. That was against a top Miami defence, with cap money lean i would give him a serious look. I think they will need to cut guys and absorb some dead money hits to create cap room, Beane did not have a great free agent offseason last year and we need to do better. Even getting one big play maker on defence would help get this team to another level The defence was a problem as season, we need them to get off the field and reduce those 3rd and long conversations t
  10. AJ Klein is role player who they overpaid at 6 million, Beane needs to spend his money more wisely if we expect to beat KC
  11. I thought Frazier was not prepared, after we scored our TD and took 9 point lead we should have not been conceding passes with soft zone and no pass rush. They should have sent quicker DB'S after Mahomes early, way too much time and he got real comfortable. KC just attacked Allen with a variety of blitzes off the corners and not allowing him to get outside of the pocket. They had a great gameplan and we did not I hope Frazier leaves because i would rather have an defense that gets after it, yes your going to give up some plays but you need to get shots on the QB and you cann
  12. Did not matter, they let guys walk who thought they were worth more. Worse thing for a team is to start paying average players big money because your winning, i thought Beane's free agents signing were all overpays and if you check they contributed very little. I mentioned during free agency and was accused of being too negative. Our D line is highest paid in the NFL and that cannot continue because front 4 has difficult time getting pressure without bringing extra guys
  13. I agree, yet we have fans on this site that keep saying we need to pay then man. The Patriots won Super Bowls because they refused to overpay guys who were not elite, let them walk if they want big money. You pay your big stars and he is not a big star
  14. Romo commented many times that no one was getting separation
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