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  1. No question about it and that is all on Sean, he still believes you win because of defence and refuses to move on from Frazier. Look at the sacks and pressure the Chiefs had on Burrows today. Frazier should have been fired after last season and still has a job because of Sean
  2. They fired Andy Reid and he will get fired to if the playoff losing continues. How many times can you tell the media "we will learn from this" and then repeat again the next season. They are barely slowing down offences with elite QB'S , get Allen real weapons outside of Diggs.
  3. It amazes me Sean can still keep Frazier around, the stats he boasts are from regular season and mean nothing compared to playoffs Not surprised id some of this is direct from Allen, they are good friends. It was Allen who asked Beane to bring back Brown and Beasley
  4. I hope Pegula has advisers outside of the team, they cannot waste his best years watching him take massive hits running the ball because they have no elite db's or continue to expect 5th and 6th round draft picks to be able to win and get separation as a WR
  5. I agree, he was on point. Sean needs to understand that they cannot keep making excuses or expect Josh to do everything while they investment everything on defensive side of the ball and they still suck bad. The performance was pathetic and was at home , enough with this we will learn from this nonsense. He said that last season He is good friends with Josh, some of those words could be coming from Allen himself. Why does he know so much about what has gone on and the details about weapons or Burrow/Mahomes are not asked to do as much. Davis was a 5th rounder, how many picks has Sean/Beane blown on defence and they still suck.
  6. Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h Replying to @MichaelFFlorio Sean McDermott likely isn’t going to go anywhere but for someone whose top qualities are leadership and defensive prowess … he always seems to get out coached in the big games and the defense always seems to be the ones crumbling 12 71 644 50.3K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h The last four playoff exits: blew a multiple score 2nd half lead, blown out by KC, 13 second kickoff and yesterday. The defense can bully bad teams in the regular season but can’t stop a good offense when they have too At this point it’s a trend. An inexcusable one at that 6 59 583 44.8K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h Brandon Beane gets such high regard for finding Allen … but that 2018 class was the last of his that had ANY pro bowl players. So much capital has been wasted on undersized d lineman who can’t generate pressure against a backup o line 9 47 474 42.8K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h They drafted a CB in the 1st and were too scared to use him for most of the year despite the secondary issues. The big addition to the offense was pass catching RBs … only to never throw the ball to the RBs. The o line got ignored despite clear issues 4 40 504 38.7K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h And that’s the frustrating part - it’s like there was no real plan. The game plan didn’t fit the personnel at all. The Bills receiver room had 2 receivers who could win outside or downfield and a bunch of slot guys - and then operated an offense built around the deep ball 3 38 417 36.5K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h There was no quick pass aspect to this offense all year. Slot WR role vanished. Allen was expected to scramble to avoid pressure and find someone deep. Which is even harder when your best deep threat has questionable hands and routinely drops well placed ones (like yesterday) 3 37 431 35K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h The Bills hired a first year play caller in the most offensive driven era in NFL history, in their championship window, despite one not having won a Super Bowl in over 30 years. Just short sighted moves that never seemed to gel with any sort of actual plan 7 34 357 33.5K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h There was never any situational football with this team. Yesterday on maybe the biggest play of the day - 3rd and 2 they threw 40 yards down field then punted. It largely felt like Dorsey would pick a play at random. And not just yesterday, this was all year long 9 40 490 32.7K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h They can out talent teams in the regular season and Josh Allen is a unicorn who can play hero ball and save the day most of the time - but if he has an off game this team has no shot of beating an actual good team. This roster is very flawed and now it’s aging with little cap 3 39 370 32.1K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h Take Allen off this team and I’m not sure they’re .500. Turnovers have been an issue, but that’s to be expected when Allen is asked to match Mahomes/Burrow stats with his arm while also being the teams RB1. It’s a ton to ask of any player. Especially with this play calling 6 49 460 31.4K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h The approach to building this team needs to change. It can’t be, invest in the defense and Allen will carry the offense every game. If McDermott and Frazier can’t figure it out with so much invested into it, change gears. 3 31 275 26.9K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h If there was ever a time to change its now. The def see has been built around 6 players - 2 are FAs (Poyer, Edmunds), 3 are working back from severe injuries (White, Von, Hyde) and the other is Milano Idk how they work around those contracts, but they have to try and mix it up 2 24 245 28.2K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h Start loading up around Allen and trying to outscore everyone. It’s basically what they have to do in the playoffs anyway. I’m frustrated as I’m sure many Bills fans are right now. Will 100% be back next year, but really hoping we see some changes before then 8 30 397 32K Michael F. Florio @MichaelFFlorio · 9h Adding one thing here. No juice?!? In the biggest game of the season, at home, with Damar in the building. It’s absolutely inexcusable The Bills were dominated in a way they haven’t been in years. No juice… what are we doing here!
  7. No team in the ACF is in a better situation than the Bengals, so many star elite players on rookie deals and they have hit on many of their picks . The biggest thing is the Bengals have a projected 43million in cap space for next season. The Bills are negative cap space and have many holes, not a great situation after they beat us in Buffalo.
  8. Missing Jones and Philips being injured played a huge part in this. No pushing the pocket allowed Burrows to step up. This is why I would consider trading Oliver and having another 300pounder plus DT. Oliver does not makes enough negative plays to play him big money.
  9. Since the Viking game the were not the same team and offence was not as dangerous as last season. Yes they won games against bad teams to finish the year but you need to be playing at a high level to beat top teams. The Hamlin situation did not help but this team never got better as the season went along. Last season from beating Patriots in England the team got better heading towards the playoffs . The never punted against Pats in opening round playoff game and Allen had a epic game against Chiefs only to lose because of 13 sec. Defence was no better last season but our offence was loads better last year and offence is what you need come playoff time. We don't have a defence that wins games when you only score 10 points against a Team with a top elite QB.
  10. Unless they are trading for another #1 this would a crazy suggestion for league that focuses on passing the football.
  11. Just look at the stats, they even let a trash QB like the Jets Wilson to hang numbers on them. I am so sick of seeing DB's playing 10-12 yards off of the line.
  12. Start drafting WR'S /RB'S/OLINE, enough with giving endless defensive picks.
  13. I agree and Bills need to start giving him more weapons, I also believe Allen should look to follow Brady's example of accepting less by reworking deal to allow Beane more cap space to sign another guard and #2 receiver. He wins in the playoffs and he will make it up with endorsements .
  14. Beane needs to start drafting player with either great size or elite speed. Enough with these undersized slow moving high motor player, this team needs more speed and more size at line positions. Can anyone explain our 3rd rounder this season while Chiefs uses a 7th rounder on a RB who runs a 4.3 forty and is now their starting RB. Focus on speed and size and enough with these good character players, who cares if they cannot play.
  15. Reid was Sean's mentor and he fired Sean because they could not get to the QB, Sean needs to put the team first and replace Frazier. 13 secs should have never happened and we let that slide. Yesterday our defence came out with zero adjustments from when we played the Bengals a few weeks ago, they allowed them to go straight down the field two drives in a row. That took the crowd out of the game and it was essentially over. As for Sean getting a pass, they would not fire Sean softer this season because all he has done. IMO
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