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  1. Patriots will soon release him or trade him for a 5th rounder, the dude is to old to demand big bucks.
  2. Ford is a bust and will be cut after this season, biggest Beanne draft mistake over Metcalf
  3. Good RB and most likely better than either Moss or Singletary, I still don't see him signing with the Bills. Andy Reid is a snake and he trusted the snake knowing they had players in front of him.
  4. News flash, there are plenty of both NFL & NBA players who smoke weed.
  5. I agree and the Browns have big name players at key positions, the Bills do not have enough elite play makers at key positions. Even WR, who is the deep stretch the field player this season now that Brown is gone? I still like our chances if we stay healthy but It would be nice to add another speed WR or playing making TE.
  6. Nothing wrong with that, it's a fact we are weak at TE & RB. Both Zack Moss and Devin Singletary are too slow with no burst and Knox drops too many passes
  7. Matt is a good player and he played it smart, he could have tested free agency and while doing so the Bills could have spent money to replace him. End of the day Matt has no huge resume, no pro bowls selections and no massive stats to point to. The cap was a low and teams were not going to throw crazy money for some LB that is not a huge play maker as in sacks or interceptions/ tackles. He most likely received the most from the Bills, not suggesting it as crazy money but it was very good money for a good but not great LB Just based on the cap number AJ Klein has it
  8. End of the day I would love to have Jones but if were investing in an impact player I would prefer it be either RB/TE or dominate pass rusher. They have the money to do it now if someone becomes available.
  9. I agree because his cap number is 15 mllion and then 11 for flowing two seasons. A big target that we don't have
  10. I would have given a second rounder and Jerry Hughes plus A.J. Klein which sends out about 11 mill and Jones is cap number is 15 million.
  11. Nothing against Doug, I thought he was an aggressive GM and made some decent picks. End of the day not having a QB will never end well for any HC or GM
  12. This was Doug's words on Aug 2 2013 The Buffalo Bills surprsied everyone when they drafted Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel in the top 10 of the first round instead of West Virginia quarterback E.J. Manuel. Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley isn’t backing down from that decision and is singing the praises of the rookie quarterback before he’s ever played an NFL game, or been named starter of the Buffalo Bills. “Most successful quarterbacks have that ‘it’ factor. (Manuel) has that ‘it’ factor,” Whaley said on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “Moving the Chains.” “When he walks
  13. I would consider a 3rd rounder and maybe a second but hard pass if they want first
  14. Big difference is the Bills have solid players at almost all positions, they just don't have enough difference/impact players. I think maybe White on defence and Allen & Diggs on offence. KC is better just because if that, they have more impact players on both sides on the ball. For the Bills to get by KC I still think they need a guy who can get to QB and the type of player that teams need to game plan for.
  15. Beanne is going to trade for another impact player, needs to if they want to beat KC
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