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  1. I say they will get up and play the best game of season and beat Baltimore
  2. WR'S are all too short and small and that falls on Beane, Brown has missed two attempts today because he is too small
  3. Yes your bang on, they had corners playing 10 yards off the line at the snap. Complete joke and no pass rush because he is afraid to blitz. let Baker sit there and slowly pick us a part and leave us no time on the clock.
  4. Can someone ask why the heck was he playing prevent defense in final Browns TD drive, not only did the score a TD but they chew away over 3 plus mins of the final 5 plus mins left leaving us a panic/rush mode.
  5. Time management and time outs were not good enough, conversative play calling on both sides of ball in final two drives were Jauron JR level. I have been saying since he was first hired that the guy is a Dick Jauron clone and you better not be counting on him to out coach the other side for wins. Like why we're they playing prevent defense on that final drive?
  6. Beane gets way too much credit on this site, made no moves before trading deadline o improve roster when he could have traded for Marcus Peters who the Ravens picked up for a LB and 5th rounder. Wallace has been trash this season and teams are eating him up, then you look at money he gave to both Murphy and Star and production we receive from those guys who make a combined 20 million. My preference is go spend the total 20 million on a star free agent who can make you big plays, has Jerry Hughes made one play this season or how about his first round pick Oliver did he even play yesterday?
  7. I said over and over that Sean is Dick Jauron JR and plays too conservative on both sides of the ball, after taking the lead they should have shown heavy dose of blitzing. We have to last or near the bottom of league in getting turnovers. Want to help your QB then start getting more turnovers and giving him good field position.
  8. The final drive for the Browns they we're better off blitzing and if they beat you your still leaving yourself time. Sean is way too conservative
  9. The problem is they play conversative style defense, not many blitzes and lack of turnovers are your end result. Everything is about keeping players in front on them and making the tackle. The final drive was perfect example of playing conservative, you better off rushing 5-6 and forcing Baker into making a quick decision. If you get burned you're still are leaving yourself time to come back, Sean is an average HC and until he goes this mentality of playing not lose will remain
  10. This HC plays not lose, even how we defended in Browns last drive, he has White playing 10 yards off the line with no blitzing and forcing Baker to make a quick decision
  11. Mad a the kicker but our HC and defensive cordinator blew it late in the 4th,
  12. Up 4 points with over 5 mins the Bills decided to play conversative on defense and you lose. Can someone explain why Sean called first TO, you play conservative and you deserve to lose. Sean plays not lose
  13. We once could say we had great kicker, turning into bum
  14. This is why Sean will never make big as a HC, complete moron. Conservative defense with no blitzing and wasted a time out for nothing gained.
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