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  1. What are you going to advertize? there are no revenues
  2. Murphy is scrub making about 7-8 million too much based on his production, i am sure someone will tell me that getting 3 sacks over 15 games is productive as a starter. Maybe if you're making 2-3 million not 8-10 million
  3. Did not know about knees, then i would see if we can sign him for much less
  4. Bills should do everything they can to sign Gurley, he is the star player this team needs. Has both speed and power, worth dropping Smith & Murphy which saves us 10 mill and then add another 6-7 million. End of the day Sean wants to run the ball and this guy is a true workhorse back, your not getting that from Singeltary who is not fast or big
  5. He had 3 sacks up until last game against Jets, how can you justify 10 million for that kind of production and he is very weak against the run. People taking about his great playoff game should review the TD run where he could not bring down Watson. You take the 8 million savings and add 5-6 and you could sign an upgrade
  6. More of quick feet running back than speed to take it to the house, i don't believe he has size or speed to be every down back. Good player but i think the Bills needs a better quality back up.
  7. Another great signing, adds depth and gives Beane the option to let Murphy go. Things are looking good
  8. Props to Beane, love this signing and this is what we needed. Looking good as Beane added a pieces to both offense & defense
  9. Would seem like this guy would be an upgrade over Murphy unless Murphy agrees to take huge pay cut then i would vote to release him and try and sign this guy. Floyd is 6'5 and only 27 years old, also i think the Bills are now favorites to win the division so that could add to the attraction for him to sign with Bills.
  10. I think he will finish this season and Josh McDaniels will take over from there, i see the Pats trading for Cam because they are going to need a QB.
  11. Not really when you look at 22nd overall pick and do you believe that player would have contributed this season as WR? I think no and other picks are usually a crap shoot , these picks usually do not turn into starters. I think many people including myself looked at what Cardinals paid for Hopkins and prefered that deal but Houston's O'Brian most likely wanted him out of the conference. End of the day this is a passing league and Diggs was the best available WR after Hopkins, the benefits & advantages for the Bills right now is they get a true #1 who signed for the next 3-4 seasons are very reasonable salary.
  12. That would help, starting to come around on Diggs trade because late #1 pick was not going to help in his first season. Diggs gives us #1 and Brown moves to #2 and we can always draft big receiver to develop. I see RB depth as next position of need and they could get someone with their seconder.
  13. I liked him but not at that price at his age, too much money and Bears have some serious cash on defensive side of ball.
  14. I will not feel sorry when teams run up the score on them, this is and has always been a QB league and Bill will look very average without Brady. Their average talent receivers will now look like average receivers. Looking forward to seeing their total demise, nothing has been worse over the years listening to jerk Pats fans
  15. LAMO, Pats fans are in for a rude wake up call on how tough it is to win without great QB play. I could see them finishing last in the division, while i hate Brady he has my full respect as the best ever and glad to see him leave our division. Not sure if this move changes anything on how Jets / Dolphins and ourselves attack the offseason.
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