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  1. The whole draft was a waste other than first pick, Ford has bust written all over him
  2. Are you saying teams were lined up to sign this scrub?
  3. Why pay that much for a scrub no other team wanted, could have signed him for min
  4. Before the draft one scout said that Glenn has enough quickness to play in a zone-blocking scheme. He definitely has the power to be in man scheme. Glenn would be his most dominant if he played guard or right tackle in the NFL. After a stellar collegiate career with good tape and a big time skill set, Glenn looks like a first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Read more: http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2012cglenn.php#ixzz5oV7b4Lb2 Read more at http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2012cglenn.php#sulfBb53W3dUQdxG.99 I still remember Buddy having an argument on draft day that he was a tackle not a guard.
  5. They said he was a guard when he got drafted
  6. He does not, waste of 9 millon, you may ask why Raiders did want him back. This is loser move, caveman footballs loses all the time What a stupid move
  7. Why give a guy a 3 three deal, this guy is street bum, league min on one year non guaranteed deal Right, same as Rex Ryan, this a total outdated move. Passing league and sign some scrub that no other team wants
  8. This is a loser move, passing league and they give this scrub 3 year deal.
  9. Coaches always look smarter when you give them better players to work with, the group last year was a bunch of scrubs and yet it is the coach we blame.
  10. Bills did nothing but sign mediocre free agents, other than the center there was really nothing to get excited about. You win games in this league because of match ups and having guys who can make huge plays. I don't see any of that and their draft was not much better other than first round pick, i thought with our record we really need to sign 2-3 big time players. The DE Murphy who Beane signed last season is a classic example of the types of players Beane is bringing to Buffalo. Guys who come here because they don't have many other options.
  11. This was a bad pick that the Bills did not have a need for to begin with.
  12. If this guy is not good then the whole draft will be bust because other players look like garbage.
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