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  1. I mentioned even after beating the Raiders that this team was really bad on defense, some fans wanted to blame missing injuries but they just stick and Beanne did a terrible job this offseason signing FA
  2. Really no chance of anything this season, defense is one of worse in the NFL and you cannot win playoff games when you cannot stop anyone including an 0-6 team
  3. I would rush 5 guys on every down, if we give up some big plays it beats these long time chewing drives
  4. I just think the blame falls on Beanne, defense is very limited of talent
  5. I would rush 5 guys on every down, if we give up some big plays it beats these long time chewing drives
  6. No because we need a defensive star
  7. Beanne needs to avoid big money to any current starter on defense
  8. Cannot believe some of you think Milano was the reason why we sucked on defense, this defense is trash and Milano is an average player so please stop talking him up. They are getting killed by an 0-6 team
  9. Milano is good buy not great LB, misses a lot of tackles and is a very good guy in coverage. Depends what your prepared to pay him, not worth anything more than 8-10 million I would not be against resigning him, i would be against paying him too much because he has some major flaws in his game. No more than 8-10 million or move on and look to upgrade the position.
  10. First game was on NBC watching Joe Ferguson and Joe Cribbs, i think it was the year they had the Bermuda triangle defence. Fred Smerlas/Nelson/ Jim Haslett
  11. I totally disagree. Metcalf was high rated in that draft and was very surprising he was even available in the second round. I don't even remember anyone talking about Ford before the draft
  12. This is all on Beanne, brutal free agent signings of Tyler Matakevich with 3.5 mllion cap number & AJ Kline for 6mllion cap number. Both guys offer next to nothing, then you add Murphy's 10 million and you have about 20 mllion on complete trash players. Maybe you sign a real play maker for 18-20 mllion , and as much as i like Diggs, he could have easily drafted Metcalf or Brown over drafting Ford who has trouble staying on the field. I just hope Pegula starts to question some of his drafts and wasted free agent signings, like who gives Mario Addison who is 33 years old 10 million a season? I could see if the guy was 26-27 but most guys are done at 33. Pegula should also tell him unless it's Kuechly enough with trades and signing Panther players
  13. Classic Beanne signing, high motor guy with below average athletic talent
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