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  1. They should have kept the rookie who just got signed off our practice squad, he had something both Singletary and Moss are missing and that is speed and burst to the line. Moss is on this team to get those tough short yardage plays and he sucks at that, time to admit he was a mistake and move on.
  2. He is spot on and time for Beane to look to see what RB'S are available. I am so tired of people saying Moss and Singletary are fine when they just cannot make yards and we need our QB to run the ball. Cook at this point looks like a project or pass receiver, start bringing in guys for tryouts. I like Singetary as a pass catcher but we need someone who can get those tough yards.
  3. Played well most of the game when they were rushing 4 and getting pressure, Frazier blew it and cost them the lead late on that 3rd & 22 and only rushing 3. When will we see a game where our defence carries us late? Sorry but Frazier screwed up 13 secs and again yesterday let TUA make a huge play playing conservative football.
  4. NFL should mandate that the Dolphins provide overhead tent coverage for visiting teams. This should be brought up by Beanne and Pegula as a safety concern, I cannot remember a game like that where players were dropping like flies because of the heat & sun.
  5. I am hopeful that this loss will change our thinking late in games, I think Sean's got over the hump on offensive side and is not afraid to play aggressive style football on offence. Sean and Frazier now need to start thinking of playing more aggressive on defensive side, With Von Miller/ Rousseau/Philips/Oliver/Boggie they have the horses to start attacking/blizing more and getting sacks turnovers in these close games. The front 7 contains our most talented players, they need to start unleashing them. Frazier was a member on that famous Bears defence, not suggesting we go 100% that direction but occasionally throw in some aggressive plays that came from that defence.
  6. That was a fumble, his hand was empty going forward.
  7. End of the day, Davis is good but you cannot have enough great receivers who can make those impossible looking catches. Bills need to sign OBJ to help take the pressure off of Diggs. I don't trust Mckenzie and believe having OBJ/DAVIS and Diggs all on the field at once will force teams to have more db's in coverage which could help open up our running. That ball was there and Davis need to use his size to shield the defender. Not really because both announcers were also questioning if Davis got his foot down in time, it was worth the challenge
  8. Sean is a very good HC , but he is not an elite or top 8 HC in this league because he struggles winning close games because of poor decisions. He should have replaced Frazier after 13 secs last season and again yesterday our defence screws up a crucial 3rd and 22 by rushing only 3 men. First off, Miami's line was beat up and our best players on defence were our linemen with our secondary having rookies and backups. So you would think you would highlight your strength to expose their weakness and we did the opposite. This was the biggest blunder call of the game because rushing 3 gave TUA loads of time to scan the field and allow his speedy receivers to go over top of our safeties. Just look at Miami rushing minimum 4 and 5 guys on almost every play and they had a more healthy secondary. TUA was not playing that well, but you give any QB extra time in this league and they will find guys. 3rd and 22 cannot happened, at the very most you allow something underneath and concede a long FG attempt. If the game is tied we most likely go and get go ahead FG on 4th down When I saw only 3 guys rushing I knew a long down the field throw was coming and sure enough it happened. Just look at KC had only 13 secs to get into FG range and did it against our defence and we had over 1:25 SEC and could not make it past the 40 in time because Miami did not play it stupid/soft, they remained aggressive. If we ever want to get over the hump and win these close games you need to play to win and stop playing not to lose. I could see rushing 3 guys if were had some 10-14 point lead, but not when you're ahead only by 3 points. Your never going to get home rushing only 3 and it needs to stop late in these close games, I am sure TUA changed the play at the line when he saw only 3 guys rushing and told his guys to go deep. This is not rocket science , you want to help your young secondary out then you force the ball out quickly.
  9. So many plays that you could say cost use, I was pissed off because Dolphins O-LINE was banged up bad and we only rush 3 which today our DLINE was our strength position. I wanted them to fire Frazier after KC & 13 SECS and still do not trust him, That is another one, just hand it off to Singletary two times in a row.
  10. The only real bad throw he made was the missed throw to McKENZIE in the end zone which was he worse throw in the past two seasons . I am sure he was drained at that point and bad play calling on previous downs put us in that 4 & goal throw. They should have just ran Singletary right into the line on both 2nd & 3rd down calls.
  11. The pick 6 drop would have really given us a lift and you could also throw in so many other plays. Defense did enough to win and our offence moved the ball but could not close.
  12. Davis needs to secure that football in the end zone, needs to use his body
  13. How about Milano's dropped pick 6 in the flat that would have given us a 10 point lead?
  14. How about Milano's dropped pick 6 in the flat that would have given us a 10 point lead?
  15. Nonsense, if our WR'S did not started all going down because of the heat we roll this team
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