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  1. I agree that if he wants too much that getting picks would be the wiser move, i believe you pay the big money in pass rushers. A great pass rusher and pass rush will always make DB'S look better . I love White's game but not at 20 million plus, i believe 17-18 million tops or see if you can get two picks.
  2. I changed my opinion and think he has some potential and is still young enough to make the roster or practice squad.
  3. Without question he was a leader on the line last season, offered toughness & would not tolerate defenders trying to take extra shots at Allen. I consider him a glue guy player on that line, amazing what we signed him for and now this terrible news.
  4. After listening to him talk and do some scouting on him i have changed my opinion on signing him, he seems to bring some potential of depth.
  5. Terrible news, i thought he was growing into a leader on the line. I also thought John was our best value free agent signing last season, will be missed if he is done for the year.
  6. Why waste time signing him? this is not what playoff minded teams do We're a playoff team, we don't need to be signing street bums that no has ever heard of.
  7. Please do not sign him, loser and offers nothing. We can do better than this clown
  8. To be a great team and win in the playoffs your team needs play makers, i think we have a couple on offensive side and now need to cut Murphy and sign Clowney.
  9. I hope he is right, hard to deny the improvement and this season is critical . The Bills have improved the talent around him and now Josh needs to make the next step which is more mental than physical. He needs to accept bad plays and avoid turnovers, punting is not a bad thing and to be fair i believe we saw improvement in this area last season. End of the day we're all in this together, so many suffering years since Kelly retired and i have my fingers crossed with Allen that he has "it"
  10. I doubt College football move to the spring, makes no sense. The start their season about same time schools starts, yes they may talk about it but it won't happen. They would be competing with baseball/ hockey and basketball playoffs and golf/tennis.
  11. This is good for KC fans and not good for KC'S salary cap, i hope this motivates Josh Allen to achieve greatest.
  12. I love football too much to give up watching because of outside politics, if black lives mattered then why are they not doing something to save the lives of the many innocent black people getting shot and killed in Chicago on a daily basis?. Just because one cop went too far they start these violent and crazy protests, clean up the police departments of the bad ones and move forward. Sports and watching sports on TV has given young black men who were blessed with athletic ability endless opportunities to build a lifestyle some could only dream of. For me these protests should have ended after the first week, focus on real solutions not running around the streets like a bunch of crazies while destroying businesses and property of innocent people My suggestion is leave the players in the locker rooms while they play the national anthem and make sure TV is not covering that portion. Like it or not some paying customers are patriotic and believe in standing.
  13. He going by the fact the Bills have much tougher schedule
  14. Two games would be more than enough for me
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