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  1. I think he handled this as best as you would want, did not throw Sean under the bus and basically avoided answering
  2. The Browns should have insisted that he settle these lawsuits before making any deal. I cannot see how the NFL which has a large base of woman fans could allow him on the field this season. People bring up Robert Kraft and try to use that as a comparison, the difference is Kraft was in a known happy ending place where Watson forced some of these ladies into sexual acts who thought they were just being hired for a massage.
  3. Brady no longer plays for the Pats and the Pats are not the same team without him. Brady while with the Pats also beat on both the Dolphins and Jets and I don't see them still talking about Brady. Let's move on and start enjoying present success and not worry about ghosts of past seasons when the team sucked bad. Reality is it was not the Patriots or Brady's fault that management needed years to figure out you win and lose with your QB.
  4. It just never stops, some almost always get triggered by anything Pats. Do you think their fans were triggered in the Kelly years when we owned the AFC. I could care less about Brady unless were playing him the Super Bowl. Some Bills fans need to stop acting like 12 year olds and enjoy the good times while they are here
  5. Who cares, we need to get over this Brady and Pats triggered responses. Put the past behind and look ahead
  6. Depends how they respond this season and this means our coaching staff. They blew it with conversative coaching and not being organized on the kickoff. Sean and his staff need to learn from this and if the team wins the Super Bowl then everything will be forgiven.
  7. I would trade them Tyler Matakevich & Moss plus a third or 4th rounder and go. The reality is Sean still favours running the ball and Singeltary is not a starting RB on a title contending team. Barkley would make teams pay playing extra DB'S tI still remember that key set of downs against KC where the hole was there for Singeltary to get a first down and he did not have enough burst to the line and that is the story with his game, limited speed and burst. Tries to hard to dance and make people miss or just break tackles which works in college but not so much in NFL. Fans overvalue Singeltary because he played 3-4 good games to end the season, he is a mediocre RB with average speed at 4.65.
  8. That is amazing considering all the free agents additions they have made. I expect Beane to sign a few more bargain free agent signings
  9. If Poyer think he getting some massive guaranteed extension then they should just trade him before the draft. Anyone suggesting we cannot afford to let him go should watch the last two playoff losses to KC and before that the collapse against Houston.
  10. How did you think he should be paid? you cannot pay everyone big money is my point.
  11. Younger and more speed , did Poyer look fast in that KC game?
  12. I think it makes sense to trade Poyer, very good play but I think the Bills can upgrade the position with a player who has better speed. They still need to win on the field and the Super Bowl
  13. He can change agents all he wants, I don't see Beane throwing him some monster guaranteed money extension. If he chooses to stay he will need to give the Bills a team friendly deal or move on at his age.
  14. You can look at two players that were cut this offseason, you have Star who seemed to always be missing when the team really needed him and you have Beasley who played with a broken leg. Beasley will be missed by both the team & fans while a player like Star not so much.
  15. Beasley was still a very useful player, I believe he still would be on the team if he agreed to a pay cut. He did a lot to help Josh Allen in his first few seasons, I am not going to crap a guy who played with a broken leg against KC in that ACF title game.
  16. Most likely his agent releasing stuff to gain more attention and some offers. He played his cards by not accepting a pay cut and found out there was no interest for a player on the wrong side of 30. I would not be surprised to see him sign with the Pats so Bill can steal offensive information. He still can make plays at his age and I can only wish him well except when he plays against us.
  17. I agree with Sean, less designed Allen runs unless it's the playoffs. Hope the Bills draft a speed RB with 2nd or 3rd round picks, I am not sold on Singletary as a starting RB on a title contending team.
  18. Very impressed with Beane's free agent signings, only position that I see as major weakness and hole right now is the CB. We don't know what White will look like when he returns and they need to add more speed at that position.
  19. A reasonable raise with some added guarantee money would be fair but if Diggs believes he should be paid like Adams or Hill then I would trade him while his value is still high for a first rounder along with (2) middle round picks. Diggs is very good but he will being turning 29 in November, I also point to him being shut down the last two seasons again KC in the playoffs. You could say they gave him extra coverage and I say the Bills gave both Hill & Kelce extra coverage and they still produced
  20. Hill is one of the most fastest players to play the game, he changed the way defences played against the Chiefs. I think the Chiefs decided to take a step back to clear cap space and get younger. Personally I would not give a massive extension to any player who is getting close to 30 and taken a lot of hits and that includes our own Diggs. Look for Diggs to be asking for extension with more guaranteed money after seeing what Hill got. Diggs is a great WR and has been a blessing in his two seasons., he will also be turning 29 in Nov. Once a player hits 30, it is year to year on being able to stay healthy and stay win the field. Dez Bryant is a perfect example. Yes I agree that Diggs deserves a raise but if he wants crazy numbers then I have no problem trading him up for picks like KC just did with Hill. Who did he play with last season? I still think he has a couple of good seasons left in him as a solid # 2 option
  21. Nah, I think Baker is more hype than talent. They surrounded him with some great talent and he still could not win.
  22. Usually you trade your star player to the opposite conference, KC traded him to the Dolphins thinking it could makes things more difficult for Bills to win division. Next thing is for both Jets & Pats to make big offseason splash moves. Not surprised if Pats throw big money at Julio Jones
  23. Was not just the media, many fans on this site. I personally was always excited top watch him his display his amazing arm and who did he have to throw the ball too his first two seasons? Since leaving Buffalo John Brown has not been able to stick with any team that he was our top option in Allen's second season
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