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  1. This defence is trash and without a left tackle we could having trouble scoring
  2. Bills better give help to left tackle or Josh is going to get killed tonight
  3. This is another reason why some fans like myself wanted Beane to make a meaningful move to help Josh out. I myself stated that teams are just loading up on Diggs and daring other to beat them. Look at all the weapons and great line Mahomes was given and Allen gets Diggs and a bunch of scrubs. I really they sign OBJ and don't care what low football IQ think. Those are the guys crying and blaming Allen where they lose in the playoffs. This group is the worse offensive group in the past 3-4 seasons. There is no one player who can take over if Diggs gets doubled and tripled teamed, Just glad Greg called it, they really need to bring in OBJ and never mind with John Brown who could not make it with 3 other teams since leaving Buffalo
  4. I have been told that OJB signing with Bills, book it and you heard it here first
  5. Our defence really misses Edmunds, Qb are just throwing over the middle which is always open. If we cannot get a stop this is over. Need a 3 and out
  6. If they lose, that drive after safety will be the reason why. Rookie mistake by Cook on second down hurt
  7. Offence needs to be on point because Defence is useless today.
  8. I hope Sean grows a pair and starts jamming WR'S at the line in second half. Too easy
  9. Should have been a tackle leaving him short, Hamlin needs to make that tackle
  10. Defence again giving up another long drive, Frazier does not have any answers
  11. With two starting guards out, our inside guys will have opportunities to make plays. Jones with a sack and Oliver with strip
  12. DB'S playing too soft and making it easy. pitch and catch. I sec longer and Klein gets home
  13. Frazier needs to get his db's up on receivers, too many clean releases
  14. Bills defence sucks , these long drives are killers . Another six minute drive
  15. Defence did their job and offence failed to get going and get the crowd out of the game. Still believe this offence really misses having Beasley
  16. The drive screwed up on Diggs drop and then follow that with garbage 2 yard run
  17. Maybe on defence but not on offence Power ranking mean jack..... all about having enough play makers to win a Super Bowl
  18. Crowder looked terrible before he got injured and McKENZIE has been a train wreck, then the regression of Davis and the WR group went backwards from last season. Can we agree that this team goes as far as our passing game will take us? Either Beasley or Sanders I would be fine with, this would help both Diggs and Davis
  19. This ism point, not suggesting they need to have all pros at every position like the one Buffon tried to say. I just better complementary players that can help Josh Allen out. Great points, much more classy then clowns pretending there is no problem. The Chiefs starting RB runs a 4.4 FORTY and they picked him in the 7th round
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