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  1. I could agree with that, i still think right side will be different and Ford moves inside and Williams plays right tackle
  2. I think Williams will start & play the RT and Ford moves inside to RG and Feliciano starts at LG
  3. I like the Williams signing, could maybe start at RT and move Ford inside to play guard. I think Diggs gives Allen more big play potential when you combine him with Brown. I also believe Moss will be surprise of the draft, he reminds me of Travis Henry who was tough to bring down and had decent speed.
  4. Would have made a good signing for the Bills , Barkley has had no success in this league while Joe has won a Super Bowl and could have been helpful in the development of Allen.
  5. No thanks, keep it the way it is
  6. Too much money for a good but not great player
  7. That really screws up your cap when the team is paying that much cash for one player.
  8. I never liked the pick from the start, I always thought he was too small and we saw him get dominated by bigger guys. This only makes things worse and within the same week of the Sammy story coming out. For the record I would have preferred Bills taking WR Metcalf in that draft, guys like him don't have time for getting smashed because their watching what the eat and working out/ gym rats. Let's hope he has a Bruce Smith moment and realizes this is not college football, you need to be committed to working hard if you want to be great in this league.
  9. This guy is a complete treasure, we need more like him.
  10. So sad that we invested two # 1st rounders into a guy who had serious character issues. When he wanted to play he looked like an all pro player and now i question the season he missed all those games if he just didn't care. This is why the draft is such a crap shoot, surprised Doug Whaley did not look deeper into Sammy's off the field activities . I doubt the drinking and smoking pot started after he arrived in Buffalo
  11. You're the grammar police,  cheers

  12. I was always was a Sammy supporter but reading the stories about smoking pot and getting wasted every night explains now why he spent so much time injured. Yes he was young but that is no excuse, so hard to believe we gave up so much without looking into the character side. How do show up for practice and games hungover or worse still drunk?
  13. I would do that trade, Green gives us size and i think he has a couple of good seasons left.
  14. Respect and loved beating Shula coached teams, Shula and Marino were two biggest parts of squish the fish week.
  15. I would agree that LB would be a spot we still could improve at, also the tackle position.
  16. Being from Canada i would say this was a wise decision, not sure why anyone would need that type of fire power. Most areas of Canada are very peaceful or least seem that way. I think he may have been better off waiting until pandemic was over so it could have been properly debated with other parties.
  17. The receiving position should be much stronger and i hope this can help make us more of a pass first team. We don't need to be like the Chiefs but would not hurt to see Josh Allen have a few 300 yard passing games. Beane deserves credit for surrounding Josh with more weapons over the last two offseasons. Also believe TE Knox is going to show biggest improvement of the rookies from last season, dropped some balls late in the season but i expect big things from him this season.
  18. Makes sense but too many sensitive Murphy fans, you take away the last game against the Jets and he had 3 sacks for the regular season.
  19. I think most would agree on Murphy, he is not a 10 million dollar player and Bills can save 7.5 million by cutting him. That gives Beane money to spend in the summer on guys that other team let go. I still think the team needs to address the LB position,
  20. No, it's about quality and there is nothing but average talent on the line. Guys like Murphy making around 10 million do not help at all.
  21. I never liked any of our free agent signings but this guy was a steal with second rounder. Could be one of best players in the draft, great pick
  22. I would give them a third rounder next year or 4th rounder this year, TE with speed would only make our offense more dangerous.
  23. What are you going to advertize? there are no revenues
  24. Murphy is scrub making about 7-8 million too much based on his production, i am sure someone will tell me that getting 3 sacks over 15 games is productive as a starter. Maybe if you're making 2-3 million not 8-10 million
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