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  1. Teams aren't figuring the Bills out. JA is banged up clearly. The D is built to expect points from the offense. Then we play nickel on pad plays. With our qb hurt we aren't playing Bills ball. But they haven't figured us out.
  2. Or the d is playing like back ups. Can't be too upset. Though Lewis needs to smack the ball on 4th down. Don't you learn that in pop warner?
  3. Allen needs to focus on taking what the defense gives him. Stop the hero ball. He's incredible, but he needs to be smarter at critical times. Also, coaching??? We should not be blaming them. They even said, easiest play is qb sneak.
  4. I've thought he hasn't been himself since the Miami game when he got hurt on that QB sneak. Watch him in LA and Tenn and then after Miami. Not quite the same touch.
  5. My wife is a Colts fan, so I watch this guy every week. Guy is a really great pass catcher and play maker. She ain't happy. Curious how Moss will do. Guess I will find out.
  6. Sugar high Josh showing his haunting face because it feels like a stats game.
  7. I just want them to use Singletary more. Guy can play!
  8. Dolphins are playing like the worst team in football since they lost Tua. Vikings beat a bad team, but they shouldn't have to play in those conditions. The advantage is also completely unfair. Home field advantage is supposed to be about fans and maybe field knowledge but both teams should be playing in equal conditions.
  9. I was yelling, "OHHH!!! THEY ARE GOING TO WIN NOW!!!
  10. Good game, but the Bills don't win close games within 3 points. They suck! Sarcasm fyi
  11. He would have walked right into him with that equipment. I would say the player has "right of way" over the camera guy.
  12. IDK, I may be in the minority, but its not like DA sped up to bump him or push him over. The guy was about to walk right into him. The guy had clear vision on the player, which you can see on the video. I would say the player has "right of way". Obviously an over reaction by DA but also the reactions of this board imo. His immediately after could be right after he was in the tunnel. I am not a DA defender or anything, just trying to include all perspectives.
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