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  1. 100% I want the Bills to take the hardest road to the playoffs and smack them all in the mouths with 20+ point wins. Breaking every single barrier that has hung over Buffalo all these years. Destroyed Pats 6-0 in Division Win Division Win Playoffs Beat Chiefs Beat Brady Happy Bills fans! LET'S GO BUFFALO!
  2. Completely agree! My main point I would bring up to those who don't actually watch games was how many times he was in a 3rd and long situation, or how many times he would throw for over 20 yards. Your percentage will drop tremendously if the passes are further than everyone else especially if trying to force it on 3rd and long. The only thing Josh needed real improvement on was decision making and taking what the defense is giving. He could make the throws but he was waiting too long. Now that he has seen enough to get past this hurdle, he is hurdling records weekly.
  3. I have been wanting to say that as well, AND the play was negated for holding so it is a play that didn't REALLY happen in the books, yet we still like to look at it.
  4. He will. Cool your cats. There is a strategy to drafting a QB and being able to have nice cap room. Its a luxury that the Bills shouldn't just throw away. If he wins a SB with a team that they may not be able to keep if he is paid the big bucks, then he will get even more once he is signed. He is in a good place to only get a bigger contract. No rush needed.
  5. He showed confidence in his team to get the yard on first down and if they caught the D off guard they would get in anyway. Not a bad strategy to show confidence and gain an advantage. Didn't work, but odds were in his favor to run the play, and not to throw the challenge.
  6. Earlier when there was talks of a trade for Fournette I stated that there is no way I want this A-Hole in a Bills uniform. After all this, I think there would be some humbling and with the Bills atmosphere, I say we take him and see how it goes. He will have a chip on his shoulder but also fall in line to get playing time. He will want to be on the field. Bills leadership is strong.
  7. This will happen when the Bills have their home game against the Patriots.
  8. If my memory serves me well. The Bills D always could contain Cam.
  9. Interesting topic. I am going to guess there would have to be a raffle and the Patriots would be in there 32 times while everyone else is in their once. On a serious note, I would guess a raffle. Its the only fair thing to do in the NFL. College players would be given the option to go in the draft or stay another year.
  10. He will make the Bills multi-dimensional as he can track down those long passes that the previous cast couldn't do. Will be the missing link for Allen, and he will have a min of 4500 yards and 30+ tds.
  11. Allen seems like he is so much of a homer that he may even give a home team discount so the Bills can have better players. Not that he would have to for me to favor him, just seems like that kind of guy.
  12. Will be Harrison Philips time to shine and pic up where he left off 2 years ago.
  13. I suppose Drew Brees actually sucks too. There is an art to throwing a ball to a player that has a high percentage of catch-ability and throwing a ball that could have been caught to a player. The great ones make it easy for the receivers.
  14. You could argue... and you would lose. Especially if it is a one year deal anyway.
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