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  1. Not sure if this was already mentioned, but why didn't the Bills run the ball in OT??? Singletary was getting decent yards every time he got the ball, yet in OT is was all passing. Not only that, it was as if they needed 10 yards on every pass play. They already stopped them after they got the ball first, just run it down their throats...
  2. I'm just happy he finally hit a deep over the shoulder pass, but he needed 2 defenders to hit him to take away the 10 yards he usually overthrows them.
  3. Really happy for the amount of offensive pass interference that game, and the flag landing right infront of Edelman's face made me laugh for about 10 minutes. Might have been a decently ref'd game considering it was in NE except for the Allen sacked when they were pushing him down further after the play with no call and the face mask at the end could have been a game breaker.
  4. Except for the fact that they beat the Bills badly.
  5. He seems to be less accurate on the deep ball floater. Has he even hit one of those this year? That long laser to Brown was a thing of beauty though.
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