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  1. He sucks at culture, is the reason he keeps getting fired.
  2. You may be able to make a few tweaks to include the run and also the dropped balls and 3rd and long passing is part of passing. Really enjoy the work and would like to see the breakdown if you haven't already shared it.
  3. Factors to reveal the true quality of Josh Allen must be dropped balls, 3rd and long situations and rushing. Excluding those details are presenting half of what Josh Allen or even Tyrod Taylor achieved.
  4. Nah, just serves him right comments. Maybe some cheats chanting. Only person I would cheer for injury is already retired (Gronk)
  5. Players that can't find their helmet during the Superbowl Players with complicated names Players that aren't blue collar Players that are too blue collar Players that want to move the team to Toronto Players with turf toe Players that wont go to OTAs Dropped passes Coaches that think playing football is tough Not going for it on 4th and short Going for it on 4th and short Coaches that decide to punt in the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game while losing QB's that run too much QB's that don't run enough People that say Buffalo is to cold When the media doesn't talk about the Bills When the media talks too much about the Bills and the greatest fear of all.... Not listed high enough on the power rankings!!!
  6. From what I have seen so far from McBeane, they are looking for talented players that fit their mold. If that is the case and they did their homework, which seems to be what they excel in, I would expect to see everyone "jell" by week 3 and hit their stride for greatness by week 6. Lineman are use to rotation and new players surrounding them. Here I would say by week 2 or 3, its the receiving that will really pick up momentum between weeks 3 - 6.
  7. You should make this an annual nomination. And to kick it off, put 3 or 5 up there. Then maybe top 2 every year. Use the votes. Have 2 categories, one for individual play and another for player overall.
  8. Bledsoe threw the ball away against the Eagles on 4th down when the game and the playoffs was on the line.
  9. HAHA, that is a very old photo. Just shows how out of touch with the Bills the media is, even Buffalo rumblings. Was probably the only Bills photo they had on file already.
  10. The Jets finally seem to have a good team and they start falling apart from within. At least they have new jerseys!
  11. Technically, the question wasn't, Which team has the best secondary in the NFL? They knew the Bills are number 1!
  12. Funny thought, I wonder if it was because they didn't pick Ed Oliver. Not likely, but always fun to jab at the Jets.
  13. RIP Pancho. Thoughts and prayers to the family.
  14. Out of all those stats, I would be more impressed if his benching count was really high to make up for the lack of weight. Comparing to Lorenzo is a tall order. He is more of a unicorn than the standard.
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