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  1. I was wondering if sometime did have a spontaneous one. But I agree. Pretty sure Fitz got his nickname this way. But talking about it doesn't hurt anything. Go pee in your own cornflakes.
  2. Fair, but I don't think I'm wrong and the Bills are running the table the rest of the way 19-1 first SuperBowl victory and Lombardi goes to Buffalo for the first time!!!! Or is it to early for that too?
  3. My original name wasn't a snow name, it went that direction on its own. Have one to offer without snow? If not get off my lawn!
  4. I like it, not original but a classic and it works.
  5. Seems to fit the group to have one imo. But I appreciate the efforts in speaking down to everyone else.
  6. This defense is going to be historically good this year and I believe, will be for years. They need a cool nickname. I was thinking Football Renegades because of all the turnovers. This is for some more ideas, I just wanted to throw one in myself.
  7. None, mostly scared of the bye week during wild card week of the playoffs!!! 19-1 GO BILLS!!!
  8. This video was amazing. IDK how I missed it. Probably because of Kyle Brandt's which was next level.
  9. I'm combining penalties, he had false starts. 1 hold, 2 false starts, he gave up the TJ Watt sack fumble, and also given up on every other play before the whistle. I may not have all the stats but I watched the game.
  10. Quinton Spain didn't get more than 2 games.
  11. I do not agree. Hold after hold, and a bunch of sacks. He's a liability. Get Spencer brown out there. He could not do much worse. Football is a meritocracy, how long you play is based on how well you play. Rookies start on teams all the time. You play bad, you get benched. We're not talking about rotating out our starting QB, we are talking about an under performing lineman.
  12. In both the steelers and Miami game he has been a revolving door or a holding penalty. He's a complete liability for our oline.
  13. Go ahead and make the change. Just show the corrections so people see you changed it. Definitely Talley on there! Also Travis Henry over FredEx. We love him, but that would be like putting Fitz on here.
  14. Best 4th string is someone at anther position and only 3 QBs.
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