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  1. He will make the Bills multi-dimensional as he can track down those long passes that the previous cast couldn't do. Will be the missing link for Allen, and he will have a min of 4500 yards and 30+ tds.
  2. Allen seems like he is so much of a homer that he may even give a home team discount so the Bills can have better players. Not that he would have to for me to favor him, just seems like that kind of guy.
  3. Will be Harrison Philips time to shine and pic up where he left off 2 years ago.
  4. I suppose Drew Brees actually sucks too. There is an art to throwing a ball to a player that has a high percentage of catch-ability and throwing a ball that could have been caught to a player. The great ones make it easy for the receivers.
  5. You could argue... and you would lose. Especially if it is a one year deal anyway.
  6. You could also say all that scouting of WR helped solidify the decision to take Diggs and they knew he was a better bet.
  7. Could have been stolen from Patriots too. Glad he is off the board for that reason as well. And like the accuracy. He could be Brady esk if Pat's got him.
  8. This guy is accurate! Accuracy > velocity 10 times out of 10 unless playing Madden. Josh better start hitting those long balls.
  9. Amazing to grab a guy who has conveniently dropped in the draft because of lack of need. Bills getting bpa ftw!!! Love this pick!
  10. Holy $#!# its legit!!! https://thespun.com/nfl/patriots-insider-tom-brady-deal-done-buccaneers Sorry, trying to delete.
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