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  1. This provided the only possibility the Jets could beat the Bills. If the Bills fumble on every possession LMAO!
  2. We need Tre back fully healthy and playing as strong as ever. I really think this is the biggest difference maker. If he was in the game against KC, Bills would have won.
  3. The Jets and KC have a ton of picks which give them enough leverage to make sure they get great players. If they don't, then they fail tremendously with having the leverage they have. But it is expected. The Bills have still landed great players despite this and they will be promoting to this team. Great draft so far!
  4. Bills had some good timing on this LB pick. There were 2 picked after by the Chiefs and Dolphins. Beane showing the draft wisdom as expected.
  5. Thank you for bringing some thought provoking conversation to the post! Many have failed at this.
  6. Actually, I agree with you. I was being sarcastic. People seem to run over anyone that may insinuate the Bills had something unexpected happen.
  7. If you DON'T think Beane went into the draft with a set plan then you're out of YOUR damn mind. When that trade happened and the pick went in, guaranteed there was a bunch of oh $#!%s mentioned in that war room. And then they traded a 4th to, we all like to believe, get their guy. You can say, a 4th wouldn't have made the team anyway, or that trade WAS to get their guy, then it was the right thing to do... But pretty sure they didn't expect it. Most everyone didn't! That is the point of the post...
  8. If you really think the plan all along was to trade a 4th rd pick to move up 2 spots, then daaaamn you are smoking the good stuff.
  9. This post is far too unsupportive of the Bills activities. How dare you think like this! You should only believe the Bills did exactly what they wanted to do!
  10. Thank you for the info. We are solid at nickel. Makes sense.
  11. Guess I wasn't really expecting any real insight from this post. I support Beane and he did what was needed after KC took that pick.
  12. Did the Chiefs just poach our pick and we had our front office get desperate?
  13. The Draft is now here With Beane leading in command The future is bright!
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