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  1. Eye test thinks this is Bull. No way, Mr. Whitewash making tackles for loss!! Hahaha
  2. Why is this news? Why would we care about a players sexual orientation? What is Bruces’ motive here? Keep your personal life, personal.
  3. After the Chiefs game, he has a long ways to go, he’ll continue to progress. He must learn that it takes a champion to play hero ball.
  4. Looking at his stats, his play has significantly diminished since 2018. I really hope the Raiders don’t release him prior to the season.
  5. A gay guy and a straight guy are the same. Doesn’t matter what they’re competing in, the more talented usually wins. Sexual orientation does not change the talent, intelligence or motivation. Now a trans guy competing against women, that’s a whole nother debate.
  6. “Of course there's many homosexual men that enjoy banging heads.” 😂 😂
  7. That was not in the OP. I don’t want to get into reasons for suicide, but mental illness is a major issue in our country.
  8. I don’t like to label people. It restricts their potential.
  9. Funny but doesn’t matter profession. I live in So Cal. Most important quality is the type of person you are. Kind, loving, thoughtful. That is what really matters. Gay isn’t a personality trait, it’s a sexual orientation.
  10. Could be anything why he’s looking for attention. Hiding what? If I talk about my sex life at work, I get a visit from HR and have to go through sexual harassment training. It’s not appropriate whatever the circumstances or preferences.
  11. Unacceptable behavior. Needs to stop.
  12. LAMP by Nassin. What is he looking for a book deal or something? I’d rather he keep his personal life, personal. Especially his sexual preferences.
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