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  1. Paywall = Business killer The money is in marketing, specifically advertising.
  2. Allen makes those goofy mistakes out of panic. Lamar has been proven, he get the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Just play football!! The CDC training claims that “racism is a public health crisis” and that “systemic racism” leads to “police killings of unarmed Black and Brown men and women” https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/cdc-ignores-presidential-order-moves-forward-critical-race-theory-program-pushing-marxist-garbage-accuses-police-racism/
  4. Obvious Gaslighting. These people don’t even know what they’re mad at. Just play football.
  5. Is this the the year of the selfish? He should be positive the day before his team plays.
  6. You have idiots looting and burning down buildings not getting arrested but go support the Bills and go to jail. Welcome to Clown World 🤡
  7. Levi was a major liability. Almost everything thrown his way was a catch with yac. He’s terrible!! They need to find an adequate replacement and fast. Norman will be IRd week 3, this is a bad tear.
  8. Herbert is ready. Lynn is doing his usually sabotage because he wants out of LA and Cali in general.
  9. They should take the entire month of February off. That would really stick it to the white man.
  10. This will be the end of the NFL. Sad. Politics and Football don’t mix. Ego will ruined the league.
  11. “the average person is incapable of defending themselves against high level psychological operations such as the blatant race baiting propaganda that is propelled by media operatives and influencers” -this is true and the shallow yell, “you’re racist” it’s all propaganda garbage aimed at the weak. This entire year has been propaganda event after another. I’m surprised the sheep are still so gullible.
  12. In their personal time, I agree. Don’t bring it on the field, especially during our national anthem.
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