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  1. When was last time phins made the playoffs ?
  2. R Wilson makes the most bone headed decisions. Just bad
  3. It’s definitely deliberate, home Field helps. We need to stay in the good graces of Vegas and the nfl. Please continue donate to good causes.
  4. This is why home field advantage is so important.
  5. NFL is getting hard to watch. Corruption run deep.
  6. Insulting. The blue jays are in a completely different country. Also this is a year old.
  7. Why is op sourcing a Buffnews paywall article? We can’t read OP. 😢
  8. Please let’s not exaggerate. He’s fine.
  9. Obviously. Are you surprised? This is entertainment after all.
  10. Who is the Titans QB? Bro is terrible.
  11. It’s about time. Carr has been terrible for several years now.
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