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  1. The distraction would outweigh the benefit. Plus his injury history. Too risky, he is a hard pass.
  2. What’s his foundation. Where do we donate? Let’s go Mafia!!
  3. Bottom line: Did they or did they not refuse the memorial of these falling soldiers? Yes or No. If true, it’s a bad look and bad juju. Karma will catch up sooner than later.
  4. gene, instead of insulting Jessica, let’s wish Good Luck in ver next match today.
  5. Yeah. It’s where I’m from. Love San Diego!! I own a house on the beach in La Jolla. Great place to live. I’m Currently living in the Saychelles riding out this pandemic. Hope to return as soon as the recall is complete and we start opening up. Why do you care so much about 619, are you from the area?
  6. Ashamed? About what. We need to see past gender. We are all humans. Labeling someone because of their sexual organs is just archaic. Rise up friend. Come up to my level and you will see the light.
  7. Putting gender before accomplishment has the opposite affect it is suppose to. PC thing to say is, this person is accomplishing more than what was expected and doing a great job. Putting gender in it is lessening the accomplishment and putting them in a generic box. We are all unique and gender adjectives are no longer necessary .
  8. Who?? Instead of just a link, Could we get a little background info on who these people are and why do we care?
  9. Doesn’t surprise me. Weather, economy and taxes makes Buffalo a hard place to live. Happiness/ peace of mind should trump Money always.
  10. Why so angry? Chill bro. Hopefully Pops Allen can watch it from the television. He’ll be mighty proud of his boy.
  11. Most embarrassing play for him was being dragged 7 yards for a first down. struggled bing time all game.
  12. Duke needs to find another team. Practice squad is for players with potential.
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