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  1. As illogical and insane as it gets. 🤡 world.
  2. There are just too many to list. Yantha suggestions would all be improvements. 👍
  3. They’ll find a suitable replacement which will be an improvement. Won’t be difficult.
  4. They’ll trade him to move up for Kyle Hamilton. The writing is on the wall. Poyers replacement. Edmunds has played his last game as a Bill.
  5. Edmunds embarrasses himself on a game basis. He needs to be traded or cut.
  6. How many times can a state screw over their public? Bad deal from a greedy billionaire, makes us all poorer. Be prepared for PSL and huge increase most average buffalonions will not be able to afford. You ready to shell out $2500 for two tickets and a couple of dogs? Not me.
  7. OP is not very long. How’d you miss the point that bad?
  8. Trusting faith is being a moron? 🤦‍♂️
  9. Poor Bease. He was abused last year. One of my favorite all time Bills.
  10. He’s pondering in thought. Can we stop with the overreacting? Holy smokes!! Please don’t quit you day jobs.
  11. Do we have a cause of death? I’m hearing it was sudden.
  12. Bills won’t match. Bates choosing money over opportunity. Not a great career decision.
  13. Yeah. We lost to the jags last year. Let’s go week to week on this.
  14. Off to a better place. This world didn’t deserve such a fine man.
  15. I agree. It does make sense to move him. Nice post.
  16. Bakers next commercial. Homeless in LA, from rich to rags. A story of a complete loser.
  17. Dabs is really just an average coach. He’s going to be exposed bad. Same with Shoen.
  18. Fun fact. Whaley wanted to draft Myles in the second round but had to settle for Ragland.
  19. Daboll is going to be one of those head coaches that just spin their wheels and get fired after 3 years.
  20. Nope. Trade him or let him walk. No contract offer, none.
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