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  1. Such a band thing, and heard. We've both been through it probably a million times.
  2. You are so right about that YYZed performance. So good. So very, very good. Cool take around that era. That is my favorite Rush era, and I'll have to pull my old music mags off the mothballs to revisit as I am able. Thumbs down around Gail, but I'll keep checking your site. Enjoyed the band immensely, and will catch you in the future. Had promised to come out, in particular since I grew up in NT on top of everything else, and wanted to close the loop.
  3. It's interesting that you mention hot drunk chicks. I started with the Rush shows in the mid 1980s, and it was mostly a sausage fest. Not that there's anything wrong with it, says the heterosexual male / Seinfeld enthusiast.
  4. Yeah, I forget the thread where you mentioned this. I would love for you to tell me the story someday. I hated the rap in the title track, but thinking through some more, Rush moved in a more approachable / AOR direction during the Atlantic years. "Animate" also comes to mind as a bouncy track. I'm gonna miss you in NT in November. My mom is not doing well at all at the moment, and my sister and I are trying to figure out how to manage two parents who are in their 80s, and who have a steadfast refusal about entering assisted living. Massive challenge.
  5. HAHA, good, so I would become capo regime of grilled cheese. The key with what I mentioned is light on that combo and heavy on the cheese, because it's a grill cheese after all. You get the punch when you bite the sandwich, and a punch after the cheesy goodness that the sandwich provides. It's not like I'm recommending pineapple on a pizza. HAHA!
  6. Getting promoted to east sales engineering leader with a 50k bump, on my birthday (yesterday), for a solid tech startup, really made my day.
  7. It qualifies as a contraceptive / chastity device. Best guess, of course.
  8. I admit that I don't listen a lot of new music. Part of the issue is that I put a hard stop on listening for enjoyment as I work on my music or produce / mix for somebody else. And the other part of it is that I *strongly dislike* the artificially loud nature of modern music. Big Data, though? Yeah, it's got the artificially loud delivery, but it also hits that sweet spot of the 1980s -- that I loved back in the day.
  9. Interesting choice by @Simon, but I admit that while Rush was (and remains) highly influential to me as a musician, it's not a groove band. A groove band causes me to shake my man butt. Neil Peart played with too much precision, something that I envy to the nth degree, but Bonham is a guy whose groove had more of an influence on me as a player. Stewart Copeland too, of course, but I certainly can't play like that. *drum roll* (pun intended) @Draconatorcan/will correct me on this, but my recollection is that "Grace Under Pressure" was recorded at a time where Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland were hanging out and/or Peart listening to a ton of The Police. And it shows. "Losing It" from "Signals" is a slow dance tune. Gosh, I've listened to basically all of the Rush albums. Will need to boggle through this a bit more.
  10. Fascinating concept from @Draconator, and yes, I think that Rush is great. Discuss. Still thinking through.
  11. I accept this challenge. Let me think this one through! HAHA! (Will make a thread in OTW)
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