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  1. I grew up during the Blizzard of '77, in NT. Not great. Snow didn't melt for *months*. NT was always feverish with snow, like always. Not to mention... Trico!
  2. The movie is probably top 3 disturbing -- that i've ever seen. The soundtrack is sublime, however.
  3. I'll make this a lot simpler than @Sweats. All I want is for people to do their jobs. No ***** around. Just do your work and help us sell (I have mostly worked for tech startups in the 30 years that I've been in the industry, and moved to a technical sales role 10 years ago). So, every piece of ambition counts. And I deeply resent people who don't handle their own *****. The Hate 💩, as @Sweats references, is hilarious to me. It's massively cathartic, as I came to learn. Scenario 1, circa 1999. Co-worker, he who hated working for Fidelity in Boston, left a steamer in a urinal as I guarded the door. I wish that I didn't look, but couldn't help myself. Someone just voided in a urinal, and to hilarious effect?! Oh, god. Scenario 2, 2010. Our realtor sucked (I have nothing against realtors, FWIW), and after multiple fits and starts finally sold our home in NH... for way under what it should've sold. The night before I was on a bender, ate a whole pizza by myself, and smoked two cigars. My 💩was rank -- I arrived at the closing that morning at 8am -- like pure death. I made the decision to shut the fan off in the interior bathroom of the realtor's office, and it was awful in there. I left everything in the bowl as well. I didn't even flush. I washed my hands, then locked the freshness in the room before I exited, smiling and shaking the homebuyers' hands. I wonder whatever happened to them. Hopefully they understood my hue. So, Sweats, when you get a chance to Hate 💩, pay it forward (or backward, depending on how literal you are).
  4. CA is excellent, and definitely a great way to close out. It's still MP for me with a nod to PW.
  5. This, and Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs (or the huge can of meat-filled raviolis), are totally disgusting. Having written that, and as someone who maintains a great diet due to being prone to obesity, I just put my wife on an airplane. I suspect that I might dip my toes into something like this tonight (figuratively speaking).
  6. I've been thinking recently that we should make more albums for dogs (love 'em), like this jam that you can only hear at 20k or higher.
  7. Admittedly, also, when I read a thread about a new toy, I immediately thought of Tom Brady's best friend -- that was thrown on to the field. Oh. It's a sweet copy of legendary music gear? Geddy Lee, wearing shiny pants, plays a similar instrument? They did not throw this bass guitar onto the field in Orchard Park? This thread reinforces the magical nature of the internet.
  8. I also just smoked 4lbs of home ground pork butt -- for breakfast sausages. Simple recipe, LOTS of fat on the pork butt, zest of two oranges, toasted then hand ground fennel, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper. Then I made them into 1/4 lb patties before smoking for 45 minutes @ 225F.
  9. In this picture, Geds is shinier than I remembered him to be.
  10. Agree 100%. If it's too lean it can get gross on the smoker. A couple of years ago I had a few pounds of ground venison. "Make burgers," I said to myself. "Smoked burgers are great!" Boy, was I wrong. Dry, awful, inedible. I might try this again, now that we have our own grinder. I'll probably just add in some fat during the grinding process and this should correct the issue. With pork tenderloin (minus the silver skin), as an example, I'll to a dry rub and let sit in the fridge for a few hours. Smoking to temp @225 heat works nicely.
  11. Wait, @jrober38 is doing pizza reviews now that his QB whisperer schtick is dead?! HAHA
  12. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq1CbIfkaMw&ab_channel=PizzaReviewJoe
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