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  1. they saw it and chose to ignore it along with all the defensive holding. During the SB they decided to call it👍
  2. We had a top 3 offense and the defense let us down in the AFC Championship so what are you talking about?
  3. I still swear Brian McClure was never given a fair shot 👍
  4. If Daboll didn’t call a chicken game we throttle them twice...
  5. How much as New England spent and how much do they have left?
  6. He almost beat the Bills because we were afraid to let Allen play his game.
  7. That’s a reviewable play, they are smarter than that, holding and pass interference is not , less to scrutinize...
  8. I very subjective, if I remember correctly, he started off a few play off games with numerous drops last year, before recovering and making big plays. Not saying he has bricks for hands, but it seems he has issues early in some games but always comes back strong....
  9. If you watch Kelce play he regularly drops balls, he had a few the week before. And Mahomes ran for over hundreds of yards behind the line of scrimmage he was fine. But you are right, the line was his issue, he’s never faced that kind of pressure and he couldn’t perform because of it. Few can deal with it that hard, and he didn’t on this night...
  10. As I said before, I don’t think the run game improves with the current line with a faster back. Not consistently, yeah they will get to the edge quicker an that will improve us a bit, and then teams will pick up on that and adjust where they can. Real improvement will come from Scheme and personnel changes in my opinion. I just hope we have the urgency and capital to pull it off...
  11. I don’t think we can afford a free agent but a quicker back with good hands should be found, if that’s by the draft then so be it. But the lines need to come first, that will improve everyone else around. Singletary and Moss are not the best, but damn their generally are few holes former them to go through. Fixing the line improves those two. Maybe there there is a scheme change needed too, but what is obvious, is something needs to change..
  12. They get whatever the contract and owner agrees to and nothing else. They get that money to perform on the field at a high level, the owner is already paying a GM and coach...
  13. More than anything else I hope we are able to improve our O And D lines this off-season. That’s the best thing they can do for this team in my opinion.
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