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  1. Anyone who disagrees is blind. The hit on Knox, ball spotting has been ridiculous. Missed holding. It’s crap
  2. Saw that below the knees. This game has been terrible officiating
  3. Poorest executed half in a long time. From Josh to Dorsey yo Brown. Players need to get their act together…
  4. I’m too far up in nose bleeds to see but moos on two consecutive plays was dumb
  5. He did screw the pooch with that. And I’m not saying he’s going to be good, it that was the first time I saw him blow past people and exhibiting speed you never see out of Moss. will he be good enough to to find holes to use that speed? Is the line good enough to hold blocks long enough for him to get outside? Have no idea. I don’t believe he has the size needed to be an inside runner and has not shown an ability to break tackles. Has not had an opportunity to show what happens if he gets the ball in space, that’s where he will either become an asset or a wasted pick…
  6. I need to see your degree before we take this conversation any further Mr.. Welby… And if you have seen so many traumatic injuries you would have realized this wasn’t one, and in the end, I was right and you were wrong. In fact admit it, you didn’t really pay close attention, you jumped to a conclusion and clearly you were wrong…
  7. When you look at his long run, his acceleration is quite obvious, I think people are mistaking patience and hesitation for lack of speed. Or this coaching staff rarely gives opportunities to rookies unless forced into it by circumstances out of their control.
  8. Terrible play calling and design, inability to establish a consistent running game. Moss, relying on Moss🤦‍♂️
  9. Having fun on Google I see. Not really what he presented with last night though. He didn’t have grave initiation symptoms, he pounded the ground with his fist and was not unconscious. Either way, glad he did not suffer any permanent damage, that’s the most important thing….
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