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  1. Back up qb should do it, opens up possibilities…
  2. Not totally true, CB2 has been in need for an upgrade for a while.
  3. Should have been prepared should have traded down to get who they wanted. Late round picks aren’t helping this team…
  4. Nope should have used all the later picks to move up, 2 or three impact players are much more useful than a bunch of late round scrubs…
  5. Not me, he should have traded down sooner, enough of the Meh picks later on that don’t bend the needle….
  6. Non of this addresses a very specific need that we have. BPA which is subjective in the first place doesn’t help us this year with such a glaring need. There was no reach, this kid had pretty much the best coverage stats in a tough conference of any DB in the draft. We did what we needed to do at our biggest need. Great move…
  7. I think you don’t know ***** and I’ll stand by that. It’s just conjecture from you, you really don’t know no matter what you post, others could have been trying to trade with Baltimore also, but in reality you don’t know anything for sure. We got a great player at a position of need but keep crying 👍
  8. Why do we need a linebacker who can’t rush the Qb when we don’t have a CB2 and our CB1 is injured?
  9. So what? We came in with a very specific need. The 4th round pick more than likely meant very little to this team this year. The AFC got very strong this year, Tre is an unknown, this was a great move and well needed…
  10. Like I said, you don’t have a clue, probably hated the Allen pick too…
  11. Just brutal, unimaginable pain for family and loved ones. Senseless.😢
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