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  1. How do two refs say that’s a catch? Ridiculous…
  2. I wish we could have got a few of these pi calls that Rodgers is getting, load of crap how different it’s called…
  3. It was a beautiful thing, maybe broken ribs, he deserves it…
  4. Defensive injuries hurt them now, Daboll called a crap game, offense wasn’t prepared…
  5. Has offensive holding been called against our opponents this year ever?
  6. The player spun on his own, it should have been a no call.
  7. He needs to take the route another step up the field before turning and then he need to continue with the momentum after catching. Just not good enough for a 3 year pro…
  8. He drove tight into him, defender had no chance
  9. Absolutely, looks accurate can throw downfield, and has an oline that gives him confidence and tight ends for the easy throws. Can you imagine Josh with that Oline?
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