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  1. I remember the hype around Mekhi his rookie year. They were talking about him like he was headed to perennial all-pro status. ...but according to Jets fans, Becton turned a 4-6 week injury into a season-ender last year because of poor rehab habits. He Ballooned to over +400 lbs after his injury. However, he managed to work himself back into shape in time for camp; which probably contributed to his current injury. I doubt he'll be ready for 2023. I can see him getting cut and maybe re-dedicating himself for another team by 2024. I don't see him ever playing for Jets again. Duane Brown is probably going to be the Jets new RT. He was done last year on the 'hawks; no better than a backup now.
  2. I'd throw Austin, Kumerow, and maybe Hodgins. on that pile of tradable WR's GB is still thin at WR... might get a 7th for Kumerow to appease Rodgers. Hodgins could get noticed in Pre-season; the way Daryl Johnson showed enough to garner trade interest. Austin can still start for some teams...
  3. Like DE last year, there are too many WR's this year. So who has trade value?
  4. I 'm thinking that any player on the 3rd column and beyond better be able to play multiple positions along with special teams. Interesting that they put HOLDER as a position. Feels like they're trying to let the fans know that Araiza is going to get cut. Things don't look good for Duke Johnson or Tavon Austin. They're going to have to perform in the Pre-season. You generally don't keep younger players over veterans at the bottom of the roster. Which is why I think Kumerow is going to get cut. Although, Taiwan jones keeps hanging on like he's Steve Tasker.
  5. Crowder can still beat out Hodgins because of his versatility to play outside and the slot. Hodgins has been an outside only reciever. Also, I don't see Hodgins getting playing time unless it's an emergency. Crowder can rotate in for Davis, Diggs, and Mckenzie.
  6. AFC Bills Chargers Bengals Colts Patriots Dolphins Broncos West teams take each other out. NFC Eagles Vikings 49ers Buccaneers Packers Rams Panthers Mayfield surprises. Rams have hangover.
  7. Also, states with high taxes are also the same places with high costs-of-living. California and NYS are also thinking about taxing work done outside the state if your primary residence is inside the state, So double taxed for away games? If it's entirely about money (JJ Watt) it factors in the decision, but how many players forget about it until after they get their first paycheck?
  8. Would you rather have Bass kick a 65yard FG, or have Araiza try it? How about 70yards?
  9. Except Trudeau used that one guy with the Nazi flag to paint every single protestor as a white supremacist. Then the media repeated his statement over and over... You have to remember that the left thrives off facebook/Tik Tok activism. Their base are children who don't bother to read past the headline. Why do the "Nazis" dress up like Antifa?
  10. Cowherd explains how you build Superbowl contending rosters. Should Buffalo let Poyer, and Edmunds walk?
  11. Hosted a pool party for the in-laws and she put 1pm on invite. She called me crazy for having everything prepared by 1pm. Food hot, Drinks cold. The first member of her family showed up at 3pm. Food cold, Ice melted. The last member showed up at 6pm. Food and Drink choices were sparse. Finished when it got dark, 8pm. They had ordered more pizza then finally left when everything was gone. I took a nap from 5 to 7pm. Not looking forward to cleanup Sunday....
  12. What time do you normally show up to a party? My family and in-laws are different. My family makes plans at a certain time, everyone shows up and it's done in a couple hours. The in-laws make plans, people show up anywhere from 3 to 5hrs late. Who knows when it will end. Which do you prefer?
  13. I want Tua to be like Kyler... ...just good enough to get 50mil/yr as a middle tier QB.
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