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  1. Kinda like porn? "Common sense" is not required; since the rules make any such determination irrelevant. The only way to make that TSA agent more perfect for his job, is to make him a robot.
  2. That could mean both parents, and grandparents, had a kid in their 40's.
  3. A. It is in Texas. It was confiscated and she missed the flight while they detained her, before writing the ticket. B. If dogs don't alert to it, then he must have found bacon in her carry-on. 🤨 Or smelled something else. This happened, and I'm still aware of other "alternative" homeopathic stuff given to me because of it, when I travel.
  4. How many people work for a company with a substance abuse policy?
  5. Jerry Jones assigned a babysitter to Dez Bryant. I always wondered if that was in his contract.
  6. The Clinton defense works better. He didn't know he was doing something wrong.
  7. It's still illegal nationally. The locals just don't enforce it. I consider it more a sanctuary law, rather than legalization. Not to mention the Seahawks play in states where they still arrest people for it. Happened to a friend of mine boarding a plane from Texas to California. Idiot had CBD oil in his carry-on. Dog got him. Imagine if they detain half the visiting team at the airport. 🤔
  8. I always point to Gordon when people say Weed isn't addictive. Anyone who chooses Marijuana over $$,$$$,$$$ is clearly a junkie.
  9. He did apologize for using the dreaded "R" word. " My apology for the word I used earlier, really didn’t mean no “HARM”. " So he got cut for responding to a fan on his twitter?
  10. Also noticed that Jaylon Smith (#54) made a business decision and didn't jump onto the pile for the fumble.
  11. What do people do with the oil after cooking?
  12. Anything that will revolutionize the world within 20 years already exists today, just not affordable or refined enough for the general public; like self-driving cars or meatless burgers. I'm gonna hop onto the sex-robot bandwagon. 1) already exists 2) high demand 3)gets better and cheaper with each advancement. Also fits into the anti-social, pro-environment (kidless), younger generations' needs.
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