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  1. The best thing I read today was a fans' amazement at watching Allen grab a defender by the facemask and use him as a human shield against another defender. 😄
  2. PC gamers figured out how to play Tecmo and 2k5 with updated graphics and rosters; which have much better gameplay than current Madden.
  3. This also highlights how many times Spain got beat. The Bills are going to have to double Donald, leaving Spain 1on1 with his man...
  4. That's in line with conspiracy theory that all the rioters are Nazi's infiltrating the peaceful protestors.
  5. It has been pushed that BLM messaging isn't "political" so they can say whatever they want in support of the left, but anything in disagreement (to the right) is banned. Pro-choice- not political Pro-life- banned!
  6. The organization is far-left politically. That is a fact. The movement itself is calling for the destruction of the culture, history, and government of the United states as a whole (which includes the current Democrats), which is somewhat apolitical, since it includes almost everyone. REally? I find it interesting that the reality of meeting a Maga-hat wearing person is far different than the narrative spouted by the activist left. It usually involves some form of realization of being lied to... and followed by #walkaway
  7. Didn't they try this smear tactic already? WHen it happened?
  8. I'm going over your proof and every single one is either wrong, or incredibly biased. Getting your news from CNN, SNOPEs, POlitico will skew your worldview. The headlines often do not reflect the facts (if any) given in the articles.
  9. Perot - wanted my first time to be historic Clinton - in debt, and promised free stuff Gore - still in debt, hoping for more free stuff Bush - Life was stable, so I wanted to support the troops McCain - had a career, didn't want socialism to take it away. Johnson - lost faith in politics Johnson - most similar to a giant meteor. 2020 not Biden/Harris; probably Trump because the democrats are crazy.
  10. I wonder if that poll asked if they were planning to join protests.
  11. How did Fedex and UPS manage to post record profits this quarter, while the Post Office continues to lose billions?
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