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  1. The conversation shifted from concentration camps at the border, to defending entitled, privileged, congress women who everyone already hates.
  2. It was a brilliant political move. 1) His overall support actually increased in polls 2) He forced the Democrats to embrace their crazy fringe members 3) He banned asylum applications from anyone not from Canada or Mexico at the same time, so no one talked about it. In exchange for being called a racist... for the billionth time.
  3. He said "congresswomen" and named Nancy Pelosi in the tweet. He never said any names, nor mentioned "the squad", or cited a country or continent. I guess California can be considered another country.
  4. He's telling people to ignore the instructions on the shampoo bottle! That's endangering children! That's racist!
  5. It's interesting that the debate has focused primarily on the one semi-black (not sure) member of the squad, and somehow "Africa" got thrown in there. The tweet didn't even include names. Is it racist to exaggerate a statement by inserting your own stereotypes into it?
  6. If that country was England, it wouldn't be racist. If that country was Mexico, maybe. If that country was Libya, probably racist. Also, you have to be more specific about what AMERICAN, means.
  7. If you told her to go back to detroit, it wouldn't be racist. Tell her to go back to the ghetto and it would be. The specifics matter. Like the "concentration camp" argument, context matters. Funny how that debate between definition and implication reversed positions.
  8. Telling someone to leave the country isn't racist. However, Telling someone to leave the country to a specific location is racist. The difference is that one phrase was used by racists in the past, while the other is used by everyone. It's a weird distinction.
  9. Does impeachment even require a reason? Isn't Congress able to impeach the president if they just believe he's doing a bad job?
  10. So he got a 2 game suspension, until the woman found out he was an NFL player and claimed injuries after the fact, so the NFL increased it to 4 for a DUI resulting in injuries. I won't lie, I would do the same. 😎
  11. IF Kevin Bacon were to ever be arrested, it's safe to say that we're all screwed.
  12. Remove districts completely and send representatives based on who garnered the most votes. This is how it's done in many countries, since populations often migrate. The problem, of course, is that an entire states' representative pool could all be from the same city/neighborhood... but political parties pretty much eliminated any pretense that candidates share values with their district anyway; they are all told how to vote by their party leaders.
  13. Parents should not be paying for kids to go to a university. If your kid is too stupid to get a scholarship, then they should be thinking vocational school or community college; while working a job to pay for it. Previous generations worked with the premise that financial support from parents ended at 18. If your adult kid can't take care of themselves, then you failed as a parent.
  14. 3 more years before Allen destroys the Bills cap with his 40milliion/yr contract.
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