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  1. All this will do is raise the price. It will join the long list of things that are more expensive in California.
  2. Allen won't reach tier 1 until he gets the Bills to the Superbowl. or Improves on his stats from last year. 80% completions. 60 TDs, and 6000 yards. ...because he has to fight against the media continuing to cling to their Draft analysis.
  3. Fans would have probably helped Biles. We're finding out that she's more Trent Edwards than Tom Brady.
  4. The 1st stimulus was to help the people The 2nd stimulus was to help busineses The 3rd stimulus was to buy votes The 4th stimulus is to institute socialism.
  5. HOw do you get PTSD from holding a door open for senior citizens?
  6. The Nuclear codes are controlled by WOPR, a super-computer deep inside Cheyenne Mountain.
  7. Half the athletes in the Olympics are Americans who are competing for other countries. They should have a rule where you actually have to live/train full time (4yrs) in the country you represent.
  8. IF outlawing abortion after 15 weeks overturns Roe vs Wade, then outlawing assault rifles repeals the 2nd Amendment, or requiring voter ID is Jim Crow on steroids. A lot of hyperbole... I also like that they are arguing that most women take longer than 3 months to figure out they're pregnant...
  9. Identify as a woman, but don't have to look, or act like one? That's just being LAZY.
  10. Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star (often shortened to Glow Up) is a British reality television competition devised to find new makeup artists. -wiki
  11. The government won't even make it mandatory for the military.
  12. Have to admit that we have come a long way when activists have to manufacture implicit racism to have something to fight.
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