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  1. I'm assuming they show them during kids shows.
  2. Feels like another Wentz, Murray, situation brewing. I want to see how he does after the Ravens fire Roman.
  3. Converting your crypto back to dollars was always the problem. That market will continue as long as the holders are willing to exchange coins between themselves, but will find it difficult to expand as retailers stop accepting them as payment.
  4. Has anyone checked if Poleshifter is okay?
  5. Saints fans are saying Kamara only hit the guy while he was running away, and did not get involved in the kicking and stomping while the guy was on the ground.
  6. Her 30 minute work day doesn't include stopping hackers. 😁
  7. At least we've confirmed why they kept Biden locked away in his basement during the 2020 campaign.
  8. Will they cut him when Poyer comes back? Feels like they're throwing away draft picks. Bills go from having the best safety tandem in the league to one of the worst in half a season. 😩
  9. Is it too early to start talking about 1st rnd Safety's in the draft?
  10. The plan is to make Davis look bad so they can extend him with a cheap contract. Allen needs to stop throwing him touchdowns!
  11. I was a little surprised he brought up the times he played Buffalo. Sounded a little bitter.
  12. Imagine if Diggs had dropped that TD pass, or Singletary fumbled every time he touched the ball! What would have happened if Josh had missed the bus! This game was 3 TDs away from a 17-6 Packers Victory!
  13. I was breathing a sigh of relief every time the Packers handed the ball off. Sure it was frustrating to see some missed tackles, but watching the Packers have only 1 possession in the 3rd quarter was stress relieving.
  14. Remember, Singletary was a toe-touch away from a long running Touchdown...
  15. How many times did the Bills punt in this game?
  16. We're talking about a Defensive scheme that allowed 10 points in the 2nd half... right? I'm wondering if this has to do with Someone losing to Aaron Jones in fantasy...
  17. That was their gameplan when the score was 0-0. It becomes an idiotic gameplan down 7-24.
  18. Going up 24-7 was challenging GB to a shootout. The Bills defense was playing for a shoot out. GB just said, "no thanks. I'm happy to just run out the clock and go home with a moral victory." Makes perfect sense. Even the announcers were confused why GB was running the Ball. "never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake."
  19. it also costs them 30 seconds a run vs a pass which stops the clock half the time. They limited themselves to 3 possessions in the 2nd half while behind 3 scores.
  20. Why would you want to stop an offense from doing what you want them to do?
  21. The Bills were used to rushing the passer when got ahead, might be why they allowed big runs to happen. Might need to watch that get exploited when the Bills are up by 3 scores...
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