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  1. Wants to bring one back to home town per espn …. Awesome! We are all in
  2. Nope right now all waived players need to clear waiver 1st
  3. This morning (10/30) Mike Rob on GMF weekend says Mack would be the player he would like to see move to Buffalo before the trade deadline…. Mentioned guarantee the Super Bowl if it happened…. Just saying I guess I’m just unworthy
  4. Didn’t he ask for a trade? https://fox59.com/sports/colts/marlon-mack-on-asking-colts-for-trade-they-supported-me-100/
  5. I get HD quality streaming from my kids house…. Never miss a game…. I lived in Far East Russia and used to get up @3am to catch the games…. live north of Tampa now and have frontier 500/500 internet and YouTube tv. if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.. It will if you register it In Buffalo… just need to visit when you set it up…. Need to log on every once in a while from there as well.
  6. Get a sling box, put it in a family or friends home in Buffalo…. Problem solved
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