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  1. Unfortunately there is no fact checker - all we have is opinion and conjecture based upon half-truths and innuendo.
  2. Thanks to all who participated in the poll. Thanks to most who posted thoughtful replies on either side. I always wonder why some post a whine about why someone posted something instead of hitting the back button and simply making no comment. If you have something to offer, please do. If all you want to do is rag on a poster to show you can bully and degrade someone else's thoughts - you are a waste of bytes. (Several people responded 2-4 times saying similar things: another Kap post, get this outta here, why are you posting this, etc. Why? Just to spout your superiority only to post self-defeating, thoughtless syllables that reflect poorly on you.) I apologize for not knowing Kap sued/settled with the NFL when I did my poll. I always thought he was an interesting talent (better than the majority of NFL 2nd stringers) and if the NFL is such a results-oriented league, then why hadn't anyone signed him? Hence the poll.
  3. I didn't know . . . https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/15/sports/nfl-colin-kaepernick.html Bye-week boredom - it's a thing!
  4. If I were him, I'd sue the league for $10MM per year for as many years I felt I could have played plus treble damages. Very provable, smacks of racism too.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/10/the-blatant-blackballing-of-colin-kaepernick-continues/
  6. Go to 10:55 in the video box in the lower right (total length is 20:22). Several videos on the page. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/30/nfl-power-rankings-week-4-fmia-peter-king/
  7. Yeah Jim, tell him how you used to beat the Pats with ho-hum regularity back in the day!!!
  8. Actually, the run got them from outside the 10 yard line to about the two - then he threw the (Russel Wilson SB) slant pass that got picked by Bradham and sealed their defeat.
  9. Yeah, I watched last night and noticed how round he got. He was a young stud while in Buffalo. Was a TE at Arkansas if I recall correctly. The Bills converted him to Tackle and when EVERYONE saw how good he was and he asked for more money, Tom Donahoe and the Bills screwed-up the handling of his deal because they felt he should have shown more gratitude. SMH!! If they didn't want to pay him. Fine. But they traded away a HOF'er.
  10. Yeah! Ask the Dolpins (L. Tunsil)! Wow - 5 posts in and already off the rails. The question was Greatest Eagle? Though I too, am partial to Bruce. Best Eagle goes to Van Buren, Bednarik, then McDonald. Reggie was there for only a few years and sealed his greatness in GB. Donovan McNabb was good, but such a jerk no one wants to give him any props.
  11. This Knox penalty is ridiculous! 1. He never launches himself into his opponent. 2. Note he never even planted his right foot - he was standing on one leg and the only player moving was the opponent. To billsfan1959 - thanks for the clips! Does anyone have the Ford penalty???? Because I maintain it was Feliciano who knocked down Carter who was taunting Josh. Then after that, Feliciano picked Josh up while Cody Ford was jawing with the Jets. Does anyone have that clip??? (I'm starting to think I'm crazy!!! I know what I saw.)
  12. Watch - they'll turn around and trade him for a 2nd round draft choice!!
  13. When I saw it, I cringed, said "oooooh" and my butt clenched - - - that means he rolled it. Hopefully not to badly!
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