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  1. Are Giants fans going to start bemoaning the Buffalo-to-NYG connection as they add former Bills? Also - who are our TE's now? Knox and . . . . .
  2. What would this site do without a walking encyclopedia like you?
  3. - - -OMG - above the TWITCH!!! Misses like this is why we haven't gotten past the Chiefs (Bengals now, too)!
  4. LOL - you're right - but you obviously remember some swede chasing our receivers into the end zone - I had the wrong one!!
  5. How exciting! NOT! I distinctly remember him as the guy chasing our receivers into the end zone in the last few games against the Chiefs. Josh burned him several ties. Though it looks like he's an add with special teams in mind. I'm a little sarcastic with my comments because he is no upgrade over our starters; but who knows how Beane's roster will shake out . . . and so the process begins . . .
  6. I love Daboll, but being in NY helped him get COTY. Hodgins? - I am thrilled for him. However, he's not as good as Davis, Shakir or Kumerow (not to mention Beasley). Getting plucked off of PS was inevitable.
  7. How can anyone be shocked?!?!? They way he was popping-off before the Bills & Chiefs games made me thing he was teetering on reality/insanity sounding crazier with each sound-bite & tweet.
  8. Remember when Hamilin went down - everyone was saying winning doesn't matter, we'll take the loss if necessary, we just want Damar OK and for the team to rebound - well . . . they didn't and Saffold said so - so did Milano, etc. Now people are calling for heads to roll - how soon we forget. Be patient, rosters across the league will turn over and we'll need to reassess where we are in May to guage where the Bills are in the pecking order at that time. Dolphins sign Fangio as DC - not so fast - Fangio hasn't decided (my understanding). Now that Ryans has gone to Houston, there's a DC position open in SF and THAT is the job Fangio wants.
  9. Agree the Bengals looked sky-high in the MNF game, though who knows how it would have turned out had Hamlin not been injured - his injury crushed the Teams psyche and it's a wonder we beat NE & Miami. Losing in the playoffs to the Bengals is leaving a horrible taste in Bills' mouths - I see that as a revenge game next year. SB Favorite in 2023? Who knows - remember, it wasn't until we got Von Miller that we became the popular choice for 2022. That highlights what 2023 will be about - remember Bean & McDermott always say that each year is a different team and IT REALLY IS. The salary cap and the comings and goings of Free Agents, draftees, and trades will turn-over 35% or more of the roster (Fact - 35% turnover between 2021 & 2022). This is happening on EVERY team - the Chiefs, Eagles and Bengals too. It is WAY too early to diminish the Bills at this point in time - we need to see where everyone is after the Draft (May 1st). . . . maybe the defense doesn't blow coverages on the 1st 2 TD's &/or Von Miller gets home on Burrows (he held the ball longer on those 2 throws) - just sayin'
  10. Have you seen the Free Agents the Chiefs & Bengals need to work through - EVERY Team has to do this, not just the Bills. I think we're still in the conversation in 2023 regardless. I also heard today how Mahomes was over 80% of their offense last night - as if that's a bad thing! That's the same old argument we hear about Josh! If you have one of these stud QB's, you'll only go as far as they can take you.
  11. Now that the Championship games are over, I'd like to hear opinions on: Are the Bills inside or outside the top tier of the AFC? (Did the Bills have a bad game against the Bengals or are the Bills clearly inferior to the Bengals & Chiefs?) What's the take on the Eagles? (Have they been tested yet? Played the 5th string QB for SF!! (Purdy w/no arm!) Now they will play the Chiefs - who are so banged up they are thanking God there is 2 weeks until the SB.) My Take: The Bills are in the conversation! They played their worst game since the Indy game early in 2021. They were 14-4 this year (not 4-14). Unfortunately that last game will stay in our mouths until September. The Eagles have had it easy this year and I honestly don't know if they're as good as the Chiefs, Bengals or Bills. However, much like their season, they will be facing a diminished opponent in their next game (wounded Chiefs). Maybe a healthier Bengals team would have been a more formidable opponent for them. Can Mahomes work his magic one more week?
  12. At this point in his career, he is only a hired gun for the playoffs. He takes the 17 game season off and ONLY shows effort in the playoffs. So, IF he were available late in a season, I'd sign him for the balance of that year ONLY. I think he's a cancer who creates internal strife within the team (opposite of Von Miller) and would be a distraction during the long season.
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