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  1. How is this so when all I hear is how he sucks so bad?!??! Go Bills!!
  2. . . . . and Joe Montana just said Marino, and not Brady, was the greatest QB ever!
  3. Not a Country/Western Fan - will these be in-demand tickets?
  4. Is it too much to ask that Season Ticket holders get the Sunday Ticket for free?
  5. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/buffalo-bills-quarterback-josh-allen-training-camp-practice/article_50297408-3549-11ee-939a-67d1769d8edd.html#tracking-source=home-top-story Well they weren't looking at it because it was working perfectly!! I wonder what's up with it?
  6. This Verizon spot is well done. He looks a tad stiff/awkward in the West Herr ads and the one where he's walking thru the tunnel @the Ralph. We're so used to seeing him w/sweaty hair or helmet-head that when we see him groomed, it looks weird!
  7. I remember 2018 when the defense got off to a horrible start under Frazier and McDermott started calling the defense in week 3 vs. the Vikes (Josh's hurdle over Barr game). I think McDermott's gonna do it again in 2023.
  8. I was slow and missed out on training camp tkts. So I got right on at 10am today and got 4.
  9. Reminds me of Dan Marino - he padded his stats by ALWAYS passing down by the goal line.
  10. They played 3 times. The first time we marched up & down the field and lost to heat stroke. The next 2 times we won, but were emotionally exhausted and won on instinct. I don't think the Dolphins play was indicative of how closely the teams are matched. We did just enough to win and didn't play our best.
  11. Description reminds me of the Raiders-Dolphins classic "Sea of Hands" where Stabler threw a wobbler to 'cement hands' Clarence Davis! (I was a huge Raider fan after the Bills traded Lamonica.)
  12. Older guy here; I remember the late-80's - early-90's Bills were not always favored to win the division, it always seemed the pundits would predict the Dolphins w/Shula and Marino would take the crown. After living thru the 0-20 1970's it was so heartening to see the Bills take the division more often than not.
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