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  1. A few thoughts . . . He's from Texas, everyone has a gun and feels entitled to it. Many are not registered. People in TX have guns like office workers have staplers. Video shows he was 100% compliant. Had a beer with him. OMG way too many people drink & drive, his crime was getting caught. Don't get me wrong, my point is the vast majority of those who drink/drive with regularity NEVER get caught (and if you asked them, they'd say they cannot believe they have not been caught). As bad as this is, at least he didn't exacerbate the situation with poor behavior. He'll probably get 4 games for 1st offense, but looks like he'll pay a larger price if there's any clause in his contract re: behavior. Looks like he was ATV'ing, who knows where, could have needed gun depending on where he was (wild game in that area could have been a hazzard).
  2. How can we listen? Go to the NBC or Twitter links and there is no way to play the recording nor inkling how to find it. Please elaborate. Found it. Go to NBC, then PFT (PM)
  3. Open a You Tube account and subscribe to Andy Provin - tons of Bills videos, I just watched the Bills-Jets MNF game from 1990. We were coming off a down week #@ loss to the Fish - they killed us. This was a rebound game. . . Enjoy!!
  4. I thanked his family on IG and reminded him I still hate the Pats!!
  5. I was surprised when I heard this - I talked to Brandon Bean at the Combine and he said Yeah This is the Year, They're gonna go for it, getting to the playoffs is not good enough . . . https://www.buffalobills.com/video/around-the-nfl-why-the-buffalo-bills-are-a-team-to-watch-in-2020-offseason
  6. That's it?!?!?! The Chargers, Ravens, Fish & Eagles have the only recommendations? How about clarify the rules around fielding kick-offs. The more I thought about it, the more I think the Bills were screwed out of a TD against Houston in the playoff game.
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