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  1. Does anyone know when NFL Films will release the video year-in-review or yearbook for each NFL Team? I was raised on those films. They are 30 minutes long and they even made the Bills look like world beaters back in the day when they couldn't more than 4 games! Originally the late-great John Facenda would narrate them, then Buffalo's Jeff Kaye took over for him. More recently, it seems celebrity-fans do the narration. Regardless, I'd like to know when they're coming out.
  2. Ted Washington (2000) Marshawn Lynch Terrance McGee Eric Moulds (chose McGee over Moulds due to perceived team need)
  3. Bean should sign him and let him retire a Bill (sorry if someone else posted this). LOL - Yes!
  4. Wow! Thanks for the constructive responses. A few thoughts: Napkins is a derision toward his softness and unavailability. Sammy is a great talent, if/when he plays. I appreciate the constructive tips and am surprised by the snarky troll-ish behavior by too many. My daughter feels like she wasted her money and wanted to update her jersey - just a dad trying to help out.
  5. My daughter has a #14 Sammy Napkins jersey. Does anyone know how to covert it to a Diggs jersey? And who can do it? Thanks!!
  6. LOL. You talk boring & Dan Darragh is your avatar?!?! (Just kidding w/you!)
  7. NFL Network: 24 Hours to Kick-off: Buffalo Bills 11:30 PM Monday Night 4/11/2022 Everything that goes into preparing the Bills Stadium for a crazy weather game.
  8. Hill is great in KC, won't have the same impact anywhere else - I welcome the trade to the Fins or Jets because they won't have Mahomes passing to him. He will make anyone better, but he'll eat up a ton of cap space and restrict his new team from getting other pieces (like better QB's).
  9. Spot on. Listen to Pat MacAfee's podcast with Bean on Youtube. In it Bean says it's a $17.5M/yr x 3 yrs contract (or $52.5 over 3 yrs). Great listen, fun conversation.
  10. I took SCBILLS list and paired-off the replacements with 2021 Bills . . . I suppose we could substitute OJ for Sanders but they don't play the same position. Maybe Hutchens breaks into the lineup and out for the first time and he can be Sanders replacement. That leaves DB as a position to upgrade. I am not worried about Jackson stepping in for Wallace; I am worried about White returning from injury by opening day (late Sept - Oct may be more realistic). We may need another corner until Tre Dey is back and healthy.
  11. Holy Cow!! Nicely done! He was the only guy on the Jets Offense that I ever worried about. He's pretty darn good!!
  12. Lawyers normally take a third; and get NOTHING if they lose.
  13. Isn't our 2nd helmet the white helmet and standing Buffalo?
  14. Well that was a waste of time! Looks like the replies captured my feelings too.
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