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  1. The Bills D needs to improve in the Red Zone. Improvement there will lead to fewer points allowed
  2. Geeze, how do you sit for 4 games in Sept when you signed for 1 day in August?!?!?! 🙄
  3. It would be nice if they replaced the 2018 Schedule with the 2019 Schedule on the TBD Homepage.
  4. LOL, yeah, then he says that the winnable games were at the beginning of the season against the Jets-Giants-Bengals and Skins . . . so are we to believe those are the 4 "wins" he converted to "Losses" so our record would go from 10-6 to 6-10? That means we start 0-3 and face the Pats in wk 4 (we face Skins around wk 8).
  5. Bills were 1 of 8 on 3rd Down. G-men were 9 of 16.
  6. . . . and then in week 2, we play the G-men in their home opener!
  7. by Andrew Ortenberg https://clutchpoints.com/bills-news-josh-allen-is-very-aware-of-the-pressure-nfl-qbs-face/
  8. That's one way to say it. I think Suh paced himself (ok - dogged it) during the year and only started to play in earnest once the playoffs started. I have no use for a part-timer.
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