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  1. McDole was a DE, not a tackle. On the 60's Championship Teams, it was Dunaway and Sestak in the middle and Day and McDole on the ends.
  2. You shouldn't have any trouble getting into the Blue/Red Practice. It's in the stadium, well attended, but not sold-out by any means.
  3. I saw Prisco's explanation on YouTube. Before I relay what he said, the Chiefs had 9 in the top 100 and the 49er's had 8-9. He did say the Bills were loaded with a lot of very good players and lost a bunch of really good ones this year.
  4. The signing was fine. He sacked Mahomes to help close-out the mid-season win in KC. He wasn't around for the playoffs and won't return to near-normalcy until THIS season. (Everyone was hoping against hope that when he returned last year he would be himself. Like Tra'Davious White, that was not the case - but remember, when last year started, everyone was saying how White looked like his old self.) Hopefully Miller will be reborn this year!
  5. I'm long over this. Saw the game on NFL Network last night. Josh AND Mahomes were both magical! Anyone who bashes Josh because he didn't beat Mahomes would be like bashing Marino because he couldn't beat Kelly - they're both in the HOF!! (and Marino was better). But to point #4 above - I would have been celebrating too - my defense isn't going to allow 40 yds on 1-2 plays to allow the Chiefs to tie! I would have mugged (held/tackled) Kelce & Hill on both plays (Def Holding - 10 total yds in penalties). It would have allowed the Chiefs a Hail Mary attempt at worst or a last ditch untimed down at best.
  6. A go-nowhere team trying to make a splash. Remind you of anyone? Bills signing Mario Williams!
  7. Why market the team overseas when they can charge insane PSLs and get their $$ that way?
  8. Is he doing less in the off-season now or is what he is doing in the off-season not as publicized as it has been in the past?
  9. In the article, Damar tells his little brother there are no beaches in Buffalo. Sounds like he hasn't been here long. Now, if he said there were no NICE beaches - I'd get it!
  10. Per PFF: Samuel was an efficient target in Eric Bienemy’s Washington offense that spread the ball around more than any team in the NFL, hauling in just shy of 73% of passes thrown his way with just four drops on 85 targets in 2023. Samuel was used as a ball carrier in 2023 like he was in 2022 and previous seasons dating back to his Ohio State days. His Swiss Army knife skill set shows up with good change of direction in space and start-stop ability that is still above average at this stage of his career.
  11. Not true. Dickerson had nothing good to say about the Bills because Marv called him on his BS and fired him 3 days after the Super Bowl. THEN he became an entertaining radio personality who continued to hold a grudge over his firing. From a WAPO article dtd 1/29/92 from The AP: A sampling of Dickerson's comments: On tackle Jim Lachey: "Wears his jersey real well. Tapes down his sleeves to makes his guns look big. Real big. . . . A ballerina in a 310-pound body." On tackle Joe Jacoby: "My type of guy. Neanderthal." And on Bostic: "Ugly, like the rest of 'em. Dickerson, 54, said the remarks about the Redskins offensive line were meant as a joke. They weren't taken that way by the Redskins, who said Dickerson's words helped motivate them to beat the Bills, 37-24. After the game, Washington center Jeff Bostic said: "He gave us a great motivating speech. He was talking about the Hogs. He made a lot of really embarrassing remarks, coming from a coach. He made comments about each one of us individually. I wonder if he likes us now."
  12. The only JV on the field with Mahomes has been our Defense. Allen is one of the best in the game - ever. The discussions over who's better is a fool's errand. Who's better, Kelly or Marino? See my point? Most would say Marino, but he couldn't beat Kelly's Bills! So maybe Allen is better than Mahomes, but he just can't beat Mahomes' Chiefs - yet. The point is it doesn't matter. They'll all be back in 2024 for another go at it. Hopefully Bean & McDermott will surround Allen with a better group to help win that elusive Super Bowl!!
  13. The REAL MVP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFYzWz9xgqk Thanks to Casey Honigbaum
  14. . . . . and then one of their linebackers goes down with an injury. Trainers and doctors rush on to the field. They're looking at his legs and asking him what's wrong. He points to his finger! Obvious stall to help his gassed teammates.
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