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  1. I honestly think Bills' players woke up on that playoff Sunday and said !@#$%^&*! weather. I know I did!! The Bills are not built for bad weather . . which is why many wanted a dome stadium . . which is why this year's schedule is intriguing (only 2 of last 6 games are at home).
  2. Couldn’t, couldn’t care less! Sorry…a pet peeve, apologies for preaching. When one says “could care less” it means there are things one actually cares less about.
  3. Was the WHOLE team dating Britt,?!?!? Yeah Josh was flat or drained emotionally…so was EVERYONE else. We played like crap that day. The benefit now is everyone is underestimating the Bills and the new focus is on the Jets, Bengals and chiefs. Let’s enjoy this flight under the radar this year. Leave Josh alone, he’s 25 and bound to have speed bumps in his love life ~ haven’t we all?!?! I actually feel sorry for him, now whenever he meets a girl he has to wonder if she likes “Josh” or if she’s a or the $40M dollar man….not fun!!! Sad, actually.
  4. What I like & what I don't: Like the national stage for any game Don't like waiting until the last day of opening weekend to see my team after starving since January Like initial match-ups with divisional rivals to be on the road - so the 2nd game is at home Don't like being the sacrificial lamb -- home opener opponent to anyone, especially a divisional opponent (though it happens every year - I'd rather play St. Mary's - LOL) Will we get a divisional opponent at home in week two (our own sacrificial lamb)??? (probably not) Relish the opportunity to jump out and grab a game lead on the divisional race - hoping the Bills under McDermott are a fast-starting team! (See Rams game last year vs a slow starter against the Steelers the year before). Looking forward to all of it!!
  5. For the Jaguars, this will be the second of two-straight games played in London. The League wanted them rested to provide them with an advantage over the Bills. I am disappointed this is an AFC clash that could have playoff-seeding implications; I was hoping for an NFC opponent; but at least it looks like all the international games will be AFC tilts.
  6. Simply . . . Jennifer Garner = Good Movie Other than that, it was a little cheesy, but good - B+ I'd say.
  7. Kincaid! Huh . . . . we all called that, didn't we?!?!?
  8. This just means the 2023 will be his contract year - instead of 2024. He's great, but has just missed too much time. His ability has NOT been availability!
  9. Looks like an old list. It's understandable why each of these guys are on the list, looks like it was created in 2018-19 and likes big-market guys: Patrick Mahomes - Consistent since 2018 Tom Brady - Consistent for 20 YEARS Ezekiel Elliott - WAS a big shot in a big market, decreasing returns since 2018 Saquon Barkley - huge hit as a rookie in 2018 in NFL's largest market, injury and down year in years 3-4, rebounded in year 5 Aaron Rodgers - the ONLY story in NFL boutique market since '08, MVP in '20 & '21, NOW in NFL's largest market - we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the media Drew Brees - Retired after '21. Class act and a pro's pro Todd Gurley - hasn't played since 2020, OROY in '15, MVP &/or OPoY in '17 & '18 Khalil Mack - played 9 years, traded to Bears for '18 season - good player, big market Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh's winning ways since Noll/Bradshaw thru Cowher and Tomlin/Ben have been media darlings. Retired after '21 Aaron Donald - A beast in big LA market, won SB, peaked in '18, flashed in '21, only played 11 games last year Kyler Murray - head scratcher, ORoY in '19, huge upside, doesn't take FB seriously
  10. I couldn't agree more. It always seemed to me the Bills, Jets & Fins were happy to play 2nd-3rd-4th fiddle to the Pats for 20 years because not one of them ever got a credible QB, coach, etc.. So Brady leaves and we get Josh & what happens? Every Team in the AFC East gets good-great players, coaches and go on spending sprees in free agency. Fish get Tua (not great), Cheetah, great coach, decent defenders, fast RBs and Jalen Waddle. Jets get Rodgers, great receivers, OROY receiver (whose name escapes me), stout defense & a saucy DB. Saleh's no slouch either. Pats - HOF coach who's so stubborn he's seems to be sticking w/Mac Jones - may be our only blessing - but Bill O'Brien is formidable - hopefully he can't help Mac. It figures - right? Why couldn't our 3 rivals be the patsies we were for 20 yrs!!?? Sheesh!!
  11. LOL - there is a guy in the row behind me - he screams the entire game and is hysterical. Nice folks around there, but I hated the seat-walking and the people to either side of us exiting over us (and the long way to the aisle) instead of exiting to the closest aisle.
  12. Not quite. Last year I sat in section 334, row 30, seats 13-14. Smack dab in the middle of the row. We had to deal with several people on either side of us each half - seemed like every 5 minutes! Everyone stood the whole game, so people walked on seats, if/when you sat down, you got wet, dirty or both! Brutal. Glad I got aisle seats next year, clearly beats the middle where common sense says you won’t be up and down, but the reality was the opposite.
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