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  1. Horrible post. Now we should fire the coach because he's not clairvoyant! He should have known Bass would miss, so punt from the 31. No one would have 2nd guessed him. OMG, he'd get pitch-forked!!
  2. 2 no calls in a row. Hit to head of a defenseless receiver and DPI
  3. If I have to explain it to you . . . assume it's not serious and be on your way.
  4. Josh is fine DESPITE running a predictable offense and has more often than not played well enough for the Bills to win, but non-complimentary football (poor ST play and a softer-than-expect Defense) has hurt the Teams Record. Quick look at the losses . . . Week 1 - Jets: got the team to OT, ST allowed a punt return Week 5 - Jags: scored 13 in 4th Qtr, Defense allowed 14 in 25-20 loss Week 7 - Pats: scored 15 in the 4th Qtr, Defense allowed 13 and a 2 minute game-winning drive Week 9 - Cincy: Toughest game of the year. Scored 8 in 4th Qtr, simply not enough. Week 10 - Denver: Lowest point of the season. Scored 1 TD in each the 3rd & 4th Qtr. Defense allowed a TD & FG in 4th Qtr, allowing another game-winning 2 minute drive.
  5. I still say the Bills should pursue the exonerated Matt Araiza. Just because he was a horn-dog at 21 doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to get an NFL job now. I have news for everyone, all the pro athletes are horn dogs!
  6. Side by side, Kelly vs. Josh. People need to breathe. The trolling is sickening. Step back and take a walk if it's bothering you too much.
  7. Exactly! Hmm, I wonder what healthy, stud-ley, 25-yr-old boys do in their free time, especially with pretty women throwing themselves at them. They aren't saying I need to look at my tablet. To use an analogy - there's always room for jello!
  8. Intentional grounding …no…cost us 3 pts (& who threw the flag..not the side judge) Roughing the passer…total BS…cost us 7 pts DPI….tricky tack
  9. Bills have only themselves to blame for poor showings against the Jets and Patriots. Even if you forgive them for London, they should still be at 1 loss, not 3!
  10. I simply recommend they shorten the list of plays they want to call - like they would in a hurry-up mode - basically simplify matters so the players aren't thinking so much as reacting and playing instinctually.
  11. He was smarter, he hit a LB & not Leonard Williams!
  12. White over Blues remind me of bad Bills teams - so I'm not a fan. All Red - OK. All Blue - like I said above. All White - great. Blue over White - classic. BTW - love the 'standing' Buffalo.
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