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  1. TULSA BACKWARDS IS ASLUT. Watch out for Tulsa boobytraps.
  2. Well, that was new to me. Likey. Thx.
  3. No one can piss on this determination! My life motto. LFG BUFFALO!
  4. That dude is a trip. But I like him!
  5. So, if the ball does not go through the goal posts it doesn't count. News breaking stuff right there.
  6. She's too clean to be homeless. Photo stunt.
  7. And then I look at your avatar. OMG. You're awesome! How long have you waited to post that video?!? Have you posted it before and I missed it?
  8. Ha, my first thought was, When was the last time you bought anything for a nickel? Then I thought, when was the last time I saw a basket of single piece pink bubble gum on the bottom shelf at the c-store? Or even a Wrigley's 5 pack double mint? Can you get anything off the candy rack for under a dollar now??? Sorry, memory lane, LOL!
  9. I was looking at the 10 lb pack for $70 ish, and free shipping IIRC.
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