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  1. Hmm, I have the impression that you like tossed salad with lil pickles.
  2. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DWeYsTmIzjkw&ved=0ahUKEwihrLjus5fkAhUDLK0KHZi1AVQQ3ywIRDAC&usg=AOvVaw2RcJg45kuyQ4UzWDPXK820
  3. Hint....Them boys from Oklahoma State Roll em right.
  4. I am convinced. Been listening to Beth, and Beth Hart made me cry. My 1st impression was meh. I was way wrong.
  5. That is quite an endorsement Gugney. KWS blew me away (15 years ago). I've never heard of Beth Hart, but if she/he outplayed KWS, I take notice. Gonna look him/her up right now. Thank you. Just watched the first video that popped up. Uhm, really? NFW her or her band outdid KWS. She can scream, I'll give her that. Not my taste though. I will give her a couple more tries.
  6. Dont go away mad, just go away. Sail away sail away sail away.
  7. Youre doing it wrong.....reset... HELLS BELLS
  8. Not to speak I'll of the deceased, RIP brother... But he was, IMO, one of the worst actors ever. I did not like a single performance of his.
  9. Natural Born Killers Very eclectic and effin awesome! one of my all time favorite albums.
  10. Put some ICE on it, take two tylenol, and come back in 17 years.
  11. I had a friend who had a pontoon boat with a small propane grill that was installed to hang over the water. I'm telling ya, those little 99 cent frozen Totino pizzas on his grill, at the lake, were amazing!!!
  12. You can get inexpensive grills with heavy grates, and you can get expensive ones with lightweight grates. Heavy grates is the better choice, regardless of how much you spend.
  13. Heavy iron grates, not thin chromed ones. That is my number one requirement. The thin ones will rust quickly, leaving rust flakes stuck to your food.
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