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  1. So far, "Jugs" has my vote. Altarnatively, that Would be a cool screen name too.
  2. Why in the world have I never heard that song!?!? Love it. Watched twice. Great tune!
  3. I am a puss who cannot deal with the cold. Sunny and 42 currently, but windy and still damp. I am gonna clean the kitchen today instead of the yard (and I am a yard guy)
  4. Me too. It's happening more frequently lately. Hmm, wonder why?
  5. I love FREDEX. Interesting observation: at approx 3:30 mark in that video, we switched from red helmets to white helmets, then back to red. I've always been led to believe that that was not an option to switch helmets during a season. What gives?
  6. Me too. And I think it would be boring to play each NFC team only once ever 16 years.
  7. IDK if you are serious, but I am gonna try that right now.
  8. !!!!!! I always struggle to think of my Dirty Santa gifts. This would be perfect!
  9. The Latino connection would work well. All (seemingly) of my Hispanic friends/coworkers/acquaintances are Cowboys fan.
  10. Literally 3-4 inches of ice here in 2009. I think we had 2-3 inches in 2007. You guys think you get the toughest weather, HA!
  11. Agreed. I am next to worthless on this board. Butt....mods should be held to a higher standard. I love this board .
  12. Ravens win Raiders win Oilers win. Them's my hopes.
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