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  1. My bad. LoL I have seen it many times. My head confused Clubber and Apollo. PAIN, is the correct answer!
  2. Pretty sure, MrT. Is who you are thinking of.
  3. Somehow I predicted the responses! But #2 made me spit my beer out for the first time this decade! Happy New Year you bunch of delinquents! CHAMPIONHIP! Ha. LETS GO BUFFALO!
  4. Tired of reading "conservative". So far it has been "fundamentals" and "reducing errors". I can roll with that a little longer.
  5. That is a great point! Standing there flatfooted not looking/moving forward is just as bad, amiright? Gotta catch the ball though!!!
  6. On NYE even. The nerve! For the record, I am only an occasional Sooner fan, and I dislike Mayfield. Please note he is a Texan, not an Okie. And he can piss-off!
  7. When you hit Start on a stop watch, where does it begin?
  8. Bless you Grandpa Lew! I wish I could play Sorry! with my kids, my Sister and Nephew again!
  9. That sounds like a great plan my friend!
  10. Last time I went out on NYE, I woke up with a bloody pillow, and didn't know how I got home. Thanks Andy Dalton! Not tonight.
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