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  1. How do you know I haven't already?
  2. We are sciencing here. Put on your PPE and stand back.
  3. My opinion: water is good. Ask me again in 100 years. I think global warming is a true threat, but I don't think one to five year anomalys prove it. We have had, here in NE Oklahoma, unusually mild winters and summers for the last several years. Mostly comfortable, even. The extreme monsoons in the spring, and terrible drought in the fall have become predictable too (from a layman's pespective). Averages seem to average out.
  4. My long time crew (15 yrs strong) of three leagues has an online draft, but our Keeper and especially the Auction league (live in person drafts) are where the prestige is. I love the auction leage draft! ***** talking all day long!
  5. Did I ever tell yall the story about a young Okie boy on his first business trip winding up in a seedy part of Torontopolis trying to score a dime bag? Yeah man, those homies didn't trust me one bit. Paid 25.00 for a nickel. Was thankful to get back to my room.
  6. Yeah, no. Sorry for your pain, but just wait for the one you marry. That c*** will make this minor pain very forgettable. I don't care to share my heartbreaking experience(s) nor the time to type them up with my thumbs, but I do promise that I have been as ***** over by a woman that I dedicated my soul to for many years as any man I ever met. I recovered enough to become a man ***** for a few years, finally settled back down for a couple of years with the best lay in town....yeah that didn't end well either. Now celibate for 3 1/2 years. My heart is withered and cold. But hey, I got to raise two children on my own! 😞 On the positive side: The Buffalo Bills ***** results are trivial.
  7. There is is this one dude at work...not so much his face (he is actually kinda handsome) as his smirk when he tells everyone else what dumb ***** we are. No one in my group is anything close to a dumb *****. We are struggling with a new CAD system, which this guy was hired for to be our expert and to train us. GD I have wanted to backhand that prick. Funny though, most of the time I am the only one to ask him questions. Everyone else refuses to interact with this guy, and asks me instead because I have thick enough skin to get the information out of this DB. If drinking with or around around this dude, I would have already clocked him. I just made 18 years, so he ain't worth it.
  8. Blood clots were the major problem. I am foggy on the series of events, but mom red-lined during two different surgeries. Before the third (maybe fourth) the surgeon approached me and Step Dad and said essentially "lose her leg, or lose her life". Ironically, the new knee went in the trash with the rest of her leg. This was three years ago. She was two months from retiring and otherwise the strongest, hardest working woman any of us ever met. Now she has more or less given up on using her prosthetic and spends all of her time on the couch in depression. Addiction to Oxy has not helped. Even more ironic: Mom worked for the largest, most prestigious orthopedic clinic in our region. And the lead Dr. Did the surgery. Even more ironic than that: The chronic pain she had in her knee may not have been the joint, but the clots instead. They knew the scans/whatever did not justify a knee replacement. They ran every other kind of test they could think of, but never detected the blood clots that were a major problem, if not THE major problem. Many, many folks recommended a lawsuit, but Mom does not want to sue. Sorry if I used "ironic" incorrectly. Tragic is more like it.
  9. My mother went in for a knee replacement a couple of years ago, and ffive weeks later she left the hospital missing her whole damned leg from the thigh down.
  10. If loving the Buffalo Bill's is wrong, I don't want to be right!
  11. PB&J on toast. PM me for the recipe.
  12. I have skinny dipped with skanks. I was the shark.
  13. 5K would have my old boat fully operational, new trolling motor and sonar/GPS, a cooler full of Budweiser and snacks, fully stocked tackle box and a truck full of gas. And a new Buffalo Bill's hat.
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