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  1. Mfer.im at BWW and the network feed died and switched to Steelers.
  2. So long as it isn't between 635 and 645 am, I can deal with the interruption.
  3. He is already in the HOF, sort of. https://bucswire.usatoday.com/2018/10/02/ryan-fitzpatricks-bucs-nfl-hall-of-fame/
  4. My daughter has become a proud thrifty. I commend her for that. Im more of if you have the cash, do what feels good, type of guy. She is always so happy to show me her Goodwill goods. She showed up an hour ago so proud of the four DVDS she got for a dollar 25 each... Wait for it... We havent had an operating DVD Player for five years.
  5. That has to be France. I went to a small town on the Brittany coast for work 20 years ago and after a month i was dying for pizza. The only pizzeria around was in a shopping mall. I couldnt read the menu so i just randomly picked something. It came out undercooked and with an un cooked egg in the Middle that was added after the oven. It was bad, but not as bad as this looks. Yuk!
  6. Like a good employee should, I find something productive to work on - related to the meeting or otherwise.
  7. It is impossible to grow squash here without chemicals. They grow fast, huge and leafy.......then, dead in two days when the squash bugs wake up, the squash plant is dead seemingly instantaniousy Edit to say, Dawn dishsoap and water is an extremely effective bug killer! Have not needed it yet this year on my maters
  8. Holy Moly do I have a lot of cherry tomatoes! Six plants. No less than 500 so far. And still full of ripening fruit.
  9. The Machine. Edit: go to 49:35 for "Tha Machine". It is funny AF, but hearing the first 45 min was funny too. Eff that B, we are in Russia!
  10. Thanks for resurrecting only the second thread I have started in 12? years here! Some jackass switched all the plants around at home depot, or I temporarily forgot how to read. I wound up with 8 cherry/grape tomato plants and 2 romas. Not a single slicer, dammit. The cherries are awesome, but there is no way I care to eat them all. There are sooooo many! I have harvested hundreds already and I am guessing 200+ on the vine right now. Many ripe red beauties falling in the dirt (especially with our recent storms).
  11. How much oil can that 5 ounces of water support? I wish the dude said ALL OF IT.
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