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  1. You are a weird person GBID. I'm guessing you banged a teacher when you were young, and that was the highlight of your life? Yes, I have.
  2. Mmmmm, tasty. I have a $20 bet this year: JA v PM; longest completed pass measured in the air.
  3. Spray bottle with water and a couple drops of dish soap is an excellent insect killer.
  4. Sand Bass are running and the forecast looks perfect. Pops and I are going fishing!!!!
  5. I feel ya, but who have we played, other than said scumbags?
  6. Where else would you <JA> rather be, right here, right now? Edit: Put away your phone, boy! I am singly raising two teenagers, so this pisses me off! Look at the world, not your phone. ....as I spend my evening on this friggen site...... Hypo
  7. I appreciate your perspective, and your reply. Yeah, true, we've received favorable calls too (comeback game). Still does not make that call by the refs correct. It was a forward pass. Do you disagree with that simple fact?
  8. Sure you are. And I'm built to play wide receiver, lol. 😉 I'm guessing you are better built for spectating.......in row_33, of course.
  9. It was a forward pass. You never even denied it. Maybe the Tennessee Thumbtacks played better that day, maybe they deserved the win, but they did not earn the win. They won due to an erroneous call, period.
  10. I'm okay with this, so long as it is consistent. I did not think this hit was dirty nor illegal. Just slide, bro!
  11. This is disappointing so far, but I am still holding out hope: i have a $20 bet with my Chiefs fan coworker: longest in the air completed pass - JA v PM. If anyone can point me to where this particular statistic is recorded, I'd appreciate it.
  12. How do yo know I haven't already? Oh, wait am I in the right thread? I'm guessing that the new holes in the new plastic bag are for her pet gerbil. The empty chlorine bucket is where she stores her meds. The pretty canvas bag is for other toys. The wheeled basket: Plastic sheets and goose down comforter.
  13. What is this "NHL" thing? I'd seriously like to watch and learn whether or not I actually like it, but it is completely absent in Oklahoma television programming. I have been to one minor league game - Tulsa Oilers, and I hated it. The only thing that got the croud into the game was a few fights. the big screen just kept playing reruns again and again. I went with a pastor and a couple of uppity ups in the church and they were as blood thirsty as the rest of the crowd. We all had our young children with us. I was completely un entertained. FYI, No, I havent been to church since my Bible thumping ex wife stepped out with the next door neighbor. Some of yall remember that tale.
  14. Long ago, I grew to dislike and swore to dislike Texas, Florida and California teams for ever and ever. But I also seriously dislike the seachickens, and my name is Goff, so... I hope they murder each other, except for that Goff guy. Go go Goff!
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