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  1. No. BTW, Where you from, Bro. I havent seen many"yall"s on this board, thats Okie slang!
  2. Eat well, my friend! You're not alone in your aloneness. GO BILLS!
  3. Smoked bologna is the shizznit.
  4. I do love sweet potato casserole! I've never served it in individual ramekins though. I wish I had seen this sooner. Ima bring a lemon pie.
  5. Yuck. A box of blunts would be more accepted by the crowd;-)
  6. It is kind of an Okie thing, I think. All BBQ restaurants here serve it, and it is delectable. We are smoking a 5lb block along with the ribs.
  7. I love food threads on OTW, so I am wondering what yall have planned for your Easter. We are going to Moms house and my Step Dad is smoking ribs and bologna. I am wondering what to bring as a side...something holiday specific that goes well with the main entree. Any suggestions?
  8. IDK who that dude is, but I definately would not ***** with him at the bar, much.
  9. Time keeps on slippin, into the future.
  10. I was planning on it until now. No way I am spending Thanksgiving in that circus.
  11. I dislike The *Patriots as much as the next guy, but I've never met Tom, Bill or Bob, so there is no hate for them in my heart at a personal level. And, I am sure he did what he is accused of. Releasing evidence to the public before trial is bull####. Period.
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