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  1. I have this too. Only bothers me when it's quiet. Still, it's strange that his elbow would be ringing.
  2. Most recently, that Levi wallace would get eight or nine million to stay in Buffalo. But the worst is a tie: That Peterman could be a top ten QB. That Tyrod could be a top ten QB. That Manuel could be a top ten QB. That Orton could be a top ten QB. That Fitz could be a top ten QB. (I STILL CLING TO THIS ONE! ). There are others but I don't want to belabor the point. I'm a total homer.
  3. If R.E.M. can have an album called Eponymous, then Buffalo can have a team called Synechdoce. Not sure that solves the problem, but I can't sit on this dad joke forever.
  4. I dont want to jinx anything but I think this 2022 team could very well set the record for fewest second quarter penalty yards in home games (excluding playoffs).
  5. But maybe you need to expand your search terms. (Okay, maybe this was just slightly outside of two weeks. But I thought he was still with the Rams.)
  6. The O-Line with Kromer was excellent and basically the same talent the next year with Castillo was terrible. Yeah Roman vs. Dennison, but it was just jump of of the screen obvious that the line was specifically a problem. So glad to get this guy back.
  7. Neither do I, which is why I said in the very next sentence, "if he takes less to stay it won't be by much." And why I finished with, "may be close to 9." The Bills will value him as much as any other team and will pay market value or very near. He gets paid. What i don't see is them dropping four or six million on some mediocrity nor rolling with Dane and a rookie to start the season.
  8. This is my conjecture: he will want to stay, the Bills will want to keep him and every team will put his value at about the same level. If Levi plays for less to stay in Buffalo, it won't be by much. And if the Bills replace him, it will have to be for a significantly better and much more expensive player which I doubt they can afford. I do not expect them to roll the dice in the draft and I don't expect to see a marginal EJ Gaines type replace him. In sum, I expect to see Levi signed, probably for more than the 5 or 6 mil that lots of posters seem to think is a limit and it may be close to 9.
  9. With White's injury, Wallace should be the presumptive CB1 week 1. If they don't pick up a premium player in March, I can't see them letting Levi walk in the hope that there's a day-one starter available to them in the draft. He also seems like an archetype for McDermott -- disciplined, available, good tackler, rarely out of place, etc. Like they did with Milano, I think they pay him plenty and lock him up for three or four years. DBs are not the problem, why make them one? Just a slightly back loaded deal with guarantees, my Amazon Prime make cap go brrrrr.
  10. I would prefer no overtime in the regular season and just add quarters for playoffs. But failing to close out in regulation was the real problem here.
  11. Gosh I hope Bill Belichick doesn't get wind of this and build his game plan to deal with a quarterback of limited mobility and a weak arm.
  12. Trading Sammy and Darby for picks and chaff. That was the point where I figured he was either a serious man committed to a plan or just plain stupid. Super gutsy. Honorable mention: the mid-season trade of Darius, same reason.
  13. Why is Summertime Sweatshirt guy getting a pass here? When we took basically the same personnel from the Chair Tossing Kiddie Puncher to the Popcorn and Movies guy they absolutely face-planted. Sure a power blocking offense is the only one my fool eyes can follow, so I'm biased, but maybe it's more than talent here. We hired a rookie line coach and our line stinks way too much for it to be laid all at the feet of Morse, Williams, Dawkins and any two randomly selected scrubs.
  14. There are plenty of NBA fans in Portland and there are over a hundred people who follow men's soccer here (which I assume is a sort of globetrotter like novelty) but I see approximately zero hope of sufficient support for an NFL team in Rip City.
  15. Was my Benjamin joke too obvious? Anyway, count me among the retractable roof advocates. Hate rain, love snow. Just trying to get to fifty.
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