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  1. Josh is gonna lose the mvp to this Heineke dude.
  2. The nfl got rid of the awful going to ground rule i think the the same year Riveron took over. Went from competent enforcement of a bad rule to magic eight ball enforcement of everything. Riverton is awful and the change was palpable. He needed to go a long time ago.
  3. This is just lazy. The point of the thread is to provide answers not get them. To wit: Beasley has a medial or anterior hyperextension or partial tear of something medical and doctory. This is a week to week injury that typically requires several hours of rehab maybe more.
  4. "Who brings five of his shirts for strippers?" A guy who regrets not bringing a few more shirts.
  5. @Zerovoltz was setting the record straight in that Broncos fan Josh Allen thread. He's absolutely killing it. I think he starts here: https://www.orangemane.com/forum/orange-mane-discussion/orange-mane-central-discussion/2720603-josh-allen/page5 Seriously, I can't think of very many people who aren't bills fans and aren't paid to cover the bills with that kind of knowledge. Like not even Simms.
  6. The Bills are easily the better team, one of the best in football, they should win and it shouldn't be close. If they do drop the game it's not a big deal, those things happen . . . wait . . . what the heck? Is this feeling normal for fans of good teams? Let me try this again. If Denver pulls off an upset it doesn't mean this whole season is a dream. EEK! I just typed that and it sounds right.
  7. In the scheme of things, aren't we all just random dudes from Ireland? I noticed Cian back when he thought Tyrod was a top ten QB. It took me years to figure out that both Tyrod and Cian are trash.
  8. I think the ball is spotted at the point at which it crosses the boundary. His feet were in bounds but the ball crossed over the boundary before it passed the sticks.
  9. Practically no injuries except to Phillips last year which affects our perception this year. Not so this year, plus we face a really tough schedule. So Bean goes from master of witchcraft to pretty good at card tricks. Oliver is an undersized DT who has been asked to shade center with a bum knee. I think he's performed admirably considering. I fully expect by game four of next year he will be considered the defense's Josh Allen. I also think Edmunds looked bad because not just because of injury but because of what the heck ever was wrong with the defense generally and here you can
  10. I think the Patriot way really means have a very smart head coach and have competent assistants. Apart from Ernie and Scarneccia, I doubt BB regards anyone else in the recent history of the organization as a peer. Maybe McDaniels is worth something given Bill's efforts to retain him but the rest are trained bicycle riding bears. Well, I think Flores does seem to be an another exception. I don't know if he's great but he pretty clearly isn't terrible.
  11. If the game had ended with a td rather than a pick, he might have. But since the popular take on Fitz is that he loses games in exactly that way, it's probably not as clear a case.
  12. Is it impossible that Flores put Tua in because he thought he might be better? And that he pulled him because he decided he was wrong? If Flores was making decisions based on what is most likely to get him the most wins or even just the next win, he'd be my favorite coach.
  13. I know it was mid game and they had to modify their plan, but the game with Tampa was seriously changed when Ekeler went down. His replacement wasn't really a replacement. So,with Ekeler back, I think they are a much better team. Aside from him, I think Herbert and Allen are going to put on a show. Can't count on dumb luck and coaching stupidity to keep the Chargers down forever. Also hoping Allen is better protected than he was against the Cards. I was really looking forward to seeing a healthy line last week.
  14. Being top ten by every measure makes him much better than just top ten. The same as if your team has a top five offense and a top five defense it would probably be the best team in the league, not just a top five team. I'm not sure if I'm harder on Allen because I'm a fan or if I'm easy on him because I'm a fan, but I see him similarly. Also I think Herbert might be on my list of top QBs going forward.
  15. Is she actually watching Bills games? Does she not understand her position as a nationally known media type? She's gonna ruin it for all her lazy box score skimming peers. Great stuff.
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