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  1. I was blissfully unaware of the difference until Sal C. explained it with a helpful video when we switched from Kromer to Castillo. I still don't quite understand it all, but after that mess that was Castillo's line, I will never not hate the zone scheme.
  2. Amazon. I have seen players react to flags for a long time before amazon reports them.
  3. I haven't checked but it might be possible for him to set a single season Bills TE receiving record on Monday night. But of course, this still won't be a single game NFL record.
  4. It's possible Bean thought he could get some small cap savings by trading our fifth or sixth best DE. But what if he actually traded our fourth best DE? Shudder.
  5. Long article, is there anything more than this: "The 14-page petition, filed in Shelby County, Tennessee, probate court, alleges . . . " Has anyone checked if he has Araiza's accuser's lawyer?
  6. To correct people who are wrong about things! (Failing that, I'll just go ahead and be wrong myself. But mostly, I lurk.)
  7. Deranged individuals leveling false accusations are a dime a dozen. The people who should be ashamed (and sued to the brink of ruin) include her attorney, who must certainty have known, and high profile media personalities who took the words of a plaintiffs attorney at face value. Without them, there is no mob. We should develop a healthy disgust toward those who indulge in vapid moral posturing.
  8. Oh no, that'd be nuts. Just hers. Mine only had liability insurance. In my defense, I'm pretty sure the town of Fulton didn't own a snow plow.
  9. I had to work that day but fortunately on the way to work, I wrecked my car. A friend came to get me and we listened on the radio. Kept turning it off in disgust but kept turning it back on because how could you not? Managed to get back home (to Oswego where it was on TV) just in time to watch the end of 4Q and overtime. Great day. Totaled my GFs car the next week, but the Bills weren't playing so that was a bad day.
  10. I like their old logo and I don't think this is quite as nice, but they didn't completely wreck it, so good job, Lions.
  11. I hated the Rex hire but I learned to love him. I think this is far more embarrassing. I still think Sammy was a rare talent. I still think Tyrod could have taken the 2014 Bills to the Super Bowl. I still think Fitz was better Brady but just needed some talent around him. I still think EJ needed more time and could have been great. I have no shame.
  12. This is fairly common and, depending on the airport, often goes unprosecuted. For a time, my range bag was my overnight carryon. When the TSA swabbed it for explosive residue, I was a little concerned. Their fancy test failed to detect the powder that I could smell. I did manage to remove the guns though.
  13. A baseless allegation found in a filing by a plaintiffs attorney shouldn't have been so damaging. As much as I think she should be held accountable (and also her attorney who almost certainly knew this was bunk) I think there's a ton of cope from people who took the lawyers words at face value so as not to appear to countenance rape. Those people, the mob who every damn time take the most implausible allegations as an opportunity to declare they are opposed to monstrous acts, are the ones who forced the hands of the Bills and wrecked this kids NFL opportunity. Special call out to Greg Thompsett who was especially awful on this.
  14. I don't think Beane has been inconsistent at all here. I think they see Williams as the mlb. He said in the Rome interview that he couldn't expect Williams to come up to speed so quickly as to be the "QB of the D" but he would like to see him get there by late season. He even went on to describe Edmunds as too lanky to cover slot guys and not shifty enough for what they wanted -- traits that are pretty obviously addressed with Williams and Benford. "Start at wlb" just meant that his path to middle would start by learning the defense from the weak side first. It is hard for me to imagine replacing a giant of a man with lightweight, but the Rome interview convinced me that is what Beane wants to do.
  15. Zay Jones. I was convinced he'd be a better than average. Sold on his floor, hopeful on upside that is. Still can't believe he stinks.
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