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  1. I travel internationally pretty much much most of the year. I used to use shadier means to catch games, but now as I age, I feel a bit better paying for it. My go to now is a combination of using a VPN, and NFL Gamepass International. You can absolutely i stall a VPN on your iPad, I just recommend that you actually pay for one, and not use a free one. Some of the better, more popular ones are: ExpressVPN, Private Internet Acces, and WiTopia, but there are several other options as well. Just google something like "best paid VPNs 2019" If you do go this route, I would recommend testing before youbhead down to Mexico. - Install the VPN on your device - Choose a server where Game Pass International is allowed (I always go with the U.K.) - Sign up for Gamepass International (Not the regular NFL gamepass) I think they are still offering a week to week option as well, so it's nice to not have to pay for the full year if you dont need to. Hope that helps. Ive watched games from Zambia, Albania, Bosnia, and Malta this year. I will be catching the Ravens game from Ecuador... Kinda funny: While I was working in Iraq, I had a sling box that I would leave at my sisters house. Worked out pretty well, until my little niece would come in and change the channel. Nothing worse when you're on the egde of your seat during a crucial drive and all of a sudden you're watching Dora the Explorer lol
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