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  1. Damn, 4 of our first 6 games on the road, including a three week stretch? Yeesh!
  2. Win or lose, Josh has an "over my dead body" way about him where he refuses to lose. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, like the first Patriots game and Denver game last year, where the defense could NOT stop the opposing team in a minute time span. It's why I always feel like the team will be fine as long as he is our QB.
  3. Allen already said he wanted him, and last year he wanted Kincaid. I have no issues with the QB of this team putting in input. Nope! I am excited!
  4. When is Josh's contract up again? I would not be surprised if he asks for a trade when it's up. I would not blame him. Just wasting one of his prime years. By the time we get this team built back up to something again, he may be 30. Unreal. I have not totally given up hope since Shakir, Cook and Kincaid were coming along nicely last season, but I can't sit here and say I am overall feeling good either.
  5. Really feel bad for Josh. He is about to turn 28 and The Bills are basically saying "we are letting one of your prime years go to waste" and "hey, Jim Kelly was 30 when The Bills went to their first Super Bowl!! Maybe this will happen for you too!!". This has been the most bizarre off season.
  6. Just one year I would love nothing more than some dull moments!
  7. Good points. I don't think Kim will ever regain ownership. It has been alluded to. I think the stroke took a huge toll on her. Honestly, maybe it's for the better, that is a highly stressful job and someone who went through what she did should probably not be in that position. I also think about Terry's age often.
  8. I hate this. I never know what the implications will be, or what the intentions are, and worrying about this team staying or going is exhausting at this point. I feel like I need to just let go in that area. I know this does not mean that, it's just that I wonder when 25% turns into 50% and so on. I also wonder if this has to do with Kim's health.
  9. I got all that, but whom are they selling the 25% to and does this interfere with the team staying or going? Already admitted to being an idiot about this stuff so I am just trying to understand it all.
  10. Can someone break this down for an idiot like me and tell me what this means?
  11. The amount of trolls over here is staggering.
  12. Trolls, self loathers and people in this forum that are fans of other teams but pretending to be Bills fans. You can spot them pretty easily.
  13. I am also lowkey terrified he may want to dip as well. Suddenly he seems to be turning into a scapegoat and I feel like people need to point their fingers somewhere, so why not him? The off season stuff is wild to me. He always delivers during the season, and yes, I realize turnovers are a problem and it would be great if he could cut those down, but he's a risk taker. I don't think working out more in the off season is going to change his game that much. He puts his body through brutal punishment. He had a UCL injury in 2022 and instead of sitting out for four weeks, he got plasma injections and played through it. He leg could almost be severed off and he would still fight to stay on the field. He went into a blue tent a few times last season, with a shoulder injury, and still played through it. He puts his own body through a lot in the regular season. He is about to turn 28. If he wants to heal mentally and physically in the off season, I am not mad at it. On the surface maybe it looks like he doesn't care as much as other players out there, but that doesn't mean it's true. Life is short and he, like all the players, have limited time to spend time with loved ones, traveling, doing things they love before the season begins again. Again, I am not saying he can't do more,or that he is above constructive criticism, but I think going after him is not the answer. He has pretty much been asked to put the team on his back since he got here and often does, but this year is going to be even harder. Considering what he puts his body through during the season and playoffs, he could grow to be a little resentful to this market if he is being nitpicked at over his off season regime.
  14. Yeah, I don't think Nate is doing the team or Josh any favors by bringing negative attention to him from a situation from well over a year ago. Seems very tacky and unprofessional to even go there. If something happened, it happened and can't be taken back. When people ask him what happened, he keeps responding with "read my article". So tacky. FWIW I "read his article" and it said nothing of what happened, just that something happened, which he has already stated on Twitter. We have been having a really funky off season, do we have to bring negative attention to the QB, all to stick up for a WR that has his own not so great reputation?
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