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  1. I don't think they have very long to close the competitive gap. This season was two steps back after taking one step forward in my view. I'm in the same boat with people that think next season is the deadline to look like a competent team.
  2. What if Lynn didn't want Buffalo.
  3. I love the throwbacks. Do it forever.
  4. It's so close to a tank why even debate it?
  5. You should go find him and beat him up if you don't like him that much. I put my money on him face planting you. I get that people didn't like Peterman but sometimes you make yourself look like bigger losers than you think he is lol.
  6. I stick with the QB that had the offense in motion beyond a dead stop. I would want to keep any rythm going. Allen is one bad game away from people crying to put the other guy back in anyway. Just my opinion about it. I didn't think any QB could make the offense not suck and was kinda shocked it moved. I wouldn't get over excited about just one game but enough happened that I would not hastily change it back.
  7. I think anybody who wants to come play QB for the Bills is doomed. I wouldn't want that job. No QB is going to be the savior.
  8. Lfod

    Bills Mafia Support Nathan Peterman

    I'd probably rather drink a beer with Nate Peterman than try to stomach being in the presence of his haters on this board.