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  1. I don't think Jim Kelly would be a deciding factor in how Josh Allen pans out. If he has some tips and tricks about how he was successful in the past it couldn't hurt to share them with a newer QB. I would just give a warning. If you talk about collaboration and it fails people most likely put the blame on Jim Kelly even if it was a minor mentoring thing. You will just end up hurting your reputation.
  2. Zay Jones did have that ugly incident. He hasn't exceeded any expectations to my knowledge. If it wasn't Buffalo, a team lacking in established names at WR you might be thinking the same as OP. The situation the team is in I can see second and third chances getting given to talent that hasn't proven anything yet. That's why I would disagree with OP. Buffalo isn't known for talent at WR...
  3. I'm optimistic. As a fan I'm excited to see how things turn out. I'm still expecting he struggles to be real. I'll be around on game days cheering for the Bills.
  4. I'm hoping it comes together this year. It's our time now.
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