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  1. I walked away feeling a lot better than I did the Ravens game. I actually only got to see the highlights though and it looked like it was actually a game.
  2. I wouldn't ever say lose on purpose. I might say try to experiment and not worry to much about taking a loss or playing safe to secure a victory. It's an opportunity to use these games to maybe get some things figured out.
  3. I decided to not say anything on the forums about Josh after the Ravens game. I know it is just one game but the result left me feeling a bit negative about him. That fumble was costly.
  4. Defense played good enough to be leading the first half.
  5. Who told me the other Tre could get an interception? Kudos to you bud.
  6. He delivered when all I wanted for Christmas was an interception on Tom Brady. Gronk kinda ruined that moment for me with that cheap shot.
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