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  1. You need to have dated a really beautiful girl that you love very deeply that has a bit of an attitude to understand why other people would put up with a lot. It's easy to tell a girl your not that attracted too and don't love that much to take a walk.
  2. I don't really have a strong opinion about Josh right now. I just hope all the best for him. I can't really think franchise or failure. It's a prove it kind of season.
  3. They should check the history of everyone on the planet for good measure. I doubt very few come out clean.
  4. If I was a famous person being asked questions after a serious emotional event I wouldn't say much other than it is tragic and disappointing and nothing more. I'm not going to put my opinion out there during a time when a lot of people are emotionally fired up about something. People will take advantage of you for ratings.
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