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  1. Tyrod Taylor already rode on the defenses backs to a playoff birth. Not hard to imagine he could do it again. A lot of QBs could come in and be mediocre and still win with the Bills D. The defense played well enough for the team to win that playoff birth.
  2. I can only assume that McDermott was still in the process of getting settled in and decided not to pull the trigger immediately in that draft. I have a question I would ask and don't have the answer. How much time did McDermott have to think over the draft considering he was coming into assume his first HC role? If he decided to play it safe and not make any hasty moves I can forgive missing out on Mahomes and waiting until he had a better aim at a target. It looks like Allen has his struggles but I'm not convinced about how good or bad he will be because he has been a bit of both. I would not give up McDermott for Mahomes and that is my final answer. We don't need Allen to be Mahomes. We just need Allen to be a better version of himself. The record is 3-1 and so close to beating the Patriots. The Bills were one score away from everyone riding Allen's jock.
  3. I forgotten about Zay way back when he had that freak out incident. Ever since then it's been a prove me wrong sort of position for me.
  4. Allen needs to improve. Allen has done some good things and some bad things. Every game day thread I see people calling for Allen to be benched and the team has only lost one game. I don't want to bench Allen for Barkley until it's 100% certain that Allen isn't going to improve and he won't be the QB of the future.
  5. Did people bring up Tyrod Taylor like the Bills put up more than 3 points in the playoffs against the Jaguars?
  6. It's to early to give up on him in my opinion. He is the guy until he isn't.
  7. I hate the Patriots. I'd love a win. Justice for Josh.
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