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  1. I love this idea, but the man has earned himself a payday. I think he'll be too pricey for the Bills.
  2. I'd rather retain McKenzie and pick up someone else. Unrealistic but what I wish would happen: Bills pick up Hunter Renfrow. More realistic: Braxton Barrios.
  3. It's ridiculous that Addison and Hughes were out there as much as they were. It was obvious from the first drive that they didn't have the wheels to actually get to Mahomes.
  4. What would you rather have: - Fast food that's kind of great in the moment but ultimately disappointing. - A huge pile of stinky garbage with a foot fetish. Great poll, 10/10
  5. Watching Josh's presser just made me feel sick. It's a wasted year because of a coaching staff who can't get their crap together on gameday.
  6. Now that I've slept on it, I'm even more mad about this game. The coaching staff absolutely let us down. You have Josh Allen, coach to his level. It's pathetic.
  7. Part of the problem is our young guys are just stuck in this rotation and not getting as many valuable developmental snaps. Rousseau is probably going to continue to develop, from what you see of him so far it's a good sign. Epenesa is a question mark still. I'm so tired of seeing Addison just whiff on the field. Maybe he had it a few seasons ago but the athleticism is waning and his mindset of how to play the position hasn't changed. Hughes is great at getting pressure, but pressure doesn't mean anything against a QB like Mahomes, who thrives out of structure. After how this season is gone I'm not even sure Star really wants to still play football. Seems like he's going out of his way to not be on the field as much as possible. I understand it, god knows I've phoned it in at work just to collect the checks. It's a disappointment though.
  8. Even though your post is just oozing with sarcasm I think you bring up an interesting point; is this coach a guy who can consistently coach at a high enough level on gameday to get you to a Super Bowl? McD is obviously an excellent culture builder. I don't think anyone can argue otherwise. His guys love to play for him. He's excellent at setting the routine and having a professional atmosphere around the organization (Something a guy like Rex Ryan obviously couldn't or wouldn't do). This is all important to building a consistent successful team. On gameday though the warts can show. He is often conservative at key moments, has questionable TO usage, or the playcalling goes off in a direction that you kind of have stretch your mind to justify. Now I can't say that this is him necessarily, maybe some of it or a lot of it has to do with his coordinators, it's hard to pin down without knowing how gamedays are executed. We'll likely see the difference come next season, because I would bet one or both coordinators are going to get a head coaching gig. I will say this though, the Bills are set up in a way to remain competitive for as long as Josh Allen is our QB. The FO has done an excellent job in structuring contracts in a way that's going to keep us flexible with personnel. I don't think there's any world where McD is the head coach for at least the next 2-3 seasons though, it would take probably back to back major flops to even consider him on a hot seat.
  9. I've been saying that all season. I have no idea why Addison is eating up so many snaps when we spent a first and two seconds in the last two years on edge rushers. I thought whole point of it was to lower his snap % so that he'd be fresh for specific key situations, that never seemed to manifest. And as much as I love Jerry Hughes as a player, I think it's time to just move on. I know he has a great pressure rate. Well pressure rates don't mean much when you're playing a QB who is just as comfortable out of structure as he is in the pocket. Eventually you have to get home, and the plan that the Bills made specifically for this matchup just went out there and had a big, fat, dud.
  10. He was playing prevent TD defense when they needed a FG. It was some of the worst decision making I've ever seen at the NFL level.
  11. I don't know how long or short it is, but I think we can all agree with how this playoff shook out that it was a very, very good opportunity for the Bills that's been kind of squandered.
  12. Don't worry. With how talented Allen is, there will be a lot of great playoff losses that we have instant nicknames for. 😂
  13. It's probably safe to say that on a forum like this you're probably the odd one out, I'd put money on most of the users of this forum watching a lot of football. In the general Bills fandom, you're probably way more common.
  14. I think Daboll likely is out the door with a HC position, so he won't be answering to much. Frankly if Fraiser and Daboll left I don't know how I'd feel, but I don't think I'd be that worried.
  15. I think the coaching really deserves to be asked some hard questions though. I think all season it's been highlighted that they're making really questionable decisions at critical moments. That's not to say they're bad coaches. You can be a poor game manager and a good coach, but I think to deny how they've hurt the team in key moments is kind of foolish.
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