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  1. Truth. The game is going to be a coinflip assuming we don't get Shellshocked Allen, and it'll probably come down to some turnover or goofy special teams shenanigans.
  2. He's looked fine but (in my opinion, anyways) you need to get more than 1-2 catches a game, even if it's a TD, to be a reliable #2 wideout.
  3. Airline travel in general just sucks. I would fly Hawaii to NY a few times a year and it was never a smooth or enjoyable experience.
  4. It was a good win but I think it's suspect to ignore that the only consistent WR on the field was Diggs yet again. I'm not going to pretend that I know for sure if it's Dorsey or the other WRs not executing, but I think Dorsey needs to do more to get guys involved like Kincaid. Davis can't only be getting 1 catch a game and be your #2 WR.
  5. I'm not in panic mode, but the Bills offense is Allen & Diggs (with Cook sprinkled in) while Miami has all of their offensive depth not only getting touches, but major contributions. The Bills offense can be fantastic and they're well coached, but I think it's not unreasonable to call it much more one dimensional.
  6. Good win but I think Dorsey is keeping the offense from firing on a level that they theoretically can reach. Some of the playcalls were baffling, first down was rough, and I still don't see the motion, the play action, or much creativity. Allen & Diggs are still the offense, and Cook is doing well but I think we're in the same position as we were in last season (with a better offensive line).
  7. Dorsey is fine, but he's not great. I'd call him competent, but he's getting bailed out too often by Allen doing Allen things and Diggs just being a top 3 WR in football. The first and second downs yesterday were mostly abysmal execution. I could kind of see what he was going for, but 1/10 plays had me questioning reality. The 4th down and 1 particularly, but there a bunch of other examples. I don't see the motion, I don't see Allen audible nearly as much as he used to with Daboll either. At least Cook looks pretty solid, having a bit more of a run game is a positive.
  8. He had one WR screen that should have been DOA where he ended up getting around ~8 yards. I like him a lot more than McKenzie the last two games.
  9. It's a lotto ticket. You spend a buck, 1/1,000,000 shot you get a huge return. 1/100,000 shot you get a nice return. 1/10,000 you get your money back.
  10. Should probably back Duke Williams while we're at it. It's a low risk/high reward type signing, but I don't think we really should expect much (or anything).
  11. Bills just need one of the many FA Edge rushers still available to round out the defense and I think we're just straight up better than we were a year ago.
  12. I never said anyone would learn anything from this, just that given the information the Bills had at the time and the fact that Araiza was under a major civil suit, that it was justifiable and probably the right thing to release him. When this all came up I even stated that I wished there was a "administrative leave" designation for players undergoing an ordeal just like this, where they wouldn't be paid but not have to be released.
  13. You can't blame the Bills for dropping him when they did. I believed that it was the right move then and I still do. Obviously this is a borked up situation, and I feel for him.
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