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  1. Bar-Bill or Elmo's (double dipped wings are like crack) has probably been my favorite recently, although I don't live in the Buffalo area anymore. Gabriel's gate is also great.
  2. This would just be unfair to other teams. I like McKenzie, I think he could perform well in a expanded role, but there's no denying that a combo of Diggs/OBJ/Davis would maybe be the best 1-2-3 punch in the NFL.
  3. Interesting when he name dropped McKenzie. It sounds like he might already have the starting role locked down.
  4. He left some stuff on Ross' boat and he's gotta go get it. That's why he won't be playing the Dolphins.
  5. Why not both? I'd love to have an embarrassment of riches at CB.
  6. An indefinite suspension is warranted but I don't see it happening. It should be for the duration of his contract with the Browns but I don't see that happening either. I'm just hoping for at least a season. I've said it before, the whole thing is gross.
  7. 1. Josh Allen 2. Josh Allen 3. Josh Allen 4. Josh Allen 5. Josh Allen 6 Josh Allen 7. Josh Allen 8. Josh Allen 9. Josh Allen 10. Isiah McKenzie
  8. Why would stupidly rich people ever drive themselves anywhere?
  9. I think it'd be kind of irresponsible to leave the slot to McKenzie, a guy we all want to believe in but hasn't seen an expanded role yet, and Shakir, an untested rookie. Even if Crowder is just there as insurance I think it's worth it.
  10. Definitely not a great sign for Epenesa. I really would love to see him break out but I'm sort of doubting it at this point.
  11. I don't know if we should really read into it. Jones is the true 1-tech and Settle is more of a hybrid piece. He very well could end up out-snapping Jones depending on the game and matchup.
  12. I think we're going to pretty quickly see how Allen made Beasley look good and not the other way around.
  13. lol. You can't believe that Feliciano, the dude with an MMA obsession and loves violence, is taking cheap shots and throwing around flying knees? I can believe it.
  14. Adam Gase got two HC jobs just by being associated with Manning. Having an elite QB definitely raises your stock.
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