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  1. The sunglasses are to stop the migraines I'd imagine.
  2. The fact that they're in these situations rarely is a testament to how well coached the team is. Regularly blowing out teams, even bad ones, is not a normal thing in the NFL.
  3. The Bills are better in almost every category than the Ravens. The QBs are mostly equal, especially with how Jackson has been playing, but even with injuries the Bills are still a lot better.
  4. I'd be fine with it if they were using Cook instead of Moss. Moss is awful. Every week I've watched him struggle and I have no idea why the Bills keep forcing him into the lineup.
  5. Lose by 2 points with the entire secondary out, missing our top 2 interior lineman, a center, and a banged up #2 WR. "Time to panic guys!"
  6. 100%. He lost his job and was/is salty about it. Like Beasley, there wasn't a path where he would be with the Bills in 2022.
  7. He was unhappy with his usage as a guard, had disagreements with the coaching staff. Didn't you see all the shade he was throwing during the offseason?
  8. You're talking like that was even an option. Feliciano wasn't going to be on the roster regardless of team needs.
  9. Not gonna sugar coat it, Jackson is on a tear. He's phenomenal. He's going to really test the defense. They don't have have special WRs though, and the Ravens defense is subpar. I think the Bills win here.
  10. Echoing what most people have said, Mitch Morse is the glue that keeps the O-Line together. We had a bunch of botched snaps, Allen had less time due to increased pressure, and the rushing game was severely hampered. Missing Oliver and Phillips was also big. We needed to get more pressure on Tua.
  11. Maybe take a break from the internet for a little while. You're basically rambling incoherently at this point. The Bills lost, nobody on this forum likes that. There were lots of contributing factors. Claiming that "they're just losers" takes away from actual discussion. There isn't some divine hand mandating that the Bills lose close games.
  12. We can re-sign McKenzie with those sour patch kids.
  13. His PFF grade will never be higher than the game he's suspended for.
  14. Gambling addicts get a bigger dopamine rush from the loss than the wins. What I'm saying is you should stay away from slot machines.
  15. Interior pressure is probably your best bet, it might be the only thing Allen kind of struggles with.
  16. It often felt like the Bills were playing in a way to not expose Wallace. He's clearly a limited athlete but a smart player, but as a limited athlete he had to always sell out hard on deep routes and left underneath often open. He also couldn't keep up on slants. Benford is probably a better fit for this defense just because of his athleticism. McD can coach up DBs, you can't teach the intangibles.
  17. He's a top running back but I don't really feel like the Titans persona of a "power running" team is backed up by reality. The whole team is just one big fraud.
  18. Zack Moss + a 2nd for James Robinson.
  19. Von Miller is the kick in the butt the defensive line has needed. Bringing back Phillips has brought the energy level way up as well.
  20. He's definitely reaping the fruits of the revamped D-Line for sure. I've never been down on him but I do think he still has some processing concerns. When he has the right read on the play he's obviously incredibly effective.
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