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  1. Nice post. Aidan Hutchinson is a beast and causes matchup problems for most. That said, Spencer needs to do better and continue to improve.
  2. A live chicken? To sacrifice and help Cerrano hit curveballs?
  3. Yes, this. Fish have SF next week on the road? Let’s see how they do against a real D. It could get ugly.
  4. I thought they canceled the X-files and the Smoking Man conspiracy theories… Why blame life / reality when you have an axe to grind against the coaches?
  5. It seems nobody wants to recognize the elephant in the room. It is always everyone else’s fault before Josh. Blame HC, OC, O line, RB, secondary injuries… Oh right, I forgot to blame Edmunds. Josh not been elite these last few games and played a part in all three losses. Injury? Psyche? Slump? Dunno. But with all the injuries, sub-elite play from him led to a few close games. Hope he will break out of it. That said, we are 7-3 and control our destiny to win the division. 1 or 2 seed depends on KC.
  6. Refreshing to see some here have found a new scapegoat as the hot take du jour. Thought for sure someone would have criticized Edmunds for not making any impact plays by now in this thread… 😒
  7. You left out the part about the thread continuing for another three pages after that common sense post.
  8. I find offensive the ease at which you became offended.
  9. “Preventive” is enough you are saying? I’ve no issues with either sentence you wrote, but what bothers me more is the current use of the verb “do” these days as a catch all for any action. “Yeah, I’ll do a martini with a lemon twist.” ”I’ll do the rigatoni.” it used to be that men would use that verb as part of locker room talk. 😀
  10. LOL…you’ve been around long enough that I see what you did here. I love how so many threads turn in to Tremaine-bashing. Reminds me of retroactive Flutie or RJ bashing back in the day. It’s like having a glass of champagne in the morning. Adds a bit of sparkle to the day, as once quoted by a Mr. Osato, for all you Bond aficionados.
  11. Don’t worry, someone will find a way to bash Edmunds instead soon enough. 😀
  12. Sure it is. Clear sign that Allen is too short, like Flutie. Cut him today.
  13. You stole that from Miyagi-do Karate. But I think it is “no can defense” 🙂
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