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  1. Good to see the Bills hopping on a trend that had lost a bunch of steam over the last couple years. I sure hope this was a big focus
  2. we'll see how the Texans are this year. I like them as a team, though they're not going to sneak up on anyone this year. We'll also see how Diggs act plays on a team where he's not going to be big willy in the WR room. He's not blowing by anyone any more and McD's D plan is going to be to keep him in front of the second level of the D
  3. Don't care so much that you had to come here and let us know. that's how we know you super dont care
  4. yeah guy always saves his best for when they play the bills. glad they're not playing in London or on mars or something this year at least
  5. Getting little incel in here
  6. well thank god we have BULLBUCHANAN to let us know how many kids we're allowed to have
  7. Waddle is an excellent receiver, but I'm wondering if we're at one of those inflection points where having a number of mid tier guys that can catch is going to be the future vs an all star or two. I'm hoping anyways! If you had told me 30 years ago that RB was a commodity position, i wouldnt have believed you.
  8. Silliest? Those dont even rank. I'll leave you with these words wrong josh
  9. Is he better or worse than Von Miller? I mean right now, not some indeterminate point in the future when Von is fully healed
  10. Lol, is Hughes in play? I'd take him back in a heartbeat. Never should have let him walk.
  11. I'd like to see what Chan would do with an O like this - outside of Allen no superstars, but a bunch of guys who can catch the ball, and a couple guys who can catch out of the backfield. It would be fun to watch!
  12. Oh boy here we go. Don't you have a college commencement to ruin?
  13. Contrary opinion here, Tua has them by the balls. They've splashed out to surround the QB with weapons, with contracts that are going to look really bad in a couple years if not sooner. If they let Tua walk, who on earth are they going to plug in that's going to give them any shot? In terms of watching the dolphins be a bad football team, they would definitely be worse without Tua, and we can all point and laugh when they inevitably make him the highest paid QB in the league but i don't see that they have a choice. OTOH a couple things go their way last season and they're playing KC in Miami in the warm instead of what they got, and things might look different. They're not as far out of the paint as we make them out to be
  14. Great job Captain Point Misser. People who are yelling and screaming about Butker are the same ones yelling and screaming about how others should be left to 'live their best life' or whatever the current euphemism is. They're all for free expression unless it's someone expressing a point of view they disagree with. You see it right here on TSW. Never mind the fact that some social media manager decided it would be a good idea to dox him.
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