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  1. Offense is the coin of the realm today. You need to get more offended, or be left behind
  2. OK what if we have an xbox live recording of Tre calling someone a homophobic slur? can we cancel him then?
  3. That's rich coming from an aspiring member of the twitter lynch mob
  4. So you're fine with misogyny but not racism? What about transphobia? I'd be willing to bet there's a whole buncha skeletons in a whole buncha NFL closets. Time to sweep clean!
  5. I expect the Bills did some due dilligence, which for obvious reasons wouldn't include the contents of private text conversations. If there's record of other 'racist' conversations, i'm sure our brave twitter warriors will come up with it. Then everyone can celebrate ruining a man's career because of this horrible crime
  6. yeah log into a public game and all you'll hear is the N word. I think they've changed some of that recently, but i stopped for the same reason, that and I'm terrible at it If it's a pattern of behavior where's the rest of the instances of that happening? I mean besides the obvious fake from England. If this guy is some kind of Boss Hogg style racist there should be plenty of evidence of such, and not just a single screengrab from a private conversation.
  7. This is a great point. I want the audio logs from xbox live and the playstation network for every single NFL player. If there's any racism or misogyny, transphobia, or any other kind of bigotry, they must immediately be cut from the NFL, and banished from society
  8. I don't even care about him as a player at this point, just tired of the pitchfork crowd coming out at every provocation. I've told my kids (16+20) to stay the f off social media because what's acceptable today will be a hate crime tomorrow and as a society we've lost the ability to consider context or the gravity of a situation but instead focus like a laser on being able to 'gotcha' people. It's like the virtual French Revolution. Of course the average twitter user doesn't know anything about history so they don't know what happened to the initiators of that particular event, or for that matter the vanguard of every revolution.
  9. So you better be prepared to cut a bunch of other people too. Let's create a twitter army and go through every tweet by every player and any sign that they ever engaged in any kind of wrongthink, they must be cut immediately. Maybe send them to jail too because we can never be too pure as a people.
  10. Yeah so now we also have to get rid of Allen. I mean what he said was 10x worse. Fromm stated an existing reality, which is only elite white people can get silencers. I mean anyone can but not too many have the money and patience, not to mention ability to wade through the considerable process and paperwork to get a silencer. I'd love to get one myself so I dont bother the neighbors when I shoot, but there's no way i'm going through all that. Letting the crybullies run things is going to suck. Let's have a society where we're constantly tattling on each other and the punishment for wrongthink is the gulag. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. No, you see, because a rookie didn't play like a vet all pro, we have to get rid of him because having nobody is better than having a guy that played solid C+ ball and has lots of room to grow. In fact, we should trade him and next year's 1st round pick to somebody for a journeyman WR just to seal the deal
  12. I really don't get the Ford hate. You guys would have gotten rid of House Ballard after his rookie year too I expect
  13. If anyone can pull any of that off it would be Beane, but Foster & McKenzie in particular are legends in Buffalo only. There's a hundred guys like them bagging groceries
  14. Tua is sure to be a terror to the AFCE sitting on IR. That dude takes 1 hit from an NFL DE and his hip will snap like a dry twig. I say that as a huge Alabama fan too. Maybe Orlovsky thinks that Tua is so talented that even from the bench he'll make Miami better. It's an aspirational take, but probably not going to survive contact with reality
  15. With advanced video analytics platforms you can decide exactly what threshold you want for penalties. things like holding, neutral zone infractions, etc, you could dial it in and end up with the same amount of penalties as today, but rather than some significant fraction of them being BS, each would be a clear cut violation of the rules. I work in this space and I'm telling you, it's gotten really good, and is getting better every day. There's plenty of existing footage to 'train' the systems with, and we know what a good call is versus a bad call. edit: defensive pass interference would be a perfect example of what could be made right with AI and Video Analytics
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