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  1. He saw a bee and several of his bones broke in terror, tough break
  2. I never claimed to know anything about sports injury but if the defense of Harrison is "well he was injured 13 months ago, he may never get better!" then yeah we should probably be looking elsewhere.
  3. Oh, agreed 100%. and if it makes KC rethink their plan at all based on the move then there's more value in this move then simply getting dead weight off the field. I was yelling at the TV last week watching Murphy getting blown 10 yards off every play. Hell i would go in there and do that for half his salary
  4. 100% guaranteeing that KC will run strait up the middle all night long
  5. They just dont have a personality. Unless 'Generic underwhelming and non-physical defense that bends then breaks' is a personality Just remember that tonight is not the season
  6. Honorable Harry. Maybe we should grant him some sort of ambassadorship and find someone to play DT
  7. yeah the bills should definitely sign the recently released, former pro bowl LBs and DTs that are just littering the ground out there. Galaxy brain take there, forums user Joe in Winslow
  8. Yeah agreed. I wish we'd see a little more of yeldon, especially receiving out of the backfield
  9. Yeah and as we saw last night, when there's zero fear of the running attack, opposing Ds can focus on stopping Josh Allen, pin their ears back and rush, cover deep, and wait for him to make mistakes. with the D we have, 16 points aint gonna get it done
  10. This seems overly pessimistic but whats going to suck is that now every team we play is going to have a blueprint on how to beat us. We can't stop anything over the middle, 5-15 yards. We're going to make every QB look like Steve Young
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