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  1. Would you say he has that elusive combination of charisma and poise? been a long time since we had one of those guys
  2. It certainly looks like the sniffed their own farts in the offseason and really like what they smelled
  3. There was a rash of stories a few years ago about her screaming at him to get on his hands and knees and scrub the floor and that sort of thing, even though they have a domestic staff. It's funny because I just looked for it on google and couldnt find it. Apparently his reality distortion powers extend beyond the football field.
  4. Yeah that's some drive by journalism right there. It's also what happens when blogging has devalued journalism, even in sports reporting.
  5. everything is about consent these days
  6. I think all of us stung by the last 20 years of impotent teams are doing the same. I did everything I could not to panic after that first drive
  7. Last year the Bills struggled against power running games. Saquon will be a good test of progress on that front
  8. It's true, but somehow this thread has drives that home. The Jets fans are pretty douschy, but somehow not as unrealistic about their team as the Giants fans. I'd hate to think that we come across this way to fans of other teams that come here for a giggle before their games against Buffalo but all of a sudden I'm very self conscious.
  9. Eli is going to turn into Tom Brady for 3 magical hours oh wait, no he won't, we'll be seeing davy jones or daniel crocket or whatever his name is by halftime when Eli has to leave to be on time for his AARP discount at Dennys
  10. It's been so long since I had any confidence in the Bills O, at halftime I said to my son, that's it, let's go throw the ball in the yard or maybe go hiking. To his credit, he had faith, and was right
  11. I remember the beginning of 2002. For what, 8 games, the Bills had a pretty fearsome O, then all of a sudden couldn't complete a pass ever again until mid last year?
  12. A man can dream: What if we beat the Pats and are undefeated at that point? I doubt they would rank the Bills number 1 in any case, but would be wonderful anyways
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