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  1. The first thing that comes to mind with Nate Peterman is good decision making, said nobody ever
  2. I expect you know what I mean Glamorous would be a star RB or WR or even TE, maybe a stud 1 Tech, or anyone who would be day 1 starters.
  3. It's a thing I guess? It really was the most boring draft I can remember, and i've been watching them a very long time. The Bills picks weren't glamorous, but this is really the first time in a long time that they could really go BPA. It reminds me a little of 1991 when the Bills took Henry Jones & Phil Hansen, and a bunch of JAGs. They had a great roster already, and I remember thinking, what are either of these guys going to do?
  4. Jones played on a team full of superstars for arguably the best college coach in history, and is going to play for a perennial champion coached by arguably the greatest coach in NFL history. I think he'll probably be ok, and I fully expect Cam will be a good teammate
  5. Right, the SEC, home of the famous cupcake schedule. By that metric i am curious what would be a difficult schedule in the original poster's opinion
  6. "Well, Jesus Christ may be the Son of God and so on but what's his 40 time? Maybe it was the Apostles that did all the work. This isn't the NFL from 30 AD. BUST"
  7. Lazy hot takes by the TV clownshow seem to amount to...mac jones cant be good because he played on a good team. Now I have this crazy idea, maybe Mac Jones made Devonta & Jaylen better, as much as the other way around. The Clowns couldn't fall over themselves fast enough to declare Tua Tagoviola the next coming, and Mac Jones wrecked all of Tua's single season records with much the same team. One might argue that Tua had better surrounding talent at Alabama.
  8. Mac Jones was the one guy i didnt want going to the Patriots. Time will tell I guess but whatever he's lacking in athleticism he makes up for in accuracy and good decision making. Sound like anyone we know? He has some big shoes to fill but my hot take is that he'll probably be considered the #2 QB from this draft in 5 years
  9. Because he was a man among boys in college. Seriously go watch some highlights. Someone's always going to think they can translate that into the NFL, despite all evidence. I do want to see him play TE though
  10. Yeah same. One time they used a metric measurement, i think they might be Canadians!
  11. Making these, 3rd time. best burgers i've ever made. probably some Canadians too!
  12. I'm not sure of the dynamic but I do feel like the guys from the biggest programs (Alabama/OSU/ND/Clemson/LSU) tend to get overdrafted because of the success of their programs. Maybe because they get worked like rented mules while they're in school, maybe more than in lesser programs? Maybe not. Having said that, the draft really is a crapshoot. If i wasnt so lazy, i'd do some work in SAS or SPSS and figure out if there's any statistical correlation between draft position and success. My gut tells me that if there is a correlation, it's not real strong edit: ok ma
  13. did Harris steal your lunch money when you were a kid?
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