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  1. Yeah it's an open grift, NFL is dumb enough to fall for it. get woke, go broke
  3. OK, i made the mistake of assuming you were going SJW, my apology. Agreed on Beth Mowins, it's a forced situation to prove a point that does indeed prove a point, just not the one they intended
  4. Lots of white knights on TBD today. Your virtue signalling is noted, pat yourself on the back. So, in one post you're all Male Feminist, then the next one you make a gay joke? Im not sure you're doing this right
  5. For what it's worth, AT&T is much more interested in ARPU (Average Revenue per unit) than they are in total subscribers. Earnings are up 1.2% this year which doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty amazing when you see how many subscribers they've bled. That's a bunch of words that mean, in effect, that threatening to leave them, especially if you're already getting a good deal on the rest of the DTV package, is a less meaningful threat to them then it used to be.
  6. Agreed. Clowney, on a more balanced team, is going to be an absolute superstar. A great DE is more of a game changer than an average T. Just the idea of Clowney, Hughes, and Oliver all getting after the QB is surely making Brady's satin underpants moist with fear
  7. OK, thanks, I've got Bezos, Zuckerberg, and the guy that runs Google waiting on me, because you see I'm so important that I can put the world on hold while this gets resolved
  8. Wait, I just got out of some high level business meetings, is it really happening now? - Detroit Dorquemada
  9. shady would be the surprise cut, if it happened. the only way I see it though is as some sort of salary cap restructuring for a big signing like Clowney? Lot of moving parts there but RB is going to kind of be interchangeable this year. I like Shady (son and I have his jersey!) but if Singletary progresses, Shady becomes at least somewhat disposable, at his salary and age
  10. *I* say that Greg Cosell "struggled" to crap out a lousy article by deadline and is getting by on reputation alone
  11. Good God, thank you. I'm so glad that OBD doesn't take into account the hysterical over reaction of the posters here
  12. If the Bills only had some kind of recent experience of keeping a training camp wonder while letting go of someone who had at least some proven track record
  13. Cutting Yeldon would be pants on head stupid. I don't know why there are so many here that seem to be actively cheering for it?
  14. Agreed, I think Houston is a team to watch this year. Watson is only going to get better.
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