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  1. There's a ton of great small cities and towns in TN & North Alabama that are still solid values and even see a snow or two in the winter. I'll definitely hang onto my 6 acres in upstate NY but will have someone look after it maybe from Thanksgiving to early May so i can go live on a lake or river down south. OTOH maybe global warming will make the Capitol Region seem like North Alabama, probably not soon enough to help me though
  2. Without doing a deep dive on it, i bet some of those 'drops' were actually him not getting a second foot down in bounds since it seems like the sideline throw was his stock in trade
  3. where will we find a guy that can drop 40% of his targets? DOOMED
  4. Next year I won’t but will still enjoy the games. I hope Amazon sends you a cool hat or something for white knighting them. I guess a username gimmick based on advertising from a 70s Buffalo tv show is pretty on brand
  5. You like paying more? Welp you're gonna love it when all games go PPV Maybe the 'fixed' firestick and some eastern european sports sites next year then
  6. ‘I’ve said it before here. There’s no reason in this day and age to rely on human eyes to referee football or any other sport. Video analytics could solve for this, keep the refs to announce the calls if you want I guess
  7. Also, "Vegas" as an institution, needs for people to have faith that the game isn't rigged. If it is, then people will just bet with the bookie at their watering hole or find other ways to throw money away like college educations and blue state property taxes
  8. "paying his coach to lose" = "fix games" does it matter why? From a rules and legal perspective, it absolutely does not matter why
  9. Right, lol at that. Look, anywhere there's a lot of money, there will be people lying, cheating, and stealing to get at it. I happen to agree that the NFL hopping in bed with legalized gambling is a bad idea, and will ultimately incentivize bad behavior. Not by everybody, not in a largely coordinated fashion, but I can say with great certainty that there will be instances where connected people, be they coaches, players, officials, or owners, will break the rules to enrich themselves. That anyone finds this even mildly controversial from a likelihood standpoint is just amazing to me. Perhaps I'm too cynical, but I don't think so
  10. The point here is that it doesnt have to be grand or widespread at all. There's inflection points in every football game, and if a coach wanted to throw a game because there was a million bucks in it for him, it wouldn't be all that hard. I work in sales and I've seen people marched to the door my whole career because they cheated the system to get an extra $1000 in a commissions check. I'm not saying it's happening but people getting indignant at the the very possibility that it might happen, i wonder if you ever leave your house and interact with other human beings
  11. Maybe not the league per se, individual owners, coaches, whomever. Degenerate gamblers make decisions that don't make sense to the rest of us
  12. This stuff is completely out of bounds and can't possibly happen right up until it does. I don't have a hard time at all believing Flores here. Money talks, bs walks.
  13. At least the Pats fans that didn't become Bucs fans overnight a couple years ago
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