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  1. i'm surprised he didn't get injured slouching there on the sideline
  2. Greetings fellow capital regioner. I'll do a nice big pork butt on the smoker (starting night before with plenty of sitting on the deck drinking beer around the Chimnea just to be safe) then grill wings and a pizza on the gas grill. As far as drinking goes...for this game, Southern Tier IPA. I'll get some Perecca's bread for pulled pork sandwiches and probably some of their big stupid cupcakes. gonna be a fat one!
  3. The most charitable thing I can say about that is that article is that if i saw it on a blog i'd ignore it
  4. Yeah, they actually did a game like that back in the 80s where the announcers didn't say anything except down and distance. It was a little weird! But back then I could put Van Miller on the radio and turn the volume on the TV off. Maybe as we move towards games being streamed we can get multiple choices for audio feed. I'd like the Buffalo radio broadcast over anything on TV
  5. We watch a lot of college football (Mrs Dorquemada is from Alabama and we met in Tuscaloosa) and don't think it's as bad as last night, but maybe I'll pay a little closer attention through the bowl games. It could be simply that I really can't stand Chris Collinsworth, there, i said it
  6. Was it just me being nervous/crabby, or did it seem like through most of the first 3 quarters that between every play, or at least many of them, that the broadcast veered into a prepared piece about some human interest aspect of the game? There were some compelling stories in last night's game off the field, but all the same, save that for the pre-game or maybe halftime. It really cut into the game, and took the focus off the action, and there was virtually no discussion of the plays preceding the bits. Is this how SNF always is? I don't watch it much, and at this point, wont watch it again unless the Bills are on
  7. Agreed. Their WR corps isn't any worse than most NFL teams, I'd put them somewhere in the middle, and would love to have Edelman, even if we already have the junior version in Beasley
  8. It's nice to see the unit growing as a team and I noticed too how much better Josh Allen has become as a pocket passer, the stepping up to avoid the rush and working through his progressions. It's been a long time since the Bills had a line and a QB that looked like they belong in the NFL
  9. The Browns response to Garrett's borderline criminal act are positively Clintonian in their equivocation. I see a whole lot more of the sort of "gee I'm sorry if anyone was offended" than any actual contrition. We all know how this plays out, that Goodell will fold like a cheap suit and Garrett will be playing again the moment that the league feels like people have stopped paying attention, but if there's even a tiny bit of Karma out there the Curse of the Browns will live on and they can stay in the wilderness for 20 years. Basically I'm saying screw Garrett and the Browns and I hope next time that guy sees the field that some non-specific ill befalls him, maybe some broken ribs or something that isn't life threatening but will make him miserable
  10. Just don't tell Daboll that there's a bunch of TEs out there looking for work. We'll have an 11 TE offense before you know it
  11. I think it's more likely that Daboll will try to do something cute like line Kroft up on the outside as a WR than to put someone in that can catch a NFL pass. I think Yeldon could be a solid contributor out of the backfield or even in the slot but probably not in the popgun offense. On that note could someone please take Daboll's copy of Madden away from him?
  12. That's the reality. Regardless of the discipline they hand down, this guy is a dirty scumbag who can't control himself, and there's a 100% chance he'll do it again. Next time, the swing is slightly more on target and we've got a dead QB on our hands. Then all the Garrett defenders will stand around wringing their hands and say, yeah, the QB started it. They are, coincidentally, the same people that blame rape on the woman wearing a short skirt.
  13. Yup. He needs to be made an example of to prevent it from happening and someone actually getting killed on a field. That would be the end of the NFL.
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