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  1. It is. Definitely check it out, the last couple times we've gone down there it's been hopping, probably the best place right around here to go have a couple pops and some food
  2. There's a Druthers here in Schenectady now, right on the River, really nice place. I havent tried the wings yet because too busy stuffing the fried pretzels and all in IPA down my throat
  3. So in your opinion, what makes them Buffalo Wings is the medium in which they're heated, not the end result? The only things that can be called Buffalo Wings are deep fried in mel-fry, with sauce that is 4 parts Franks Red hot, 1 part butter? seems rather limiting but if it's that important to you i guess
  4. pretty much the same, tbh, though i like a touch of bbq, and extra heat, to go along with the Frank's blue cheese is critical because again, probably 90% of the blue cheese out there is just terrible. If you're not in Buffalo, your best bet is Rudy's, which as i said earlier, is available at some Wal Marts. I decently crispy wing with enough sauce to cover, with a dollop of Rudy's on it is my happy place, especially at 12:45 on Sunday game day
  5. Grilled wings are not a completely separate dish than fried wings. Yes, they take more work, but every single person who has had my grilled wings says they're better than any they've had locally. Granted this is the Capital Region where wings are pretty much garbage, but you're selling yourself short if you don't try them that way
  6. as long as we're sharing homebrew approaches, i've settled on grilling wings. I start from frozen, put them on a hot grill, sprinkle Goya seasoning (the red kind in the foil packets) on them, and turn them over, a lot, at least every 5 minutes. They take usually around 40 minutes until the skin is crispy but the meat is still moist. Take them off, toss them is Franks Red Hot with a touch of sweet BBQ and some home made smoke powder (jalapenos & habaneros smoked for a couple hours, dried in the dehydrator, then ground fine) and serve with Rudy's BC, which they've started selling at Wal M
  7. and dont forget the $1 32oz drafts on Tueday nights my liver hasnt forgotten. I still have a couple of those big green cups around somewhere
  8. I'll also let you rookies in on a secret...order them extra crispy. Very few places (especially outside of Buffalo!) make properly crispy wings. I've finally broken the takeout places near where I live and they make the wings correctly. No, they insist, soggy slimy wings are what people want!
  9. lol, im in the same boat. I've been to Elmo's, and love the wings. Before I moved out (30 years ago), i used to go to the Raintree Inn in Tonawanda. No idea if it's still there but pitcher of Molson and a dozen hot wings and I was happy
  10. The other think to consider is that as often as not, some local tavern is going to have fantastic wings. Ask the locals. For my money Duffs is better than Anchor Bar, but when I'm in Buffalo, i'll go to Lebros before either edit: an out of town example of this is (was) Putzy's Tavern on Yates St in Albany. Just a local gin mill that the Albany City workers would come get liquored up at during lunch, that I used to live across the street from. They made fantastic wings
  11. You're making a point here, it's just the opposite point of what you think you're saying
  12. I'm a huge Van Miller fan, but not sure at this point I'm taking his word for much.
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