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  1. Funny how the Bills got better once I stopped listening to WGR lol...
  2. No I get it bro. People just assume that Von was on the field during the play. Yes Shaq is the better edge contain defender and at the end of the day is Von is the man and I never questioned about paying Von but it still take balls for the coaching staff to tell him we dont need you on this play in the clutch. That was just my observation
  3. That was Shaq being held. Miller wasnt even on the field because he kept blowing contain on Lamar during the game. Funny its not even being talk about Von was basically benched on the biggest defensive play of the game
  4. Bills just need force a 3 and out and score a TD on offense and its a game again
  5. Madden Ultimate Team. Its going to cost you some coins lol...
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34702740/unaffiliated-neurotrauma-consultant-evaluated-miami-dolphins-qb-tua-tagovailoa-fired-several-mistakes-source-says?linkId=183886679 Mods delete or merge if you feel it's needed
  7. With that being said the only thing that slowed Josh Allen down was the heat and the injuries.
  8. I have a feeling that the Dolphins wanted to beat the BILLS at ANY COST including putting TUA long term health at risk. Dolphins might have won the battle on Sunday but they set themselves up to lose the WAR.
  9. Remember in week one 7 out of the 20 pts came on a fumble scoop for a TD so really 13 offense points
  10. Not trying to be funny but the difference between how the Bills handled the Dane Jackson and how the Dolphins handled the TUA situation shows you the difference between the LEADERSHIP between the 2 organizations in caring for their players in my opinion.
  11. If comes out that the Dolphins lied about the concussion last week and it resulted in another one this week Dolphins should be in HOT water.
  12. Im still mad we lost to these bum Dolphins. No way we should have lost that game. It was just too many injuries to overcome
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