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  1. Don’t play that game. Bills was getting in their own way vs the Jets and While TN missed 4fg 3 were from over 50 yards and we were in fg range at end if it was needed
  2. I was thinking recently who Duke Williams reminds me of and the conclusion I came up is Anquan Boldin. Im thinking if he could lose about 10-15 pounds and not lose his strength he would be close in physical stature and style of play. He is how they compare: Anquan Boldin 40 yard dash time: 4.71 4.73 seconds Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 216 pounds Vertical: 33.5 inches Broad Jump: N/A Hand Size: 9.88" ARM LENGTH 30.00" DUKE WILLIAMS 40-yard dash: 4.66 and 4.69 seconds Height: 6′ 2″ Weight: 229 pounds Vertical: 30 1/2 inches Broad Jump: 9 feet, 10 inches Hand Size: 9.25" ARM LENGTH 32.5 " Draft Profile: Big frame and usually plays to his size. Will post up cornerbacks down the field and uses his body to shield throws from defenders. Natural pass catcher with soft hands. Saw 82 percent of his catches go for first downs in 2014. At his best in longer developing, intermediate routes. Does solid job of setting up routes with leverage points and head ­fakes. Makes downfield catches with well­-timed hands to consistently pluck throws at the high­ point and will lay out to make the tough catch. Can grind out an extra couple of yards after the catch in order to get the first down. Has the size to help run game as a blocker if his care factor is right. As I stated above if Duke works on his body and craft in the off-season he may have a chance to increase his playing time next year
  3. That same Vikings defense that let Russell Wilson drop 37 on them right. Ok
  4. I think Knox can be a playmaker but I think his problem is he is not involved in the offense early enough in the games.He should get no less than 5 targets a game
  5. Excellent video breaking down Gilmore and the PATS defense and how teams like the BILLS have started to figure it out.
  6. I can tell you it pissed some JETS fans off. It was proof that we really didn't care about this game.
  7. Right. Sad thing about it Tenn could easily beat NE so well see
  8. No we probably would play the Ravens if we are the lowest seed remaining after AFC wild card weekend
  9. How different was his dropped pass compared to Beasley. Dude had over 100 receiving today and was a boss in the run game.
  10. I wish we would draft a MLB in the draft and do something unconventional like have the drafted MLB and Edmunds be interchangeable based on the matchup. Against pass heavy attacks Edmunds looks like a ALLPRO and vs a Run heavy attacks he looks like a bust. So vs run heavy attacks have Edmunds primary OLB and vs Pass Heavy attacks have Edmunds play MLB.
  11. So would you rather have Barkley playing since he makes the easy throws? Josh Allen is a work in progress. Will he make it all the way? I hope so. By the way what is your better option in the meantime. We have sucked for 20 years because we have sucked at the QB position. I am willing to give him the time to develop. He has definitely made strides over the last 2 years. Lets just see what happens
  12. I dont think that is true. Once you kick the fg then thats it but if you have a bad exchange ect. you get the 4th down attempt.
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