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  1. Don't forget the 10 yard split. I noticed that almost everyone of our picks had a elite number
  2. And now is he is the cofounder of the largest Bills fans community in the world. BTW he lives in Canada.
  3. Moss had a fumble last year. I very bad fumble
  4. I just think styles makes fights. For example Chiefs handled the Bills pretty handily last season but the Raiders beat the chiefs last year and the 2nd game came down to the wire. Raiders also beat the Browns. At the same time we beat the Raiders easily last year. So while Cleveland may match up well vs KC until shown otherwise they still struggle within there own division so I am not quite sure despite the upgrades they have made how you would make them 2nd best in the conference.
  5. All I can think about with some of the players on the team is that getting off the bus this team is going to look huge. Allen 6-5 Edmunds 6-5 Rousseau 6-7 Spencer Brown 6-8 Ike Boettger 6-6 Efe Obama 6-6 to name a few.
  6. His measureables, Pro Day Numbers and where he was drafted are very similar to Calais Campbell coming out of the same school ( Miami) BTW Calais Campbell is his mentor.
  7. No more excuses for Lamar Jackson with that WR Bateman pick.
  8. It’s at the 2:06 Mark. I guess that Mahomes and Rodgers arent the only QB’s that can throw no look passes.
  9. Well my replies are all over the comment section of the video under the name Mastenpark. I have gotten into sooooo many arguements over this topic I’ve lost count. All Lamar apologist run to the the MVP award and 36 passing TD’s with no context. They don’t want to talk about the low passing numbers and the int% going up every year. When Lamar is doing great it’s all about him but when he does bad it’s all about a lack of weapons nevermind that until this year he had a top running game, excellent OL and defense to rely on.
  10. I will say this as much empty sets that we run replacing Moss and Singletary with Travis Etienne would be like another WR out there. With that being said that not worth moving up 10 spots for. Also keep in mind that Beane feels like with a complete roster not many draft picks are making the roster so I can see Bean trying to move up but not for Etienne
  11. If you want teams to not pressure and play press man like KC you better have a RB that block when need can win 1 on 1 vs LB. Same for TE. I’ll take him but we better have some guards that can block Chris Jones to open holes for him. Ideally I would love a balanced running back like Josh Jacobs Dalvin Cook or Nick Chubb.
  12. I would say yes if you love sports written content
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