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  1. You won’t find anyone talking about Baker poor game overall but I can guarantee you that everyone will talk about about Allen one bad pass/decision in the national media. Book it Im really starting to think its really personal with Allen
  2. Duke Williams still out there bulling boys for a TD
  3. Just for anybody who cares, while people are killing Josh Allen on here, Cleveland hero Baker Mayfield was 10-26 72 yards and a pic
  4. Looks like Bills chose to work on the run game tonight
  5. Funny no word from John Wawrow last week when Josh was 9/11.
  6. I literally saying to myself during the play “let’s see if Josh has learned to just throw the ball away” I guess not. It’s just a time and place to try to do stuff like that
  7. This should be a good game. I was less confident a month ago but with the injuries in their secondary and at linebacker I feel more confident about the Bills winning this game. I like Darnold a lot but it took a couple of miracle Robbie Anderson catches and the Bills playing terrible on special teams for the Jets to avoid the sweep last year. This year is a brand new year but I feel that we are a better team from Top to Bottom but we will see in a couple of weeks
  8. I don’t think John Brown played in the last preseason game
  9. I though the game of football was about winning games. I think the BILLS are in much better position to win games than the Raiders. Guess what The BILLS are in a much better off without AB with the overall team team roster and culture being built , vs the potentially disastrous situation in Oakland where they value players like AB, Burfict, and Incognito.
  10. We are literally running the Pats offense (Erhardt- Perkins) concepts
  11. I got into a YouTube argument ( yes I have those ) with this guy over the same things that this guy says in this article and it’s SO ridiculous. Last year Allen completion was at 52% in large part because of his shots downfield and his inaccuracy in the short game and people said he couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Now Allen comes back this year after working on reading defenses better and taking the short stuff more and now after 2 preseason games his completion percentage is at 68 percent so far and now people ( his haters) is saying it’s only because of dink and dunk. Never mind he is throwing with more anticipation and hitting the medium areas of the field better. I’m not saying this offense is going to be breaking records but after watching these 2 preseason games especially the 2nd on I swear Beasley was looking like a mini Edelman out there.
  12. What if people didn't respond to threads that they though were ridiculous. what if
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