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  1. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/stephon-gilmore-seems-think-covering-new-bills-wr-stefon-diggs-will-be-light-work I know it’s only a tweet like but Gilmore is really feeling himself considering though he is a Man to Man corner the reality is that he does get help from the safety. One thing I know about Gilmore is that he cannot cover a receiver that has good route running and that can get by press coverage. Can’t wait for this NFL season to start. Everyone please stay healthy and safe.
  2. If he had hand-eye coordination problems he wouldn’t be able make the spectacular catches that he makes. His problem is he tries to run too much before securing the catch. That’s coachable
  3. I was going to make this into a separate thread but I fully expect Christian Wade to make the team this upcoming season. I was looking at his couple of runs last preseason and I’m definitely not a football coach or no the nuances of the position but his footwork look really clean especially for someone who has not played the game. Hopefully he has learned the playbook and got a little stronger. Well see.
  4. McDermott had Nathan Pickerman starting games so stop. J Winston would be a upgrade to Matt Barkley
  5. " According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Vikings and Diggs agreed to a five-year contract extension Tuesday that will keep him in Minnesota for the next six seasons. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, citing a source, reported the five-year extension is worth $72 million and $40 million in guaranteed money." Just poor wording on the NY Post side ( Poor Writer/Editor)
  6. Per the Athletic: Terry Pegula made his fortune in natural gas. When he was introduced as the Sabres’ new owner in 2011, he declared money would be no object to creating a winning culture and hoisting Stanley Cups. He famously remarked, “If I want to make money, I’ll drill another well.” Natural gas was selling at $4.21 per unit that day. The price closed Thursday at $1.65, one day after dipping to an all-time low of $1.555. With global concerns and warmer weather ahead, a substantial rebound is unlikely any time soon. The petroleum industry has been devastated in recent weeks by concerns over COVID-19, Saudi Arabia’s formidable investments into its natural gas operations and a Saudi-Russia price war over crude oil.
  7. I literally was going to sign up yesterday for 24.99 because I wanted to look at some Diggs tape. Thanks for the OP for sharing
  8. Maybe we need to get a new MOD. This topic was closed. Please explain why Please show me in these 32 pages the video I linked in this post PLEASE!
  9. Not as big as the Cardinals GM. Bills still have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th. What are you complaining about
  10. I had no idea the founder of Spotrac ( Mike Ginnitti) is from Buffalo and is a BILLS fan and Season Ticket holder. Good for him.
  11. Wouldnt make it past the Jets at 11
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