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  1. The thing with Josh is that once he leaves the pocket something clicks in his head to say no matter what I am not taking a sack. Sometimes I wish he would just live to see another day but I think that is what makes Allen special is that do give up mentality.
  2. I think one thing that Allen does not get remotely the credit he deserves is for his intelligence. Some people just think Allen is just a dumb jock with a strong arm but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Remember his Wonderlic score was a 37/50 coming out of school. I would imagine this helps when it comes down to learning new things like skill and playbooks and concepts. Allen probably has the highest combination of Wonderlic score and Arm strength in NFL history Allen also does not get enough credit for being able to read defenses and is getting better all the time. Guys like Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield are still after year 3 not seeing backside defenders and throwing picks. When you combine his intelligence this his heart and coachability that is a scary thing and the league might have to watch out
  3. So in the next 12 days we are going to have to play 2 teams (Radiers / Titans that has players that may have been exposed to Covid-19. Great SMH
  4. Why no Siran Neal. Ive seen that guy in training camp run stride for stride with John Brown
  5. Thats exactly what Steve Tasker said on WGR earlier today
  6. Allen has already burned a cover 0 blitz by the Jets in week one with that audibled WR screen to John Brown
  7. With Allen playing as well as he is I can say with confidence that we can beat on any given Sunday ANY team in the league. As a football fan of the BUFFALO BILLS that is the best feeling in the world. I really wish we played the Ravens this year. GO BILLS!
  8. sometimes my sarcasm detector is off. Sorry😃
  9. I feel the opposite. When you throw your hands up thats a sign that you were holding but now you are trying to convince someone ( Ref) that you were not because you know it could be viewed like you are/were
  10. Well if you look at my overall thread count compared to the amount of time ive been a member of this fourms you would come to the realization that you sound like fool. If the thread is so garbage I would think it would have got shut down from the start.
  11. I just thought it was interesting because the comment came from Robert Woods a beloved former player. The fact that he said the ball was not even catchable could be seen as a dig at Allen being inaccurate .
  12. per Robert Woods: pass interference should not have been called against Williams. “He’s playing defensive back, you know he’s playing hands on, he’s checking him,” Woods said, “and as [Davis] gets into his route, the receiver initiates the contact and the quarterback is literally just throwing the ball in the area. “It wasn’t even a catchable ball.” Well maybe if the guy was not holding well pass 5 yards Gabe would have been at the spot where Allen was expecting him to be on a anticipation throw.
  13. This is just a observation. The main thing over the years watching the Bills defense go against the Patriots offense was the fact that it seems like the Patriots offense was impossible to defend because if you played man they would just run their man beaters and pick plays and if you played zone Brady would just pick us apart with option routes and zone beaters. Watching the Bills offense this year and with the way Josh Allen is playing our offense finally looks like the Patriots offense (which is the Erhardt-Perkins system )running under Daboll. It always felt like the Pats offense was a cheat code for Brady. What I mean is our pre-snap motion and formation gives Allen a good tell if the defense is playing man or zone. If you run man we got some of the best route runners in the game at all levels and if you run zone a little talked about aspect of Allen game now is his ability to read a defense and that now he is passing the ball better and accurately he is just carving up defenses. For example Miami tried to play Man D and got carved up. The Rams today tried to play zone and got carved up. We play Oakland and who on the Oakland D can guard Diggs and the other receivers. The crazy thing is Allen is only going to get better and more confident. If Knox ever gets his ***** together with Kraft showing excellent hands and can stay healthy ( yeah big if) no exaggeration the Bills offense can almost be unstoppable.
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