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  1. I will just say the skills for a great deal ball are a little different than the intermediate, and definitely the short passes. I said I would give Blake 5mins like he said. I would not give him a month.
  2. Just so no one is confused my point of the article was to mention how other people see Josh Allen deep ball and if it can be corrected. I am probably the biggest Josh Allen supporter on this fourm. Check my YouTube comment history if you could(Mastenpark). I personally feel like he will get it fixed along with other things this year. I also feel like it's a little overblown and and some people have these negative opinions regarding him and really haven't watch him play or know his complete story.
  3. He was only referring to the deep ball accuracy NOT about everything that goes into being a QB. What he did in his career as a QB has nothing to do with his ability to give his opinion about the one thing he did well in his career.
  4. But had one of the best deep balls in NFL History. BTW his current QB coach has 66 yards passing in his whole CAREER
  5. Requires paid subscription to the Athletic: I’ll share some key snippets. On the panel: Warren Moon: The Pro Football Hall of Famer is widely considered to have thrown the greatest spiral. He finished among the top 10 in yards per completion five straight seasons, leading the NFL in 1987. He passed for the most yards in 1990 and 1991. Jeff Blake: A starter with four teams, Blake often is mentioned as the sweetest deep-ball passer in NFL history. He began 1994 as the Cincinnati Bengals’ third-stringer and finished with the league’s highest yards per completion. He started the Pro Bowl a year later. Blake tutors quarterbacks in Texas. George Whitfield: A private quarterback instructor, Whitfield has worked with stars such as Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck and Donovan McNabb and several Heisman Trophy winners. Lynn Dickey: For 28 years, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer held the NFL record for most yards per attempt (minimum 350 passes). He twice led the league in yards per completion. Dickey’s deep connections with James Lofton were majestic. Tom Flores: Downfield high priest Al Davis liked Flores as a starting quarterback and as a head coach. Flores twice led the AFL in yards per completion and won a Super Bowl ring as Len Dawson’s backup. Flores also won two Super Bowls as Raiders head coach, succeeding John Madden after seven years overseeing their receivers. Here is what some had to say about Allen specifically: BLAKE:: If I can sling it 60 yards but can’t hit nobody, then it doesn’t matter. That’s where Josh Allen is. He can throw the ball a mile, but he can’t hit nobody with it. So it’s ineffective. BLAKE:: If you throw it on a line, it to be a throw, and your percentages go down. Josh Allen will hit one out of eight. When I put air under it, I’m going to hit eight out of 10 because it allows my receivers to speed up, slow down and adjust to make the catch. BLAKE: You don’t throw the ball to a spot on a deep ball and tell the receiver “Go get it.” A lot of guys do that. I guarantee you a guy like Josh Allen is throwing the ball to a spot. No, you’re still throwing it to hit your receiver in stride. Nobody cares how far I can throw it. They care about how many completions I have. What do you notice when you watch Josh Allen throw deep? Whitfield: There’s only a handful of arms I’ve ever been around like his. Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Josh Allen, some of these guys cans make these ridiculous, Indiana Jones, world-is-falling-apart throws. But his organization mechanically, especially the lower half, is still a work in progress. Blake: I promise you I can fix it in five minutes because he hasn’t been taught how to do it right. Moon: He’s one of those guys that can probably use more of those drills that emphasize touch on the ball. What I see with him is everything is a fastball on a line. He doesn’t put a lot of air on his balls down the field. Dickey: There’s a difference between being a passer and a thrower. Anyone can throw it. Buffalo could be teaching him what to do and he just doesn’t have the talent to be an accurate deep passer. Flores: NFL quarterbacks have been exposed to so much coaching by the time they’re drafted. They start earlier. They’re coached better. They go to quarterback camps every year, and they’re led by gurus that know what they’re talking about. Dickey: It’s like Mitch Trubisky. He’s horrible with his accuracy. What, you draft a guy a say, “Well, we’ll fix him”? He had coaches in college, and even if he never did, you’d hope he’d try to figure it out on his own. You just can’t snap your fingers and make a guy accurate. I’ve never seen it, anyway. Moon: You have to make a lot of different throws. It’s great to have the arm for a fastball, but how often do you really need it? It’s more important to have an accurate arm. That’s where Josh needs to improve the different speeds on his throws. He doesn’t have that yet. Whitfield: Imagine if he was a cannon shooting off a canoe. His cannon is going to fire with gusto, but that wobbly canoe is going to make him miss. You take that weapon and put it on an aircraft carrier? Night night. Take somethings with a grain of salt because some of these guys I can tell don’t look at all of Josh Allen plays but the article itself goes in more detail about throw the deep ball more effectively. BTW it seems like Jeff Blake really wants to work with Allen. If I was Allen I would give Blake 5 mins of my time lol. Dickey just does think Allen can improve.
  6. We slowed Lamar down. Cam is not a threat
  7. If the game mattered she wouldn't have had the headset. Besides it's her team
  8. This is the results of the mandatory testing that the NBA did as part of restarting the NBA season. That is a little over 5%. Not sure if most or not all these players not knew that they had the virus before the test. I really hope that the NFL will still be able to a season in 2020
  9. No what makes me mad is he said that on the Bills Radio with Steve Tasker and Tasker didn’t check him one time. Lombardi can have his opinion but Lombardi went over the top in his negative assessment of Allen to the point Tasker should have gave some counter arguments. Tasker needs to go. He brings nothing to the table on the show.
  10. Even though Al Davis had the title of GM, Mike Lombardi was the defato GM (Technically ‘Senior Personnel Executive’) of the Oakland Raiders when they drafted Jamarcus Russell. Even at this point Josh Allen is better than Jamarcus Russell. If you want to know more about Michael Lombardi read this https://bleacherreport.com/articles/258663-the-truth-about-oakland-raiders-draft-picks-and-michael-lombardi or https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/04/michael-lombardi-ringer-nfl-draft-quarterbacks-jamarcus-russell
  11. Is this is why BILLS fans are the best; Dude has not played for us 3-4 years and we still pay attention to and wish him happiness in his life. Congrads Marquise! Edit: See this proofs my point: https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/152601-marcus-maye-is-now-pissed-off-too/ "Of course it's fake love, you're an ATHLETE. If you got traded tomorrow, do you think I'd be still be sending you Christmas cards? Wear the jersey, play the game, that's the kind of relationship we have, Sweetheart.
  12. Well that was not the only video.
  13. https://www.nfl.com/news/bills-qb-josh-allen-i-m-not-going-to-be-captain-checkdown No one would mistake Allen with a checkdown king. Pro Football Focus published a study that showed over the past two years, Allen threw just 20 checkdowns on 880 attempts. His 2.3 percent was the lowest among all qualifying quarterbacks. On third downs, Allen particularly refuses to give up on plays. He's thrown just one checkdown on 245 third-down attempts (0.4 percent). Josh needs to improve his completion percentage BUT it’s funny how many QB who have high completion percentages but give up on plays because they are too scared to pull the trigger. If Josh can improve improve his completion percentage without being captain checkdown and hit the deep ball 2 times a game then look out NFL.
  14. Big difference bro. I’m Black and though I may not think like the majority of us a lot of the time, I feel like Josh saying ‘If It Ain’t White It Ain’t Right, how is that any different than a black person like myself saying "Once you go Black, You Never Go Back" There is nothing wrong in saying somethings in jess in a playful manor. What Fromm said crossed the line cause not only did he include Race into it he also included Social Class to basically say, if you are not White and Privileged then you should not own guns. That to me that is basic slave master mentality. That’s speaks to me not only how he views himself but how he views people not like him. I would cut him yesterday if not for the optics alone. I love Josh Allen and I try to look at context in a situation , which with Josh I looked at the person in totality and took his age and other factors like things I read about him being a good teammate and tried to put myself in his shoes and I felt comfortable in giving him the benefit of the doubt and Josh has been nothing but great On and OFF the field, BUT in light of the Fromm situation the LAST thing you want to have is the optics of the BILLS organization be comfortable with drafting White racist QB’s and for that reason alone like I said I would have cut Fromm yesterday.
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