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  1. 2 plays cost us the game today. The Hurst 61 yards for the TD and the Josh Allen fumble. We wasn’t a push over so that’s that
  2. Can we get another 4th art comeback by Allen and the boys
  3. Tre gets look at Ravens notes https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28253245/bills-player-gets-look-ravens-coach-notes
  4. Bills defense came to play today. Got no support from the offense today. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again if we make the playoffs.
  5. So frustrating because if we could just move the move and score we would have a game.
  6. Bills defense playing lights out. If the offense can get it together we will have a game.
  7. bull####. Because of the style of offense he plays in he has wide open throwing lanes and receivers.To compare him to Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson to jumping to gun at this point.
  8. Singletary making around 1.5 million including signing bonus this year Bell making around 15 million including signing bonus this year. Crazy.
  9. Its the winning and the electric style of play that has people looking the other way regarding Lamar Jackson. Ravens went ALL in on Lamar Jackson and I can appreciate that. I am happy for Lamar but the point remains that the book is still open regarding Lamar regarding him as a passer. For example last game he had more rushing attempts than he did completions. Like a said in a previous post the Lamar and that offense is a glitch ( i dont even mean that in a disrepectful manner) but at the end of the day all glitches get patched
  10. QB School breakdowns Lamar Jackson vs the Pats . It just made my head hurt. Regarding the Jumbotrons you will see what I am talking about in the video
  11. Tyree Jackson Really. Not even close. As another poster stated. McKenzie would be the close. Plan B would be Roberts or Foster
  12. Can we lock up a Wild Card spot first before we talk about losing games on purpose. smh
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