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  1. Protocal69

    What are your bold draft day predictions?

    Oakland will spend their 1st 1st round pick on DJ Metcalf
  2. My man Brett Kollmann has done it again. Def a great video of what to expect in Arizona this year
  3. Ive been recently looking at all the KC games from last year and from what I can see so far is while Mahomes was throwing dots he got bailed out so many times by Tyrek Hill and Travis Kelsey I cant even count. Mahomes was sooooo lucky to be able to sit his rookie and just learn how to read defenses, and then working on this timing with his playmakers in that offseason to hit the ground running. I will say this as well. If KC was to lose Tyreek Hill that would change their offense so much in my opinion. People dont realize how much he affects not just the passing game but the running game as well because of his pure speed. Safeties cant just cheat down to stop the backside plays which opens up playaction. We really need some true playmakers that can put the fear of god into defenses.
  4. Definitely guilty of 1 and 2. I do a daily lookup. I have never done that for any Bills player EVER lol.....
  5. Protocal69

    Vegas has win totals for next year

    And the Giants once
  6. Yeah I’ve call in plenty of times. One of the best calls I’ve made was during training camp the year that we got Mario Williams and the WGR guys ( Schoop and Bulldog) was talking like the rest of us on how good the pass rush was going to be and my call was me stating that I was worried about the run defense. So of course they ran me off the phone and dismissed what saying. Right after my call they brought Chan Gailey on the line and not even 1 minute into the segment Chan was telling them he was worried about the Dline being able to defend the run. It was almost like he heard my call while waiting and wanted to rub it in their face that I had a valid point. BTW If I recall correctly the run defense did suck that year.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/why-the-nfl-combine-is-buzzing-over-a-hardthrowing-qb-whos-messing-up-peoples-money-224434463.html Article is pretty funny and telling at the same time. Includes a Josh Allen comparison as well
  8. The extra 4 Billion came from “Brand Value” lol......
  9. Protocal69

    Crabtree releases

    This has me thinking that the Ravens are looking to add some more speed to the WR room. We may be looking for the same type of WR help in the draft.
  10. Protocal69

    Jarvis Landry World Record

    Would be more impressive with Jarvis if he was not wearing gloves. The ball was basically just sticking the the glove each time
  11. said he was repaying it back
  12. Protocal69

    Josh Allen outduels Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Thats was fun. Couldn't ask for a better representative of the Buffalo Bills going forward.