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  1. I didnt see that but you are absolutely right
  2. I've spent basically the entire offseason arguing the Josh Allen vs Lamar Jackson / Diggs made Josh Allen debate under my tag Mastenpark. Im tired of arguing it. I will just give you one stat about the one weapon that played with both Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen ( John Brown) The year John Brown played with Lamar, Brown in 9 games had a TOTAL of 9 catches and 126 yards receiving. John Brown 1st year with Josh Allen was a 1000 yard receiver and Josh Allen was nowhere the passer then then he is now. If Diggs played for the Ravens he would be begging to leave the same way he did in M
  3. The way I look at it is Baker can take half the game off by handing the ball off. Josh Allen does not have that luxury
  4. Process doesn't mean brainwashed. Whether you agree with these guys positions or not don't try to insinuate that McBean aren't doing their jobs
  5. RAS score a combination of several athletic traits. Combined with wonderlic score and their weight and height shows two QB that are similar. Not sure whats more to explain. How about you do this. There is a little service called NFL gamepass. How about you get a subscription and watch the all the Charger games from week 2 on and then come back if you still have questions regarding the physical and mental similaries between Josh Allen and Justin Herbert
  6. It just means from just a pure athletic and intelligence standpoint Josh Allen and Justin Herbert is neck and neck in abilities. Thats not to say Justin Herbert is better than Josh Allen its just to say the way they built are very similar. Thats all
  7. Oh ok cool. I took AP classes but I guess since it wasnt over a 4 I never noticed. Thanks for the explaination
  8. In a article it stated he had a 4.1 GPA which was " more than good enough to be accepted into Stanford" Where Im from the scale is 1-4 regarding GPA at least when I was in school so im not sure where the .1 comes into play
  9. Well I glad that bail denial was just standard procedure until he can appear in front of a judge. Ill just wait until the rest of the facts come out in this case for now
  10. Thats true. I'm just saying for him not to get bail if it's not worse that (which is unimaginable to think) then that would raise a eyebrow
  11. Ok not to race bait cause that's not my thing but how does Sherman get no bail but Chad Wheeler can get released on bail after doing this in Washington state as well Oh ok. I defer to your analyst at point cause for me it would be just speculation from me at this point.
  12. Thats what I came up with and he pushed her out the way in doing so. Domestic Violence can such a wide range of actions against someone most are never good
  13. If you can't see the comparisons then you my friend is blind or you don't watch Charger games.What I said was. they are near clones if you want to get technical. Its almost like you are mad cause you thought you was the only with money then realized someone got almost just as much as you do in the room type of mentality and now you mad cause now your ego is hurt. Its not just a couple of fans in a message board who think that. A lot of people think the same and it doesn't mean that it has to be true but because I watch the games I can make that opinion without just looking at a b
  14. I can't believe I am arguing something against Josh Allen but the point i was trying to make is yes Allen on the field has shown a ability to be a dual threat QB but the fact of the matter most of Allen rushing was done in his rookie season when he HAD to run to produce. Allen was being called DESIGNED QB runs and yes he hurdle Barr but I'm telling you if Herbert was asked to do what Josh was asked to he certainly has the athletic ability to do so. Most people are still in awe of Josh Allen arm and ability as they should be but if Allen arm is a 10 then Herbert's is a 9.
  15. I totally agree. Can Herbert adjust to what teams will do in 2021. I still feel Josh is the better QB of course but people just assume that Josh is the better athlete when while it's close Herbert gets the slight nod at this point
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