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  1. I would cheer for a injury where they can continue for that game but never a major injury that would jeopardize a players career. I am still haunted that I was happy when Bo Jackson got hurt in that playoff game against the Bengals in 1991 knowing he wouldn’t be able to play against the BILLS in the AFC Championship game the next week. Never did I think then it was going to be career ending injury for him.
  2. Its funny cause the gameplan was basically to stop Curtis Martin and after 200 pages of game planning he still ran for 135 yards and 2 TD. How does a player not get totally dejected when you put in all the work for the week just to get a loss especially on a losing team year end year out. How do you not start to question if the coaching staff is competent enough to win.
  3. It’s interesting that so many candidates turned down the Jets job. It basically came down to basically paying 2.5 times the initial offer. That tells me a lot about how people view the Jets right now even after spending over 100million in the offseason
  4. He lost me when he says Allen struggles with back shoulder placement. I think I only saw one throw that he missed throwing back shoulder.
  5. That’s what I’ve always respected about him was his honestly. That to me shows confidence and humility
  6. If I was the players I would want more guaranteed contracts especially at the lower salary tiers, being able to use medical marijuana for pain, % of gambling revenue, and to your point better salary minimums.
  7. The analytics people, most fans comparing the 2 QB, most of the media. Trust me I follow all 3 groups.
  8. When you look at Allen from pure passing numbers perspective he sucks. Now what is funny is that Sam Darnold gets all the praise in the world but from a pure passing numbers perspective his overall numbers are only marginally better than Allen. Sam Darnold was 1-9 in his last 10 games with his only win was against the BILLS where it took a special teams meltdown and 3 dimes from Darnold in the 4th to pull it out. Before the 3 dimes he looked like trash. I actually like Darnold but the gap between him and Allen is far less than what people make it out to be
  9. Im being dead serious. No way would I draft Tua before the 3rd round. What makes you think Tua is THAT guy
  10. But how did he do vs the Big Boys ( Clemson)
  11. Thanks to NFL gamepass it was easy because they have a filter where you can put in a players name, choice whatever criteria you want to look at and it will show you videos of just those plays. At that point you can look at both the at TV and or the ALL 22 view
  12. Yeah I said that because especially with the scrambles to the sidelines where he threw some ints he also hit some big pass plays to McCoy and Ivory doing the exact same thing. Lol. They actually just hired a bunch of people. I think they are going to start again soon. BTW I do tech support for Business customers for our local ISP
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