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  1. It’s not conceding the division but it’s not putting all your eggs in one basket. If the Pats are going to take some loses it would rather to be Chiefs, Ravens, Cowboys, etc and not to a team like Jets who playoffs aspirations include walking down the Bills. We can win the division by handling our business vs the Pats. Keep sleeping on the Jets. Hate to say it but we have played a cakewalk schedule and the Jets have played all hard team. The cake part of their schedule is coming up soon. Don’t be surprised if they win 8 in a row and walk down the Bills if the Bills lose to Cowboys, Ravens, Browns, ect
  2. The Jets already beat the Cowboys, so if they beat the Pats, us and 1 other team team the Bills lose to well there is your 3 game lead and wild card spot right there. I would rather not roll the dice. Don’t cry if that plays out all because you want the Jetsbto win.
  3. Jets beating the Pats will not win you the division. Jets getting on a roll may cost us a wildcard spot. We need to beat some teams that are over .500 to keep things serious about winning the division.
  4. If the Jets beat the Pats the Bills will be a afterthought. The Pats will take their loses. Monday does not have to be one of them
  5. Why do ya want the Jets to win on Monday Night. Do you know how easy a schedule the Jets have coming up. I do not want the Jets anywhere near the wild card. Trust me for MANY reasons you do not want the Jets to win on Monday or going forward.
  6. I guess you just had to copy and paste what I already posted. Like I’ve said before I need to start copywriting my post.
  7. Dumb trade. Overpaid at RB, QB already and both are regressing. NO 1st round pick for the next 2 year to restock roster. Rams about to sitting in basement of the NFC WEST for a while
  8. Jets are going on a run this year but it won’t be against the Pats. Darnold won’t be able to overcome Gase lack of play calling ability, but most importantly Jets won’t be able to stop New England. If the Jets only put up 8 pts at home vs the Bills they def not putting up more than 17 against the Pats The Jets are a high pressure team and the last thing you don’t want to do is blitz Tom Brady at a high rate. Brady is going to pick apart the Jets.
  9. Like I said before Sam Darnold did not have full mono when he played week 1. Darnold said himself he was 85% ok. If he had full mono at the time he would have ruptured his spleen during the game. He basically had a cold when he played us.
  10. He had the equivalent of a cold worst case that game. If he had mono at that point his Spleen would have been toast
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