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  1. Man they didn’t waste anytime with that cut. Is something up
  2. Ravens fans trying to return the favor:
  3. That is my argument on twitter and youtube. What #1 receiver would want to play with Lamar and the Ravens. Remember Hollywood Brown had to beg for the ball earlier this year
  4. Defending the run vs the chiefs without Mahommes is WAY different than it is with Mahommes. We will be much better
  5. What does a Ravens championship 12 years ago have to do with this Ravens team. People say the dumbest things sometimes.
  6. I feel bad for Norman because all he was trying to do was force a fumble and make a play. At least the guy has heart
  7. Ed you my guy but I would rather you show me how its done, sacking Lamar Jackson 2 times on Saturday. Thanks!
  8. I'm telling you guys right now if Freeman touches the field for the Bills he will make a game changing winning play(s)for the Bills. Freeman stilll got the juice no doubt. He is what is needed in the Bills backfield. Beane has done it again. Mark my word
  9. It’s all Ju Ju fault by saying the Browns are the Browns.
  10. Ben not trying to ball no more. Lamar vs Josh in prime time coming right up next week.
  11. I don’t want to hear NO slander on Josh Allen name on that fumble. He IS the offense.
  12. This is all one the defense. They need to fix it now.
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