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  1. Well I don’t know what Rodgers would have done in his 3rd year because like I said he was riding the pine. Comparing the consistency level of a guy in his 3rd and a guy in his 12 or 15 year in the league is crazy.
  2. But his playaction sells are some of the best in league. Werid
  3. I never mentioned anything about Rodgers body of work. You did. I just said QB's have good days and bad ones and go further the ones who bad days are more than their good ones are out the league. To nik pic every single throw or game is crazy.
  4. Its really sad. Let Allen grow No what is common sense is QB have good and bad games no matter who they are. You want to mention body of work, well Allen body of work is someone who has gotten better year and still coachable. Let just enjoy the ride.
  5. I know it was weird that Tre White injury came out of the blue but more importantly he was NOT on the field with the rest of his teammates and canceled his scheduled interview that day. Its like all of sudden the team seem like it doesnt care for one another. I think from a team chemistry standpoint they should have paid Shaq or Jordan
  6. Something is off with this team. For some reason they are not playing with heart and togetherness. I dont know what happened during that extra time they had before the TITANS game but something is up besides the X's and O's
  7. Yeah that is what it sounded like lol...... Working and watching the Bills play SUCKS
  8. Yeah I hope our RB coach starts to get them to hit the hole and take what's given
  9. What up with with Knox being inactive. Is he hurt or is he benched
  10. Whats also crazy about Yeldon is he makes I think more than the rest of RB's on the roster combined
  11. Taron Johnson has been straight trash with his pass defense and was definitely picked on last game. He either needs to step it up we need to his replacement ASAP. Bills tried planning a lot of man to take away Tannihill 1st read but the corners as whole were getting cook. Cam Lewis.has a good game though
  12. I totally agree. Just something to keep a eye on.
  13. The one thing that concerns me about Beane drafts is that is always seems like we are drafting guys that we are "surprised he was there at our pick" *Tremaine Edmunds *Zack Moss *Cody Ford *AJ Epenesa Maybe there was there for a reason and in not a good way. ‘I really hope all these players pan out cause it’s early in their career but it’s something to keep a eye on
  14. Yeah and Jets fans would be happy because they would feel they are getting the better player. Glad you are not the GM
  15. Ya must have forgot Sal started with us in the forums. Sal is the guy on WGR
  16. It looked like Norman was going for the strip and ended up on the wrong side of the play. Dude has heart if nothing else
  17. If you think Quinnen Williams have played better than Ed Oliver since they have been drafted then you don't watch the Jets play. Most Jets fan already consider Williams a bust.
  18. Not being short handed on defense. I do understand what you are saying. 4 out 6 it wasn’t nothing to bend lol....
  19. 2 plays 16 yards 3 plays 8 yards 6 plays 18 yards 7 plays 40 yards 11 plays 70 yards 12 plays 78 yards 6 TD's from 230 yards of which 4 TD's came from 82 yards of offense. This was a TEAM LOST!!!!!!!!!
  20. I think it all started with the Patroits and has continued this year. The Bills defense is TERRIBLE against playaction. Its terrible against playaction because our linebackers have NO AWARENESS. We are more equipped to match up vs the chiefs than against most running teams in the league
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