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  1. I am amazed at the amount of angry and negative posts. WE WON! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Colts gave their absolute best in every facet of the game and we still managed to pull it out. Fumble aside Allen played a GREAT GAME! 26/35 for 324 yards and 2TD through the air and 54 yard and a TD on the ground! MVP of this game by a long shot. Diggs over 100 yards! Gabriel "Toe Drag" Davis! Beasely played and contributed! Defense stymied Indy in the endzone multiple times! No Mary This time. SWATTED DOWN! I am pumped!
  2. I don't get the "Duke Williams is TERRIBLE" talk. He's not. Look at last year. He blocked. He hustled. He earned his spot on the roster. He was decent and made some clutch catches during the season. Just not THE clutch catch in the playoffs. That being said, we are STACKED at WR and I don't expect or want him to take the field. But sheesh, give the dude a break. .
  3. I honestly thought we were really going to miss Beasley today, not just for the catches he makes but the attention he draws. It was nice to see McKenzie step up and fill that spot. While not a starter by any means, it seems he has at least one play every game that shows his value. Triply so today! With Diggs being Diggs, Brown back and looking healthy, Davis showing he can stretch the field and score, Beasley having a good shot at coming back in time for the playoffs and the pending singing of Stills, have we ever been more stacked at WR?
  4. Gabriel Davis and AJ Klein had good games. Hats off. Everyone else? Meh. In years past, with the silly penalties and bad fumbles and Bosa running wild, this would have been a loss because the Bills lacked the talent just grind it out. This year they have enough talent and consistency to grind it out. I'll take it.
  5. Like the way he finds holes. Dislike his lack of breakaway speed. Like his blocking. Dislike his tendency to fumble. Like the way he picks up yards in chunks. Dislike that he can't seem to find the end zone. Is he a legit starter? Is he "just a guy" Is he a victim of poor run blocking? Enlighten me.
  6. I do think Duke Williams will still end up on the PS. Had a good camp, knows the system, etc. That being said, the only time I would want to see him is if another WR is injured long term. Loving the mix of proven (Diggs, Brown, Beasley), gimmick (McKenzie), and potential (Davis, Hodgkins) that is currently in place. On paper, our WR corps has not been this good since Eric Moulds/Peerless Price/Josh Reed back in 2002.
  7. I am a fan of Duke Williams. Check my post history, it's true! That being said, best move is to stash him on the PS squad. If another team cherry picks him, then so be it, it's still a cool story how he worked his way onto an NFL roster. It's a sensible and calculated approach. It was a nice story last year, and he did produce when called upon. He deserved his shot in the NFL and has a good shot of contributing somewhere, maybe even for the Bills. The thing is, our stable of WR is now stacked with talent and/or potential. Williams is PS eligible whereas others are
  8. Regardless of whether Duke Williams makes the cut or not, there is no questioning his effort. Playoff drop aside, he routinely makes tough catches. Super stoked for the rookies though, they look good. May the best WR5 or WR6 win! Nice to be talking about depth vs whether or not he have a legit #1. Diggs 1. Brown 1a. Beasley 3. The rest is just icing on the cake.
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