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  1. In seasons past this stat line would have been a disaster. Sure is nice to have a running game that does not flow through the QB. I like "Patient" Josh.
  2. With KC and the Bengals both suffering losses, I'm super curious as to how the narrative might change. If the Bills win, are they "re-legitimized"? If the Jets win, are they the sudden SB favorites? Can't wait to see how this plays out.
  3. Dude is all about the Civil War. North/South runner with just enough wiggle. Not expecting much but that's a nice highlight reel. The other thing I liked is that he seemed to have a knack for making something out of broken plays. Looks like he has some decent instincts. Will be a preseason favorite and then chill on the practice squad barring injury, but a good pickup nonetheless.
  4. If you don't like it you don't have to reply, thanks. For what it's worth, I've been a member of some iteration of this board since way back in the Rochester D&C days, so give me a little grace. Oh wait, you probably don't know what that even is. Long enough ago where I was posting discussions about the merits of Gale Gilbert as a backup QB (I was wrong about that, by the way. Reich was THE MAN!) or if Russel Copeland could step up as WR1 (He couldn't, I got that one right). Go shovel your driveway. Belinda.
  5. It's gotten ridiculous. Reoorter/talking head: "The REAL reason that Diggs is salty is because a source close to the Bills saw McDermott step on Stephon's shoelace and when Allen went to tie it he didn't double knot it." It's getting silly
  6. Excuse me, what? The purpose of my post was pretty simple. I wanted a little more than the knee jerk "Fire McDermott" posts that have been making the rounds, so I asked "Ok, then what?" In the future, please don't attack my character or make assumptions about my personal life, just stick to the topic. Not cool.
  7. Who is your replacement? Who will absolutely, positively, 100%, be that "better" choice you are clamoring for? I keep on hearing "McDermott is the problem." Who is the solution? Someone actually available to be hired.
  8. Know what happens when you take a player like Josh Allen and continuously send the message "stop being a gunslinger, start sliding, play it safe safe safe"? You get the the playoff game against the Bengals. Allen got bombarded with that messaging by the media, fans and coaching staff in the days and weeks leading up to that game and we all know the result. Looked flat. Took no chances to the point where Diggs called him out on it. Let Josh be Josh.
  9. Just so you know, I only put "Arm Arrogance" in my Allen Bashers posts as a joke, because it's a truly ridiculous term......
  10. Dude, it's called SARCASM. Now, as they said waaay back in the old Rochester D&C days: Go shovel your driveway.
  11. Sure you can. I'm just pointing out how silly some people look when they criticize the best player on the team to the point where it makes him sound completely inept. Some even double down on their arguments in a thread like this one.....which I guess illustrates my point so..... Yay Me? Lol.
  12. Yeah, I know. Guess I wasn't clear that I was being sarcastic.
  13. Welp, I've been reading up on the board, and it looks like Allen had another TERRIBLE GAME, with the Bills winning DESPITE HIM for the 8th game in a row. 3 Fumbles! 2 INTS! Completions under 60%! This guy is a liability. BAD JOSH! I'm tired of HERO BALL. The ARM ARROGANCE. 352 Yards with long shots to Diggs, Davis and Shakir just don't make up for it. Neither does the perfectly placed TD pass to Knox. Or the timely run to pick up a key 1st down. This guy does not deserve a roster spot, let alone a game ball. It's time to get Keenum and Barkley ready to go for next week, because they RESPECT BALL SECURITY. Go Bills!
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