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  1. It's one bad game. Recency bias is a thing. The stats say he's not terrible and is actually having a productive year. In the 5 games he's played: 17 receptions, more than half of which have been for first downs. 3 TDs, which is good for 3rd on the team, behind Diggs (6) and Davis (4). So easy to forget the tough TD catch he made between 2 defenders vs the Rams. So easy to forget that in week 3 he had 7 receptions for 76 yards and a TD vs the Dolphins. So easy to forget the Ravens game where the took a return out to the 40, caught a nice TD pass, and converted 3rd and 7 to a first down and hung on to the damn ball on the concussion hit. The Bills went on to score on that drive. But, yeah sure, he's a terrible joke player. Granted, Shakir looks promising and will see more touches as the year goes on, but to call Lil' Dirty Lil' Dummy is just showing you have a short memory.
  2. He's a serviceable starter for now. It's always interesting to see if a young player can stay productive as the game tape starts to accrue. He does look a bit better than Mac Jones, but can he maintain it. See: Gardner Minshew
  3. I just want to see some ENERGY outta the guy. He reminds me of my orange cat, Cooper, who expends no more energy than is absolutely needed. Slow to the huddle. Slow to the sidelines. His longer stride looks.....slow. Maybe it's deceptive. My orange cat can really motor......when it wants to. But it really really has to want to. If riding the pine does not light a fire under this guy, maybe a ton of reps will? What will motivate this guy to start playing like he did in college?
  4. Needs more carries and they should be at expense of Zach Moss, but yeah, I am worries. Unscientifically, his body language is all off. Looks uncertain out there, and defenses feed of that. He is not his brother, that is clear. Who are what he is remains in question, and we won't know if he only gets the call a few times a game.
  5. Long term health comes first. Person before player. Next up.
  6. Jaquan Johnson looked last year in spot duty and again in preseason. Taron Johnson, Siran Neal, and Cam Lewis know the system and the rookies have held up so far. Poyer is off to a great start this season. More importantly, our base deep shell pass defense is designed to take the top off of a passing game. Tua looked good last week, but I don't expect a repeat performance.
  7. Good for him. I wish him luck. Now please please please put Moss on the bench forever. Singletary can do everything better and maybe just maybe Cook can live up to his hype.
  8. Defense has got to tighten up and Zach Moss needs to sit on offense.
  9. Hoping to see more from him. Wondering if he's the kind of guy who needs touches to get into a rhythm.
  10. Calling it now. Blackshear is gonna "feature back" it tonight while also returning kicks and playing gunner. He may get cut, but he'll go out in style.
  11. I actually took the time to watch Blackshear's college highlights and came away with a few things. 1) Runs well between the tackles. Follows his block, makes the cut and gets upfield quick. 2) Does not give up on plays. Saw quite a few examples where he was able to bounce out and finish a play when the initial hole was plugged. 3) Very natural catching the ball. Soft hands and catches in stride. Saw a few where he plucked low throws from inches off the turf transitoned smoothly North-South again. 4) Made lots of chunk plays. Plenty of 10-15 yarders... but is not a home run threat as he does not have the hyperdrive gear when he gets loose. Also noticed in the preseason games that he is actually pretty active on special teams. Very much doubt he makes the cut, but it would be nice to see him on the practice squad as a sorta of poor man's James Cook. If Cook were injured he could fill the role.
  12. Agreed. He can hit the hole and make the cut. Required in the NFL. I'm still waiting for that WOW play. Looking for something on the level of the the precision and polish that Shakir has shown at WR against starting DBs..
  13. Gonna be the voice of dissent. In the preseason, it's been 7 runs and 2 catches and they have all looked.......fine......but not special. Even in the video above, he simply followed his blocks and broke one crappy arm tackle. Not exactly a special play. Holding off on the accolades until he shows me more.
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