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  1. Where did I say I have an issue with Foster playing special teams? Maybe re-read the question and actually try to answer it. Pretend for a moment that Duke Williams does not exist. Heck, forget Robert Foster exists. Try answering "What does a good ST Gunner look like?"
  2. I tried to word this so it would not become another "Duke Williams" post, bit have clearly failed. I am interested in actual answers pertaining to special teams. "Foster had some good (5) tackles" is not the depth of explanation I was hoping for.
  3. I have read on this board and heard on broadcasts that Robert Foster is a good "Gunner" on special teams, so I decided to go stat hunting online and found..............mostly nothing. This year Robert Foster has 5 tackles and NO OTHER special teams stats available. I readily admit that 5 tackles is pretty much a meaningless stat, because it's a lousy way to measure ST performance. On ST defense it's important to get down field quickly to force fair catches, clog return lanes and take out blockers. On ST offense, it's creating the wedge (or what's left of it in the modern NFL) and clearing lanes for the return guy. All valid special teams skills, but all pretty difficult to measure and quantify. Are there advanced analytics or film breakdowns anywhere that look at this? I know there are many smaller sports media outlets that do all 22 reviews and would love to see a breakdown of what a "good" gunner does.
  4. So coach him not to be a hotdog. Also, a little hot-doggery is acceptable if you back it up with performance. See: Shaq Lawson.
  5. It's ludicrous to me that with just 4 starts, Williams is our #4 WR in terms of production and after Brown (2) and Beasley (2) is the only other pass catcher to produce a 100 yard game. I am baffled at the huge gap between the production of Buffalo's top 2 vs everyone else. We have a 1 and a 2, but really, Buffalo does not have an actual WR3. The Don Beebe. The Josh Reed. The Marquise Goodwin. The guy who is good for maybe 400 to 500 yards and 3 TD on a season. McKenzie comes close, I guess, if you add in the jet sweeps and reverses, but not really as a pass catching WR. Does a team really even need a WR3? I'm not sure, but if they do I think Williams could be that guy. Good size, good hands, good effort after the catch, and good blocking. Good work ethic. Ok route running. But most importantly, produces when given a chance. Has a little bit of that "it" factor. I'm not a coach, so I don't have clue why Williams has not seen the field more this year or why, in general, the Bills don't seem to have a WR3, but it would be nice to have someone who could fill that role going into the playoffs.
  6. Wow. Pretty hot take on one catch. Remembering now while I stay off the game thread. 99% negative.
  7. Well, that likely killed Duck's legend. Great job by the defense overall. Allen did enough when it counted. Good rushing TD, perfect pass to Croft and some pretty balls to Brown. I'm putting the INT 40% on Allen, 60% on Beasley. PLAYOFFS BABY!
  8. Interesting article on this. You don't blitz Lamar Jackson often and you don't key on his runs. You flood the field with DBS/Speed guys. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/theres-a-blueprint-for-stopping-lamar-jackson-but-teams-arent-using-it/
  9. Umm, no. Best case scenario is Bills win 6 and take the division as NE fades down the stretch. Any given Sunday. Interesting article about this. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/theres-a-blueprint-for-stopping-lamar-jackson-but-teams-arent-using-it/
  10. Best record we've had since 1993. That's 26 years. While I would love to see a complete game in all facets, I'll take "win ugly" over and over again. The offense did enough. 24 points is just fine by me. The defense did enough--yes we got gashed by the run, but it was mostly between the 20's. We shut Washington out of the endzone. Josh Allen did enough. 14 of 20 and some well placed balls. People are griping about 3 missed passes. Yeah, I'd like to see an 85% completion rate too, but come on. No dumb passes. No hero ball. Connected when he needed to. Singletary did more than enough on an off day for Gore. I'll take it. Just to reiterate, best season so far in 26 years. 1 loss to a dominant NE. 1 bad loss to Philly, a team that is starting to come to life and has a winning record. I'll take it.
  11. Levi will be fine. Fitzpatrick was dropping dimes into coverage with great touch and accuracy. Even good corners get beaten on occasion when a QB is hot. Wallace has been steady and even spectacular on a few occasions and is getting the job done. Williams going 6 catches for 83 yards, no touchdowns and a fumble is an OK day for a WR. His big gainer (35 yards) was perfectly delivered by Fitz to beat pretty good coverage. Not really a reason to be down on Wallace.
  12. Too many drops, too many penalties. Not a good game for him and it's starting to be trend. An easy TD and his big run are starting to be overshadowed by his mental mistakes.
  13. Bills conservative game plan better than Dolphins best effort. I'll take the win. Bills played it safe and boring. No "Bad Josh" throws.
  14. With Duke replacing Zay and Singletary, Kroft, and the full O line likely being ready to go, will we see a change in this offense? For the first time, they might actually have all the pieces in place.
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