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  1. With Duke replacing Zay and Singletary, Kroft, and the full O line likely being ready to go, will we see a change in this offense? For the first time, they might actually have all the pieces in place.
  2. Congrats to Duke for working and grinding and blocking during preseason and then continuing to do so on the practice squad. Didn't look great in training camp, but when the pads went on and the hitting began, it was game on. There are speed guys, finesse guys and human joysticks. He is none of those. He's a physical guy. A (dirty word on the modern NFL, but I'm gonna say it) "possession" receiver. Props to the scouting staff for finding an off the radar, left field pickup. Now he gets his much delayed chance in the real NFL. Will he succeed? No clue, but I'm an optimist who loves a good underdog story.
  3. Ummm. Goodwin left 3 years ago ......and we have 2 burners in Brown and Foster.
  4. Agreed, they sucked.......but it woulda been nice to see our WR actually try for it. Zay Jones with your arms down and feet on the ground, I'm talking to you!
  5. Just to get this outta the way, with the 3 deep ball INTS all basically uncontested, is it Duke Williams time? Zay Jones does not know how, or even when, to fight for the ball. Gutsy game by the Bills, no reason to hang their heads.
  6. Let's be clear, we are playing a version of the NE offense. Will this help our defense, or is it a wash because NE (basically) knows our offense too?
  7. Oops....in my defense, we sure did not look like a rook.
  8. Nice game by Sweeney. 35 yards and showed really good drive blocking on a Singletary run. Knox: 1 yard. Nothing to report in terms of blocking. Oliver: 2 tackles. I'll take it. Ford: Struggled.
  9. Brown showed me today he is more than just a burner. A very good game for home and hopefully a harbinger of things to come. Last year we did not see a 100 yard WR for the Bills until Robert Foster exploded in the 2nd half of the season. Nice to have this in week one.
  10. Cooper was fined, Incognito was suspended for 8 games. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/08/sports/football/richie-incognito-racist-slurs-yannick-ngakoue.html (Edited for Correct Link)
  11. Gotta wonder what would happen if a white Steelers or Chargers player used a racial slur against Tomlin or Lynn. Or wiretapped? Jeez. There should a be a suspension coming down................but there won't be, because BIG NAME PLAYER to NFL's TEAM.
  12. Is that a Manning? Can't tell for sure with the beard hiding the weak chin.....
  13. LOL. Munnerlyn is old enough that the "Captain" part of his name may have been from the Civil War.
  14. Gotta wonder what the coaches saw...............or didn't see..............regarding McCoy in training camp. Warning bells were going off with his atrocious season last year, but I'm still a little shocked. Lighting a candle for my guy Duke Williams. Nice try, great effort. Gotta give the Bills credit for looking in unexpected places---CFL and Rugby. Hope to see Williams on the practice squad, but even if he doesn't at least he made preseason interesting.
  15. I'm a Williams fan, but I gotta trust the coaches on this one. Right now I think there's about 75% chance he winds up on the practice squad. If that's the case, remember that Smurfs get hurt.
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