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  1. How about we put all 3 of them out there against run heavy offenses. I'd call it something like, I don't know, a 4-3 defensive scheme once in a while. This 5 cent and nickel and dime stuff is getting expensive...
  2. Did you mean "forward lateral"? The trauma of this thread, oy vey!
  3. I think the biggest debate going on right now that has the board split is that it appears that the same in game problems seem to exist over the last few years wether the team is healthy or not. So now we're stuck in an injuries vs coaching circle. I understand how both view points are getting people frustrated. We're all Bills fans here and only want the best for our team. None of us are "not real fans" and I think that with that talk flying around it's only throwing gasoline on the fire. But, I could be wrong, or maybe I'll be told I'm not a real fan.
  4. Please don't post facts about NFL injuries and other teams. Without the injury excuse most of the posters here would have to take off their rose colored homer glasses and peer into the reality of the coaching of this team and how they are being figured out and not properly adjusting. Just because some of our backups were considered and played as starters on other teams, when they get here they are instantly scrubs. Don't destroy their narrative, you will take all of their posting fun away.
  5. Leslie is great! Hope he gets his HC spot next year!
  6. Good question. I wonder if the rules allow an onside after a penalty in this situation.
  7. I'm feeling the need to clap my hands together in a very hard and vigorous manner right now. Whether it's warranted or not. Everybody clap with me! Let's all clap!
  8. I've always questioned the way he ties his shoes. Seems like he uses the thumb method rather than the double loop method. Could be slowing him down a bit.
  9. Are we sure this wasn't about Arians and Brady just sent it to AB to proof read it?
  10. Serious question. Do you think McD is a better coach than Reid?
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