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  1. You are appreciated here by a majority of the posters, aholes on this board has CHASEd off many fine posters and reporters. Know that most of us hope you reconsider
  2. You are right in regards that there are nuances involved in it. Just because the numbers say go for it, you have to look at what's going on in the game and how the battles are playing out, especially on the line. In this game going for it on 4th and 2 and to go up 3 scores relieves a lot of pressure on the defense. If anything should be concerning it's that we could get 2 yards on 2nd down, 3rd down or 4th down, especially since we were moving the ball before then... Staley can be a bit reckless lol I was at camp, tre was in shape and to be honest looked great doing the drills and rehab he was working on, change of direction, splits, run stop pivot and turn and straight up sprinting. I do believe it is a confidence in it and the thought of not want to reinjure it. It can definitely be hard to get out of your head at times. With the way he was speaking in his interview a couple weeks back, this is very likely the case imo...
  3. What was the barstool speculation? I missed that one
  4. The lack of focus is evident on the diggs false start, I can't use Dawkins holding against the jets (it wasn't) but it is all the mental blips that happen. Cam Lewis going for a pick instead of swatting it down. The lack of focus shows when you can look at some film clips and see poorly timed, poor decision making and even the predictably of what we are running on offense as far as plays go. It feels like this even effects the offensive coaching staff.
  5. I heard that from Sal this am too. It certainly seems like it is a mental hurdle for him. I don't see Diggs as cancerous, I see him as a very, very passionate player. I don't think Edmunds or Oliver would dog it, but I could see Poyer betting on a big raise this offseason and trying to stay healthy and trying to show his worth to the team. I think OBJ would be enough to give everyone a big kick in the ass the right way at this point where we are this year
  6. Aside from coaching, I wonder if this falls under the category of players who could be playing but aren't based on pending UFA decisions and Tre being healthy enough to play but not... just trying to think of what else is out there
  7. Ffs, Adjustments get made to counter what we are doing and we stink and countering back quick enough, by the time we do, we have a few lost possessions in the second half (3 points, 3 points, 6 points) and with a defense that is injured right up the middle and our shell over top not being there....bad things man, bad things....
  8. The Bills are very good at building a big lead quickly and making it hard for a majority of the teams to keep up. Keep us in a tight game all it takes is 2 offensive stalls with (as of now) an injury depleted defense to get right back in it. Hyde and Poyer had the big plays locked down, Edmunds takes away part of the playing field and we are missing a huge part of what makes our defense so good. With the b team in, mistakes can and will be made, poor angles, missed tackles, going for ints instead of knocking passes down (mental lapses) and now an offense that is known to make mistakes and stall out puts more pressure on themselves and, well, you get what we have here... Looking at some of the plays cover 1 puts up, it looks like there are some plays we don't get the proper spacing on, plays josh has not executed well all season and we keep calling them and arent improving on those fundamental issues, etc. These are part of the drivers of allowing games to be close and outer inability to put the games away. If you can't do this properly, you have to rely on hero ball to pull it out or lose it. Sean preaches fundamentals, and there are fundamental coaching issues within the schemes, players and within the coaching ranks that hurt this team a lot. This is what will start and keep going the divide between offense vs defense, we do our job why can't you do yours...
  9. So more coaching from the offensive side of the ball. Can we infer that the HC as a defensive minded coach, might not understand these nuances enough to be able to help the offensive coaches and players?
  10. I havent gone this far yet, but there are times it feels like on offense specifically there is a disconnect between McD and the offensive coaching staff and what Beane brings in for the very reason you mention above. It is even more difficult to understand that you have a HC who says they want to run more effectively, we get said players and they don't play. We dress 5 or 6 RBs and they only play for one half. This isn't tied to just Dorsey, it happened with Daboll too. Does the offensive staff not care about what Sean says?
  11. That's not who jw is and if he knows something, he knows something. What sucks for us as fans, he can't really say much more without losing his connections and damaging relationships. Knowing how much people care about this team, he tries to give as much insight as he can...
  12. 3 are on Josh, I posted the video in this thread, Josh was trying to run before the ball was even snapped to him. So 3 are on him...
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