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  1. With the 31st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select WR Denzel Mims Baylor (no one took him already right?) We need a WR to help prop up our shoddy QB, since we were unlucky in the top 13, we were able to address this need here. It was a tough choice between Mims and Aiyuk, but i like his upside more. @Buffalo716 is on the clock
  2. Only 2 picks I am not sure about are the Giants and Jets, I really think Simmons to the Giants and an OT to the Jets is how it will fall. Jets could be sneaky on a WR, but I think keeping Darnold up is there biggest need and they will pivot to WR in RD2. Curious to see if they are on the move for a WR or if they sit back
  3. Are you now blinded as well? I'm on my work computer and actually in the office today IDK if the interwebs are screwy here or what
  4. oddly enough yes he was correct apparently! Javon Kinlaw will be our pick. I like him better as a prospect over Henderson (CB is another need for us), but we need to replace Buckner at a cheaper contract.
  5. jesus I didn't even see your post - it wasn't there! it literally didn't even show aristo's pick
  6. Really expected OL here & I was going to nab Jeudy with this pick since having a true #1 WR is huge for SF and I like his fit. Keeping with the WR theme, we are taking CeeDee Lamb to help prop up our crappy QB @DCOrange is now on the clock
  7. Actually, you may very well be correct. Now thhat I think about it, there was a very big Shenault faction at the time but, I don't seem to recall Jefferson in the conversation too much at that point; I think it might have been more DE guys AJ Epenesa/Yetur
  8. I gladly would have taken Diggs for what we got him for. It is a much better trade than a 1, 2, and +++
  9. whoever had the vikings would have raked me over the coals for a 1 and a 2 or maybe 2 #1s. I certainly would have asked for a lot. Although had Hopkins been available for that true deal - i would have been all over that! I am certain the same level of angst would have happened if I made that trade - because of the draft depth
  10. Wonder how the 95% of the complainers who wanted Higgins feel now? BTW: what an awful pick by the colts
  11. Their combined wonderlic score is 3 You bastard - beat me to it That worked out well last time Germany did that
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