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  1. Reed83HOF

    'Fallout 76'

    I wasn't either...it's actually kind a fun. There can be some toxicity (as we even have on here), but if you find a good group it is actually fun to play a game with others at times. E3 announcements yesterday was a bit of a disappointment this year, but The Last of us Part 2 looks great...
  2. Reed83HOF

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    JP's? Oh there it is...nice reference!
  3. Reed83HOF

    'Fallout 76'

    I am definitely looking forward to this...The Destiny 2 update looks awesome as well and will suck me back in; along with Red Dead 2 and Last of Us 2. I better spend time with the wife while I can....
  4. Reed83HOF

    2018 Slogan Contest

    "We took the trash out"
  5. Reed83HOF

    Bills 300 yard passing games

    FIFY 65 yards
  6. Reed83HOF

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    The reddit guy deleted his newest post....
  7. Reed83HOF

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    We hit at the same time. I deleted mine. I love this!!
  8. Reed83HOF

    National Anthem Solution

    This is the USA, my 2 grandparents fought in WW2 for my freedom to sit on my ass, stand up with a flag pole shoved up my a$$ and/or otherwise do as I choose. It's a free country where people have protected rights to protest and share their beliefs and freedom. That is what this country was founded on. Sounds like the people who are saying you should be forced to stand for the NA #1 - need a history lesson on what values and the vision for the country was founded on #2 - respect other peoples constitutionally free rights #3 - instead of calling for the people who live in this country under those rules to leave, maybe, just maybe those who want to live contrary to those protected beliefs should live and go live in one of the forcefully nationalized countries and most importantly #4 - turn of fu&K!ng Fox news...which by the way has nothing to do with actual and factual reporting of anything considered news.