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  1. I saw the Moss and Singletary ones while I was prepping for the draft, their lack of athleticism in the RAS shows up on the field as well
  2. Wade is an exemption again this year, so likely not a cut, he doesn't count against the 53... Will Aaron Rodgers want Beane fired if we cut Kumerow?
  3. I never noticed the shoes; shoes and boxers are @Gugny's things... The pants and coats jumped out to me as I was trying to figure out if it was a photoshop. I was like these are are dressed the same 🤷🏻‍♂️ Twins, how cute
  4. And the pants and very similar sports coats 🤣
  5. Fine ertz for Aaron Rodgers it is 🤣
  6. TLDR, How often do draft picks come in and make a big difference right away? I mean a big enough difference to swing Ls to Ws, not a ton. The UFAs the brownies brought in will help them more than their Rookies this season. Clowney hasn't been that great of a player the last few years and is kinda close to an overpriced JAG. Cleveland and Balt will contend for their division and thus far I'm giving the edge to Lamar over Baker. Baker needs to take a big step forward this year imo. If Tua plays good this year, I would rank Miami over the Browns...sadly I'm no
  7. I was a wrong Josh guy. I will say his arm at the combine wowed me, but so did JaMarcus. I had the what if pop in my head, but it would be a statistcal anomaly. It was Rosen all the way 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Oh I agree, just saying those are my weak points which we haven't fully addressed. And are still some of the bigger question marks heading into this season. I'm not expecting Brieda to come in and light it up. And I'm hoping for a big jump form Knox, not expecting it though. I don't have the patience for a 3 year developmental curve on a TE our of the draft. But this is a positional, we need to focus on improving. Given how the draft fell and where we selected I think we did a good job of getting bigger, faster, younger in the trenches. This is a huge plus for us. The DL pr
  9. Not a fan of our RBs and I would like a better plan at TE, they seem to be betting on Knox taking a big step this year, they have more faith than I do. In a pass happy offense, I need players with sticky catching hands, not cement blocks. That being said I have more faith in Knox than the RBs
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