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  1. Reed83HOF

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 48s48 seconds ago More Bills released WR Terrelle Pryor, per source.
  2. I wonder how many people really got this...
  3. So kinda like this: Vs
  4. Reed83HOF

    Gregg Williams has a new job offer

    LOl I forgot it in the title
  5. Reed83HOF

    Gregg Williams has a new job offer

    LMAO Honestly I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this retweeted. Hands down it is an instant classic
  6. Reed83HOF

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    Oh really? Thanks for the clarification I had no clue!
  7. This is satire. mods please don't move it yet and please don't turn this into PPP. It is just really funny and we can all use another Greggo laugh in the main forum:
  8. The only rationalization at that time I could give was, that I expected us to move the old guys before the trade deadline and undergo a full rebuild, but we didn't do that. That is what all of these moves were telegraphing IMO. I don't think we needed a full rebuild either, but it sure feels like that is that path, albeit a half-assed rebuild
  9. My thought process with McD has been: 1.) Was not happy trading down in 2017. I wanted Mahomes or Trubisky, not happy with that trade at all. 2.) He overachieved last year with a roster that had a lot of holes and was low on overall talent 3.) The team played hard for him 4.) Tre White is great, but boy drafting the QB in 17 could have opened up other positions in 18's draft for us 5.) Question Daboll hiring and Dave Culley 6.) Understand Daboll will be good for presumably developing a young QB since he has college and NFL experience 7.) Still not sure why a WR coach is coaching a to be drafted rookie QB 8.) Did we really build the defense up at the expense of the offense when we planned on taking a rookie QB in round 1 9.) Oh no the wrong Josh 10.) Peterman is not only on the roster, he's the starter 11.) Oh no, oh no , oh no 12.) It's hard to win in the NFL 13.) Wins not on scoreboard 14.) Bills football 15.) Ship is sailing away from the port and do not see a reason to turn back
  10. Not trying to re-write anything, we went to him with a reduced contract, yes he signed it and then he retired (after firing his agent). We did dick around with his money by asking him to play for less, even though his play was at a high level and didn't warrant a reduction in contract...
  11. This is true and this is what you get: https://twitter.com/BradleyGelber/status/1059617590258085889 This is where the rest of the league is:
  12. Reed83HOF

    I think I'm out on McDermott

    All true. I'm not overly inspired by anyone of the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball and thus far have very little indication that anyone in the FO (including the scouts & pro personnel people) understand how to identify offensive talent. Right now, this is the baby: