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  1. Jefferson's age is what's key(and the fact he is a proven 1 and likely the best wr in the game) that is what makes him the only vet WR I would trade for and be willing to eat the contract he will get. This is such a glaring hole, beane is certainly swinging big here in the draft, if JJ can't be had.
  2. I'm on my phone, so I hope I left the part I wanted lol... 10000% on board with this and I think that is what Beane was dancing around with yesterday in talking about Diggs being a fierce competitor and that whole comment....
  3. If the vikings win about 6 games again next season and we end up in the same spot, the 2 seconds could get you to around 21 or 23... Trading for a wr and having to pay them, just loads the cap right back and aside from JJ, I'm not sure we go that route. A cost controlled 5 year contract and now relying on Allen to elevate the WR should be the expectation. It's not like needing to get a young allen a reliable vet type wr when we traded for Stef. We all know beane is aggressive, he values traits and is always willing to swing a trade up. I just feel that with missing out on Mcduffie and even WRS last year, he is not going to sit and be overly patient. He is going to go get his guy. Best way to shut the media and everyone up is to fill this huge whole in a big way. That cap money next offseason will go towards the D is my guess as of now....
  4. Beane is not going to do anything modest...this is a precursor to a bigger move 2 seconds next year for us will offset the loss of next years #1 To get a Rookie WR under a cost controlled 5 years over Josh's Prime = a big move and not a half-arsed modest one
  5. Every year the QBs are going to to be the top 1-4 picks and it never happens. OTs and the 2 "elite" WRs will go and I would wager 2 of the QBs will not go in the top 6... If Nabers or Harrison is there I will be surprised...It's possible, but I am fine with any of those 3
  6. This is easy - Julio Jones it for Odunze with NYG at 6
  7. Perhaps Maddy Gladd was right on the hot mic, the declining production last year, being invisible in the playoffs, flipping out during the Cin loss, the tweets, wrong side of 30, an enormous cap hit coupled with McD being very concerned and scraping the toothpaste back into the tube after minicamp = it was time to move on in a heavy WR draft class and get the value while you can These comments from BBB stand out... “but Stef’s a very competitive guy and I wouldn’t want to change that for him. I don’t think that was something — when we acquired him, I think we were very aware of his competitive nature. … “You don’t want to get into every reason you make every move,” Beane said. “It’s not one thing with any player. We’ve traded other players here, we’ve acquired other players, him being one. Everything you do, you think is the best decision. You weigh the pros and the cons of every decision like this. We don’t take it lightly. But you always make it in the best decision of the Bills. And that’s what we’re trying to do here.
  8. I got lucky on these ones and then my sister who I usually go with (wife doesn't go to games and has a bad back) is "worried" about the weather (she doesn't even drive - I do). So I am getting this out there to see if anyone needs them... I have asked a couple friends if they want to go, but they haven't gotten a thumbs up from their wives yet... I will eat the $700 for the tix before I sell them to Steelers fans.
  9. Selling my tickets, I have 2 Section 133 Row 30 Seats 17 & 18...these were bought from the bills, so no markups. Face value would be nice, but I can/will sell a bit cheaper
  10. Trevon Diggs is not a random talking head and now Adam Schfeter is retweeting Sportscenter on it @Simonthis should again be it's own thread
  11. I hate you for making me laugh like I am now
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