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  1. LOL I agree with all of that. Was just trying to be provocative and think as to who we have that we could possibly trade!
  2. In the case of ATL, Jax & Tenn they will lose a lot of depth and other starting players to cut down and sign their big guys. ATL for instance to resign hooper, would have to cut their starting center and a bunch of other players that they have no backups for. Jax would have to cut quite a bit to keep Yannick (they should), but they are a team destined for a rebuild IMO - the Foles contract has killed them for the next few years. Tenn again, resign their RT & RB or cut other parts of the team down - a team that went to the divisional round. Jax is the only one who might cut more players to keep their guy and to do so, would likely cut Calais and at that point, he is a top target for us as well.
  3. The UFAs I like are on the teams that are very very tight to the cap, but they are also very pricey. Looking at the market, I'm still not sure that a lot of tags will be used, there usually are a couple Franchise tags a season, but no one has been using the transition tag at all. This is an option that could only be used for the few teams who use the franchise tag. Let's say there are 5 franchise tags, maybe at best, you might get 2 or 3 transition tags from those teams you normally wouldn't get. Dallas could fit into that mold with Dak & Cooper
  4. Lots of teams in the top can use OTs and they will get drafted quickly pushing talent down the board...
  5. If we re-sign Spain, Long could be a guy on the move if we decide to kick Ford inside. I'm not entirely sure who else would bring enough value in a trade scenario, unless it was a transition-tag sign and trade guy like Lawson? I will throw this one out there as a wow move, but would you move Poyer and what value would he bring?
  6. It depends on which scenarios play out in FA and the draft, if a top 3 WR falls to around 13-ish Beane may pounce for the WR (Lamb, Jeudy & Ruggs - tell me he isn't a Radier though; are too good to pass up IMO). It get's murky after that, CB & S have great value at 22, but I am coming around on Yetur for his potential overall potential, it will take him a year or 2 to fill out and grow into his frame and develop and he will have ups and downs in year 1 - can replace Hughes if he is either let go in 2021 or when his contract is up. It wouldn't kill our cap to do this, even if we added a top Edge in FA. We can easily get into the upper RD2 and grab a WR there, who looks as of now to be in the same Tier class as Higgins, Jeferson & Aiyuk. Jalen Reagor is a guy to watch, who is ranked low, but could go in mid-RD1 through early RD2.
  7. I really think Beane will go after a guy who can set the edge and pass rush in FA, I also think he will attempt to swing big - if he can't get it done at the value he wants Shaq will be back, but I truly believe he will spend here. I am starting to come around at Yetur at #22 and moving for the WR in RD2. I was playing around yesterday with the draft value chart and: We only have enough overall points (1509.1 pts) to trade up to CAR pick#7 (1500 pts), that would be our entire draft so I don't see us going that high LOL. Pick#10 would be the highest I see us going and that still doesn't leave us much of a draft. It would come down to a top 3 WR (Lamb, Jeudy, Ruggs) or Chaisson sliding IMO. What I could see us doing is something like this: 1.) 5th RD Pick#137 (37.5pts) + Pick#149 (31.8pts) = (69.39 pts) = Indy RD4 Pick#112(70pts) 2.) 6th RD PIck#168 (24.2pts) + Pick#181 (19pts) + Pick #182 (18.6pts) = (61.8 pts) = Philly RD#4 (60pts) Pick 117 Which gets us to this: RD1 Pick #22 (780 pts) RD2 Pick#54 (360 pts) RD3 Pick#86 (160 pts) RD4 Pick#118 (58 pts) RD4 Pick#112 (70 pts) RD4 Pick#117 (31.8 pts) You can see the rough point value for RD2 and RD3 and what it would take to go up further. 1.) RD 4 Pick#s 118 (58) + 112 (70) =(128)= RD3 Tenn Pick#93 (128 pts) 2.) RD 2 Pick#54 (360) + RD3 Pick#86 (160) = (520 pts) = Car Pick#38 (520 pts) This would give us: RD1 Pick #22 RD2 Pick #38 RD3 Pick #93 RD4 Pick #117 The only edge in the draft who if I read what Beane was saying would be AJ Epenesa who looks to be going somewhere around (Pick#10 - Pick #22). I doubt he would go earlier, but he would certainly not slide past us. Young and Chaisson will certainly be gone before him. I don't see Yetur Gross-Matos as that guy who can start and contribute immediately though - he still has some developing to do skill wise and his frame could fill out more, but he is super athletic and has a very high ceiling for a pass rusher (could be the heir apparent to Hughes). This would actually allow us to still sign a big FA Edge guy, create depth at the position and not hurt our cap at all. Most importantly he hits Beane's super athlete sky high potential first round guy. I really haven't focused a ton on him, but it appears this makes a lot of sense if we stay at pick#22 or only move slightly up. CB is still a top option at 22 if these guys are gone. Pick#38 would give us prime position to draft a top Tier 2 wideout such as Justin Jefferson & Brandon Aiyuk. This would make a ton of sense for us, both are very athletic and Jefferson performed well on a championship team. Right around the last 2 picks (RD3 & RD4) OTs, DBs, WRs, LBs and RBs (Helaire) seem to dominate the draft boards as of right now, which would fit needs and be BPA. Just a few thoughts...
  8. Knock it off with your facts... In all seriousness, I think we are right about Edge here after listening to the Sal C/Vic interview. Premium position that goes quickly and sign large APY contracts - a few who could start immediately in the draft, will go quick in the draft and we will weigh the free agents against our own UFAs. Granted it's early and he plays close to the vest, beane usually is fairly upfront about things - the best 2 ends in the draft will be long gone before we pick. My bet is a Clowney, a Yannick, possibly Chris Jones or Calais Campbell (if he is cut for Yannick) instead of Shaq and Phillips. He also said, they plan on signing the guys who are coming up, but no rush yet - they want to take care of FA first WR Beane makes it sound really fluid and he likes the underclassman and the injured WRs not at the Senior Bowl. He is also willing to trade later round picks since they likely won't make the roster. So as of today my best guess is 1.) Edge in FA - willing to pay 2.) CB in RD1 - simply BPA (unless a top WR /Edge falls) 3.) Trade up to take the best WR in RDs 2 & 3 So he fits in with Jerry - let's gooooooooooooooooo!
  9. well you are going to get my 10,000 post... After listening: 1.) Set value on FAs and need to be willing to let them go 2.) Lorax played unique position 3.) Compare players in same position from different conferences or who didn't have common opponents and will watch tape from the senior bowl practices and game to see how they compare against the same guy 4.) may not need all of the picks - can trade for future picks or to move up. Want guys who can make the roster and now that it is a bit deeper, hard to take a player who might not make the team 5.) Biggest take away a.) Edge compare to who we have - how smart are they what's their skill set b.) guys in the draft right not who he is aware of and who can come in and play for us right away but they go pretty quick though. c.) not sure how long they will last in the draft vs what's in FA d.) It's a premium position and that's why there is a big APY when they sign (Exactly what @BADOLBILZ frequently says). There are some FAs coming up as well that we will have to weigh against our UFAs 6.) WR class a.) some guys at the senior bowl liked the list a lot - said was even better a couple weeks ago, but a couple guys had to bow out to injury it's still pretty good. b.) will meet with some WRs tonight, defintely some guys who can come in and helps us, but there are a good amount of underclassman coming out, so right now it looks like thier will be a lot of options for us c.) Asked about Aiyuk watched his name did some really nice things have not been able to meet him, . Scouts have done the background on him doesn't want to give too much away - was looking forward to watching him participate will spend some time with him and definitely a guy who can play on Sundays.
  10. IIRC, according to Astro, Higgins has not been on our list of visits. Obviously against LSU we were there, but that was not a great game for him. I honestly don't see him as a target for us People always seem to forget about this on this board and every year I say Badol has it locked down on this. 1000000000000000000% correct
  11. NYG have to take OT at their pick with Gettleman
  12. you bet your ass, you move that scenario. I really think if both him and Lamb are out there thought pick 9 - you make the move
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