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  1. Was wondering how long it would take and who would be the first...
  2. You are correct. Greg Thompsett has been keeping track of our cap on Twitter. He confirmed this about 3 hours ago. Once the Allen and Poyer contract details are out there Spotrac will update the top 51 and the cap dolla bills
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 And very true, you have to keep defense's honest. I still want more on the OL (RT) and a legit WR2 who can run a full tree and take the 100% off of Diggs.
  4. Josh will hit the TEs if they get down the field. RBs on the other hand, we have been fixated with, but Josh is not the check down to the back guy. He may toss a screen pass (if only we could properly block one)or if the RB can get lose and find a soft spot in the zone perhaps, but he is 99% trying to push it 10 yards down the field. We can get players or try to design an offense a certain, but if the QB doesn't want it, he is not going to take those throws...
  5. and here we go ago - kinda like checking in on the RB market and trying to run the ball as well...
  6. Also have to got with the thought on 12 personnel above, from even a roster building standpoint, it's cheaper for 2 topish TEs than 2 topish WRs. This along with mismatches and I know Kelce is his own thing, but he'll the KC offense revolves around stopping him and teams can't. Within our own division (where we look first) the 12 personnel does give us an edge. Even against KC and Cin to a degree.... Right?
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