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  1. Albright has been remarkably on point all offseason with his predictions. He has upped his sources game tremendously
  2. It's edited - didn't have a chance to hop back on after the initial tweets. Also the title wasn't "Rosen to Chargers is on its way", you left out "Albright seems to be saying" which makes it read a bit different. In any event he walked it back after I posted it. Additionally, this is what is seen on the world of twitter: Which is a retweet from March 4, 2019, which asked the question you are referring to: It is now March 23, dude...that's a long cry from saying it was a recent tweet he was responding to, especially with his choice of emojis...
  3. Reed83HOF

    What’s up w season tickets?

    I wonder if that was my "Hot for" thread, which has mysteriously disappeared
  4. With the exception of DK I should say... My point is most people seem to agree with DL/OL/TE/WR and there are a lack of strong disagreements over the prospects (Again, except DK)
  5. Which is exactly why no one should be surprised to see us grab DL in this draft and a draft that is pretty damn deep for this position. I almost feel like this is the first time most people on this board are overall in agreement with our needs and there is relatively little debate on who should be picked (DK being the biggest one)
  6. I wonder what Tom Brady's d!ldo will say when it is tossed on the field...
  7. Normally I would say just looking at this graph without context, we aren't in great shape when you see the teams we are lumped in with. However, take into account the Lions - theirs was one basically one player - the raiders had 3 players (including AB), we had 9 players. The Jets spent that on Bell and an ILB = not good. They are still in great cap shape, but are overpaying to get players to go there imo
  8. Neither will their new GM who will be hired in the next year or 2