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  1. 🤣 This board is almost as bad as the people who call WGR and get on air to offer the worst opinions ever
  2. The narrative that Hughrs sucks and is on the decline is irritating as hell on this board. Remember his effectiveness as an individual rusher is a sum of the parts around him, leading to more double teams and chip blocks vs single coverage. That being said: Yes he is getting older...dropping off, meh a tired excuse to push a narrative... You add 2 to 3 years to his deal (IIRC, his last year on the contract is 2021) and lower the hit the next season or 2... This is easy...
  3. And I wanted to toss Murphy last year and give the $10 million to Austin Hooper...
  4. TKO stated today that you need the pass rusher, if QB is 1A the pass rusher is 1B in terms of need
  5. Labatt Blue instead of pepsi...
  6. Unless he stinks and has a bad game, then he will have a dick drawn in his front yard
  7. The same could be said for many GMs who failed... The proof is in the results
  8. Those teams hate each other, see all the trash talking
  9. I was a wrong josh guy, glad I redeemed myself here lol
  10. I do find it hard to believe that JJ would sign as a division rival to his brothers...fwiw
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