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  1. Lamar Jackson was a waste of a draft pick and will be out of the league as an NFL QB in short in a few years.Woof
  2. Depends - does Trevor like Beiber?
  3. Welp - I'm off the GunnerBill bandwagon as well
  4. In season 2 when Eleven and 008 (this sounds James Bond like) went to kill the fat guy, he said Pappa was still alive. The only way for Hopper to have "lived" was to go upside-down through to portal. The American's came in the room at the end and there doesn't seem to be anyway the Russian's could have somehow gotten him out before then. He certainly wasn't a pile of goo either. The other thing that makes me thing Hopper lived is that they were playing Heroes by Bowie and IIRC that is what they played when Elven disappeared at the end of season 1. Going through the portal is the only thing that makes sense (which means this will definitely not be the case)
  5. I felt it got a little too corny at times and wish it was just a tad more serious...it was still great though
  6. It was really good and the mid credits scene after the final episode makes me think Pappa is still around. I have a feeling that Hopper went upside-down
  7. Justin Bieber? F- this. I hope Barkley beats him out now
  8. It is amazing how toxic Dolan is in the NBA, while in the NHL his team has no problem attracting and signing talent.
  9. As a Rangers fan, I am okay with Panarin's contract. I expected worse
  10. It perfectly profiles this board - all of it. The author even got all of the cliches and arguments that have been said on this board repeatedly. You and Badol hit the 3 big ones, but how many times do these ones creep on this board? Stage 13: You grudgingly decide to give the new guy a chance Fast forward ahead a few weeks. The rush of early July is long past, the dog days of summer have slowly dragged by, and training camp has arrived. He didn’t force anyone to sign it. He just negotiated for the most money he could, same as you or anyone else would want to do. And he’s saying all the right things. He seems genuinely happy to be here. You even heard something about him being in the very best shape of his life, and nobody would say that if it wasn’t true. Stage 14: The first few shifts of the exhibition schedule Nope, he’s awful. You were right all along. This contract is a disaster. Stage 16: The years go by At some point, those defenders from Stage 11 might emerge to take a victory lap, as if we don’t remember that they all jumped ship in the years in between. Stage 17: The inevitable buyout By the way, it should go without saying that if and when the player returns for his first game back with his new team, he will look amazing and score the game-winning goal. Just accept it now.
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