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  1. To be fair, Grigson is this century's Matt Millan of GMs
  2. The Backup Plan....

    Beane gets canned because he let the Jets jump up to #3 and got boxed out. McD gets canned becuase he said he could win with Tyrod and passed on Watson & Mahomes and talked the team out of trying to trade up for Trubisky. We then get to hire a HC and GM again in the next 3-4 seasons and we rinse and repeat... Edit: That isn't a back up plan - it is the actual truth in regards to what will happen...
  3. With the picks we have, you aren't sniffing a sure thing's jock strap...
  4. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    1.) Look I love Kyle, but he is done 2.) Clay was a waste of money 3.) Richie I like as well, but he is what 34/35? Also redid his contract to not get cut. A 1 yr deal 4.) Cadet - dime a dozen RB 5.) O'Leary has 2 things going for him - he doesn't wear gloves and is somehow related to Jack Nicklaus 6.) KB - last year of his deal and twice injured leg - meh can be replaced 7.) An RB who I love who is on the wrong side of 30 and will not be here or the same player when this team is ready to take a step forward and contend 8.) Good chance the team is a bit worse off. We were very lucky with all of the turnovers to get some early season wins. They did overachieve last year. See the 2016 Phins, we were them... 9.) FA - big fan of it here so far! 10.) As much as I want to give up the farm to move the #2 (Browns are not moving from 1 - ever), I'm not convinced that a.) the Giants will trade or b.) Beane has the balls to do it C.) Lamar Jackson & mason Rudolph are not that answers D.) AJ is nothing sorry, he just isn't... E.) For good measure, Foles is awful as well Today's NFL is all about the QB, every other position is significantly downgraded...
  5. A lot of bills fans were also happy with TT - so what's your point? Other than lots of Bills fans are not good at identifying/seeing QB talent...
  6. I swear you are the best poster and nail it every time when it comes to this!
  7. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    Without a QB, it is all shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic... Only made the playoffs because the Ravens D blew coverage on that pass. Being in and quickly out in the playoffs was, yes so great for this team long-term. Drafting solid players in the draft does nothing for you without the QB. Keeps you exactly where we have been, good enough to win a few games, not bad enough to tank for blue chip QB prospects. Doesn't matter who your HC is; he is this guy Browns are much further along than us. Embrace the tear down, dump the players who aren't part of the long-term, get picks, take the cap hit, suck and get high picks in a QB rich draft. Browns grabbed a #1 Pass Rusher last year, are going to draft the top QB Darnold this year and via their trade last year, most likely be able to draft barkely or drop down a few spots to grab some DB help and can easily score another RB other than Barkley (if they chose) in an RB rich draft as well. Next year they will be better than us and most certainly will in 2020....Yeah last season was worth it... With the exception of White, Hyde & Poyer (possibly Milanno) the team he is establishing said culture with will be turned over going into next offseason...Stop being cute and just get the damn QB. Also the damn QB is not Jackson, Rudolph, Foles, Faulk, etc... This is not a winning program, they sneaked into the playoffs because Balt's D stunk at the end of the game...newsflash - this year's bills team will be worse than last years... Aj works out, just like all of the other trash heap QBs that have come through here. Do you honestly think that the Bills outsmarted all of the other QB needs teams this off season by grabbing the last man standing?
  8. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    What I put stock into is actually being in position to draft the QB and not hope that a bounty of picks is enough to do just that. Had we actually stunk last year, we may have been able to draft another blue chipper with a QB means: QB+ blue chipper > just QB Fact of the matter is, the team is being torn down and Hughes & Shady will be moved soon, just as TT and Glenn were. I would have done it all in one shot last year, because you knew Allen was staying, plus you knew Darnold & Rosen were all in the draft this year. So yes, I would have made those moves last year as well...The half measures keep you in the mid round purgatory we have been in for 20+ years...stupid idea A lot of good that did him....
  9. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    I would have Brownsed it. They are in a better position than us. I said it last year and it's still true... It starts and ends with QB. Every other position can be moved around interchangeably and found in numerous places. Franchise QBs elevate the team around them....
  10. Browns will be better than....

    Damn it you beat me to this!
  11. I hope we didn't miss an opportunity to send Glenn, 21 and something else here to move up higher than 12...
  12. Was breaking the drought worth it?

    This will be a fun thread to go back to, especially: 1.) if we puss out on a QB and the Jets and other teams get theirs while we wait for the fall guy.... 2.) if we trade a ****-ton of picks to move up...picks we could have kept btw... I get the 17 years and the showing of it, blah blah...one and done. The4 focus should have been on the long=term and not the short imo...but what's done is done...
  13. Report: Bills Release DE Ryan Davis

    Who's taking Tyrod's job?