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  1. Agree... Wrong thread (kind of) but since I have your attention and I do (most of us do) trust your insight... And comments or thoughts on this? I literally just had this pop up on Twitter. I want to go back and watch the entire thing...
  2. I've been busy today and haven't had a chance to hop back in here yet. Obviously this is all conjecture, part of the fun (or frustration) is trying to put pieces of a puzzle together.... Not that Jordan Plamer speaks for Josh, but obviously there is a closeness there, looking at who may or many not be credible or have some knowledge of a situation based on relationships with the parties is our only real avenue to try to get some insight on what's going on. As fans we also have a way of accepting or dismissing information in what we want to or not want to believe. This certainly seems to be something that is multifaceted and there is not just one root cause. For Palmer to make a comment like this, he has some level of knowledge and obviously felt compelled enough to put this tid bit out there, if any of us care to know by delving into the topic, it is up to us to try to decipher it... “It’s less about Ken Dorsey & what he isn’t. It’s more about Brian Daboll. I think a few years from now we’ll all say that’s the best coach in football… ... “What Josh benefited from with Daboll was not just the play calling but learning the game… learning the game from who Bill Belichick and a lot of other people think is one of the smarter dudes in the league at teaching the position”." It's not Josh and Dorsey at all, it's giving him an elite mind to help teach him the game and to mentor him through the challenges of what teams are game planning against him as well as unlocking the understanding of the game within himself to get to that other level. When you have someone you have that level of respect for, it is easier to listen to the constructive criticism they are providing to you. I mean there is a chance that Daboll is one of those minds...
  3. If that's how they truly thought an out wouldn't exist at the end of next season in that contract. Schoen rightfully saw the qb market about to explode and kept what they had. How much was that both him and dabolls choice vs the owner who badly wants Jones to succeed?
  4. He's not taking them because it's who he is. He knows he can and had made those throws and plays in the past and thinks he can do it again. He is not the let's live to play another down guy and if it is a close game he is going to press and press to score or get the first down in 3rd and long. Josh's tendency is to get it all at once...
  5. It's not really an x's and o's or there is a problem with the scheme, it's what the qb is choosing to do and feeding into his bad impulses. There certainly is the arm arrogance part of it, look at the int on the route where Davis was jumped. Space took a step or hesitated towards covering him instead focusing on the TE in front of it, which created a small window for josh to fit the ball in there. Whitehead read josh the whole time, what Aikman said about Davis route was true and if allen led the ball more outside ot may have been a catch like it was in the past. Hey I made this throw before and I can do it again instead of taking the other 2 options who would get me the first, the TE sauce was covering or the LB on Diggs over the middle. Psychology when you have a qb who can make throws no one else can and is a risk taker, it is easy to be baited into taking those shots especially in a close game. Being wired the way he is with his physical abilities is entirely different than Brady who will dink and dunk you to death... Peyton Manning who is likely as of now the best QB to ever play the position had built-in mentors within his own family. One of Mahomes biggest strengths is his understanding of the game, IIRC, he even mentioned that he doesn't watch much film either and he wasn't the best at reading the defense. It's that stiff that is missing, guys are open, but you need the tough love to pullback on those negative tendencies... People generally only follow the tough love of people they respect as knowing more than them and that have thought them and brought them along...
  6. There certainly was a rift between him and McD and there were certainly times the offense stalled during his time as OC, I'm certainly not disagreeing with any of that, what I do see different is the mentor-mentee relationship that him and Allen had is absent and that allows those bad traits to start to surface again. Allen certainly had those bad traits during his time with Daboll as well, but Josh did appear to learn from it and limit those opportunities. Lol Over the last 16 or 17 games, Josh is a bit different and the offense feels harder to get moving. The over the top stuff isn't there and Josh is pressing and the bad habits are creeping back. That's where that trusted mentor comes in, it's the soft skills and the trust between the teach and student or coach and player. He was hired because he was the best candidate available, the owner wants someone who can fix Jones, but that doesn't mean he can be. In any event the giants will be rebuilt like the Bills, competitive tear down and rebuild. Regardless of what a team says about a QB or any player, what their actions and not their words...Zach Wilson is our guy....
  7. It's not just about adjusting to different coordinators. Josh lobbied for Dorsey to stay as the OC... As @Buffalo716 said above: "They had a great Bond.. that Brian was able to develop since Josh was 22... Brian was able to rip into him and give him criticism... Without pushback What all professional football players need.. a coach to coach them I don't think Allen respects Dorsey enough to be coached by him... Sure he can play under him... But he doesn't fear and respect him enough to take in coaching" The respect can easily be tied to Daboll's understanding of the game and that Josh bought into and recognized that. In any part of life, when you have that mentor who is on another level and you realize that - you accept that teaching and coaching, you give the respect and it is much easier to take constructive criticism from due to that trust and respect. Once that mentor leaves, yes you learned things and are better than you were before, but are you willing to accept constructive criticism from that next mentor if they are on a level or 2 below? Personally, in my work life, I struggle with that (generally because I know more than they do LOL). There are only a handful of people in my professional life I would accept constructive criticism from, because they are levels above me... Josh's work with Jordan was mechanics...This isn't mechanical.
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