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  1. I am an old guy too - I remember the days of o-line stability. I agree with you that free agency has made keeping a line together very difficult. The lack of continuity on offensive lines has contributed the overall decrease in the quality of o-line play in the NFL -- successful o-lines need to function nearly as one rather than five - communication and familiarity with the guys next to you are vital to consistent quality line play. I also believe that the advent of the Salary Cap has also contributed to the o-line turnover & subsequent decrease in quality of overall o-line play. The constant tinkering with personnel for financial, rather than just level of play, issues is also a significant factor.
  2. The Jets are simply bad - and thankfully I have not had to suffer through watching very much of the "football" that the team has subjected the world to this season. However, it is not true that the Jets have not hit a big play all year - I remember seeing Jamison Crowder take one to the house against the Bills on opening day: that was a big play. The Jets though, are so bad, that even if they hit another big play on Sunday (or even two of them) - those plays will likely be overwhelmed by the rest of their bungling play. The Jets are just so bad - they might squeak out a win somewhere (0-16 is hard to do) - but it will likely be because their opponent that week gave the game away. Let's hope the Bills are not that "generous" opponent this week.
  3. If that's the case - at least he wasn't found by police naked in a field in Western New York - I hear that can be a thing with offensive lineman on this team.
  4. I can't either -- but I can't wait until it happens again!!
  5. I don't think that it will be quite that bad - however, I do see our defense having great difficulty getting the Chiefs offense off the field. I think that our offense will be much more effective than anything we saw in that dreadful Saints game in 2017. So I guess it will be a high scoring game - which will turn on which team makes critical plays on special teams to set up field position. Unfortunately - I don't have a great deal of faith in our special teams to come through in this one. My prediction - Chiefs 38 - Bills 30. We are hurt by a couple of instances of poor kick coverage & a missed field goal that wastes a great effort by the offense.
  6. Funny thing - when I have the misfortune to see the Jets play I always see Bell as a young back. Can't help it when the alternative to him is Frank Gore - Bell may be approaching being NFL senior citizen - but Frank Gore is on life support as an NFL player.
  7. 1. George Washington -- without his courage & leadership there would never have been a United States of America 2. Abraham Lincoln - without his courage & leadership the United States of America would never have survived as we know it. 3. William Henry Harrison - how much good or damage could a guy do in a term that only lasted 31 days? - thought he deserved a shout out (has he ever gotten one before?). 4. William Howard Taft - I have always pulled for the big fat guys - hence my fan-hood for offensive lineman in football.
  8. I completely agree that Andre Roberts has a rare knack for reading the broken field & making the most of return opportunities. I really appreciate his abilities. However, my favorite aspect of his abilities as a returner is his decision making. Roberts knows when to fair catch, when to stay away from a kick, and when to go for it on a return. There is little concern about seeing a costly bone-headed decision back there, potentially resulting in a game changing turnover, when he is on the field. He is a valuable piece of the puzzle on special teams.
  9. The rot of the Patriots* dishonest & cheating culture runs deep & spreads to other organizations when guys like Vrabel take new jobs. I don't see the Pats* as a dignified organization -- if it was actually the Pats* they might have made a post practice trip to an Asian Massage Parlor recommended by Robert Kraft. I'm sure that there are no virus' or other germs being shared at those places, right?
  10. Considering that Vrabel is a Belicheck (oops - "Belicheat") disciple -- I think that the former is much more likely.
  11. Thanks for posting this - no thread about Adam Gase is complete without someone posting the Press Conference Photo!
  12. This team is very capable & I believe in them. Every NFL Season has its ups & downs - we are sure to run into a rough patch somewhere. Aside from the negative impact of a huge run of injuries or an injury to one of the essential key players (always possible in the NFL) - I have a hard time envisioning this team winning less than 10 or 11 games. If we are fortunate to have some things fall our way - then 12 wins is possible too.
  13. It is so difficult to assess these college prospects. The elite physical skills can be relatively easy to evaluate - speed, strength. size, etc. However, so much of the game is mental - especially for a position such as quarterback. The most important questions to answer are often the most opaque - how well will the prospect adjust to the speed of the pro game, how well will he learn to read pro defenses, what will his work ethic be after he suddenly has more money than he ever had in his whole life (when he signs his rookie contract), what will his leadership skills be in a locker room and playing field full of men (rather than young college guys), will he driven to accept nothing less than championships or be happy to have achieved becoming an NFL player & achieving financial security? The draft is an art more than it is a science. So many people missed on Josh Allen because the process of reviewing a college QB prospect is fraught with an enormous amount of speculation about personal attributes that are extremely difficult to quantify. Josh Allen checks off all the boxes on the "intangibles" - it took a lot of guts to roll with your feelings about the young guy rather than going with a so called "safer" choice like Josh Rosen. If these intangibles were so easy to evaluate - then Tom Brady & Russell Wilson wouldn't have been bypassed multiple times by every team in the league when they were on the clock for the draft. Kudos to McBeane for having the guts to make the hard choice - now they can reap the benefits that come with it. And so can we ...
  14. No argument that the Giants are bad & that the Jets are even worse. However -- the Giants are best team in New Jersey not the best team in New York! I just made a trip down to New York City two weeks ago (had to attend a family event). I drove right by Met Life Stadium (at least I think that's what they still call it) on the way into the city. In my opinion that stadium is one of the ugliest structures I have ever seen - viewed from the exterior. My opinion on this is certainly debatable - after all "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". However there can be no argument that I was in New Jersey when I was looking at that hideous looking Stadium - and not in New York!
  15. I went with AJ Epenesa -- A 2nd round draft pick that is a healthy inactive for opening day is definitely a top candidate to claim whipping boy status for this year in the near future. If the offense is able to sustain a significant improvement over last years performance (certainly debatable at this point) - then AJ will overtake Ford & Daboll as the board whipping boy. I suspect that some of our posters likely sadly miss Patrick DiMarco as they ponder this poll question ...
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