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  1. I also don't understand some of the negativity surrounding the memories of Tyrod Taylor among some fans. OK - Tyrod wasn't Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, however Tyrod was a competitive QB for us. He was a better QB than most of the guys that we have had since Jim Kelly retired & I enjoyed some of the occasional explosive runs that he made. Not to mention that Tyrod was the QB of the team that broke the playoff drought. Tyrod was not the QB that was going to lead us to a Super Bowl - however he was a good Buffalo Bill, a good teammate, & provided us with a more fond game memories than many of the other guys that have passed through here in recent years. That being said - I hope (but am not in any way sure) that Josh Allen will far surpass Tyrod Taylor as an NFL QB - he certainly has the potential to do so. Let's hope, for our sake, that he reaches that higher potential.
  2. These self proclaimed "experts: who continue to parrot the "you can't improve accuracy" theory have no credibility. I am no expert on the development of NFL quarterbacks, but I am capable of accessing some basic statistics on NFL quarterbacks. Here are two examples - two great quarterbacks - one a "gunslinger" and the other a precision/accuracy type QB: Brett Favre -- 1991-2001 Average Completion Percentage --- 60.96% 2002-2010 Average Completion Percentage -- 63.32% Drew Brees -- 2002-2010 Average Completion Percentage -- 64.89% 2011-2019 Average Completion Percentage -- 70.12% Did these two all-time greats not improve their accuracy over time? I really wonder what passes for journalism these days - You can't improve accuracy? What nonsense! I don't have the time or patience to look up additional QB stats - but I dare to guess that some improvement over time is common place in the QB profession. No wonder that the media has lost so much credibility in recent years -- no standards of performance for them. I must have picked the wrong profession.
  3. QB: B : I think that Josh makes another step forward this year RB: C+ : Singletary had good rookie showing & Moss has potential , but hasn't played a down yet. Yeldon doesn't do much for me. Hopefully this group overachieves. TE: C- : If Knox shows significant improvement (a big "if") - this group grades higher. WR: A- : If one of the rookies contribute - this group is a legitimate "A". OL: B- : I expect some improvement here with a year together under the belt for this group - hope for some improvement from Cody Ford (another big "if"). CB: A- : I like this group - a top tier player in Tre & some solid experience on the roster. LB: C- : I see this group as very thin behind Edmunds & Milano - Beane has done a great job building depth everywhere else, but not so much with this group. DL: B- : I like the talent here - will the youth contribute, will Oliver excel in his 2nd year (& not be suspended), do the older guys have something left in the tank? This unit could actually perform anywhere between an "A" and a "C". S: A- : Top quality talent here. ST: C- : Lower grade due to our issue with kickers , glad we drafted one - can only hope he works out & a new & improved punter emerges.
  4. First of all - I fully believe in any citizen's right to protest in any manner in which they choose - both I & a number of people in my family have in the past and currently do serve this country in the military. Being a patriot has been ingrained in me since my youth (that was along time ago - just for the record). I have seen the opinion that these anthem protests are not about "disrespecting the flag or the military". I must ask this question - isn't the whole purpose of playing the anthem & facing the flag while having your hand over your heart (or saluting) to honor the flag & country? If there is some other purpose to this tradition - please let me know what it is, because otherwise I have been misinformed about the symbolism & purpose of the anthem/flag display tradition. Again - I fully believe in a person's right to protest, even if that protest involves disrespecting the flag & country. Just be honest about what you are doing - if you wish to show a lack of respect for the flag & nation due to what you perceive as persecution, feel free - but please be honest about what you are doing.
  5. I actually forgot that Cole Beasley actually sang & rapped - I guess there is more to his striking resemblance to Peter Frampton than meets the eye.
  6. I wouldn't be thrilled with it -- I much prefer a full season (even if it is without fans in the seats). However, if the Bills finish 6-0 & win the Super Bowl & the Jets finish 0-6 -- then I could be OK with that!
  7. Yes - certainly a young & stupid mistake - many young guys (I bet- especially ones with as much money as Ed Oliver) feel invincible & have an "it can't happen to me attitude. Hope that Ed learns from this & moves forward. A criminal conviction as a young man is not good - but, it does not mean that you can't go on to be a successful man - no matter what your occupation & life circumstance are. To a certain extent we have all been there - I wish I knew what I know now back when I was 23. Heck, I wish I could just remember when I was 23! On a lighter note -- at least he wasn't found naked in a field in Elma by the police -- what ever happened to Cyrus Kouandjio (spelling?) - did he continue with an NFL career?
  8. If we could have ever claimed to have the best QB in the AFC East - it would certainly be very few times (at best). Here is a year for you -- 1980. The AFC East Quarterbacks were: Jets -- Richard Todd Dolphins - David Woodley Patriots -- Steve Grogan Colts (yes, for you youngsters out there - the Colts in the AFC East back then) - Bert Jones Bills - Joe Ferguson I think that the 1980 version of Joe Ferguson might have been the best of this group - although I always had a high opinion of Bert Jones.
  9. Acquire a bona fide #1 receiver with the 22nd overall pick --- already accomplished! Find quality rotational players at the DE, RB, & CB positions - in no particular order - follow BPA to select them. If necessary, spend a minimal amount of late round trade capital to move up to select a particular desired player - at the discretion of McBeane.
  10. Yeah - i know we should just let these things go & move on .... but certain games seem to stick with us no matter what. I still remember sitting in the stands at the home opener in 1979 just knowing that we were about to beat the Dolphins after a decade of futility and seeing Tom Dempsey (RIP) miss that "easy" game winning field goal. Some things are just hard to put out of your memory -- even after 41 years ...
  11. Those expecting Josh Allen to "develop" into a precision type quarterback (like a Drew Brees) are all likely in for a big disappointment. I am a big supporter of Josh - he's the most fun & exciting QB we have had in our backfield in many years - however, it is likely that he will always be what he is now - a QB that is capable of making huge plays, and able to make them with his legs as well as him arm, while sometimes making some head scratchers. This does not preclude Allen from leading us to a Super Bowl victory - not all Super Bowl winning QB's were cut from the Brees or Brady mold. Let's enjoy the great things Josh can do & stop wishing that he could turn into someone/something that he is not. While there are never any guarantees -- Here's hoping Josh makes another leap forward this year - as he did between year 1 & 2 of his career. Secondly - that list of guys above -- with a "better" % than Josh Allen is indicative of how useless statistics can sometimes be - would anyone suggest that any of these guys are better QB's than Josh Allen or would anyone suggest that they would want one of them as the Bills QB instead Of Josh Allen because of those "better" %'s?
  12. I couldn't agree more - get us some young fresh legs - every year there are quality backs found mid to late round in the draft & sometimes even some quality UDFA are found. We have plenty of veteran's in the locker room - do we really need to add a another washed up veteran RB for "locker room presence"? I say skip the retread bin & get us a young back to pair with Singletary.
  13. Tom Cousineau was indeed the first overall pick in 1979 - and he never played for us - chose to play in Canada instead. While this was an incredibly bad pick in the short term (wasting the 1st overall pick - how is that even possible!). In the longer term - we maintained his NFL rights and when he wanted to leave Canada & finally play in the NFL - we then traded him to the Cleveland Browns for what was the 14th overall pick in the 1st round. That pick turned out to be Jim Kelly - so I guess in the big picture the pick was actually a good one.
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