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  1. You bet - let's bench our Pro Bowl kick returner because he made a mistake in a game. Next - how about we bench Diggs because of that dropped pass he had in the Colts game & bench Allen due to that 4th quarter fumble that we were fortunate enough to recover, lol. We do get to see some really ingenious personnel decisions proposed on this board!
  2. Coach McDermott -- please do not bench our top gunner on kick coverage for a back-up running back. Thanks.
  3. Agreed. I am one who thinks highly of coach Frazier. I wish him well - he seems like a great guy and his players all seem to love him. For purely selfish reasons, I hope he stays on our sideline.
  4. Great idea! Let's hope the Jets stay to form and completely whiff on this hire. Would Dick Jauron come out of retirement for them? Is Rich Kotite to old? They could always go back to Rex Ryan.
  5. Of course Josh is deserving of it - but I am an admittedly a biased Bill's homer. Most likely though, it will be whomever signs last. Surprised there is no support for Mason Rudolph, lol. Remember seeing some pre-draft love for him around here back then ...
  6. I do not want to play against Brady in the Super Bowl. No way I want to see that arrogant dude (most of the words I wanted to use are inappropriate) have the satisfaction of even reaching another Super Bowl. JUST GO AWAY TOM.
  7. That's one of my favorite dreams too. For a second there, I felt a little queasy - because I thought that Sherlick Holmes had posted this. Then I realized it was someone else and my mind instantly drifted off to my favorite ladies yoga pants dream ... I guess I prefer to think about the Bill's when I am awake, lol.
  8. It might be just me, and this probably doesn't even make anyone else's top 50 plays list- but ever since I was a kid I always thought the Statue of Liberty play was fun and cool. I loved that our team had the guts to run it during an NFL game. Even though the resulting TD was called back - I thought that the fact that we had the people & the moxy to do something like that in a potentially division clinching game said something about this team. That really brought a smile to my face.
  9. Yes - some guys are better coordinators than head coaches - such as Anthony Lynn. Always liked Lynn when he was with the Bills, but it looks more like OC is his specialty. Who knows about Daboll - can't begrudge a man for trying to reach the "top" of his profession, if that is what he wants. Maybe we are lucky & he is happy reaching his "dream" job as OC of his hometown Bill's and prefers to stay home rather than go to So Cal. But how do you turn down all that money? I thinks he takes the HC job of it is offered.
  10. Definitely a possible factor in our favor - a dome team playing in Orchard Park in January. I know that we can't count on extended forecasts, but the extended currently shows Saturday as a high of 29 degrees with light winds. Perhaps that would be cold enough to bother the dome acclimated Colts, but be a great day for our offense to shine.
  11. Yes - anything can happen in the playoffs. The Colts defense is competitive, but I am confident that our offense will adequately produce - if our "D" plays as it has recently - slowing down the run & putting a lot of pressure on Rivers - I see that as a winning formula for the Bills.
  12. I don't think it matters much who we play next - I do not fear any of these potential foes much more than the others. We should be well able to handle any of them - win 2 games & we'll see KC in the AFC Championship game (if KC makes it that far!).
  13. That's right - 1st round needs to be addressed will include interior offensive line, CB2, and maybe OT (if Williams does not return). If the team desires to upgrade RB -- that is a mid-round type of need in the draft.
  14. Don't forget Maddie -- that voice is hard to listen to. Might be a nice girl - but not enjoyable to hear on the radio. I have only heard her on the radio - never have seen her - perhaps she has other qualities that might endear an audience besides her lovely voice (I hope so, lol).
  15. I don't get the question either - I would think that Josh should keep throwing to the open man. If the open man is performing poorly - then a coaching decision must be made. this is not something that Josh should be thinking about as he is in the pocket scanning the field. Just find the open man & get the ball to him.
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