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  1. That throw against the SF was indeed awesome. For me - the laser that Josh hit Diggs with in the endzone with seconds left on the clock in the 4th quarter in Arizona sticks in my mind. I think the hail Murray that followed a few minutes later tends to overshadow it in some people's minds. What a throw ...
  2. I didn't see any mention of "Giants fan" in the story either. I bet it was a Jets fan - I will not be convinced that we know the true circumstances of this crime until our resident expert on New York City culture, Jimmy Spagnola, checks in about this. You out there Jimmy? Any inside info about this?
  3. I have a white Dan Manucci Jersey (#11) that I bought at a garage sale back in the 1980's. I thought that it was funny back then & I guess that I still do.😊
  4. Wow - nice typo by me! My typing skills are brutal. Typing was the only class in high school that I almost failed. I only took it because of all the girls who would be in the class. I know - "that's sexist" - but I am an old coot & back in the day it was true that the typing class was always loaded up with girls. Just for the record - the typing class obviously did not help my keyboard skills much - but it did not disappoint on all the pretty girls that I could seek help from ... those were the days ...
  5. Yes - I also dislike Mahomes. Something about him just strikes me the wrong way (and it is not just the KC uniform that he wears). Also - I do not care one way or the other if he feels "threatened" by Herbert. I much prefer that he develops an unhealthy fear of John Allen instead!
  6. It was probably the same guy who ranked Edmund's #1 - I like Tremaine, but that one was a head -scratcher for me too.
  7. When I first saw the headline I thought that this would be something posted by Sherlock Holmes -- until I took a closer look! Seriously though - congrats to these guys & best of luck to them.
  8. Amen! 100% on target. I don't want to turn this into a political post (there are more appropriate venues for that) - but a member of the media, who makes a living off of airing out his opinions on matters, who would denigrate someone else solely for speaking out about his beliefs angers me. Apparently freely speaking out is something that is "good for me, but not good for thee" to a guy like this. Disgusting.
  9. Fun list - thanks for posting it. I am a little surprised that Roland William's is not on the list. He is from Rochester and was a standout at Syracuse University. He played tight end for the Rams in the NFL & was the starting TE for the Rams on their Super Bowl XXXIV winning team.
  10. Edmunds is a much better player than many of his critics are giving him credit for. He is still very young & while not playing at a pro bowl level (yet!) - he has shown well on the field in his early years. Remember, also, that he played through injury a good chunk of last season. Perhaps the "he only makes tackles 5 yards down field " crowd is confusing him with our former LB Paul Pozluszny. Now there was a master of the downfield tackle.
  11. I didn't vote - I'm holding out for the simple poll on whether Duke William's will regress - I will vote in that poll. This off-season is getting a little long. The good news is that training camp starts in about a month! Football is coming soon!
  12. I hate being outdone by the Chiefs. Thank you OJ - at least we can maintain a historical advantage in the commitment heinous crimes.
  13. I prefer to watch & talk football. Stadiums planned to be paid for with public money are bound to become embroiled in the swampy world of local & state politics. Jerry Jones might be a good choice as a consultant in the political field - where influence & the ability to put pressure on the right people can make the difference between a project being completed or that project never making it off the drawing board. This guy might have also have been a good choice as a consultant :
  14. Give him a chance in training camp. Having another option for a big fat guy in the middle of the D-line can't cause any harm. Just make sure that he stays away from the nutritionist that AJE used last year - or might report to camp at 200 lbs.😁
  15. Reid Ferguson - you can't undersell the value of a top-notch long snapper. We are so fortunate to have the highest paid long snapper in the league -- only kidding. Seriously - I agree with those who mention Hollister. He gives us a viable opportunity to diversify our WR centric offense. He may prove to be a very productive weapon for Josh Allen & give opposing defenses something different to worry about in 2021.
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