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  1. Thank you! I too have not heard this level of dissatisfaction with a draft pick since the "wrong Josh" was picked. No one knows how any of these drafted players will translate to the NFL - just need to let it play out & hope that Mcbeane made a wise choice & that Keon becomes the WR that we need (sooner rather than later). What we had the last couple years was not enough to get us over the top. I'm glad that we did not just try to run it back again. I look forward to seeing what happens.
  2. What an awesome idea - trade away Josh Allen, LOL. Well, you asked for it -- here they are ...
  3. At least we won't have to listen to people complaining that Jauron is "clapping" too much!
  4. It's Jets week - Why no Jimmy Spagnola this week? Don't they let people in prison get online anymore?
  5. The Jets are sickeningly overhyped - no doubt. Proof positive that the NYC/NJ media will hype absolutely anything is that this guy was hyped by them: Looking forward to the impending Jets collapse. I still think that the Jets will finish last in the AFC East this year - that's right - I think that even the Pats* will win more games than the Jets when all is said and done. I hope to enjoy hearing all the wailing & complaining when it happens.
  6. Does anyone think that this news might have a significant effect on the future of the Bills franchise? I'm not sure of what to think about this business side development.
  7. I must go back a bit further in history for my #1 choice - Dan Manucci! We were completely dead in the water if Joe Ferguson had to be out of the lineup in the early 80's with this guy as our #2. Seriously though - Fitz must be the best back-up option in more recent years - with Frank Reich being the obvious best back-up QB in team history.
  8. I am not very interested in Josh Allen's basement - unless he has Hailee Steinfeld down there - then additional images of her would definitely interest me ...
  9. At first, I felt pretty good about Bills fans being ranked as the smartest fan base. However - I then saw that Jets fans are ranked #30 - I'm sorry, but I cannot take any rankings seriously if Jets fans are ranked anywhere else except #32. There is no way that any fan base can be less knowledgeable than Jets fans!
  10. This is kind of like "paying it forward" at the drive-thru at your favorite fast-food place. The Bills used Carolina's staff - the Giants used the Bills staff - now I wonder who the current Giants staff will be forwarded to when the time comes in New Jersey.
  11. I greatly appreciate the work that the US Postal Service does. It remains a mystery to me how it is a cottage industry for some people to complain about the Postal Service. Imagine being able to walk into a building in Western New York & hand some paper to someone behind a counter and say to them - "Send this to Alaska for me" and they say - "Yes Sir - that will be 63 cents & we'll have it there in a couple of days". I think that it is amazing that such a low-cost service is available to everyone, from anywhere, in the United States - yet people complain about the price of stamps! The issue is that the Americans have been spoiled by the Postal Service & have lost appreciation for it. On the other hand - the Postal Service will need to transition from the "letter" business to the "package" business as our economy continues to evolve. I believe that this transition is already in progress. I hope that the Postal Service, in some form that serves our country, will exist for generations to come.
  12. This is kind of random but -- in the early 1980's I met Ron Jessie in the grocery store. Spoke for just a few minutes. Jessie had an extremely impressive afro - wish that I was lucky enough to have hair like that. Years later I was surprised to hear someone tell me that the old Rick Springfield son "Jessie's Girl" had a connection to Ron Jessie - how strange is that. I know that you can't believe everything from Wikipedia but:
  13. I admit that I am a homer & I expect that the Bills will make the playoff this year. However - for any NFL team it is way more likely to miss the playoffs entirely than winning a conference championship or a Super Bowl. A key injury or two can take down any franchise's season. Winning a Conference title or a Super Bowl requires a lot of things to go just right for a team. After about fifty years of being a Bills fans I am hoping that this is finally the year that Jupiter aligns with Mars for the team & the team goes all the way. A guy has to dream a little...
  14. I may have been wrong about the Chiefs - perhaps the Bengals are a better situation for him. Joe Mixon may need a roommate. Mixon would be a great influence on this young man - he would never hit a woman or a child (allegedly). The hypocrisy in the NFL sometimes shows no bounds ...
  15. The Chiefs might need some help on the DL - I'm sure that they wouldn't have any issue with signing this guy.
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