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  1. Please be Rosen so we can have the answer to the burning question of, “Did we take the right Josh?”
  2. So the Bye week generates threads calling rookies busts after 5 NFL games?
  3. Might get flamed for this, but why not send a low round pick to Zona for Larry Fitzgerald?
  4. Agree 100%. I believe this team is the 2015 Carolina Panthers
  5. We are the 2015 Carolina Panthers
  6. Bold prediction: AJ Green or Stefon Diggs are Bills by end of week
  7. Rest up. I have a feeling this is going to be a magical season. Best Bills team I can remember...I’m 29.
  8. Honestly you go all in right now. Year 3 and we can beat any team in the NFL. Not going to happen, but I would love Trent Williams AND AJ Green.
  9. I was there. Bills mafia took over. Incredible experience.
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