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  1. Uhh, seriously? Pat Mahomes was lighting up the Big 12. Josh Allen was struggling at times in the Mountain West. Facts are facts Chief.
  2. It stings because we were the team that traded with KC for them to select him. It stings because not only we passed on him, we passed on Watson too. It stings because we took a QB (over Mahomes and Watson) who had a ton of flaws in college that is showing again now. Make no mistake, it sucks. There’s no sugar coating it.
  3. We had Mahomes and passed. Josh Allen will never be as good. Ban me, kick me off here, whatever you want to do but it’s downright sad we passed on him. We passed on Watson too. Just sickening.
  4. I believe Marcus would be a solid backup to Josh in case you know what hits the fan. Marcus didn’t get a fair shake in Tennessee. He’s proven in the past he can be elite. I hope Josh Allen is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL starting next season. I’m really pulling for #17, make no mistake!! However, I believe signing Mariota is excellent value and would only help this team. Just my thoughts.
  5. My takeaway is our offense stinks and is no where near the level of the remaining teams that played this weekend.
  6. No? I just gave my reasons for why I think Mariota would be a great addition to this team. I want Josh to start next year and be great! It doesn’t hurt having a good backup in place though. Did you watch us play the Jets this season? Am I not allowed to voice on here that I’m not 100% sold on our QB? I haven’t bashed the kid at all, just stated I’m not sold. Why is that so bad?
  7. I’m going to stir the pot here... For me? Marcus Mariota. The kid had a new offensive coordinator every season in Tennessee, they refused to hand the ball to Henry when he was at QB, and he’s already had huge success before in the league. Before you all flame away, he would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over Barkley, and what has Tennessee/Philadelphia showed us the past few years? Never hurts to have a good QB 2. Lastly, I’m not sold on Josh Allen. I was extremely bullish on him early on but towards the end of the season my optimism has faded. Who is your number 1 target and why?
  8. I turned the TV off. This is down right sickening. As a Bills fan, this stings more than any loss. The Buffalo Bills should be hosting the AFC Title game next week. The coaches and players should be ashamed of themselves. This is absolutely gut wrenching.
  9. Beane wasn’t even a part of the organization at the time. Try again.
  10. Where’s the prediction thread here? I had Titans to Super Bowl in there. Been saying for a while now they are super bowl contenders.
  11. We would’ve been 1 game away from hosting the freaking AFC Title game in Buffalo. I’m going to go jump off a bridge now.
  12. Coleman is a dbag. Hickman needs to act like an adult and carry on with his life. Flying to Baltimore to confront a reporter is so lame. WTF goes through people’s heads? In what universe does Hickman think this would be a good idea?
  13. I think we can all agree, next year is put up or shut up time for #17.
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