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  1. What a horrible mistake to not sign a guy who was out of football for 2 years. Just horrible!
  2. McBean

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Must be Jeremy White
  3. But Jeremy White says different though?
  4. Let us send Foster off with his highlight tape here in Buffalo
  5. Cam Phillips feels like Julio Jones at this point.
  6. McBean

    Draft another QB

    Jordan Ta’amu QB Ole Miss
  7. McBean

    Anderson's real value to the team

    Yeah Beane is a fool. He just put out a top 3 defense, crushed the draft in his first season, and has improved our cap space significantly in....1 YEAR. Rome wasn’t built in a day chief. Now, continue on with your rambling.
  8. Do we need to get Joel Osteen on here to settle this madness?
  9. McBean

    The ownership has no respect for us

    Not good. My 7 month old little girl is sick. 65 and sunny here as well
  10. McBean

    The ownership has no respect for us

    Keep my name out of your mouth before I knock you out...son.
  11. If McDermott trots out Peterman then fire up potential coaches for next season
  12. If he needs surgery then what? I haven’t been this depressed as a Bills fan in a very long time. Everytime I think this team has hit rock bottom, they make a new low.
  13. This team will be boring to watch until he comes back.