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  1. In all due respect, I stopped reading when I saw trade with Dolphins. We aren’t trading with a divisional rival and the Fish have made it known they are tanking for next years QB class. I would love those selections though. Simmons is a beast too. I would love him here.
  2. If Oliver and Hockensen are both there at 9, I’m taking Hock all day. Give me a good TE, something we haven’t had in decades, over a DT. I want points, because a lot of points wins games. Remember last year Galko saying the Bills were “in love” with Josh Rosen? These dudes don’t know crap. We know more than they do.
  3. Well, since Kiper said it, this season is going to suck. The man is always wrong.
  4. Give me more offensive playmakers. To heck with defense.
  5. If Albright is right, (which he doesn't know anymore than Dunkirk Don), the Bills need to trade up for Josh Allen in that scenario.
  6. well that pretty much seals it. 2 picks are already in according to the Twitter GM's! 1. Murray and 3. Oliver I'll check Ben Albright and ICB twitter now to get the remaining picks. Brb.
  7. What the heck is this? A card counting thread to guess the deck? Holy ***** man hurry up Thursday.
  8. Hey, at least they have that idiot Antonio Brown. I hope that POS organization loses every game for the next 100 years.
  9. Yeah let’s sign Gentry who hasn’t done **** in the league, and forget all about how we signed Beasley. The draft needs to hurry the hell up. This place has gone mad.
  10. As a father of a little girl, if true, I hope this POS gets what he deserves.
  11. All smoke. Galko goes on radio last year running his mouth saying the Bills loved Josh Rosen. Thank God he was dead wrong.
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