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  1. I can summarize in 2 words why we lost: Josh Allen
  2. As a betting man, I’ll be hammering the Bills Next week.
  3. Yeah man I dunno tell that to the KC Chiefs who blew our behinds out last season. Speed and weapons all over. You win games by scoring more points. We lost today because our offense sucked and QB wasn’t good at all.
  4. Pass rush non existent and yet we’ve spent all our picks on the defensive line, refusing to add speed/playmakers. That’s what has pissed me off.
  5. Anybody defending Sean McDermott after today’s bs performance is just a homer at this point. Guy was gutless in the AFC Title game, and it carried over to Game 1 today. I’ve said all off season I wanted to see Josh perform with fans in the stands. So far, epic failure. He fkn sucked today. His missed throws are the reason we lost.
  6. We did nothing to improve this offseason. I’ve been saying it. Adding sanders is a downgrade from Smoke. Kept slow a** singletary. Added ZERO SPEED. I bet huge on the under for Bills win total. Huge regression coming and even tho it’s my username, McBeane’s off seasons have been horrid outside of the selection of Josh.
  7. We paid this fkn kid $150 million dollars. He needs to hit these deep balls 9/10. No excuses.
  8. Fear not! We added 50 year old Emmanuel Sanders in the off season and selected more defensive lineman. They made a huge impact today couldn’t you tell!!???
  9. Good for Stefanski. Coach with balls. Unlike our fkn coward HC
  10. Fkn bum. Cut this guy. My most hated Bill
  11. Thank GOD we drafted pass rushers the past 3 drafts!!!! Man, they SURE DID HELP TODAY!!!
  12. Who the fk said Gabe Davis would fall off? Looks like a legit talent to me.
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