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  1. Chris Kelsay Keith Ellison Leodis McKelvin Mike Jasper
  2. I’ve got a source a 100% verified that Russ Brandon was the snake. His quote, “that guy was some character”
  3. Are you serious right now!!?? I swear I’m going to show them who’s boss! Somebody better hold me back man I’m so mad!!!
  4. 4 primetime games? Holy **** we’ve arrived.
  5. When Josh Allen wins MVP this year, the Fromm talk will be toast. However, I do believe Fromm is a good QB.
  6. I believe in Josh Allen. He has all the tools. He just has to put them all together now. He has always been a 3 year project. With that being said, Fromm will push #17. Mark this post. Fromm comes from a big boy program, has big boy experience, and big boy numbers to back it up. I can not freakin believe we got him in the 5th round. I'm still shocked.
  7. Draft grades...the most irrelevant indicator of all time. Let's review these "grades" in 3 years..
  8. Trey Adams will make this team. Hell, he might even compete for a starting job quick.
  9. If we can draft a kicker in the 5th, we sure as heck need to be drafting a punter in the 1st because we haven’t had a good one since Moorman.
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