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  1. I remember being so excited about the Taylor and Cassel camp battle..
  2. Lawson has always been meh. I’ve heard mixed reports on Elam as well. What about Rousseau? Haven’t heard much about him.
  3. No no no can’t do that!! Doesn’t fit the agenda boss. Be sure you baaaaaa like a sheep. Also, hit that ignore button my man next to my profile if you don’t like it.
  4. Absolutely freakin disgusting. Gruden pushed out over a freakin email 10+ years ago..Bauer 2 years suspension…Ridley a year ban for a $1500 sports wager. I wonder why he only got 6 games… WAKE UP AMERICA
  5. I’ve been on vacation and off the grid. This contract is hilarious.
  6. I think 8 wins could win that division. Tampa locks this one up in week 10
  7. If I wanted a therapist session I’d pay for it. Sullivan is a tool and has been negative about the Bills forever.
  8. Mike Jasper for Bills Terry Bradshaw for most overrated outside of Bills.
  9. The biggest douche bag in the world. I’d love a chance to punch him right in the mouth as hard as I could..just one time.
  10. I did say that but didn’t want to bring it up cuz I own not wanting him predraft. My take was awful on him and I couldn’t be more happier to be wrong lol. Hes my favorite Bill of all time just after 4 years. Hard not to love the kid.
  11. So let’s bring something up from 4 years ago even tho I’ve admitted multiple times how much crow I’ve ate and it tastes so good? Ive never been so happy to be wrong.
  12. With all the horrid QB play I’ve seen the past 20+ years, it amazes me some out saying we have the best player on the planet on our team. Like, pinch me. Is it September 8th yet?
  13. Fk the pats, their fans, and everything that organization stands for. I hope they lose every game from here on out.
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