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  1. O come on. Really? I would just hop on an internet message board to just make crap up? I got told this yesterday by a person that is 100% keyed in to the Bills who I call a great friend. I wanted to just pass the info along quickly to help people plan accordingly is all. Unbelievable some people in this world. Pathetic.
  2. Hey man I was just passing it along when I found out. wanted to give some people a heads up if they didn’t know for planning purposes is all. Didn’t mean anything by it thought it would add value to the board.
  3. Just heard from a source ( sources right) that Fish/Dolphins is flexed to either Saturday night or Sunday night. Will know more 12/4-12/5ish. just a heads up. it’s legit. It’s happening
  4. They should’ve just stayed with Rosen and developed him… 😂😂
  5. I’ve said it for over a year and continue to get mocked that I’ve lost my mind
  6. No no no! Do NOT speak negatively about our king lord Sean mcdemott!! He is AMAZING!
  7. And…..boom. Facts folks. McDermott is a bad HC covered up by a generational talented QB who’s being wasted. Doug Collins 2.0.
  8. Amen brother. For those who know me personally, I was begging to keep Daboll and let McDermott go this past offseason. Makes me sick knowing we kept McClappy over him
  9. Not a good team to play in the snow. Browns have a great run game and line.
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