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  1. McBean

    Buffalo picked the right Josh

    And I absolutely LOVE it. Jeremy White and Ledyard in basement crying on each other’s shoulders.
  2. Schottenheimer will be a HC in 2 years or less.
  3. McBean

    Danny Crossman should be out

    Crossman has 9 lives. Has survived 3 coaching staffs..I’m sure he survives again.
  4. McBean

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    This is the worst mock draft I’ve ever seen in my life
  5. McBean

    Youse is in for a treat

    Is this you Jeremy White? Or is this Mike Schoop?
  6. One of my best friends played at a big time college program with one of Kelvin's teammates in the NFL... My buddy texted his friend and his response? "Kelvin could care less about football."
  7. McBean

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    Love it
  8. About time. See ya K Bum.
  9. I can't believe they just shut that board down with no warning or anything. I was a member on there for years. A lot of good people. Insane what they did. To answer your question, no, I never go there or never will. BTW, this board is 100x better anyways.
  10. McBean

    Does Danny Crossman Survive This Year?

    I’ve been wanting this guy gone for years. He’s awful.
  11. The throw to Robert Foster sealed it for me. He’s our franchise QB for the next decade. Whenever we surround him with more weapons this off season, watch out. We will be serious contenders starting next season.
  12. McBean

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    I’m officially obsessed with Josh Allen
  13. McBean

    1st half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    Fire Frazier
  14. McBean

    Allen best Bills QB of 21st century?

    Trying to see who the best Bills QB has been since Kelly is like picking which steaming pile of crap smells less