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  1. I haven't read a single post in here, but I can tell you right now it's Terrell Troup. Not even a close second. We had our very own GRONK in our back yard and by passed him for Troup who was freakin AWFUL. Some might say Mack, but Watkins is still in league. Troup is bagging groceries somewhere. Absolutely pathetic and that idiot Buddy Nix should've been ran out of town when the selection came in.
  2. Y’all better give me another shot or I swear it won’t be pretty Bills Mafia!!!
  3. Don’t mind giving up a #1 for a true #1 WR... It was either Diggs or Tee Higgins. I mean, really? How could anybody be mad about this?
  4. Tee Higgins is the only guy we could draft and I’d punch my TV.
  5. At the game, on the 50, right behind the Bills bench. I’ll pay the price for once in a lifetime opportunity without blinking.
  6. Uhh, seriously? Pat Mahomes was lighting up the Big 12. Josh Allen was struggling at times in the Mountain West. Facts are facts Chief.
  7. It stings because we were the team that traded with KC for them to select him. It stings because not only we passed on him, we passed on Watson too. It stings because we took a QB (over Mahomes and Watson) who had a ton of flaws in college that is showing again now. Make no mistake, it sucks. There’s no sugar coating it.
  8. We had Mahomes and passed. Josh Allen will never be as good. Ban me, kick me off here, whatever you want to do but it’s downright sad we passed on him. We passed on Watson too. Just sickening.
  9. I believe Marcus would be a solid backup to Josh in case you know what hits the fan. Marcus didn’t get a fair shake in Tennessee. He’s proven in the past he can be elite. I hope Josh Allen is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL starting next season. I’m really pulling for #17, make no mistake!! However, I believe signing Mariota is excellent value and would only help this team. Just my thoughts.
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