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  1. This thread needs to be postponed until after week 16 of the REGULAR season. Until then, none of us can evaluate crap.
  2. Matt Barkley man. When the hell is he going to get some credit around here?
  3. I just went from 6 o’clock to midnight. Welcome to the team Duke
  4. So dumb. Let Barkley throw first 3 plays and Allen hands ball off every play
  5. Cody Ford sealing the edge. Nice job big man
  6. Well, we are good again! All is well.
  7. If you wanted to just handoff all night, put Barkley in there from the start.
  8. Could you imagine if this was the offensive playcalling in a real game? Thank God it’s just preseason
  9. Next 2 offensive series pass every play. To hell with running
  10. Edmunds looks like an All Pro LB. Goodness
  11. T White hurt? TV off. God still hates this team
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