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  1. 100% agreed. Oliver sucks. I pounded the table for Jeff Simmons that night.
  2. Ok, I’ll check myself. Lets do some checking shall we? 1. Never beat the Pats 2. Hasn’t won a playoff game 3. punted in OT against colts to play for tie 4. Conservative as hell and a terrible in game coach 5. defensive guru yet defense is the worst it’s been despite significant capital devoted to that side of ball. 6. NOT ONE SIGNATURE WIN IN 4 YEARS 7. Opposing teams have rushed for over 200+ yards 3 times on him Lets build a statue of the guy!
  3. Pats will shred us. Belichick will school McDummy again like he always has. Wouldnt surprise me if Jets beat us either.
  4. Gotta call it both sides. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Wake up.
  5. You can't name me one signature win in 4 years. He hasn't beaten the Pats, sucked on primetime, and only beat the Steelers because the QB was named "Duck." The Tennessee Titans have adopted their coaches attitude: Tough, resilient, aggressive, and don't back down from ANYBODY. Our Bills have adopted their HC attitude: Timid, soft, and conservative with no aggression. Sean McDermott was supposed to be a defensive guru yet, his defense is the worst I've seen in years. A couple of other things: 1. The fake snap count to draw opposing team Offside DOESN'T WORK. It's soft. It's conservative. It's stupid. We let them rest for 5 minutes to just completely blow up the next play then proceeded to punt. That cost us huge. 2. I want somebody to be responsible for using this much capital into the defensive side of the ball through draft picks and free agents yet, we still SUCK. It's not acceptable and somebody needs to take ownership. Make no mistake, this team is soft and can't compete with the big boys. We choked twice on primetime and will be lucky to win the East. The Patriots will shred this team. We as fans deserve to be pissed because we have suffered to damn long to support this crap.
  6. Team has taken on their coaches identity. Timid, soft, and conservative. McDermott is a younger Jauron.
  7. O, and STOP WITH THE FAKE FALSE START! Never has worked. Never will. Conservative is hell. Should’ve snapped ball before the end of the third. I’m done with McDermott.
  8. Our defense is so bad. It’s worse than the Rex years.
  9. Josh Allen looks absolutely terrible. Wtf has happened.
  10. He sucked in college. He sucked in the NFL. Nothing else to say.
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