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  1. O no! Mr. Thaddeus Brown says Cody Ford isn’t a starter. My goodness what are we going to do?
  2. Bought a white one last weekend at the Bills store on OBD. To say I’m not all in on Allen is an understatement.
  3. Bad practice? It's over. Back up the truck, bulldoze the field, and turn New Era into a parking lot.
  4. You just make Daboll the HC if that happens then. Nothing trumps a great offensive mind and young QB in this league. Do whatever you gotta do to keep those 2 together IF they produce great results.
  5. Josh looks good in the no huddle? Where can I buy Super Bowl ticks?
  6. Where's Dez Lewis at? I'm sure he's lighting up the OTA's somewhere.
  7. Tua to the dolphins would be great. Most overrated player of all time in college football. Fromm is twice the QB.
  8. It just eases me knowing this was Buddy's pick NOT Whaley's...🙄
  9. Murph and lawson might actually get a sack this year..
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