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  1. In today’s NFL, defense is so overrated it’s sick. Hold a team to under 27ish and you should win. all about the offense. Offense offense offense.
  2. If true, this makes me very happy. My dream pick of ELIJAH MOORE might come true😃
  3. The rest of the AFC East doesn't have a superstar at QB so I could careless about the rest of the AFC East and their draft picks.
  4. Man I hope this is true!! We have to get Elijah in a Bills uniform. I'd also love Najee Harris but he won't be there at 30. I won't complain about ETN either! My wish list is 1 of these 3 in round 1. 1. Elijah Moore 2. Najee Harris 3. ETN
  5. Any defensive player. I want a RB or WR. A lot of points win games in this league.
  6. As an ole miss fan we called it “ the piss that saved Ole Miss.” it got our then current HC Matt Luke who was a buffoon fired and we hired Kiffin. We loved it lol but I get it.
  7. Look back at my post history and you can find mine! ELIJAH MOORE WR OLE MISS I hope he’s there for us at #30 and Beane wastes no time sending the card in. Where do I even begin with this kid? I watched every Ole Miss game and he’s the definition of ELECTRIC! Lane Kiffin has coached at every level and been around some of the best athletes we’ve ever seen. He said that ELIJAH MOORE was the most talented he’s ever coached! Kiffin has been the OC at USC with Reggie Bush, HC of the Raiders, HC at USC, OC at BAMA UNDER SABAN...and he said that MOORE was t
  8. Say it with me.. ELIJAH. MOORE. oleeee misssss Superstar
  9. Doesn’t matter. Who’s those teams QB?
  10. I would love this. My dream mock first 2 picks are: Round 1. Harris RB Bama Round 2. Elijah Moore WR Ole Miss A defense would have to stop Diggs, Davis, Beasley, Sanders, Moore (Tyreek Hill 2.0) and if you want to drop 8 in coverage like these teams did against us? Fine. We’ll feed the beast Harris 30 times and shred you! (Think about what KC did to us here in Buffalo during the rain game.) o, and we have Josh freakin Allen who can’t be stopped either. Give me Najee Harris and Elijah Moore and we will have the most talented tea
  11. I just hope this doesn’t mean we aren’t still taking Elijah Moore.
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