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  1. Sorry for pushing this out, & miss-titling, itwas intended for comment / conversation should this occur. To the geniuses above, didn’t know I was dealing with bunch of condescending a-holes.
  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/now-wild-saquon-barkley-trade-231856532.html https://www.arrowheadpride.com/platform/amp/2022/6/18/23173665/arrowheadlines-the-chiefs-should-consider-trading-for-saquon-barkley
  3. Not my rumor, I’ve been seeing / reading various mentions on the inter-web today.
  4. Kansas City Chiefs could offer up Clyde Edwards-Helaire and a 2023 draft pick in exchange for the former Penn State stud running back. Thoughts…..
  5. I guess we’ll see, according to JW: I just didn’t feel good at all,” Wydermyer said. “I had trained hard two days before the pro day and my back was tight and my legs were heavy. After the broad jump, I felt my back lock up, and I didn’t feel good when I ran the 40 and my vertical felt tight. “I got ready for the routes and stretched, and I felt like I did really well in the route running. I didn’t do what I wanted to do in the tests, but I wanted to do something well that day. It’s about football. It’s not about being a track guy.” His game film looks intriguing, Sweeney is not that hard to beat, so I’d say there’s a chance JW can take him out.
  6. Late to the party in this one but I love the addition of Jalen Wydemeyer, I think this was kind of a gift. I’d expect him to make the cut.
  7. Aren’t going to sign all your picks! Probably would have gone Rose here or his teammate at OG Lecitus Smith oh well. This guy would have been available as an after the draft thought.
  8. Nice essentially got a 4th rounder here in value!
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