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  1. What I don’t like about Dorsey is he’s inexperienced and he’s wound far too tight, as is Josh. It’s not a good mix.
  2. How do you explain the other throws basically right to defenders? He hasn’t been the same since the 2nd half of the GB game. Not sure what’s up with him but there’s something not right. He doesn’t look like the same player we’ve all seen!
  3. There’s been a lot of changes around JA - Brian Daboll and assistant quarterbacks coach Tierney went to NYG along with Webb. We transferred OC responsibilities to Dorsey and added Brady. As far as the team goes you have to think there was a Dabol camp and a McD camp. Some of this division could be spilling over into this season.
  4. If that’s the case Dabol has a mediocre NYG buying in…while the Bills appear to be in the middle of some lack of cohesion.
  5. Not sure 🤔 I’ve seen hating on JA just more critiquing & people being critical of bad plays. Big difference!
  6. Different OC’s between this year & last & JA pushed for Dorsey. Has to be something else…. Maybe who’s getting paid & who isn’t. It’s usually about $. Whatever it is it raised its ugly head last year and bled into this year. Whatever’s toxic needs to be delt with, immediately!
  7. With Dab’s & the NYG? (Sarcasm btw) I hope JA isn’t the “internal” clog that’s fracturing. He’s the last dude you want unhappy! But seriously “Internal issues” that unglued the team last year? What the hell is going on?
  8. That’s all pretty much the definition of regression.
  9. Who’s in Josh’s headset all game?
  10. Also of note … What I don’t like is that our star QB is regressing, hum? What’s changed?
  11. Bad losses when they should be W’s. Always seems like ground hog’s day. At some point you have to blame the people running the show. I’m starting to think McD & staff has run it’s course.
  12. This coaching staff is mediocre. We needed to kick the FG take the 30 - 17 lead and play D. Josh has regressed. IDK why but my guess is Dorsey. He’s visibly not the same QB. Josh has a tendency to get wound too tight, & Dorsey’s personality just feeds that frenzy. How many of these types of games have we had under McD. Nice guy but….
  13. Knox was a waste of $$$. Josh is seeing GHOSTS this ends with another horrible throw.
  14. Kelce makes that catch & Josh follows with another seeing GHOST throws
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