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  1. I’m just so happy Sean McDermott is our HC. Love this guy!
  2. Sean Payton. Get him here next year Beane. If not, we are going to waste Allen.
  3. I’ll say it until he proves me wrong… He isn’t going to lead us to a Super Bowl. He’s the wrong guy for this team. Record in close games and clock management proves this. He single handily cost us a super bowl last year with his absolute idiotic coaching with 13 seconds left in a football game.
  4. So called predicted MVP? Josh is the best player in the NFL hands down.
  5. This times 100. Been saying it for 2 years. McDermott is Doug Collins. We need Phil Jackson asap. We let him go…Brian Daboll.
  6. I hope we beat the Titans by 50 Monday night. I live here and there fans are awful.
  7. Not gonna look through this entire thread due to time constraints but the comment about how “The difference is Josh Allen is starting to figure it out.” Cris Collingsworth. Is this guy stupid? Live under a rock? He’s been balling out for 3 years now Wtf kind of awful take was that.
  8. Last night I came away impressed the most with the size we added on defensive line. I’m loving the defensive line. It finally looked like the line I thought we would see after all the premium picks and money we’ve devoted to that unit. Jones, Settle, Jordan Phillips, ROU looked great..Boogie. o, and that Miller guy is pretty good!
  9. We’re fine… Josh will lead us down here before half to get some points.
  10. this is awesome man i really do appreciate it!!! I’ll send you PM now.
  11. Thanks everybody for the replies. We want to tailgate…if anybody is opened to us stopping by we would love to meet other Bills fans. Im so stoked…I can’t wait .
  12. Hey everybody! My buddies and I are headed up from Nashville for the MNF game. We arrive Saturday afternoon..flying in. my question is how hard is it to get an Uber from the stadium back to the casinos where we are staying? Should we just rent a car? Thanks!
  13. Not betting this game. Too much public love on our Bills. Will watch and scream my heart out as a fan.
  14. Tua, Mac Jones, and Joe Flacco are our division rivals and we have Josh Allen. Holy ***** has times changed.
  15. I remember being so excited about the Taylor and Cassel camp battle..
  16. Lawson has always been meh. I’ve heard mixed reports on Elam as well. What about Rousseau? Haven’t heard much about him.
  17. No no no can’t do that!! Doesn’t fit the agenda boss. Be sure you baaaaaa like a sheep. Also, hit that ignore button my man next to my profile if you don’t like it.
  18. Absolutely freakin disgusting. Gruden pushed out over a freakin email 10+ years ago..Bauer 2 years suspension…Ridley a year ban for a $1500 sports wager. I wonder why he only got 6 games… WAKE UP AMERICA
  19. I’ve been on vacation and off the grid. This contract is hilarious.
  20. I think 8 wins could win that division. Tampa locks this one up in week 10
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