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  1. Are you a Bills fan or just on here trolling?
  2. Let's go get that W next week and be 4-1 going into KC. I'll be at Arrowhead super pumped.
  3. This feels like last year's TB game, make a great comeback only to blow it at the end.
  4. I wanted to apologize for my conduct, and would like a second chance. You have my word that my talk will be all bills related going forward. Would you be wiling to remove me from probation if I promise to keep it clean? Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Exactly. He should be suspended too IMO. Haven't heard a word about it other than he got a year probation. It's normal for KC to have these things happen so it's not big news around here.
  6. Well, this is what happens when you have a bunch of thugs on your team. Too bad so sad.
  7. SaviorEdwards, haven't heard that name in forever. That was back in the BBMB days lol.
  8. Bills just need to take care of business. Nothing else really matters.
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