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  1. heard during the la police commission zoom debacle (look it up its LMAO, but so sad at the same time) 600 hours to be a police officer and 1600 to be a cosmologist. Might be the ex-military hires, doing through profiles, the immunity from prosecution, strong unions in the cities with enough bad apples select bad leaders, DAs who won't file charges against officers, non-lethal rubber bullets and bean bags that do incredible damage and can be lethal, tear gas which is illegal in war - it is everything. Not trying to make this PPP
  2. Please keep the officers names out of the thread until it becomes an official announcement
  3. only because of the video, otherwise the original tripped and fell would have stood
  4. original statement now that they know there is a video
  5. I'm sorry to hear that John. I haven't slept good all week and don't have much of an appetite (I'm eating, but meh). If he makes it out of it, the recovery road is going to be very long and tough. His lungs and heart are taking a beating from this damn thing. He went from being in a hospital bed on Monday morning showing no respiratory issues to being placed on a vent the next morning. This virus is nasty as hell
  6. thanks man - it tough being in LA and having them back in Utica (like 2300 miles). Dad's Dr said the area is unprepared for it, he is really concerned. They have about 15 patients in ICU (my dad is one) and they devoted a whole floor as of yesterday dedicated to people who most likely have it, but are waiting for tests to come back. I have heard some horror stories from him from around that are in his general talks with us. Within 24 hours my dad went from feeling fine to the ICU with a Vent helping him breathe. This Sjit is nasty. I hope your mum is ok!
  7. Sorry fellas, my old man has Covid and isn't doing too well at all. He is thankfully stable for now, but i have been on video conference calls with his Dr.s and my sisters too many times each night to count and making sure my mom is ok from exposure to him and such. Everything has happened so quick. I lost sight of all of this - please accept my apologies.
  8. WR makes a lot of sense for them, but if one of the top OTs is still there, they have to make that their pick. The Jests OL is just awful and the next set of OT talent is much worse than WR. JMO
  9. With the 31st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select WR Denzel Mims Baylor (no one took him already right?) We need a WR to help prop up our shoddy QB, since we were unlucky in the top 13, we were able to address this need here. It was a tough choice between Mims and Aiyuk, but i like his upside more. @Buffalo716 is on the clock
  10. Only 2 picks I am not sure about are the Giants and Jets, I really think Simmons to the Giants and an OT to the Jets is how it will fall. Jets could be sneaky on a WR, but I think keeping Darnold up is there biggest need and they will pivot to WR in RD2. Curious to see if they are on the move for a WR or if they sit back
  11. Are you now blinded as well? I'm on my work computer and actually in the office today IDK if the interwebs are screwy here or what
  12. oddly enough yes he was correct apparently! Javon Kinlaw will be our pick. I like him better as a prospect over Henderson (CB is another need for us), but we need to replace Buckner at a cheaper contract.
  13. jesus I didn't even see your post - it wasn't there! it literally didn't even show aristo's pick
  14. Really expected OL here & I was going to nab Jeudy with this pick since having a true #1 WR is huge for SF and I like his fit. Keeping with the WR theme, we are taking CeeDee Lamb to help prop up our crappy QB @DCOrange is now on the clock
  15. Actually, you may very well be correct. Now thhat I think about it, there was a very big Shenault faction at the time but, I don't seem to recall Jefferson in the conversation too much at that point; I think it might have been more DE guys AJ Epenesa/Yetur
  16. I gladly would have taken Diggs for what we got him for. It is a much better trade than a 1, 2, and +++
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