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  1. I certainly wasn't trying to be the first to post anything. I have read the thread and yes other posters have out some thought as to what her condition may have been. I was simply just posting what other info, suspect or not that i saw out there in an effort to bring to light how serious this event may have been. If you don't like it and want to take things that way - don't click on the post to check for updates. and if you want to be like that FFS - do us both a favor and block me.
  2. I haven't been on much at all lately, just too busy with life right now, but I have seen a few things on the interwebs - RUMOR ONLY I saw the scoop, but chalked it up as BS and can't remember who it was but...I really hope she is doing better
  3. We do need some, we let Klein go, cb is thin, iol is thin, could use a rb wr, and punter. We might keep more than we expect this year, contracts are getting expensive abs you need that pipeline of cheap talent, Oops I mean youth
  4. Depends who else is on the board... Do we really tie up money in 2 LB contracts? Not trying to be that guy either...even though I usually am. It comes down to what hole we want and what the prospects are of filling the hole in FA vs a long time partner in a position we value. I do wonder,if at this moment, CB2 is that important on our team. Not sure there is a perfect answer for this, other than we will find out.
  5. LB is a position to watch out for, as of now Edmunds is playing on his 5th year and a looming UFA. I do agree with this list btw, rd1-3 will depend on talent on the board. Beane may move a bit for who he wants or if a position is getting thin and there is a talent dropoff though; he always does. He is a very open GM, well as open as he can be, and he usually doesn't move from what he said... Also, this seems to be a fairly deep draft, which make me think next year's might be looking light...
  6. Maybe he should have waited a little longer...
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