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  1. At work we had a "team-building" event the past Friday, where we left work early, at a bowling alley, we bowled, ate food and drank beer - all paid for by the company. Everyone in the plant is now sick because some a-hole went bowling when they were sick and put their grubby, dirty, ball-itching, ass-scratching booger fingers in the ball holes that we also used and then promptly picked food up up with.
  2. Apparently he felt well enough to bowl a few frames on Saturday, though. Sources said he was at Boonton Lanes, which is not far from where the Jets train in New Jersey, from around 10:30 p.m. to close to 1 a.m. when the bowling alley closed. Bell was easy to spot in orange leather pants. Bell’s party had alcohol on its table, but it was unclear if Bell himself was drinking. An eyewitness said Bell seemed to be having a good time bowling and had a driver outside keeping a white Mercedes Benz warm for him. While Bell was bowling, his team was at a hotel near the Meadowlands making its final preparations for the game with the Dolphins.
  3. Had no problem with it, I hated leaving time on the clock that even allowed them a chance. I would have done the same damn thing
  4. when it comes to cameras and the cheats: spygate, the 2015 incident, Steve Bellicheat on the sidelines during warm-ups and run through with a note pad = you cannot trust them at all & they lie
  5. Just curious as to why you are even attempting to defend the Cheats on a Bills fan-board?
  6. ***** they didn't copy in correctly.... I will edit Edit: It is correct now
  7. It's been on film since week 4 and I am frankly surprised that it hasn't been used much again until now. I expect NE to be a repeat and for sure Pitts will match what Balt did against - as both teams should. Looking further into the future, what are the moves we make if we can't overcome this? There is a degree of doubt in my head as of now that, we don't have the players or necessarily plays that can beat it. As of now, Daboll hasn't exactly called great plays against it and the OL, WRs, RB and QB are certianly having issues with it - not all of these players are rookies and frankly Cover 0 is not a new exotic blitz package. Our players can't execute against it and we don't have gimme plays that can beat it. Over the past 10 weeks, we haven't improved against it either. BTW - I am purposely being harsh with this questioning... edit: Balt ran this the entire game once they saw we had no answers for it. We actually can collapse and miss the playoffs if we can't adjust
  8. I'd say a degree of frustration lies with the fact that we still as an offense do not have an answer to Cover 0 and a way to beat an all out blitz; frankly we are lucky that other teams have not used this as aggressively as Baltimore yesterday (expect Pittsburgh to blitz the hell out of us as well & NE again). There is plenty of blame to go around from Allen, to the OL, to the WRs, to the RB and to all of the offensive coaches and to McD to not making this a bigger focus to overcome this blueprint against us. It has been a major weakness since week 4, the only difference is the lack of Josh hero ball. We also had opportunities to score and didn't take advantage of them: Josh unable to hit a deep pass to save his life, Singletary slowing down and mistiming his jump, Knox not able to catch a ball on 3rd down (again), Josh taking a bad sack to knock us out of field goal range. If he hit the pass to Brown, he would have scored a TD and the FG opportunity we missed due to the sack was another 3 points; that's 10 points as an offense we left on the field, without needing extra plays. By all means, my hat is tipped to Baltimore's Defense - it was awesome as it always is and their game plan perfectly attacked a weakness that was has been on film since week 4 that we still do not have an answer for. Brown was most likely a TD and the Josh sack killed a FG opportunity that is 10 points right there we left on the field. Josh was the same QB as in the NE game minus his hero ball INTs and our offense still can't consistently beat Cover 0.
  9. plenty of former player power today sorry, not the best play call
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