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  1. Your welcome and No problem! Looks like you are a bit new, so welcome to the board. I suggest saving this site for next weeks game and for the reg season. the picture quality is pretty darn good too!! https://thestreamable.com/sports/nfl/buffalo-bills-2019 Welcome!
  2. You are not fitting the Canadian stereotype of politeness/niceness/concern for others well at all....
  3. Don't draft for need and overdraft players based on such need...(btw the DE better be a pass rusher and not a Shaq)
  4. Just dumped spectrum here. They will give you a sweet deal for 12 months and once it's up your bill basically doubles. You either can cancel your service and have your wife/sig other subscribe and get a deal for 12 months and then cancel and it's your turn again. They refuse to give you the deal again and have no issues with cancellation. That being said my internet bill is $20 high than if I have my wife put it in her name. Seriously F all of these ***** companies
  5. Apparently they knew of the Thanksgiving day game before anyone else. The problem is that IB is saying this as well
  6. They do sell them in the US, I bought one last weekend at World Market for $2.50 (blackberry) & the wife got a peach one edit (& they ship - you're welcome): https://www.worldmarket.com/search.do?query=clearly+canadian
  7. LOL my first Charvel was a Model 6 bought in 1987 new (basically a soloist) and it is still my favorite. I felt like I needed one to just have one, but meh...
  8. I can't believe I bought it. I won't actually have it in my possession until like the 2nd week of Sept. It coming from Toronto and I waned to pay cash (did layaway with the shop I paid 1/2 last week and the other half on 9/6). No tax and free shipping. Signed by Mick (only 15 in the world like this and he has 1. It's a masterbuilt fender customshop) You cannot beat Jackson or Charvel's IMO. I hate my Les Paul (hate is strong, just not into man) Something AXL was/is never able to do...woof Edit: I actually like musicians and singers who sound good live; like they are supposed to. Anyone can be a studio hero (modern pop music or whatever the hell kids or people with no taste listen to today). I love DLR VH, but he is awful live...
  9. F__k I'm torn on that one and can easily see it. Halford has me thinking though
  10. Right around 'Iowa' I got into them, but 'Vol. 3' turned me into a teenage girl. Thankfully I was able to cure my wife from the dreaded Dave Matthews disease and she is a big Corey Taylor/Stone Sour and Knot fan now...Recently got her into John5 and working on Zombie now LOL
  11. The album is sooo ***** good. We went to San Bernadino - it was great! Ready to see them again when they tour for the album
  12. eeek...I just bought this to add to the collection
  13. CMFT all the way ladies and germs... Old Jamez was good, new James meh. I looooved Metallica throughout the 80s-90s, but now they are kinda meh and mostly because of James. As far as GNR -, I know Chinese Democracy wasn't well received, but from a musical composition standpoint it's damn good and the guitar work is f-ing masterful...
  14. Tell me about it. I expect excellence on one team and hope for a small degree of basic competence on the other...
  15. I hate that they refuse to spend money. Last year Hal is supposedly pissed the Red Sux won the WS, but yet they wouldn't go the extra year for Corbin and didn't want to pay Kuechel an extra million so they could try to stay under the tax thresholds - Hal must be at least 1/2 Wilpon... George would have thrown the money at the players to get them here (he also might have traded away all of the young talent)... This reminded me of Kyle and what our players have even said: The Yankees had not reached the postseason since 1981. Getting Mattingly there for the first time became the focus. “That team fit him,” Showalter said. “That whole team was him. That ’94 team, that was a really fun team to manage because it was driven by Mattingly’s makeup and the charisma and just the aura he had around him. Everybody wanted to please him. You wanted to be accepted by him. You wanted to play the game like he played it, and the way he wanted to play it. There were a lot of people who were really starting to make their mark who went on to have great careers.”
  16. Was reading a Yankees article on The Athletic (while I should be working) and it just re-enforced what McD & Beane are working on here. I just pulled out a few things, but man it is a great read! https://theathletic.com/1110218/2019/08/09/everybodys-kind-of-forgotten-for-the-94-yankees-whose-great-season-was-cut-short-by-a-strike-what-ifs-linger/ He also understood that the culture in the clubhouse couldn’t be cleaned up without Mattingly, whose presence gained importance as the Yankees began graduating their own homegrown players. When a fledgling Bernie Williams was getting hazed by a salty veteran, it was Mattingly who pushed back. “Mel Hall or somebody called him Bernice,” Showalter said. “Donnie jumped in their sh__. So did I. He’s like, ‘This guy is going to be part of some really good baseball here. Let’s make his path easier instead of harder.’” When a young Jim Leyritz rubbed teammates the wrong way with his brashness — like the time he stormed out of the dugout because he was pinch-hit for — it was Mattingly who loudly let him know that the behavior was unacceptable. “Boys, Elvis has left the building,” Showalter said, recounting Mattingly’s retort as Leyritz left in a huff. “The whole f_cking dugout just cracked up. OK, Elvis, you can leave now. He goes, ‘Who the f_ck are you? Who the f_ck are you?’” Those Yankees were not star-studded. This was not by design. In the winter of 1992, the free-agent market included Barry Bonds, Greg Maddux and David Cone. None would come to the Bronx. Slight improvement couldn’t erase the scars of the dark years. Undeterred, Michael stayed true to his vision, paying special attention to those who would shape the right culture. “Slowly,” Mattingly said, “we were getting guys.” In signing lefty Jimmy Key and infielder Mike Gallego, the Yankees added seasoned professionals who had won a World Series championship. Wade Boggs arrived from the Red Sox, where he’d been labeled as selfish, though the Yankees believed he’d fold into their new culture. On the trade front, Michael sent Roberto Kelly to the Reds for the volatile O’Neill. To round out the rotation, the Yankees traded for Abbott, who had been an anchor with the Angels. The lefty’s initial reaction was typical for the time. “When I first received news that I had been traded to the Yankees, the connotation wasn’t great,” Abbott said. “It was not a destination. There was a lot of drama there.” That would change quickly. In 1993, the Yankees finished with a winning record for the first time in years. They dueled with the defending world champion Blue Jays, making it a race until the final month of the season. But the biggest shift came within the walls of the clubhouse. “I’d been through a few of those years — kind of what we’re doing now a little bit, where you’re struggling and struggling,” said Mattingly, now the manager of the Marlins. “At some point, that thing turns. They brought in the right guys, guys who played the game right, guys who didn’t accept losing.” Mattingly described a familiar dynamic. There would always be those in it for themselves and those in it for the team. The key, he said, was swaying those in the middle. That task became easier with the likes of Gallego, Stanley and, perhaps most noticeably, O’Neill. “Here’s a guy that was so competitive, it’s almost like he tipped the scales,” Mattingly said. “When you get enough guys going the right direction, then everybody kind of gets in line.”
  17. This is just cold.... For those of you who don't know "Frostbite" is the name of a game engine used to design the game
  18. Just signed up for the free trial last night; so far it's pretty good.No NFLN so that maybe an issue, but the menus are easy to navigate around and the picture quality is pretty damn good. Going to try PS Vue when the trial is up and might try Hulu live after that. Only con is that it took a little bit to figure how to navigate when you are watching TV or a movie and pull the guide up; took a little bit to figure what to do to get back to the show that was playing in the background....
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