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  1. had 1 game (13 seconds) and turned out to be a JAG
  2. Trevon Diggs is not a random talking head and now Adam Schfeter is retweeting Sportscenter on it @Simonthis should again be it's own thread
  3. I hate you for making me laugh like I am now
  4. It could be Russ Brandon for all I care
  5. What you need is to get McD have an affair in the office, fastest way of having Terry get rid of people...
  6. Half the league would love to have him, the teams ranked #15-#31 would be in much better shape. Now do the top 5 teams in the league. What does he bring to the table to help out coach the other team to win the game? When was the last time he out-coached another HC to win a game? I'm stealing this from twitter because it is true... But yet, we have to play complementary football - we can't when the Defense is again injured. There certainly seems to be the we can't go uptempo and put our injured and old defense back on the field - it is the offense that has to try new things... Fine you are up 21 points on the Raiders and want to F around to burn the clock and get some plays in, fine - when you are competing against the team that trounced you in the playoffs this year and a loss decreases your odds for the playoffs by ~30%. Should be **** canned right there.... But yet last night he wasn't sure why we got away from the uptempo offense? People don't take a crap at OBD without McD knowing about it, he has things locked down that much. Also, as shown earlier in this thread and from the week of the Pats game, he is involved in the offense, by both his and Doresy's comments. The players certainly don't seem happy. You would wonder if Josh, Diggs, Morse, Miller, Dawkins etc. are even challenging them saying show us why we need to change the offense ,we can get the others on board, but yet all you hear is simplification and uptempo from the offensive players and then you have an HC who says, well I don't know why we got away from it and in less than 24 hours says we cant to get to other offensive styles? That's the leader you want to keep? Josh McDaniels of course
  7. I mean if the HC reported to the GM instead of the owner....
  8. So tell me - why does he need to stay? Give us all a compelling from 13 seconds to now, why he should stay... It's not just Dorsey with Allen twisted up. It really feels like McD is twisting it up as well
  9. Listen Sean, I think you are a good guy and thank you for turning this team around. I have seen no growth in this team since 13 seconds and our offense is regressing. Very concerned with Diggs, complementary football, etc. you have zero answers...
  10. Not a McD fan and think he is at his ceiling, but this is a great point and very worrisome
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