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  1. Gamblers fallacy-- your chances of acquiring a franchise QB do not, in fact, increase with every QB you take, as each pick is independent of the one prior. The answer is simply not "hey, let's draft as many Quarterbacks as we can, maybe one will stick." What IS the answer is solid scouting, and building a proper environment for a young QB to step into. Believe it or not, there are other positions that have to be addressed on an NFL team.. I do realize that the QB is the most important piece. Pray tell, how was Carr's rookie season any better than EJ's? I will give you Bridgewater-- I was also of the opinion that the Bills should have traded up to take him but NOT because I felt that taking another QB would increase our chances of hitting. It's quite possible that Bridgewater could regress, or he could take the next step. Tough to say after one year.
  2. The rest of your post was logical, and most likely true. But please, explain to me how you know Peterson is semi-literate?
  3. Calling other people dumb and troll *is easy But go ahead, continue to talk about college...
  4. Oh, absolutely. I'm going to go cry a river now. You win this one, Internet tough guy
  5. How is that a better question? You want to trade the leader of this team? Glad you're not making decisions for the Bills. "Old dead legs Fred" led the Bills in rushing last year and directly contributed to wins. Bryce lost a game for us with his fumble. Stop with the crusade please
  6. I wonder if Bryce Brown has any trade value. Personally, I doubt he has any. Thoughts?
  7. Who is this Mike Lupati everyone keeps raving about? I've never heard of him.
  8. You want the Bills to tank for a guy who hasnt even played a whole season in college football? Brilliant. I wish you were hired as the Bills GM. We'd truly be going places.
  9. Let us sabotage this thread by arguing who is the bigger fan. That sounds like a great idea. I didn't realize being a Bills fan meant that I couldn't support or approve of any other player in the NFL. Ahh, well, darnit, I must hate Russell Wilson for going to a hospital every week, because he's not on the Bills!!!!!1!1!
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