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  1. Coaching and somebody telling Josh to throw the high arcing float balls. Let him throw the lazer shots. Like Mahomes. Advice from others who didnt have the arm strength to rip it
  2. Another loss. They are up and we are falling fast. No O again
  3. So do the steelers. Now running. Coaching. Allen over coached. Thinking too much
  4. Browns 27-13. Some O . Vs no O. And a bad run. D. Hope we win. Just dont see it
  5. They havent beaten anyone that is a above average team.
  6. Its Allen not Dabol. Open your eyes. He is still raw. Locks on to a receiver
  7. Seems too weak at runs at him. Needs more bulk and strength. Good at chase. Doesnt shed blocks well
  8. Stick a fork in him. Running in the sand
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