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  1. So, let's assume that he could have run faster than 4.66. Isn't it realistic to estimate 4.5-4.55 in better shape? 4.3 seems way too fast.
  2. My random NFL thought is that the Steelers should try to get Chad Kelly off the Colts PS.
  3. So now that I think about it, while the compensation is low, it makes sense for a guy who tried to break through and jump out a window, naked. I had forgotten about that and how he was going to be a warrior for Jesus.
  4. If he is out of the league in 2 years then this is good value. It feels a little light to me.
  5. So I doubt Frazier will want to go to Washington, but if the D keeps this up I think he would be a name in play for other jobs (Atlanta?)
  6. See when Allen slides, occasionally we get an extra 1st by penalty...
  7. They have figured out how to provide a pressure valve for Mariota. We need to cover that.
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