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  1. HalftimeAdjustment

    Karlos Williams conditionally reinstated by NFL

    I think he's less scummy than Robert Kraft.
  2. HalftimeAdjustment

    New Anchor Bar (Frederick MD)

    Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, VA has been going for quite a while. Has a lot of genuine Buffalo food. Haven't been back in a while but at least it has lasted.
  3. HalftimeAdjustment

    Would You Draft A Punter In Rd 7?

    Is the hypothetical punter the BPA?
  4. HalftimeAdjustment

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    We have so many holes, I would support l reasonable trades that get us more day 1-2 picks. Not much need for later picks and not a ton of interest in 2020 picks other than 1st, but would prefer not to give up rd 1-5 picks.