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  1. If he signs Nate Peterman and offers him a chance to compete for the starting job.
  2. Can we trade some of those 6th round picks for 5th round picks in next year's draft?
  3. This makes the Dolphins better this year and hurts them over the mid term with the lost picks. Hill is talented but I think he'll do worse without Mahomes and without Andy Reid. Mahomes is not a fake and neither is Reid as a coach.
  4. That is a valid question. I wondered the same. Isn't it supposed to be a coordinator?
  5. Actually they should only award the picks if you keep the person for 2 years (or if they get hired away in 1 year). And there would need to be a limit on how often you could get comp picks. It doesn't help if you hire a minority ST coach every 2 years while firing the last one, just so you can get a comp pick. But I am sure the lawyers can figure it out.
  6. He does contend that afterwards he was treated as the "angry black man" and ridiculed, so potentially he can introduce it that way, I guess.
  7. I tend to believe the offers of $$ for losses to be true. The NFL may want to settle that. However, the Dolphins and NFL lawyers will be looking very closely at how such an offer (not accepted) is legally actionable, and whether they can fight to even prevent discovery as a result.
  8. The key here is getting more coordinator and even assistant coordinator opportunities. Whether one buys into systemic racism or not, it is necessary to have a large qualified candidate pool to draw from in order to provide opportunities at the HC level. The most effective way the NFL can stimulate this - right or wrong - is to extend the "comp picks for hiring a minority HC/GM" to the coordinator level. They are awarding 3rd round picks to teams if they lose a coach to another team to be their HC. The league could award 5th round comp picks to a team when their minority assistant coaches are hired as coordinators on another team. I am not passing judgement on whether this rule "should" exist or be extended. But I do believe it will be more effective than the Rooney rule over the long term in providing opportunities.
  9. A slam dunk case of "something's not right" does not equate to a slam dunk legal case. The difficulty is that the league and the teams are semi-independent entities. At the league level, they have instituted policies which ostensibly attempt to promote minority hiring. There is no credible evidence I have seen that the NFL did anything specific to Flores giving him cause to sue them. At the teams level, we have: - Ross acting unethically. While you may think he would behave differently with a white coach, that is difficult to show with a preponderance of the evidence. - Ross terminating him after 2 winning seasons. This is the closest to a smoking gun but, it is not at all clear that an individual plaintiff can make a claim based upon the background facts that white coaches get more chances and leeway. That evidence is real, but I am not sure it has legal weight. - The Giants supposedly conducting a sham interview, based upon what BB heard about Daboll. Depending on their documentation and further discovery, this may or may not be provable. Even if provable, and if found somehow illegal (complex question) it is unclear what relief can be granted legally. Again, something can be real and wrong without being legally actionable. In this case there are tangible reasons they may be able to present for preferring Daboll over Flores, specifically QB development and offensive production. - The Broncos conducting an allegedly bad interview while hung over, then selecting Vic Fangio over Flores. Again, not clear how this will play out. My feeling is that Flores cannot expect anything other than a settlement from the NFL which may agree to a few policy changes in order to mitigate the PR disaster this causes. In court, he is not likely to get far in terms of actual remedies being ordered. But he may be able to obtain some concessions because the NFL will not fare well in the court of public opinion.
  10. This is a pretty solid example. The Schoen-Daboll connection was obvious and the Bills had just laid down a perfect offensive game. Daboll was clearly a "hot" candidate this year. But McDaniels... it's unusual he gets another shot after the 2 prior debacles as compared to others. At least on the surface, Frazier has more going for him than McDaniels and so does Flores (pre-lawsuit). The Raiders just got rid of Jon Gruden - who was no prize either - so this could be a bit of a "quacks like a duck" situation.
  11. How did they "make" him sit through a nine-hour interview... what, no eating was involved? When you fly in anyhow for an interview, why would they limit it to an hour? Wouldn't a shorter interview be more of a sham interview? Is the GM of the Vikings (see below) intent on not hiring a Black coach who he has a relationship with, but he thought he'd make it look good? I guess we will be watching, but for what exactly... https://vikingsterritory.com/2022/general-news/what-to-expect-from-kwesi-adofo-mensah
  12. I'm still puzzled by this. I get the circumstantial link to racism in the Giants and Denver allegations, but as far as I can tell Ross is just a dirtbag. I guess the hidden implication is he hired Flores as a "placeholder coach" to tank the team, intending to hire a "permanent" white coach later. Then Flores inconveniently won so he had to fire him, unlike if he was white in which case he'd never be fired after 2 winning seasons. At least, that is as close as I can come to a rationale. But the other poster who explained that in an EEO lawsuit you bring up every piece of dirty laundry possible to force a settlement probably nailed it.
  13. I don't know if he can prove it but I feel like it is plausible or even likely to be true.
  14. "You were my tank coach and you can't get that right!!" Can he coach the Sabres?
  15. I'm just going to assume they actually wanted a sizable candidate pool before making such an impactful decision.
  16. Well, that may be. But his case is also undermined by the fact that the Dolphins did, in fact, hire him. I read his statement about systemic racism etc and it does seem strange that he filed now before the end of the hiring cycle. If he got hired at HOU or NO... sure, he would not be blowing the whistle on things. But couldn't he use that position to hire a minority coordinator? Couldn't he lead by example, if he wins won't that also potentially help level the playing field for other minority coaches? Instead he takes what may be a very legitimate beef with MIA and drags the Giants and Broncos into it. Feels like the wrong strategy to me.
  17. I guess I am unclear on the specifics of his case. Offering him money to lose is terrible. But is it evidence of racial discrimination or just terrible behavior by Ross? Like, is there reason to believe he would not have offered $100k/loss to (insert white coach)?
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