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  1. it is a misconception that Beasley only played the slot last year for the Bills. He played outside around 30% of the time (NFL advanced stars). Bring injury, he is pretty much not going to get those snaps with Diggs on the field. now fantasy analytics have become quite sophisticated. almost every fantasy site had a “sell” on Beasley after the Diggs trade. see for example https://www.rotowire.com/football/player.php?id=8249
  2. there are only so many snaps in a season.we added diggs davis and hodges and haven’t lost anybody yet. even considering duke losing all his reps to davis (not a given at all), barring injuries, brown and beasley have to lose reps no? the numbers don’t add up with beasley and brown not losing any reps.
  3. 1. Beasley - his snaps are going to be reduced with Diggs and Davis and other WRs are getting reps with Allen. 2. Murphy - With Addison taking over Lawson’s snaps and Epenesa / Jefferson taking over Murphy’s snaps - but I thought Murphy improved as the season went on - so there is still a chance the veteran beats out the newbies. Murphy is still our #1 trade candidate.
  4. but he has reallly connected well with Josh. That is really all that matters. edit: for josh - daboll relationship see https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/01/what-buffalo-bills-qb-josh-allen-said-about-brian-daboll-potentially-getting-hc-job.html
  5. always good when an AFCE opponent’s coaching ranks are in disarray. that being said, these “issues” are less about the coaching tree and more about individual personalities. last couple of seasons, Bills fans have been a bit hard on Daboll and before that were harsh on Gailey as well. Ultimately winning cures everything and losing cannot cure anything. O’Shea situation appears to be a combination of losing and inability to connect with the younger crowd.
  6. Loved it. Watch McD’s face - it still rankles after so many years - that competitiveness was what was lacking in the Bills past two decades. oh and Frazier is a pot sirrer. Enjoy. Edit: There is a reason the Bills asked him about sack fumbles - Epenesa had 4 each in 2018 and 2019. Tells us one reason Bills were attracted to Epenesa. His long arms come in very handy.
  7. Hey I did not mean to impugn the police in any way. Just that FSTs themselves only indicate the need for further testing and “failing a test” by itself doesn’t indicate guilt. Since the BAC etc. was likely administered, we will know soon whether Oliver was impaired or not. Just cautioning people not to vilify Oliver till all details are known. Also, the very fact the Bills are including Oliver in their offseason plan is a good indicator his legal troubles are surmountable.
  8. thanks. i vaguely remember that there was a selection issue with the 1998 study you reference. Didn’t 3/4 of the sample have BAC above 0.08 - which means if the officers arrested everyone they would have had 75% accuracy anyway. I don’t remember the details but am pretty sure the 1998 study has some questionable validity due to providing little indication of the likelihood of false positives, which is the real issue in these cases. That being said, I am already at my ignorance frontier - so would be happy to agree with you if you are an expert on the matter. Additionally, doesn’t it look like the officers were wrong here since BAC was only 0.03?
  9. i see it as a lawyer (and former prosecutor) who knows the ins and outs of fses talking about them. pls do explain what i am missing.
  10. lol. officers are required to allow the option of barefoot testing. that is all i’m saying. so it is not at all strange to see a person take these tests barefoot https://www.duibart.com/blog/2011/february/validity-of-dui-field-sobriety-tests/ More importantly, i have read some reports of Oliver “failing” the field sobriety tests. these tests are notoriously unreliable (see above link for statistics - since this thread has a bunch of people prepping AP Stats😀).
  11. Here is the headline: Court records: Former UH star Ed Oliver admitted to drinking, taking Adderall prior to Houston DWI arrest Here is the text: The headline implies that Oliver admitted to drinking and taking alcohol happened a short time before the arrest. The text , however, says he had beer at 1 pm (at least 8 hrs prior to the arrest) and clearly says it is unclear when he took Adderall.
  12. not odd to be barefoot. I posted this link earlier on field sobriety tests https://www.minicklaw.com/attacking-walk-turn-field-sobriety-test/
  13. That was a clickbait article. Still unknown if had Adderall in his system. He may just have a prescription for Adderall. What happened to verify before vilify?
  14. authoritative guide to field sobriety tests https://www.minicklaw.com/attacking-walk-turn-field-sobriety-test/
  15. Thanks. I think MAJ'Bobby's posts on this matter deserve a new thread. By itself each of Ed's "Offenses" appear mild: a. Sobriety test: From video it appeared he did decently b. driving erratically but 0.03% blood alcohol - should not lead to a DWI conviction c. having a gun in the car - this happened in Texas, man! The main concern is that b. and c. happened together. I understand now the reason for the arrest - by itself neither b. nor c. would have led to the arrest. But leaving the arrest aside, the key question still unanswered is - can we assume he would be let out with probation since neither, by itself, appeared to be a "crime". Or does the combination also lead to post arrest legal implications? I am going to go out on a limb and say that the consequences for Oliver may not be too severe (though he will likely sit a couple of games). That is probably the reason the Bills are allowing him to continue in the offseason program. If it was more serious (like the DeAndre Baker situation), he would likely have been asked by the team (like Baker) to not show up. That being said, this was pretty serious and could have led to something dangerous. It is not clear how long he had been driving erratically. I hope the young man learns a lesson.
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