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  1. In other words, three years of coaching continuity is kinda good and bad. We have been good enough not to have the head coach fired. But have not yet been great enough that other teams feel a need to poach our OC and DC as head coaches.
  2. not even close. jamarr chase alone is worth our entire wr corps. if you are throwing in jefferson and co., that is just icing. and they played 7 top 10 teams this year. only knock on lsu wrs is that they did not go against db university😀
  3. It is a great idea but.... Sean Payton would never let him leave and the Saints fans love him to death
  4. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/1/4/21049341/report-will-fuller-not-expected-to-play-for-houston-texans-against-buffalo-bills
  5. Just finished watching a ton of Texans games from this season. Bills on Defense This will be a matchup of a decent offense against a decent defense. Houston is a offense heavy team and we have relied on our defense all year. Our defense itself has morphed a bit from the first few games. While we were rarely blitzing early on, now we are more balanced and I think that will help us vs. the Texans' weak O-line. Also, Watson does tend to hold on to the ball - and consequently, I expect a sackapalooza. The Texans appear happy to live with a ton of sacks since every once in a while Watson has the ability to make the defense pay. I expect the Bills to be able to contain Watson. The meaningful games the BIlls lost have all featured a ton of yards on the ground. There were two reasons for these debacles. One, while the Bills front 4 were pretty stout against the run in these games, the second level was atrocious with the LBs and safeties missing tackle after tackle - the three biggest culprits being Milano, Edmunds and Poyer. The second reason for people running on us successfully was because Milano and Edmunds were unable to shed blocks. There is no doubt the Texans are going to try and establish the run. They have a two headed monster in Hyde and Johnson. And their O-line plays the run better than the pass. While Hyde gets the hype, I am actually more wary of Johnson. Mainly because Hyde is a downhill power runner and does not really make folks miss. So the plan should be to stack the box when Hyde is in to prevent him getting to the second level. If we dont Hyde will bleed us with 4-5 yards on every play. Of course, then we have to live with our secondary playing people one on one - and the one dimensional Texans relying on Watson make mistakes - I can live with this since Fuller is likely out and our secondary is really the true strength of the team. Duke Johnson, on the other hand, really can dance. Here stacking the box can create some opportunities for big runs since Johnson is quite elusive and can exploit our tackling weakness either through running or through catching screen passes. So, when Johnson is in there, we should spread the field and have someone spy on Johnson all the time. Coming to the secondary, Tre covering Hopkins when he lines up outside is a no-brainer. But what should we do when the Texans line him up in the slot? I believe, we should alternate Tre shadowing Hopkins with playing zone coverage on him with different personnel to keep the Texans honest. Bills on Offense This matchup is the weak link for both teams. Without Clowney and with a rusty Watt I dont see an effective pass rush. I have seen Mercilus since his Illinois days and he is quite effective one-on-one but he really cant beat double teams. And oh, the Texans secondary is truly atrocious. I hope Daboll lets Allen throw it deep. With a weak Texans pass rush and Allen's scrambling ability, there is no reason for Allen to get rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds on dink and drop plays. You dont go conservative when you have Brown and Beasley against the Texans secondary that has missed Matthieu all year. There is no Gilmore there. Successfully going deep will open it up underneath for Singletary and Knox to feast on. Yes I am suggesting we rely on our franchise QB to deliver the win. He has had enough games now. If he cannot dissect a weak secondary while facing a relatively weak pass rush, maybe we need to rethink whether he is the franchise QB, no? Show some confidence in the lad. I am quite sure the Texans will come out trying to stop Singletary. The only way to free him is by establishing the deep threat.
  6. it is a bit of everything. Luck, Quality of the opposing kicker, Weather (Bills do play in awful weather a lot) etc. Cant have a 20% differential across 13 opponents just because of one reason. There is no doubt we were lucky with missed kicks to win game 1 vs the Jets and the game against the Titans despite our putrid offense. Of course as the opposing kickers improved, so did our offense.
  7. Not surprising at all. Texans line up Hopkins in the slot once in a while - and Tre's talents are a wee bit wasted there. Happened last year too when Tre was not covering Hopkins on several snaps. Watson to Hopkins will hopefully not be like Brady to Edelman. Having said that, I wouldnt be surprised if this was just a smokescreen - especially since Hopkins kinda baited Tre.
  8. I am as big a fan of Duke as there is, but Foster has been a pretty decent gunner on ST for the Bills. I would rather Duke replace Lee Smith than Foster.
  9. At this point, Hopkins may be a bit better than John Brown. But a Hopkins covered by Tre'davious White is a lot worse than a John Brown covered by Jonathan Joseph or Lonnie Johnson. Just saying.
  10. Nice poll. I could go either way. But I like Tre plus JA over Watson for sure.
  11. since this has been discussed at length - to save this thread let me introduce a new wrinkle - COMP PICKS. That consideration alone makes it very unlikely we resign both, though I would welcome the continuity.
  12. Just a reference to the writer who managed to poke fun at both the Brits and the Americans - PG Wodehouse Jeeves was Bertie Wooster’s butler and they are both British. They remain Wodehouse’s most famous characters
  13. you do know u ain’t posting for Bertie and Jeeves, right?
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