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  1. This. Amazed everyone went defense. I think JA has a real shot despite Brady, Luck and Mahomes being in our conference.
  2. First, Rob being outa job had more to do with the disaster that was NO defense from 2013-2015 stint rather than his Buffalo stint. Let us not blame Rob for the switch to 3-4 and having Mario drop into coverage - that was all the real buffoon the year before. maybe I am in a minority - but Rob’s responsibility in his year with the Bills was Red Zone defense and he did not foo too badly there even when handed a 3-4 defense with 4-3 personnel thanks to his brother. This does not in anyway make Rob a great coach who did not deserve to sit out (see opening para about NO). Just that he was not as horrible with the Bills as has been argued.
  3. Lotsa Canadians consider the Bills to be their home team. The Bills have tried to capitalize on it in the past by having a few home games in Toronto - which I hated. One way the team doesnt have to move at all is to call it the Niagara Buffalo Bills and represent both upstate NY and Ontario. This will preclude another team muscling in on the Bills territory.
  4. https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/27/cody-ford-buffalo-bills-nfl-draft-oklahoma-bill-bedenbaugh-right-tackle/
  5. Two years ago, I would have just said Good Riddance to the Rodent. But his anti-Bills bias had come down a bit recently.
  6. Bills and Pats have relatively easier SOS (based on last season’s WL record. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2019/05/strength-of-schedule/ Now with the parity in the NFL, SOS does not fully translate from season to season like in the NBA - but I have found that a difference of 0.2 is usually good for a win. So this is advantage Bills (and Pats).
  7. DBs is the one area I do not want to mess with. Don’t want to spoil the chemistry. That said Norman is great at zone coverages and is a perfect fit for McD defense. So OP asks a fair question. I see him signing with the Pats.
  8. One team ahead of us in the draft - another behind us. https://deadspin.com/adam-gase-and-the-jets-have-had-a-crazy-ass-week-1834849656 https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/23/falcons-free-agency-gerald-mccoy-interest/ I dont believe it. Not for a Minute. You are under the Gun .... But .. you also have this https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/the_nfl_draft_prospects_most_likely_to_bust/s1_13132_28896110
  9. the idea of Oliver, Hughes and Clowney on the same DL is mouth watering for sure.
  10. While your theory is plausible, I will note that Deane can be jettisoned at low cost if and when a Rudolph signing happens. In other words, Deane signing and a Rudolph interest are not mutually exclusive.
  11. Bills have been specifically mentioned in trades for 3 starters in the past 2 days: Kyle Rudolph after the Kroft injury https://247sports.com/nfl/minnesota-vikings/Article/Kyle-Rudolph-trade-price-NFL-teams-132211798/ Le'veon Bell after the Maccagnan Gase drama https://www.forbes.com/sites/billwilliamson/2019/05/20/teams-that-make-sense-for-leveon-bell-if-jets-trade-him/#687eceead1e1 Jadeveon Clowney with the contract impasse https://theathletic.com/989013/2019/05/22/trade-market-houston-texans-jadeveon-clowney-ota-absence/ (need subscription to access last link) I think both Rudolph and Bell make more sense from the Bills point of view. We just handed Jerry Hughes a 20 mill extension - so dont want to tie up even more money on the DL with Clowney.
  12. Criteria appear hazy. If you want to draft one today for a franchise - Mahomes, Mayfield etc. would be higher. If you wanted for the upcoming season - Brady, Brees and Rodgers would be higher. I am not sure how to weight the two or even if it makes sense to weight both. Reagardless of the weighting, Kyler Murray is too low. GMs were drooling over him. Would have gone top 5 even if Cards had passed on him.
  13. Yes always wondered about that. The first switch in Bills’ OTA to LDE in 2016 was when his shoulder became a concern. Maybe he was used to babying that shoulder coming from the other side. The main problem in 2016-2017 was that he was regarded as a starter and Jerry was well entrenched at RDE. Now that they did not pick up his option, there is no doubt that he is a backup. This maybe the change he needs. I didnt realize that Yarbrough had the opposite problem. He looked great in 2017 as Shaq’s Backup and not so well as Jerry’s backup. So the switch makes great sense.
  14. Someone in the National Media actually has 6 teams picking ahead of us. Also they do not think Allen / WR corps is so bad that we can pass on a QB / WR in the first round with a few good QB / WRs available. That is real progress folks. McBeane changing some minds there:)
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