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  1. No. I'd make it if it was a 2020 first rounder and I dont mind giving a 4th rounder back from this year. Also a function of who is left at #9. I still would not do it if Ed Oliver (or Q,) were to be available.
  2. Inconsistent. Reminds me of Nkemdiche. Lacks speed. This is not to say I dislike the man - but you were asking only for reasons why not to take him at 9.
  3. Devin White is good and may even go Top 5. But he is not in a superior draft grade category to Q. Williams, Ed Oliver or even Montez Sweat. Bills are not taking him when impactful Dline BPAs are available.
  4. Depends if I am watching by myself or in a group. If in a group, I will usually have NFLN ( I liked Mayock more than Kiper). I record both channels. If watching by myself (did it once), I watch one live and one recorded version switching back and forth during commercials. The great thing about this technique on DIRECTV is that using the prev button takes you to where you stopped watching. Then you can selectively forward or rewind either channel at your discretion.
  5. Actually he has been very quietly moving into Top 10 consideration. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/2019-qb-countdown-why-daniel-jones-starting-garner-more-attention And he did quite well in both the Duke bowl game as well as the Senior bowl. Against a very decent Temple defense, he had a nice CFB line of 30-41for 423 yards, 5TDs and 2 INTs. And Gruden was impressed at the Senior Bowl. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2817058-2019-nfl-draft-jon-gruden-praises-duke-qb-daniel-jones-meets-with-will-grier From where I sit, I love it. All for wanting 4 QBs to go in the Top 8:)
  6. I agree that Hughes is undervalued by Bills fans. I also agree that you dont trade up from #9 for anybody. Has to be somebody special where BPA meets need. I believe a case can be made to trade up for Q. Williams if he slips a bit and the price is right. In other words, we have filled a lot of holes on Offense this FA. I wouldnt mind a quality addition to the DL. I do not want a WR in rounds 1 and 2 - we dont have roster space for one more - after Brown, Beasley, Zay, Foster, Duke, Mckenzie and Roberts (not even considering Ray-Ray, Cam and Bolden). Among skill players, we do need a TE, but #9 is too high.
  7. If Oliver is gone at 3 after Murray and Bosa, then Mayock will wet himself while taking Allen. We will probably trade with Tampa Bay for Quinnen Williams - maybe #9 and #40 - to get ahead of the Giants.
  8. Well Giants going QB makes Ed Oliver (or Q. Williams) to us that much more likely. Of course they might be going QB with their second pick, in which case there are decent trade down possibilities from #9.
  9. What the Bills do at #9 is critically dependent upon whether the Giants take a QB at #6. Is this a smokescreen or an honest admission from Gettleman? If he did tip his hand, it hurts our chances of getting a defensive playmaker like Oliver (and of course, Q. WIlliams). https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/19/new-york-giants-dave-gettleman-tips-his-hand-pre-nfl-draft-presser/
  10. I know that the best draft philosophy is BPA. But it does come with some limitations. Teams needing a QB routinely draft for need. Similarly teams with franchise QBs dont draft an elite QB prospect since they dont need him. I think several draft analysts are ignoring team needs and fit completely in their mocks when it comes to slotting Q. Williams. Jets have Leonard Williams on the inside. They just picked up his 5th year option. He is a much better 3-tech DT than a DE. Even the Jets employed him way way more as a DT last season. I just dont see him together with Q. Williams as part of an effective DL. Additionally, in the event of no trade down, they have the luxury of picking either Josh Allen or Bosa (who are equally elite) and they have an acute need at Edge. So why on earth would they take Q. over JA or NB? Raiders have Maurice Hurst and PJ Hall on the inside. Their acute needs on the defensive line are more Edge rusher and LB than DT. Would they ignore their main area of need (replacing Khalil Mack) to double down on DTs? If they dont trade down, they may be better off with a Devin White or Rashan Gary / Montex Sweat no? Finally, the most head scratching mocks are Q. Williams to Tampa Bay. With Arians / Bowles, they will go back to a 3-4. That (along with cap situation) have forced them to contemplate a future without Gerald McCoy. They drafted Vita Vea at #12 and last season, he was doing well after a slow start before being sidelined by injury. And he is the perfect NT for a 3-4. Q. Williams will eb good as well but probably not a significant upgrade over Vita Vea if he is going to be used as a 3-4 NT (In my mind the real value of Q. Williams is as a 4-3 3-tech DT alongside a space eating fellow DT like Star). So why would TB, if no trade down, ignore the LB or Edge rusher spots and draft Q. Williams? Q. Williams might still be taken #3, #4 or #5. But it likely will be because of a trade down.
  11. If not being drafted was the sole criterion, we wouldnt be excited about Foster, right? Remember, it is not like this guy is horrible. He is NFL caliber. As I said in my op, he was on a playoff team's active roster. And was resigned again this year by the same team with a more lucrative contract than what we gave Duke Williams.
  12. I am not talking post March 13 2019 dude. I am happy with the WRs we got in free agency. Just was wondering why we did not give Gentry a shot last season. We did not have Beasley or Brown and Foster had not emerged yet.
  13. I like Burns too. Just not at 9. Maybe in the twenties.
  14. Speaking of Darnold, the Jets did sign his go to guy at USC (Deontay Burnett) to the team.
  15. You still can offer the Bears #9 for him😀. While at it, why not offer #40 and next year's first rounder too?
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