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  1. Umm without a deep dive into the issue -prior to reading the article i can think of at least 3 instances where a playoff team drafting a RB in round 1 went to the super bowl in his rookie season - Chiefs (with Edwards-Helaire), Pats (with Sony Michel) and the Steelers (with Rashard Mendenhall). SO "never" is pretty strong no? now I have skimmed it and they discount Michel and Edwards-Helaire's role in getting their respective teams to the Super Bowl, which is pretty lame.
  2. So, something similar was said here: and that OP, @FireChans was vilified. Cannot understand this board sometimes. SMH.
  3. Caveat: I am not able to comment on lower round depth in the draft knowledgeably - I dont have the bandwidth to do that deep of a dive - though I am enamored by individual prospects like Cameron Sample. So my arguments and counter arguments relate to first round type talent only. Counter arguments: Not clear to me how Najee Harris and Travis Etienne are a significant drop off from draft time Leonard Fournettes, Saquan Barkleys or Ezekiel Elliotts. Similarly, Penei Sewell and Rashawn slater could be the top tackles taken any draft year. Lawrence is arguably better than even Luck, w
  4. Would be a great pickup for less than 5-6 mill per year!! He is a great run stuffer and adequate in pass rush settings as well. What is there not to like? In previous years, 12 mill would be a reasonable cost to have him.
  5. Methinks OP has a point and folks should not be so quick to vilify him/her. There is no doubt we are super happy with Beane overall. That said, his draftees on defense still have something to prove. Let us hope that Oliver and Epenesa and Edmunds will start playing upto their potential and Beane will have the last laugh.
  6. Beane's strategy in FA this season for other team's players - wait for every team to sign players for $$$ - and then offer the minimum to whoever is left. So, Houston and Ingram are still left in the Edge market.
  7. Incomplete List buddy! Missing Caleb Farley, Najee Harris, Asante Samuel and at least one of Gregory Rousseau, Kwity Paye or Jaelen Phillips, no? Edit: My bad, I missed that this was the TSW Mock vote. Still missing Asante Samuel or did he get picked?
  8. Live this (potential) move. More than an adequate replacement for Kroft and his one great advantage over Kroft is that he is not injury prone. Get it done now Beane!! I suspect his price might go up after the draft. This is a position of need for us. Brilliant!! We already have the lamp and now hoping for the other two.
  9. Not the Hail Mary pls - that one game may have cost us a #1 seed. Ofc nothing is certain - but I woulda felt good about our chances down the stretch - at least woulda put some pressure on KC.
  10. His testing is off the charts - but he had zero sacks last year. Sacks are not the end all, but zero? I am old school and always put greater weight on performance on the field. Zero sacks in seven games against college OLs for a first round edge rusher - something is not right, no?
  11. Yolo, Ideally I want more seasoning too. So I dont disagree with you. But there is a tradeoff - ceiling or floor no? If the player had both (like Chase Young), he wouldnt be available at #30, no? At this point, I want the ceiling. I want the player picked to be a potential upgrade over what we have and not another decent but not great addition. If you go for a more seasoned (safer) player with a higher floor, you give up on the ceiling. Typically these players are the ones with more divergent ratings (higher standard deviation). Go for Rousseau!!
  12. He did have a turbulent offseason last year. That being said, he played out of position a fair bit because of Star's opt out. Together, they make his 2021 performance potentially tantalizing. So I agree with him being on the list. Another quality Dlineman from the draft should only improve Oliver's performance.
  13. Nice job OP! There is a consensus top 9, top 12, top 17, top 21 and top 30! I thought Jaycee Horn would go higher - that was the big surprise to me. Mac Jones will go higher obviously. Greg Rousseau is falling - and I think that might be one opportunity to get a game changer. The 2019 tape doesnt lie. Dont let the pro-day numbers fool ya, especially this year.
  14. This is a bigger loss than you guys appear to think. We dont have an adequate backup for either Dr. Poyer or My. Hyde. Beane shd seriously consider Malik Hooker!
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