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  1. the we get 3 comp picks. 2 for one poach and 3 for 2.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/14/nfl-compensatory-picks-for-minority-coaches-and-executives-explained/#:~:text=(i) The employer-club,hired as either a Head nope Daboll not a minority candidate
  3. Leslie Frazier may have just sealed his HC position with the Texans with that performance!! And introduced Greg Roman to the job market.
  4. still only 3rd quarter - up only 2 scores - dont take the foot off the pedal!
  5. Great field position - need to take advantage of the wind behind our backs and score
  6. Packers have dominated every facet of the game and yet .. it is just a 7 point game in the 3rd. Rams have a real shot now! The played so well against us in the second half too.
  7. Since no one will want to take that HC job, it will likely go to Bieniemy, who has reportedly interviewed the worst among all the candidates. Hopefully, they will cut him some slack for a few years since the team is in cap hell.
  8. Just one other thing I am scared about - Judon, Ngakoue, Wolfe, Skura and Snead are playing for their next contract. They will play aggressively and Bills should try to use that aggression against them.
  9. Unlike the Colts, I actually feel we matchup well with the Ravens. That said, we do have a couple of vulnerabilities that we have hopefully worked on (vulnerabilities are in bold). Bills on Offense WInk Martindale is going to live and die by the Blitz. In the last game vs. the Bills, the blitz got to Allen again and again. But this season, Allen has just an amazing ability to beat the blitz. There are two reasons for that - a. his own natural ability in the pocket to escape the blitzer and b. his support group. He always had a. but in the last matchup b. failed him. Let
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