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  1. FWIW, my comment was pure conjecture. My apologies if the post conveyed otherwise. I thought he played decently last year and given the Feliciano injury, had become even more important to the Bills plans. Basically I cant think of another reason to release him at this juncture - pre-release I had him pegged at #2 Center behind Morse - it might have been the 2.3 mill smackeroos - but while no chump change - it is still not ginormous. It might have been Bates or someone else climbing the depth chart - but the players have not really played football and are primarily doing conditioning work - so it seems reasonable that it may have been an "out of shape" issue like with Karlos Williams a few years ago.
  2. Winters and Long both played recently for the Jets - FWIW, my Jets fan pal says between the two, Winters is clearly the better player. The Jets release was almost entirely financially motivated - no way were the Jets paying Winters 7.3 million.
  3. Clearly he arrived at camp out of shape. No Feliciano coupled with lack of faith in Long is an alarming situation.This is why the Bills acted so quickly on Winters' release. Otherwise there was no urgency to sign him. And they do save 2.3 million by releasing him, which is not chump change given the cap uncertainty.
  4. several Bills players have also worked out with AB this offseason. Given his past history, while I would be wary of bringing AB into the locker room - I can understand players looking to win wanting him in their locker room. Esp. QBs who have worked out with him and see his ability and connection with them first hand. This has nothing to do with Wonderlic scores. I too used to think LJ cannot throw. While I believe JA's ceiling to be higher than LJ, might I remind you that no one trick pony who can be easily figured out can become league wide MVP. FWIW, the guy definitely has at least two tricks - he can juke and he can throw.
  5. each bubble under the two division bubble plan will be only a bit larger than the nba bubble. so logistics can be managed. it wii be difficult but not impossible (olympics comparison off by an order of magnitude). i do agree with being wary of Belicheat in a bubble lol and NFLPA will change its mind if the alternative means players stop getting paychecks.
  6. nice thought. i too have also been toying with bubble formats and came up with 4 two-division bubbles. That will give a 14 game season - and have three qualifiers from each bubble giving a 12 team postseason. There will be about 450 players in each bubble - closer to nba bubble size
  7. Feel bad for the AAC - in many ways it is more Power 5 than ACC minus Clemson. And given they get lower TV revenue, these match ups with P-5 were critical to their SOS and financial viability. More importantly, their COVID protocols are no worse than the P-5. Maybe they can have some revenue by being the one in the ACC's 10+1 or the Big 12 can fill the holes in its schedule by scheduling a game or two with the AAC.
  8. My first thought is that at this stage 20+ million is too much - so we should think about these players only as contingencies. I would seriously look at Clowney if we have a drop out / NFI / injury to one of our DEs. Same for Logan Ryan. Ryan is actually a very nice scheme fit - he is an elite zone cover corner but very mediocre in man coverage. I am quite happy with our CB depth - but if there is a drop out / injury etc. Ryan is certainly worth a look. I also think at this stage Clowney is not going to get 13-14 million and Ryant is not going to get 7-8 million - so the fact they will be significantly cheaper will only make em more attractive. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2020/06/16/the-nfls-best-cornerbacks-in-zone-coverage/3/
  9. Fair question. The same link says the following:
  10. loved that! I keep telling the kids that - it is a running joke in our house
  11. looks ok in this video - so likely not sthing serious
  12. nice to see stats backing what the eyes have been seeing for the past few years - Poyer's contract will surely rank among the top steals in all of football
  13. It can be non-football "illness"as well Edit: It is back related - so clearly non-football injury not illness
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-football_injury_and_illness FYI SInce there is a separate Covid-19 list - this may not be covid related. Edit: It is back related - so clearly not illness
  15. Ha! tried to guess all three from title before clicking and got all three - except I added Gaines as well to battle #1. He got hurt last year - so couldnt really compete - but he also has experience with the McD / Frazier zone coverage and performed well. He might be the dark horse. Combining these three with White and Taron Johnson, I feel good about our CB position and strength.
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