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  1. nice creative idea - drooling at the thought of Allen throwing to Adams and Diggs !
  2. I dont recall any mention of Haslam being won over, though clearly the owner would likely have had the final say. My sources: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/alonzo-highsmith-explains-why-browns-preferred-mayfield-to-darnold-allen-gives-weird-reason-for-not-liking-rosen/ https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/three-questions-each-nfc-west-team-must-answer-before-2021-nfl-season-is-matthew-stafford-ready-to-deliver/ Allen jumped from #5 to #2. And it was at a private workout that Mayfield independently won over Dorsey and Jackson.
  3. I am not so sure of that. I think his leadership traits traits showed through. That is likely why he leapfrogged the wrong Josh. If I am not mistaken, Allen was in the running for #1 along with Mayfield - which tells you his stock was high. That being said, Dorsey did indicate that they chose Mayfield over Allen since excuses had to made for Allen's weaker 2017 results whereas no such excuses were needed for Mayfield.
  4. His trying 2017 college season after a breakout 2016 campaign contributed to making him the leader he is today.
  5. So you are actually saying the Vikings caught a break here since their passing offense can actually improve? Rick was great for us in the run game but fell a bit short in the passing game.
  6. Without going over the 5 page thread, I have to make the mandatory TBD post. With Akers going down, Rams come to mind. Between Breida, Williams and maybe even, Singletary - somebody should be of interest there. Edit: oops - that was the original post - I posted after just reading the title and without even reading the original post. My bad.
  7. Thanks for following up. Exaggerating so you can see the point I am trying to make - can we have a roster with just 89 DTs? You are still not at 90 - so from your perspective there is no need to release a DT. Bills current depth at DT - Star, Oliver, Butler, Horrible H, Zimmer, Bryant, Hester, Ankou. If you still disagree, fine - but the timing of Jones' release when there is no need to get to 90 strongly suggests one or more of three things: a. they are happy with the current depth b. they are bringing in another DT c. Naz sucks
  8. They do play the same position no? It is not all about making room for 90 but also how many at each position and in case you didn’t notice we do have a bunch of Dlinemen already.
  9. Just a heads up to OP. Don’t be too upset if the thread is locked. I had a thread yesterday with Cole’s exact Twitter post as you and it was quickly locked.
  10. Very nice analysis. Sanders aside, the graphic showed that Cole Beasley was #1 in the entire league in Positive Play percentage and EPA/Target! I did not know that.
  11. thanks for taking the time to explain. And, I loved the bolded portion.
  12. Not really. There is a lil loophole in the rookie scale that makes 3rd rounders hard to sign. Happens every year with the 3rd rounders.
  13. Nice catch Yolo. Did Beane have a preview of the Short news while releasing DT Nazair Jones 3 days ago? There is a good chance Beane is in early on anything Panthers related. .
  14. Anyone know who the teammate is? Edit: Already a 3 page thread and it appears that we are no closer to finding out who the teammate testing positive is. Just hope it is not one of our starters.
  15. Yes you are right lol. Not just an insinuation - but the substance of the post. Challenging the Bills to either pay him or cut him. And I would not be too upset if the Bills pay him.
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