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  1. Preston Brown to Bengals

    kinda pissed that all it took Cincy to get Preston Brown was 1 year 5 mill. He is certainly worth that - though he did not exactly set Lake Ontario on fire with his play for the Bills.
  2. link to livestream press conference: http://wivb.com/2018/03/16/live-stream-bills-gm-brandon-beane-speaks/
  3. Why do we still not have cap numbers for Star?

    Ha! the exact numbers (50 and 25) I called! I was way off on AJ McCarron though.
  4. This is the “character” that McDermott looks for

    Frankly I think this "character" thing is overblown. Didnt we just sign Diggy-zoo? And wasnt Trent suspended 4 games last year? We just spin this whole character thing into what we want, no?
  5. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    Not too strange actually. Bills have very little cap wiggle room and are waiting to see who lese they sign. Likely agreed to terms on two different contracts with Star's reps. And will choose one depending on how much cap room they need. We will know it within a day or two, if not today itself.
  6. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Does anybody know the dollars? - I hope it is less than 2 yr 30 mill
  7. Why havent we heard anything about Deonte?

    well at a minimum he provides depth. I dont want KC signing him for 3-4 mill and we lose WR depth.
  8. The original post says trade will happen AFTER 4 pm today. I thought trade has to happen BEFORE 4pm ET today. If Philly makes the 4 pm deadline without trading Foles, what is their urgency? Why trade immediately after?
  9. Both will likely need at least a first rounder to pry away from respective teams. Roughly the same age. Luck is the more heralded but shoulder is suspect. Foles has been a little inconsistent, but is healthy and a SB winner. Luck is under contract for 3 more years at about 80 mill, Foles only for one year, but for a pittance. PS: Neither is not an option:)
  10. Veteran QB: It all comes down to FOLES / MCCARRON!

    am still holding out hope for a Foles trade. trade makes too much sense for philly to pass on getting a high draft pick and relieve cap concerns Fitz signed with Tampa Bay 5 days ago
  11. Bills OT Henderson will sign with Texans

    comp pick comp pick comp pick
  12. Bills signing S Rafael Bush

    nice depth signing - but the comp pick police will hate the signing
  13. Veteran QB: It all comes down to FOLES / MCCARRON!

    Now just Foles / McCarron! Read rumors that Miami was interested in MCCarron. Will try to find the link.
  14. Veteran QB: It all comes down to FOLES / MCCARRON!

    Philly websites noting Philly's options getting limited in trading Foles: https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2018/3/13/17116514/sam-bradford-signing-cardinals-nick-foles-staying-eagles-philadelphia-arizona-contract-quarterback