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  1. Brady & the Bucs are going to have a far better record than the Pats. But I dont think those results mean Brady >> Belichick. Brady selected into a good situation - a decent coach, great receivers, brought in Gronk and is backed by a fantastic defense. Pats had a bunch of opt-outs on defense, acute salary cap issues for this season and didnt get even an average level replacement QB. My Pats friend (yes I have one or two - sorry) prefers they never signed Cam and won no games (instead of their 2 now) - just would have liked em to roll with Stidham and join the Jets in the Lawrence / Fields sweepstakes.
  2. We need Guard help not OT help. The problem has been the interior of the Oline in both rushing and passing. Tackles have held off rushers just fine.
  3. while it is an exaggeration to call tomorrow’s game a toss up, the line has narrowed a bit from -13 to -10.5. but that could be because of either the TE covid scare or Darnold being available. i agree Dodson news didn’t affect the line.
  4. He has played 43 games for the Pats (got a ring with them), 49ers, Chiefs and Raiders. Played for Memphis in the AAC. did not know much except allowing that sack of Brady by Justin Sack but came across this on google when we signed him to the PS. https://www.thechurchnews.com/members/2020-05-27/jordan-devey-nfl-player-football-raiders-chiefs-49ers-185243 here are his combine stats https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=10183 At this point he will not be worse than Winters / Ford - so I am good.
  5. 👍 see original post. i expect davis will catch a touchdown. 14-1 are bettable odds for Davis going over 100 yards.
  6. true dat. but i still think we shd have traded for him to try at DE.
  7. It is a mixed bag. All in all - not too bad https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/2/24/21150189/2019-all-22-analysis-duke-williams-wide-receiver-buffalo-bills
  8. If we did not have roster limits, this statement would be true since there is no doubt he is better than Roberts and McKenzie. Problem is Duke cannot displace Diggs, Brown, Beasley and Davis and cannot play ST like Roberts and McKenzie (though he did play 18 snaps in 2019). Hopefully if he shows some TE skills he can get some PT and prove himself.
  9. Defense is in shambles with injuries etc. Dodson, Norman, Wallace out; Milano, White questionable, Edmunds banged up, Murphy healthy inactive. So it will be up to the offense to win this. While Jets’ defense focuses on Diggs and Beasley, Duke and Davis will score TDs tomorrow. Before the beginning of the season, I caught flak for arguing that Duke can play TE in a pinch. Let us see if that flak is deserved.
  10. 1. SB wide right 2. Home run throw forward by titans 3. loss to backup steelers that cost us a spot in the playoffs 4. Pats MNF game 5. playoff loss to texans 6. playoff loss to Jax
  11. 1. JA 2. Justin Herbert - has looked very impressive so far. Burrow is a close third with Jackson and Murray being 4 and 5. Jury still out on Tua, two NFL completions notwithstanding. Pass on Tannehill, Prescott and Mayfield. funnily enough two different franchises moved on from Tyrod Taylor to get these top two franchise QBs
  12. Ngakoue >> Hughes for McD's scheme. Future 3rd and 5th is peanuts for 9 games this season + option to re-sign or get back a comp pick. Like Hughes, he is not great at setting the edge (though likely better than Hughes - did ya guys see the 31 yard run play against the Chiefs) - but unlike Hughes, he will actually be getting to the QB more. C'mon Beaner - do your thing.
  13. A Linebacker is only as good as the front four and the back 4 allow him to be. I think if the front 4 do their job and Tre plays in the game, it will be fair game to evaluate Edmunds. That being said, his play does appear to have dropped off - partly injury related but partly because of what the OP says - he does bite on the first fake more often than a MLB should. Strangely enough he does well when he is very close to the line of scrimmage (where play has to be instinctual) and far from the line of scrimmage (where he can wait and depend on his closing speed to stop big chunk players). It is in the middle area where he is getting burned. McD appears to recognize that - he was playing close to the line of scrimmage to stop Henry and a lil deeper to stop Mahomes. I think these two players are anomalies and we won’t face these types of beasts in most games ( I think he will cover Kittle well). I would not be averse to having Dodson play MLB and Edmunds play OLB with or without Milano.
  14. sorry that will never work with McD. Son of a bum (like Bum Phillips before him) has always been a 3-4 guy and McD always employs a 4-3.
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