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  1. It is THE shortest play. I think others were longer but since they were called back by penalty - they only count as 0 and 2 yards. For example Desean Jackson's 83 yard punt return for a TD was called back and is listed as 0 yards.Thanks OP. To get to 20.6 MPH over 10 yards is mighty impressive indeed. This is where elite sprinters are at. https://www.freelapusa.com/how-fast-can-usain-bolt-run-the-40-yard-dash/
  2. Ah I see - you misunderstood my post and thought I was asking for Peterman to take the victory formation. Your post makes complete sense now.
  4. I was thinking the same thing but not because I wanted another look at Peterman - more because I did not want Allen hurt. But then I felt it should not be done for two reasons. 1. Bills were just handing the ball off and Allen was not likely to get hurt 2. You want the rookie to get a feel for finishing the game. Let him get an opportunity to experience an NFL victory formation for the first time.
  5. IgotBILLStopay

    [Edited Title] Tremaine Edmunds looks Lost

    Dont forget that most of Edmund's training camp plays were against McCarron and Peterman. The young man had not yet seen QBs like Rivers. He will learn. A certain middle linebacker, who was picked 9th in the draft was so lost on opening day that he lost the starting position to Roosevelt Colvin and was kept on the sideline for a whole game. Only a freak injury to another player gave him playing time and, to cut a long story short, he hung his boots after 12 more years of stellar play and was recently enshrined in the HOF. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000916564/article/sources-tell-us-scout-amazed-by-urlacherlike-lb-edmunds
  6. IgotBILLStopay

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Not to the board here, but to the national media that portrayed Tuh-Rod as the victim, yes!! That said, I wouldnt be too upset if Tuh-Rod did well.
  7. IgotBILLStopay

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Ok I am reasonably convinced now that the Bills are not THE worst team in the NFL. There are two other contenders. At least on Offense.
  8. Our roster is quite devoid of talent with the 50+ million dead cap. This poll is only half in jest.
  9. IgotBILLStopay

    QB competition

    I agree that the difference in talent between Allen and Peterman is real. I also agree that NP is not NFL starter material and JA should get all the starter reps (practice or game) under center even if he is only on one leg. But NP was capable in a backup role last year and I am happy to keep him there. He did outplay McCarron this preseason. So, I would not go so far as to get him off the payroll. Dont forget that the quarterback's struggles are in part due to (lack of) OL and WR support.
  10. For a couple of years after the trade, it looked like it was the Bills who had the better end of the trade. Eric Wood was solid and Jason Peters was struggling with injuries etc. So I would not blame the then Bills brass too much on this. Blame them for all the stupid QB decisions during the draft, yes. But Eric Wood worked out well enough for us. Definitely no complaints about this trade from me.
  11. A guy like Gregg Williams always plays the preseason like it is the real deal. Other coaches take it easier keeping things plain vanilla and deferring exotic packages for the regular season. I would like to believe it is the latter with McD, Daboll and Frazier. But if so, how realistic are the results of the preseason battles - at QB, WR, OL etc.?
  12. Dammit!! I was thinking someone would do it on the Khalil Mack thread - but this was sneaky! Very well played sir!!
  13. IgotBILLStopay

    Vontae Davis' scheme with the rest of the Secondary

    You may be onto something here about letting a player watch from the sideline. Maybe that is what did the trick for Gilmore. I remember he was awful before sitting out 3 games due to injury. When he came back he was completely different. let us hope it is injury and not age and he can recover with some rest.
  14. I saw Vontae Davis play a lot during his time at Illinois, but not since. He is a fantastic man coverage player. Curt Mallory, the DB coach and subsequent DC at Illinois never played zone to my knowledge. I have been rethinking his scheme fit with the Bills since we play zone coverage pretty exclusively. We know Tre White, Hyde and Poyer are all pretty good playing zone. Last season, EJ Gaines was especially great in zone coverage. For zone coverage, all 4 players in the secondary need to be on the same page. But even if one guy is not where he is supposed to be, there will be soft spots in the zone coverage. All an OC needs to do is find these soft spots, which is what the Bengals Offense did to make Dalton look like Aaron Rogers on roids. While Tre misplayed the one TD pass to Green, he, Poyer and Hyde were fine for the most part. But, Davis was out of position again and again. I thought the lack of fit was a primary reason (cap space was also important) the Bills did not offer GIlmore. In retrospect, I am surprised the Bills went after Davis. The good news is that Davis is a consummate professional. So he can likely learn the zone concepts as we go along. I mean Gilmore was always a man coverage guy - but Belichik plays both man and zone - so he had to learn on the fly. After floundering for a few games, he did eventually get on the same page with Belichik. I am hoping the same thing happens with Davis - but there will definitely be growing pains.
  15. from Bills Wire https://billswire.usatoday.com/2018/08/28/buffalo-bills-chicago-bears-how-to-watch/ What: Buffalo Bills (1-2) vs. Chicago Bears (2-1). When: Thursday, Aug. 30, 8 p.m. Where: Soldier Field, Chicago, IL. Television: Buffalo, NY: WKBW. Rochester, NY: WROC. Syracuse, NY: WSYR. Binghamton, NY: WBGH/WIVT. Utica, NY: WPNY/WFXV/WUTR. Elmira, NY: WETM/EETM. Watertown, NY: WWTI. Erie, PA: WJET/WFXP. Albany, NY: WTEN/WXXA. Radio: Buffalo: WGR550 (550 AM). Toronto: Fan 590 (590 AM). Rochester: WCMF (96.5 AM) and WROC (950 AM). Syracuse: WTKW (99.5 FM) and WTKV (105.5 FM). Live stream: fuboTV (try it free). Either McCarron or Allen will likely start. The main battles are for the WR spots, one TE spot, one Linebacker spot and maybe one spot on the DL.