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  1. Here is PFF (nice 7 minute video) Here is cover1 https://www.cover1.net/josh-allen-dynamic-ability/
  2. IgotBILLStopay

    Make or Break Game for Shady

    That is our hope!! Make it happen Shady.
  3. IgotBILLStopay

    Make or Break Game for Shady

    I am sorry - I never said make or break for his career. IMO, it is make or break for whether he has anything left in his tank given the underwhelming season so far.
  4. IgotBILLStopay

    Make or Break Game for Shady

    He will be back, but can he be THE back?
  5. IgotBILLStopay

    Make or Break Game for Shady

    The Dolphins run defense has been abysmal this season. http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?archive=false&conference=null&role=OPP&offensiveStatisticCategory=null&defensiveStatisticCategory=RUSHING&season=2018&seasonType=REG&tabSeq=2&qualified=false&Submit=Go They are 4th in YPG and have given up 13 runs of 20+ yards. I think this game will tell us if Shady has anything left in his tank at all. If he lays an egg, it will be time to say g'bye. If he does rush well, at least we will have hope. It appears the run defense woes are primarily because they are so thin at the interior DL position (and they released JP 97, ha ha!). That means Shady should not dance around to the outside, but run north south between the D Linemen. Can he still do it?
  6. IgotBILLStopay

    Nick O'Leary Signs a 1-Year Extension with Miami

    I always liked Nick. But it is understandable why they kept Logan over Nick. Logan can throw the ball. Nick cant. With our QB situation grim throughout the season following the AJM trade, McB didnt have the luxury of giving up on anyone who could throw the ball.
  7. IgotBILLStopay

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Too early to tell. While Van der Esch has been good, Edmunds has not been too bad either. There is a difference between a 19 year old and a 22 year old as well. Actually OP - I would look at the same stats and come to the opposite conclusion. Zay was an established record setting college player while Juju was raw and just 19. It took Juju 8 games before he arrived on the scene with that 193 yard game. Till then his numbers were rather pedestrian. But now, there is no doubt Juju should have been taken ahead of Zay. Looks like the Bills' draftniks learned from the Zay experience and went with the raw unpolished freak over the established college player since they are looking to the future.
  8. https://www.thephinsider.com/2018/11/28/18114783/opposing-player-spotlight-week-13-buffalo-bills-josh-allen-quarterback-miami-dolphins I actually think pressure is where Allen does best. He has the pocket presence to sidestep the bull rush. He is not the most accurate thrower when given time. Every time Allen scrambles though, something magical appears to be waiting to happen.
  9. IgotBILLStopay

    Still Hausch Money as PFF's Number One Rated Kicker

    And Orchard Park is a particularly difficult field to kick FGs in. Would love to see stats adjusted for stadium - that will only make Haushka shine even more.
  10. The Guy has thrown for nearly 1500 yards 11 touchdowns (and 2 more rushing TDs) in 6 games and in 4-2 (one loss was that clown Rex's fault) against them. Something about playing Miami always bought out the best in Tyrod - he turns into Brady against them.
  11. IgotBILLStopay

    Robert Foster clocked the 2nd fastest TD of week 12

    Adoree Jackson is very fast indeed. They changed the angle after Miller hits top speed - so not 100% clear but Miller does seem to be maintaining the separation till he hits top speed.
  12. IgotBILLStopay

    Robert Foster clocked the 2nd fastest TD of week 12

    1. Looks like Foster has another gear he did not even tap into 2. The closeout by Adoree Jackson was after Miller had hit his top speed and started slowing down 3. Indeed Davis is a freak!!
  13. IgotBILLStopay

    Bills Release P Colton Schmidt

    No worries. With Allen, we ain't punting peeps.
  14. That was a more accurately thrown beer can than all the pass attempts at Orchard Park over the past 20 years. Bill Belichik, who is always looking to upstate New York for football talent, has a BOLO out for the thrower and plans to sign him and develop him to be Brady's replacement. Edit: BOLO = Be On the Look Out for (police slang) https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=BOLO
  15. IgotBILLStopay

    13-7 Baby!

    Actually I felt I was underreacting earlier to how pathetic the Bills' remaining foes are. The Jets' follies yesterday just made that clear to me:)