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  1. I don't post on other teams boards, but I do browse them. I though a solid number of you all were tools; but man, that is definitely something over there. Maybe its the football mixed with Missouri? Like Akron/Jamestown on meth?
  2. He did, however, that was by design. I expect a different game plan this time...or at the very least, a different result.
  3. Hey, we got away with the 37 yard pass to Diggs that was clearly not a catch...lol.
  4. The humorous part is that someone else posted the exact same URL a few days ago stating the opposite... If you cherry pick the posts in that thread, you can tailor any conclusion you want.
  5. The decision tree on the poll is not set up correctly. If I select 'yes', I am still forced to make the second selection which is specific to a 'no' response.
  6. That's like saying the Dolphins have a history of being undefeated...none of the PIT backups were on that historical team. This is a silly take.
  7. When did the feature to shrink quoted pics/text get added?!?! That's amazing! So many people on this board feel the need to quote an OP to simply reply... The truck gift is nice too...
  8. Yes, thanks - my mind keeps missing the 1 seed bye. Would be a humorous turn of events.
  9. Smh...you cant flood the airport and one bills drive AND THEN post this...lmao. Actually heartily laughed out loud reading this bull mess...
  10. Would be interesting to see us hold the 2 seed and PIT lands the 6 seed and have to come back to Buffalo for a playoff game...
  11. Steve Levy is the one I cannot stand. His voice bothers me so much I tend to mute the game for periods. I hope Romo makes this a career.
  12. I am so tired of hearing every media outlet with the "3 games in 14 days" BS. You generally play 3 games in 14 days, wow! Personally, I would see the Sunday game to Thursday game as a more challenging transition...4 days instead of 7. That's significantly less time. Its like the media wants a built in excuse for PIT to lose. I hate it.
  13. The CLE and NE games made me about face in my FF league. I have Allen and Diggs. Championship week is week 16. Last time Allen played NE, he had 150 yards and no passing TDs (he did have 1 rushing). After seeing Herbert and the LAC offense get smothered today and the fact that we will be playing them in NE, I started looking around. I laughed at the thought of Baker Mayfield, even with his performance today, but then I looked at the schedule. Week 16 - CLE vs. NYJ. I put in my waiver claim immediately. I think we still beat the tar out of NE; I just don't think it will
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