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  1. I was in Lake Placid the first week of September for a funeral unfortunately. Not too far from Stowe. Good country up there. Been meaning to head east into VT for a day trip while up there. I love the Lake Placid IPA. They might have it given the proximity.
  2. Never questioned that 'it was on him'. I took issue with the 'embarrassing' comment. He positioned himself to make the catch and his cleat/turf gave out, unexpectedly changing his position as the ball arrived. On him? Yes. Embarrassing? That's more # 33 overthinking a TD catch wide open...
  3. He lost his footing. If his cleat hadn't given, that was a first down. Caught him by surprise.
  4. Pettine's 3rd down rush is sick. Logan Thomas sighting.
  5. Yeah, that was an odd performance. They look like they make moonshine in the hills and embrace cultural diversity...lol.
  6. https://deadspin.com/bills-fan-remains-alarmingly-still-after-pregame-stunt-1838828616
  7. Creative way to bring a ring to New Era...
  8. I am 157% certain that it does. Everything I have read here over the last several years indicates that this is a two party system...
  9. So, the refs are all corrupt and plotting against us. So for the entirety of the game, Bills players shouldn't have given the ball over after each play. That is likely about ~60 mistakes right there. Tug your tin foil hat a bit a bit more.
  10. Bills still don't have a 300 yard passer. From what I have read, that means we are a bad team.
  11. He is rather strong, he likely could pass an ATM...
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