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  1. Westside Madness

    Now go get Duke Johnson please

    He is too young. We are trying to get older at the position. Haha.
  2. Westside Madness

    Buffalo Sports Team Naming Concept

    Thanks. I reviewed and voted. Buffalo is moving away from the blue collar world. Between the medical campus and the various banks that have their operations here, I just feel we aren't the steel factory focused environment that we used to be. The only one I thought was close to viable was the Buffalo Charge.
  3. Westside Madness

    Buffalo Sports Team Naming Concept

    There is no need to shorten the URL unless you are hiding something that can be seen in the URL. Post the full URL so people can see what you are asking them to access. This seems shady.
  4. Westside Madness

    Tyree Jackson is at the combine trying to take WR’s out

    But he still calmed it down so the WRs could catch the ball. Taking it in stride is a good response though.
  5. They have the #1 pick, there is no need for deception...
  6. Westside Madness

    FYI: My season ticket invoice just arrived for 2019

    I cant mathematically reconcile this information. I am sure there is a detail that I am missing. If the price per ticket went up by $3 and it was an increase of $60, this would lead me to believe that you have 20 season tickets. But then you say 'for the pair', which would imply an increase of $6, not $60. What caused the additional $54 increase for the two tickets? Edit - This sort of feels like one of those 'Jimmy has 12 pies' situations...
  7. Westside Madness

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    'We intend to be active in the free agent market...' 'calculated' Having a plan is not the same as being frugal...or 'very frugal'.
  8. Westside Madness

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    I just turned the game off. I am so sick of NE getting calls that no one else gets. 3 in a 30 min window did it for me. I hope KC wins, I just cant watch the NE ball licking fest.
  9. Westside Madness

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    I think moving forward, due to the 2018 draft, we need to consider Arizona, NYJ, Cleveland and Baltimore potential rivals until we see which QBs rise to the top. Hopefully more than one so there can be a rivalry established.
  10. Westside Madness

    Updated Allen Scouting Report

    Many of the points are repetitive...makes me itchy.