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  1. [meme] Ryan Reynolds as a doctor 'but why?' [/meme] [meme] Picard 'what is the difference between your mother and the prime directive?' [/meme] [meme] large unattractive woman in a moo-moo who might actually be dead now in real life 'wut?' [/meme] I dream in meme. The value of my post is equal to or greater than the OP starting this thread. [meme] Ralph Wiggum from Simpsons 'I'm helping' [/meme]
  2. First off, all of you edgy folks that don't watch Marvel movies and need to let folks know constantly...the GOT 'not watchers' are throwing a rally later you might want to attend. Great for you. Tell us more about the things you aren't interested in...especially in threads related to the things that you aren't interested in. Second, I was super pissed when I read that tweet. He is a selfish man and damn well knows it. He broke what is a well known agreement with movie releases (yes this is even applicable to non Marvel movies for you 'i don't watch' folks'. I am sure you watch something) I stopped following him immediately and I am glad others are following suit. Its disrespectful behavior and I suppose I am shocked that I am shocked by it from him.
  3. That's where he messed up, he said 'bad' team. He should have used 'right' and 'wrong' fit, not bad team.
  4. Fix his name in your title, it look ridiculous. I wouldn't be upset with the pick, but there are other picks that make just as much sense.
  5. No comments on Burns, but as far as Hughes, under previous management I wanted him out. His inability to control himself and cost us 15 yards 3 times a game was infuriating. With McDermott in charge, he seems to have a bit more control, yet still maintains his passion and productivity. Let him play his final year and we can do a 2 year extension if he produces. If he has a less stellar year, we have rotational DEs that might break out and/or we can address it next year. I dont like DE this draft (for us) unless its Bosa or Allen.
  6. Algholor didn't put up decent numbers until he was moved to the slot. He then put up two 700+ yard seasons. We have Beasley lined up for the slot with Zay who has been operating the slot as well. While I am all about competition, I don't see how adding another slot WR at 9MM when we have Beasley makes sense. I think he has value, I just don't think that value is with the 2019 Buffalo Bills.
  7. Ironically, if it required the search function, I wouldn't have said anything...
  8. No that I want to be one of those people, but all of these points are being discussed in the thread directly below this one. This should have been a post within the Yeldon thread...
  9. The other issue with this post is that the study being referenced used games played and practices. The quote in the OP says that the turf area will be used for 'warm-up, post-workout, and flexibility work.” So the data isn't relevant to the use of this turf for this role. If I carpet my living room in this stuff, I am not likely to duplicate the injury ratios for games/practices.
  10. Indeed. I am surprised you were able to read my post; good on you.
  11. For the bulk of you that didn't read the article: "It's not true that the contracts are non-guaranteed," Treyzon continued. "Players can be cut for performance, they cannot be cut because the guys didn't have the financial backing." They are alleging that the contracts were non-guaranteed and could be terminated due to performance. I am assuming there wasn't language around the league going under. There is also the argument about the 'spirit' of the contract. Being signed on the premise of 3 years at 250k, there is likely a reasonable expectation of employment past 8 weeks. However, the best I see this doing is pushing expectation to 1 year...which is 2 more game checks. So, their first argument is a better angle.
  12. With the (somewhat) unprecedented number of FA signings we have made, I think it will be really interesting to see the number of our cuts that get picked up after final cut down week.
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