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  1. Westside Madness

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    I think moving forward, due to the 2018 draft, we need to consider Arizona, NYJ, Cleveland and Baltimore potential rivals until we see which QBs rise to the top. Hopefully more than one so there can be a rivalry established.
  2. Westside Madness

    Updated Allen Scouting Report

    Many of the points are repetitive...makes me itchy.
  3. Westside Madness

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    Same thing here at the Sabre's games. I work across the street from the arena and the Sheriff's Dept. (SWAT I think) park in our lot. They wear military green and carry some serious hardware. Not that they would be the ones to react to a physical altercation, but they are there waiting for some serious ***** to go down.
  4. Westside Madness

    WR Technique Q - Overthrow to Foster

    I want to applaud this thread. Excellent topic, several people providing opinions and insight related to the topic. I feel better educated on QB/WR mechanics for having read it.
  5. Westside Madness

    I EXPECT a BIG GAME from Josh vs. the Dolphins

    I like the connection that because it will be warm, Josh will 'heat up'. That's some good science there. Also, I will leave this here: 'Its hard to win in the NFL...'.
  6. Westside Madness

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    Thank you for actually watching a play and understanding what you saw....
  7. Until we are out of 'what'? I want you to say it...go ahead. As for the OP, given a weaker schedule and some experience under his belt, it certainly is possible.
  8. Its his first year. He will get the obligatory second year. The OC might get sacrificed.
  9. Ok, it was already a game I had little interest in. No fantasy implications for me. At least keep the game competitive....sigh.
  10. For the last 10 years at least we go through cycles. Strong defense, weak offense, strong offense, weak defense. I still believe that if Fitz had been with us when we had a good defense, we would have made the playoffs. When he was with us, he was always trying to come from behind due to our defense allowing teams to go down the field and score. We have a great defense....even a mid range QB could make this work. This is not a knock on Allen, he is a rook. It is just a view of our team overall during the recent decade.
  11. Westside Madness

    Imagine if the bills didn't sign Anderson last week

    There were reports around the time of the signing that playing time was discussed and expected. He is likely quite thrilled.