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  1. Welp. You still get to see him twice a year!
  2. Depends on the play call, but hmm, press well and cant/wont tackle...sounds a lot like another BUF/NE CB...
  3. Looks like it is on ABC for an OTA option which is good as I believe I have exhausted all my emails for free trials...lol. Thinking that we move up from 25 to 17 and select a CB...
  4. I will be on my couch 1.8 miles away. The temp, the Covid positivity rate floating around 23-26% and Bills Twitter chatter including a lot of 'I tested positive and am symptomatic, but I am still going' discussions. Ya'll have fun.
  5. Stop. We do not want our QB injured going into the playoffs. Please try to think about something more than 5 min into the future.
  6. So he can get right. You want to go into the playoffs on a good note.
  7. I am trying to prevent people from stroking out...lol.
  8. For those melting down, MIA is still up 17-7...lol.
  9. Its funny if you think about it. Ticket for $8. Parking $30. A beer $14. A food item $10. $62 with only $8 going to the ticket....lol
  10. Ollie Ollie Oxen Free...our defense woke up and chose violence today.
  11. I disagree. It is more nuanced than that for a reason, but in any case, we are in great shape! Go Bills!
  12. Not if it was a run play, but as catch, he has to complete the catch action, so yes, sadly.
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