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  1. George Kittle Stephon Diggs Tyreek Hill were taken in 5th round. No sense in wasting a potential pick on a backup QB when we have Allen. We need to find the next Hill or Diggs
  2. People on here keep overreacting. Acting like the eagles are a 16-1 team and the Bills are 4-13, miles away. Once teams like the Bills, Eagles, Chiefs, Bengals, Niners etc meet in the playoffs anything can happen. We lost, move on. Why are some of you impressed how other teams have drafted/built their rosters but not the Bills. Going into the season we were overwhelming viewed as having an amazing roster. And guess what - we went 13-3. Not 3-13. Off the top of my head starters we drafted: Allen Dawkins Brown Singletary Davis Shakir (didn’t he have the most receiving yds in the playoffs for us?) Tre Oliver Edmunds Milano Taron Johnson That compares to any other team in the playoffs. You reach a point in talent levels between teams where W/L come down to coaching, execution, and a little luck. I suggest many of you get over your doom and gloom and grow a pair.
  3. Greatest QB ive ever seen. Wish him well the rest of the way.
  4. This is not directed at you. I just find it funny when we look at other teams rosters compared to our own. DENVER doesn’t need much of anything on offense but the Bills need an entire new OL, 2 WR, a TE and a RB. 🤣
  5. There have been HOF QBs notorious for bringing the play lock down to zero everytime. But I get what you’re saying.
  6. Very well said. Im right there with you on basically everything. As for the RB, I’ve thought what this offense needs is a bruiser like Brandon Jacobs was with the Giants. Just a beast who you know will get that 3rd and short instead of having Allen risk his body. And he was a late round pick too. With the defense the most important thing is Frazier getting the boot. If he stays im almost of the mindset of not resigning anyone (Edmunds/Poyer) and going all-in on offense. Whats the point? Why drop so much money on defense when we line up with a 10yd cushion during the playoffs? Might as well have rookies do that and hope Allen and the offense put up 40pts with more weapons/better protection.
  7. Im on the fence about it. Yeh the final second is mostly inactivity but the process of the QB reading the defense and setting protection which lead to that final second of inactivity is the important part. Give someone like Mahomes or Allen an extra second to read the defense and that could make a difference. that being said the idea of a shot clock buzzer going off does seem nauseating. But with technology there is for sure a very easy solution out there.
  8. You should’ve been on the Chiefs message board and the jokes that were being made by their fans after Hamlin’s situation resolved.
  9. I cant wait until Kelce retires. Look at the games played in his career. Other than his rookie season, this guy has barely ever missed a game. And how much he touches the ball. Greatest TE ever.
  10. Go look up Brett Veache’s drafts and report back on how many all-pro players he picked. But im sure we’ll regard the chiefs as better 🙄
  11. Allen Edmunds Oliver Harrison Phillips Wyat Teller Knox Gabe Davis Bass Taron Johnson off the top of my head. You could maybe add Singletary Hes above average. How many all-pro draft picks do you think a GM lands that turn all-pro? Maybe 1-2 every 5 years. Maybe. Your expectations are abnormal. Thats a you problem, not a Beane problem. This team is loaded with Beane draft picks across the starting lineup. A starting lineup that has consistently excelled over the past few seasons.
  12. I mean drafting Allen, a generational talent, when none of you experts wanted him (Rosen was better right) counts for 5 All pros. The grief this regime is receiving is obnoxious. There are a handful of players drafted that are REALLY good, in addition to Allen.
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