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  1. bobobonators

    Why don't qb's wear a mirrored visor like McMahon used to?

    Safeties? Probably quite a few. Safeties are lining up usually 15yds off the LOS, if not more. By the time the QB drops back hes probablu about 8yds behind the LOS if not more. “Seeing the eyes” is largely overstated as theres about a 3” gap in the facemask for you to see his eyes from almost 30yds out. And players are running and moving around while theyre doing this (bouncing makes it harder to see something that small at that distance). theyre mainly looking at which way his head is pointed. LB’s could probably see this more.
  2. bobobonators

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    To me OL is the weakest link in the entire team, way worse than WR. What happens if Dawkins misses games with an injury? Arguably the worst line in the NFL
  3. But was he making excuses for anything? Answering this question isnt automatically making an excuse - it’s simply responding based off of personal observation. Im not going bother with the rest of your post as you appear to be speaking for what other people seem to think, when in reality you know nothing of the kind. I dont blame him, id probably be tired of it too. The NFL, like few other of the major sports, is so focused on physical measurements, that I imagine it becomes easy for even professionals in the league to get caught up in stereotypes.
  4. Someone asks Tyrod a subjective question, and he gives his honest, subjective, opinion that answers that subjective question and hes playing the race card? The NFL is dominated by african american athletes, yet the QB position continues to be dominated by white athletes. So if an african american QB thinks he has to overcome other people’s hangups due to race, the numbers at least favor his subjective opinion. A white guy might feel the same way about making it as a RB in the NFL and he too would be entitled to feel that way and there may be something to it. I step back and take the “i havent walked a mile in their shoes” approach to these kinds of matters. Im personally not a minority competing for a starting position in the nfl that continues to be dominated (at the NFL level) by white athletes. If i was, i might view things differently.
  5. bobobonators

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    This is a serious question: 1. If the national columnists are all horrible journalists and “know-nothings”; and 2. The local columnits are all horrible journalists and “know-nothings”; who is actually considered to be a good sports journalists? I never hear anything good about anyone around here; everyone is an idiot apparently. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. “Andrew Luck (shoulder) was throwing a high school ball in Tuesday's minicamp session.”
  7. I’m sorry but the coaching is way too good and the talent level is too high, even with our holes, to go 2-14. Absolute worst case scenario i can see us going 6-10 and that’s with a good amount of injuries and all QB’a being horrible. 6-10 as an absolute worst case scenario can also be said probably about 15-20 teams in this league as well.
  8. Lol. I would not be one of your thousands/millions
  9. I was a Tyrod supporter. Its threads like this that make me happy hes not here anymore. All people do is argue past each other for 20 pages. The guy was an afterthought when he came to the Bills. He worked his butt off, we won some games, we broke the playoff drought/curse, hes no longer here. Yes, hes not an elite or upper echelon QB. But also YES, hes a viable starter in this league. Im excited we have Allen.
  10. bobobonators

    How do you feel about the Buffalo Bills right now?

    Right this second: 1. unsure of the present (6-10 or 10-6) 2. Excited for the near future (Allen, McD, Beane) this is the most confidence ive had in a coaching staff and gm in yrs
  11. bobobonators

    Kaepernick's legal team to subpoena Trump in case against NFL

    Antitrust laws are there mainly to protect the consumer from unfair business practices. Kaep’s situation has nothing to do with antitrust laws. Kaep’s grievance was under the collective bargaining agreement with NFL. I dont know what the language is in that agreement but i guess it doesnt allow for collusion? I dont know. In the real world, with no CBA, a private corporation can blackball someone all day, any day if they feel that person is bad for business (as long as no constitutional rights are being violated i.e., not hiring bc of race). Kaep in his grievance claims: "If the NFL (as well as all professional sports teams) is to remain a meritocracy, then principled and peaceful protest -- which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago -- should not be punished and athletes should not be denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the Executive Branch of our government...” If that’s Kaep’s central claim he’s going to have a hard time with this grievance. The language “should” not be punished is different than “cannot” be punished. Kaep has no constitutional protection to peacefully protest while hes at work. The NFL is a private business entity that ultimately exists not on meritocracy, but rather with revenue. Revenue sharing is an actual thing among teams in the NFL. So logically, teams have every right to discuss matters that are deemed a threat to their bottom line. Kaep’s stance threatened their bottom line. As a private entity, they have the right to address whether that employee is an asset or a liability, and they clearly chose the latter. Kaep’s constitutional rights werent violated either since 1st amendment protection doesnt really apply at the workplace. Protest on your own time, Kaep. Thats what you should have done. Instead, you tried to be cute and you lost.
  12. bobobonators

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1. A.J. McCarron does not relinquish his starting role. 2. Bills go 10-6 3. Edmunds is DROY
  13. Valid concern. If healthy, Im hoping for around 950yds receiving and 7-9 TD’s. Anything less than that would be a down year