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  1. bobobonators

    Nate Burleson Speaks On The Firing Of African American Coaches

    I dont lose any sleep over it. However, being completely objective, its a bit odd that the large majority of the league’s players are black and the large majority of the league’s GM’s, HC, OC, and DC are white. Is it racism? Im not sure it is. I think its more complex than that. Its clear in sports that the elite African American athletes tend to be faster and stronger than the elite athletes of other races. So in a sport like the NFL where speed and strength are literally measured and coveted it makes sense that the large majority of the players in the NFL will end up being african american. I cant, however, objectively explain the lack of african american coaches in the NFL or NCAA football programs. Same thing when you look at the NBA - its an extremely disproportionate number of black coaches when one takes into account that the vast majority of players in the league are black. By their very nature, minorities are minorities because there are less of them in the general population. If I objectively look at it that way logic holds that there will be many more white candidates thank black candidates applying for these jobs so perhaps that ends up skewing the numbers in favor of more white coaches in these programs. But that explanation doesnt completely satisfy my objectivity. You figure that in a sport like football, where the college ranks are SATURATED with black players, and then the NFL is largely dominated by black players, that there would simply be more black coaches. But i dont have an adequate answer as to why it fails to translate.
  2. bobobonators

    Would you trade for AJ Green?

    A player like Green would still have at least 2-3 more seasons great production (easily justifying a 2nd round pick cost).
  3. bobobonators

    Would you trade for AJ Green?

    Draft an OL in rd 1 and trade for Green with 2nd round. Heck yes.
  4. bobobonators

    Any Vikings followers?

    Id say 2 main things: 1. The defense was way worse. 2. The Bears got that much better. 2018 Vikings gave up 21.3pts/game 2017 Vikings gave up 15.8pts/game
  5. bobobonators

    So realistically, who do you want at 9?

    Its not 100% either way. Some teams may lean more towards need, others may lean towards BPA regardless of position. A team like the bills with holes everywhere should be BPA regardless of position. And you could argue, using your example, that the Giants drafted BPA available last season by drafting Barkley. They needed a QB and look at how many were available to them yet they still went with BPA in Barkley.
  6. bobobonators

    So realistically, who do you want at 9?

    This statement is wrong on numerous levels
  7. bobobonators

    So realistically, who do you want at 9?

    BPA. No trade down.
  8. bobobonators

    Week 17 - Around the NFL

    I agree about the games being at 430. I want to watch all of these games and im limited to one.
  9. bobobonators

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Rosen is hot garbage.
  10. bobobonators

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Benjamin is a classic case of addition by subtraction. Sunday vs Miami was an abomination. The guy has no heart. He doesnt lead by example. He doesnt make plays. He gives up on routes. Hes a liability to Allen and the rest of the team. Good riddance.
  11. bobobonators

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    Allen was running away from the throw under pressure, its not like he had all day to plant his feet and throw a perfect ball. Any average WR in the NFL has the agility and quickness to react to that pass and grab it without breaking a sweat. The fact that Clay sucks and is done is the only reason it was even close. It shouldnt have been close. It should have been a comfortable catch for a TD.
  12. bobobonators

    Around the NFL Week 13

    What will Mayfield say this week after the game?
  13. bobobonators

    The First Play of the Sean Taylor Game.

    So a guy gets murdered, and your thought process at the time essentially was: i didnt like his hit on our punter so screw ‘em.
  14. bobobonators

    Is Vander Eshe to Edmunds the same as Juju to Zay

    Lets be honest - you can drive yourself mad doing hindsight 20/20 on drafts. The reality is both Edmunds and Vander Esch are playing really well for being rookies. edmunds is the MLB of one of the better defenses in the NFL. Surely that counts for something right? Edmunds is also a full 2 years younger than Vander Esch. Could you imagine the hype machine behind Edmunds if he played for the Cowboys?
  15. Why do we need Kareem Hunt? We need an elite Oline to protect Allen; we need at least 2 WR; and 1 TE. Andy Reid converted a 6th round RB in Ware into a really good player in 2016. Then Reid and that oline took a 3rd round RB in Hunt and made him an excellent RB. Hunt would be nothing more than an average, dime a dozen RB on the Bills. There is nothing particularly special about Hunt as a RB - he plays on an offense that has an excellent offensive mind/personnel running it. Can we bring Any Reid and co. Over with Hunt? Then id be all-in.