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  1. He’ll probably get traded to the Seahawks
  2. The weather in Denver was brutal last weekend. Chiefs walked all over the Broncos.
  3. I agree. Its easy to pick on the Jets now. We’ll see how they finish. Could still be historically bad.
  4. Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence hints at staying for senior season rather than opting for NFL draft https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/clemson-tigers-qb-trevor-lawrence-hints-staying-senior/story?id=73861151
  5. I dont know much but DC who drop everyone back into zone coverage and allow these 3rd and 15 or 3rd and 20 conversions to happen bc the QB has 7 seconds to throw the ball drives me wild. Id rather be burned bc we blitzed than to sit back and have them convert anyway. Blitz more on 3rd and long please.
  6. With all due respect, the qualifications of what is or is not a signature win seem highly subjective. If we beat the Patriots many wont be satisfied and will come up with reasons why that wasnt a signature win. one thing we can all agree on: we need to win 1 playoff game. The rest is just noise imo.
  7. Im sure few people had us beating the Rams this year. Theyre now 5-2
  8. DK Metcalf is the real Megatron. My lord.
  9. Unfortunately it was more the Jets sucking than the Bills doing anything great. That being said they did at least improve. They did their job. Thats all you can ask.
  10. We played well enough to win this game by 20. Turnovers and key penalties kept the game close. Divisional games can always be tricky. We need to eliminate mistakes in the red zone. 5-2!
  11. Romo has the best job in the world: gets paid MILLIONS to watch live football and give his opinion. Why would he ruin his life to become a coach?
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