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  1. Im not sure what Manning was referring to, but I noticed last year Josh did something with his body pre-snap that gave away whether it was going to be a run or a pass. I was easily able to determine if it was going to be a run from the tv angle. I assume the coaches will address this. I wont bother pointing it out on this forum. I do not recall him doing this prior to last year however i havent gone back and watched film. It became one of those things that once i saw it i couldnt unsee it and it was a give-away.
  2. Im not sure where i read it but there was an article a few weeks ago how a Dolphins player commented on Tua looking and acting different at camp: his voice is a little deeper and his facial hair a little longer, alluding to the belief that he matured this offseason. i am really happy the Dolphins have Tua. Im being completely objective when i say i saw absolutely nothing about his game last year that scared me or led me to think “yeh this guy may be a problem for us down the road.” Nothing.
  3. NY player should be throwing out the first pitch for NY team - not a Canadian team. I know, i know, flame away. 😊
  4. It still makes me like him a wee bit more
  5. Not to be biased, but I cant think of a better setup. McD and Beane are both in their early 40s and just getting started. Reid is likely on the tail-end of his career. Not to mention our star QB is 25
  6. My entire family is from Spain. You basically just described our family reunions whenever religion or politics are brought up.
  7. Yikes. I think youre way off on Tannehill
  8. I really havent noticed much in terms of forced ads. The site runs great for me. I cant imagine the personal investment of someone’s time it must take to keep this site running as smoothly as it does. Im grateful.
  9. I really wouldnt mind seeing the Lions finally turn things around. I’ll also root for WFT with Fitz and the Chargers. Herbert looks like the real deal. Thats about it.
  10. Geeze. Talk about a rotation on the DL. I better not see a single player sucking wind.
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