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  1. Its an epic circle jerk w/Buffalo: With Gailey, the offense was decent, the defense was putrid. Marrone the offense was subpar, the defense was amazing. Rex the offense was good, the defense was a disaster. MCD the defense is great, the offense is epically bad. one day...
  2. bobobonators

    Mahomes and his offensive gameplan

    Andy Reid is an offensive genius. We dont have a single offensive mind on the Bills.
  3. bobobonators

    Tre' Davious White Ladies & Gents

    White will become a FA and we will justify not extending him bc Corners are never worth that much. He’ll land on a contender that can somehow manage to afford him and win a Super Bowl. We’ll go on to use the money we “saved” by not resigning him to sign the Ducasse’s and DiMarco’s of the football world.
  4. bobobonators

    Patrick Peterson available

    It would be ridiculous. Every draft pick is valuable at this point bc it can be used to trade up and get an offensive player in the draft. We have hands down the worst offense in the NFL.
  5. bobobonators

    Patrick Peterson available

    We need all resources expended on the Oline and WR, not a corner. All resources includes day 2 picks.
  6. FA: 2 Oline top FA; 1 veteran above average WR draft: 1: WR 2: edge rusher 3: OL super bowl
  7. its difficult to complete passes downfield when your wide receivers cant get separation; and compounding the WR’s deficiencies with a poor Oline and you have a recipe for disaster in the passing game. I feel bad for Allen.
  8. bobobonators

    Offensive identity

    Get shady into space. Ha 😞
  9. IMO, this game will be decided by the following: which piss-poor offensive line will be worse on Sunday. Both Watson and Allen will likely be running for their lives.
  10. bobobonators

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    We need an offensive mind on this team. We havent had a decent offensive coach since Gailey. We are completely devoid of coaching and player talent on the offensive side. Its embarrassing.
  11. bobobonators

    Is Josh Allen just a taller Tyrod Taylor

    My biggest concern isnt with Allen’s ability, it’s with the lack of offensive talent and offensive minds (coaches) on this team. Allen is facing an uphill battle unfortunately because no one on this coaching staff should be near an NFL offense. Add the fact that we have no offensive threats beyond a 30yr old shady. It’s clear Allen has not landed in a good spot. Hopefully he can stand the storm for a year or 2 so we can surround him with an Oline and 4 new WR.
  12. You need an intervention. Enjoy your vacation. Go snorkeling. Go zip lining. The Bills will be there next weekend.
  13. bobobonators

    Derek Anderson to sign with Bills per Mort

    Yup. Just heard it too.
  14. In sports, winning above all else. You cant build sustainable culture without winning. Its a fact. All efforts need to be focused on winning; not building a choir group on Sundays. How do you build winners: 1. Talent, talent, talent; 2. Coaching; 3. Shared Vision/strategy. Culture is nothing without talent, not the other way around. It applies to all walks of life. You can be the most honorable person in the world, but at the end of the day you need talent to succeed in an ultra-competitive field. Someone who is below average at math can never be a mathematician, no matter what their study habits are. Someone who is not good in the sciences will never make it through medical school. Someone who cant physically pass an FBI pt test cant be an agent no matter how honorable that person really is. Most importantly, someone who cant block a 300lb DT (our entire Oline); someone who cant run fast and catch a football (our entire WR group), will never consistently win in the NFL bc they lack the talent to do so no matter what culture theyre entrenched in. Rant over. LAMP