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  1. How is that incorrect? The chiefs are clearly better than us. They beat us twice. Soundly. They dictated the game to us - like a superior opponent does. They beat basically every team that made it deep into the playoffs (the Ravens, the Saints, the Bucs). They are on another level. Thats a fact.
  2. Coaching staffs are part of the team though. The entire system is what makes the Chiefs better. And we arent there yet. McD and co. have to evolve. Reid didnt get here overnight. The Chiefs have been to 3 consecutive AFC Championships. They are the reigning SB champs. They won more games than us this year (even with benching all their starters the last game). They beat us twice this year (and both times the games werent as close as the score indicated). What more needs to be said? Theres no shame in losing vs the best. I have no doubt we will learn and improve from this. If yo
  3. Hot take here: Can we start discussing Rodgers as being slightly overrated? Ill have to look it up again, but the last 4 NFC championships he has gone to theyve lost and only scored 20ish points. Hes a HOF for sure but the media tends to talk about this guy like hes right there with Brady as the greatest of all time. Id take P. Manning over Rodgers.
  4. If you cant see the difference between the Chiefs and Bills at this point in time then there isnt much else to discuss. The Chiefs on their B game are us on our A+ game. They are on another level and theres nothing wrong with that. Accept it. The better team won. This isnt a subjective statement.
  5. I think blame is somewhat deserved, without going overboard. The Chiefs are the better team, period. We needed to play a perfect game and we didnt. We lost on the road to a superior team. No point in going nutty over it.
  6. Kadarius Toney - WR Florida The end.
  7. I feel thats pretty accurate. The storyline today was simple for me: 1. we failed to score TD’s in the red zone. 2. we failed to keep some of KC’s red zone drives to FG’s. If we score TD’s on two of those red zone drives and simply stop one of KC‘s drives by holding them to a FG well thats the game right there. Well said.
  8. Chiefs’ offense is simply on their own tier. Has there ever been a more explosive offense in the NFL? They can attack you in any way they want. Andy Reid is easy to root for. Chiefs 33 - TB 20
  9. I 100% agree. That was my single biggest issue all game. I love how we came out in our first drive and went for it on 4th down. I though alright the coaches realize we are going to have to score a lot to win this game. then we went into a shell. Sure, if you go for it on 4th down and miss it sucks and its deflating. But the Chiefs are unlike any other team in the NFL. Theyre going to score a lot. field goals are just not going to cut it and before you know it youre playing catch up and its simply too late.
  10. 1. Not scoring TD’s in the red zone and settling for FG’s. 2. They were perfect in the red zone. Those were the MAIN differences in my opinion
  11. Great season. I look forward to this rivalry in the future.
  12. I could be wrong. But i think Josh was pissed bc the whistle was clearly blowing and the other dude came in and tackled him unnecessarily. Okafor
  13. I have nothing against any individual player this game. But i do have something against not going for TD’s in the red zone on 4th down. You are playing the Chiefs. The best offense in football. And we are settling for FG’s. Its unacceptable.
  14. I live in KC. The weather is currently overcast. Zero wind. Not super cold. It rained a little this morning so the ground is a little wet. Overall right now its fine weather for football. Just FYI
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