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  1. I really like Josh Allen and he has 100% of my support as a fan. The numbers between him and Wilson do seem similar; however, I still feel that Wilson was a more polished passer at this point in his career. I know the numbers dont necessarily reflect that but I do not remember Wilson missing as many open receivers as Allen has. Again, this is not meant to be a criticism of Allen. Maybe im just jaded since I watch Allen more.
  2. I think Poyer will be 30 when hes up for his next contract. While not super old for a safety, i think the presence of Jaquan, plus the price that Poyer will deservedly demand, we part ways. this is a tough question. I can see it going either way.
  3. Bill Obrien needs to be fired after that fake punt call. There was absolutely no reason for it. It completely swung momentum. Bill, youre fired.
  4. will he be available when we pick? Where is he slated to go? He looked really impressive in that film
  5. it is hard to say. Im always weary of such years. The monster averaged over 5ypc this season and hes going to get paid accordingly. I just dont see him having many more seasons like this one. Hes 26 and such a big dude id love to have him as a compliment to Singletary but his salary is not going to be that of a complimentary player. Hopefully he stays with Ten and continues to have success there.
  6. Derrick Henry is a monster but i wouldnt touch him with my neighbor’s money. Dude has been in the league for 4 years and has his breakout career season when hes an unrestricted free agent. No thanks. When was Murray in TN?
  7. Such a frustrating game. I have same gripes as everyone else, nothing new: 1. Singletary never seems to get enough touches. 2. 3rd and 18 3. Missed tackles 4. missed sack in OT 5. missed block in OT where Allen couldve ran down the field easily into fg range. 6. lack of urgency to score a TD at end of 1st half. Seemed content with a FG. 7. Brown being unable to drag his feet in the 1st half on that play that woulda put the ball inside the 5yd line - Come on brown! we didnt deserve to win - thats that.
  8. No one remembers that meme? It was equal parts cheesy and cool lol
  9. Super Bowl XXV vs the Giants. I was a young kid in NYC and was rooting for the Giants. I felt so bad for the Bills when they missed the FG that i decided to start rooting for them from that point on. Little did I know how that was going to play out over the next 30yrs lol...
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