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  1. I feel the support is warranted. If I remember correctly, heading into this season only one other team had more wins than the Bills since 2019 and that was the Chiefs. That says something both about McD and Beane. We don’t know the inner circle dynamics and few do. I feel the only way McD would get fired is if there was a complete meltdown beyond just losing 8 games one season. The meltdown would have to be within the locker room as well.
  2. I really appreciate threads like this. It makes me realize how many of you live in an alternate tinfoil reality and need to be blocked.
  3. The Eagles were 9-1. They didn’t need this win. They’re making the playoffs. Dont you think the NFL wants Josh Allen in the playoffs?? He’s one of the most exciting players in the league. Of course they want him in the playoffs! The refs sucked last night. Thats not a Vegas problem. Also, if the NFL was “in bed with Vegas” you’d think the Raiders would have a winning record for once, no? This scripted/gambling narrative needs to die once and for all.
  4. Fire Beane 51% of people on here thought he did a good job drafting prior to this season. LOL! Thats BS. A lot of you lie as much as you complain apparently.
  5. this is where I’m at. Make almost all of them reviewable. Refs will be more likely to not call a ticky tack foul if they know it’s reviewable. So the problem may automatically fix itself without even needing that many more reviews. every game has an additional Ref up in the booth or in NYC reviewing the replays and overturning calls automatically. Some calls are obvious to anyone. If it’s subjective then it’s not a foul. Period.
  6. The chiefs have so much luck it’s ridiculous.
  7. Every pass from Mahomes is less than 5yds
  8. It’s a week to week league. Unfortunately many people on here are manic depressive. It’s never as good as it looks; it’s never as bad.
  9. Injuries this season have been ridiculous
  10. Injuries this year are just silly. Considering how many injuries we’ve had McD has done an awesome job with the defense.
  11. And yet again, the Chiefs benefit from this. Travis Kelce has basically missed 1-2 games since his rookie season. The dude never gets injured or misses a game. Andrews can’t stay on the field at TE. Mahomes has a high ankle sprain and is still able to play. Any other player misses 1-4 weeks.
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