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  1. I have a problem when anyone compares player A to Tom Brady. Its not fair to player A. The argument comes off as ridiculous.
  2. No thanks. Id rather have Barmore. I think Barmore helps this DL much more.
  3. It’s definitely a balance IMO. We were one game away from the Super Bowl last year. Our window has officially opened. We are in win now mode in my opinion. We certainly want to continue building for the future, but that has to be balanced vs winning now. And based on what we did last year id say winning now takes slight priority. If there is a player in the late teens we really want, we should pull the trigger. It’s definitely a balance IMO. We were one game away from the Super Bowl last year. Our window has officially opened. We are in win now mode in my opinion. We certainly want to
  4. It’s called a character witness. So far these are nothing more than allegations, anyway. Unless of course you already have your mind made up. He doesnt need to prove anything.
  5. Id build new. A modern dome stadium with lots of glass to let in ambient light would be ideal. Something like the Vikings. I hate the lighting in traditional domes. The Bills are only one of a handful of teams that could truly utilize a dome.
  6. I dont think its as clear cut as whatever it takes needs to be done to land a QB. Obviously a QB is an integral component of any SB team, but you still need a good all-around team and a little luck sprinkled in to win it all. If it was as simple as landing a great QB, Rodgers and Brees would have more than a single SB each. Rodgers and Brees are easily top 5 QBs to ever play the game - youd expect them to have multiple SB victories by now. Look at someone like Rivers - hes a compiler, sure, but still a pretty damn good QB. The guy never even sniffed a SB. How many losing seasons did
  7. My dad wasnt a football fan. I grew up near NYC. Since my fandom wasnt inherited, I had my pick of teams to root for. I couldve chosen to root for the Giants - a winning franchise. Heck I couldve rooted the Cowgirls, since there were plenty of those fans around even in NY. Instead I chose to root for the blue-collar city and the underachieving franchise instead. Almost 40yrs of misery. Ive never wavered, and id pick them again every single time.
  8. Exactly. Why anyone thinks Beane would be fleeced by the Eagles for Ertz is perplexing. Beane is a savage savant.
  9. If they get him you know the deal is going to be team friendly and theyre not going to give up a lot. The eagles dont have much leverage.
  10. Haha. Negative. But im sure shes just being theatrical.
  11. This is a tough crowd. Did a lot of you get burned last year in FF and are still bitter? The dude has one down year and hes done at 30? Id be excited to have him.
  12. 1. Congratulations on your metamorphosis. 2. You are comparing apples to oranges. You are comparing yourself at 12/13 and how you finished at 17/18. Those are absolute key years in physical development for a man, assuming what you are telling us is even accurate. 3. in that picture Watt is already in college. Hes a man. Hes already reached his growth spurt, for the most part. 4. looking at the pictures he tripled in size, all while maintaining speed, agility and minimal body fat. NFL training facilities and coaching staffs are elite. However, they are unable to turn water in
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