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  1. Just read an interesting stat highlighting just how startling the amount of 4 man pressure they were getting..... just the 6th game since 2009 that a team blitzed less than 3% of the snaps yet generated more than 30% pressure rate. And for as amazing as that stat is, just a blocked punt was the difference in this game. Theres nothing earth shattering there. The "recipe" on how to stop elite qb's has been out for over 20 years now. Get there with 4 and drop 7. Luckily for us theres about 3 teams in the league that actually have the ingredients to pull that off. Just unfortunate we had to meet one of them week 1.
  2. Whats scary is they'll have tuitt back in 2 more weeks. YIKES.
  3. Right. I think I read 8 of our first 11 drives ended up in PITT territory. And you end up with 16 friggin points. That just screams bad situational football. Inexcusable
  4. Truthfully most of the metrics fell in our favor by a wide margin. I think I read 8 of our first 11 drives ended up in Pitt territory. That’s a bad look for our situational football. It just…. Is what it is I guess.
  5. You’re not wrong. I’m looking at it more as whole. Anytime your defense comes out of a game with those sort of cumulative numbers you should expect to win IMO… and honestly you should win handedly.
  6. Well I disagree. If we’re talking about the defensive unit I’m 100% gonna disregard a blocked punt. It had nothing to do with them.
  7. And I say as a general Rule it was a good move. Defense showed did plenty to win this game. Anytime, in today’s NFL, you hold an opponent to 250 total Yds and 16 pts you should expect to win that game.
  8. As of now the hourly says around 30% chance during game times. So I’m not real worried about that. Tailgating doesn’t look optimal though. That stinks
  9. And they would be correct. Eric mangini brought this up 2 days ago on “first things first” as he was trying to explain his Bills pick to Nick wright as Wright was throwing a typical Chiefs fan temper tantrum when somebody doesn’t automatically crown them as gods gift… He explained why he liked the Bills out of the AFC but then he eloquently went on to explain that it’s not an anti-chiefs pick and more of just a pick that sides with historical evidence….. And Wright proceeded to plug his ears, stomp his feet, and hold his breath like the toddler that he is.
  10. The qb is most likely done after this year.... you wanna predict a scenario where thats not dropping them into obscurity? ..... and context is key. 7 of first 11 qb's they played last year were rookies or backups. Once they got into the meat of their schedule and the playoffs they were completely exposed. And i think we both know theres a difference between getting embarrassed at home in the wildcard vs on the road in the title game. come on man.
  11. Their denial is astonishing. Living in NW PA i deal with enough of them. Their reason that browns wont be good this year "because they're the browns". You're 100% correct about living in the past. As far as their future? I've had numerous laughable convos with them about how Haskins can be groomed and they'll be contenders for years to come.... they are all gonna have a real rough transition into the Post-Ben era.
  12. 2 teams heading in completely different directions. I'm sorry for the lot of you(its a startling amount of you) that havnt come to grips with that yet. Its gonna make your decade long transition into the NFL middle class that much harder on your psyche.
  13. Looks like If you ever wanna see another game in person you’ll need to root for another playoff drought…. I’ll keep your seat warm until then.
  14. Which is funny because i'm the exact opposite. All this summer and even into the start of this week i've been adamant we'd boat race them, and now i'm getting gun shy and losing my nerve. LOL.
  15. I agree. I think its sort of silly. But i agree.... they were drooling over this one specific throw on GMFB just yesterday or the day before when allen came up in discussion.
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