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  1. I mean, it does make sense in theory. Its almost right in the middle of all 3. But I would contend theres noticably more Pitt fans than the other 2. But there truly is a good blend... it may just be Pitts fans have been the more vocal/obnoxious/self righteous of the group and thats why it feels that way. I can tell you one thing. Bills and Browns fans around here have always gotten along great due to franchise ineptitude and hatred of the Pitt. There was a good 15 year span there where if you saw somebody rocking Bills or Browns gear you knew you could relate to one another and understood they were a legit loyal fan dealing with what both fan bases have dealt with.
  2. I live about 10 min south of Erie. Theres no Bills bars of note. Doesnt really need to be, honestly. It's a large melting pot of Browns, Bills, and Steeler fans almost anywhere you go. You can basically walk into any Sports bar and run into a solid group of all the aforementioned. Always a bit more "Stiller" fans, but plenty of Bills supporters.
  3. i personally prefer to stand for a live game or concert. So i generally get tickets to sections where i know this is accepted. Generally i tend to try and "read the room"... But for me personally, if i wanted to sit down and be low key, i would just stay at home.
  4. I think in the offseason I said by week 6 Gene would be warning us the fins were clearly the favorites in the division…. Looks like I may have been about 4 weeks late on that one.
  5. Seriously with the all blues again??? I mean I dont mind them but that must be one of the owners favorite combos because I don’t know one fan personally that thinks that’s a top uni combo. it’s personally 4th on my list but whatever.
  6. Oh it was a focus in Brandts tirade 🤣
  7. I've been injecting all the coverage into my veins today but this 8 minutes from the Rich Eisen Show is just great. 4:45 mark he starts in about Allen and its just great stuff! ..."He's not just coming with his arm and his legs. He's coming for your souls. And he's stiff arming Nick Scott to the ground. Throwin' his ass outta the club!"...
  8. “I remember when”… gene used to warn us about Tua and the fins 🙄🙄🙄
  9. “Shouldn’t even have been that close” - Hyde …. Crazy thing is, he’s right. They realistically shoulda hung close to 50 on them.
  10. I’ve loved reveling in the bills hype machine this offseason. But I gotta admit, as a fan that’s watched the league for as long as I have now, this is getting a bit out of hand. Totally believe in the Bills as a favorite. but overwhelming so? I’ll straight up admit that if this was any other team getting this sort of treatment having never even won the conference I would be dumbfounded by it. Although I do think I remember everyone, including myself, being all in on the Chiefs after their heartbreaking loss in 18 to Brady. So I dunno….. just gonna try and enjoy the ride. And not get to frustrated when the media turns on them with the quickness at any stumble.
  11. Well i see Nick WRONG is back at it in their new 3pm time slot.... Has ditched the Allen disrespect schtick and now he's just troling the whole team. during their Rams/Bills preview he claims Allen is a great qb but declared the bills arent even a top 3 team in the conference. LOL.
  12. I almost posted this on the board and my summation of the writeup was similar to the air raid tweet. Ruiz has been BRUTAL to allen all the way up into the middle of last year. He has fought his ascension tooth and nail as a writer on that site and this write up reads as though its making him ill to even have to put him at 5.... i got the same feel from it as the dude that made the tweet. and ruiz' pre-snap thoughts go against everything thats been coming out of camp.... both fowler and giardi, in the last 2 weeks, have reported that everyone inside the building claims allen is now at his best making checks at the line and completely owning the offense.
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