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  1. i'm sorry but Fitz doesnt make up for how below average Edmunds has been. That rank is absurd.
  2. Well I’ve already come to accept he’s probably not playing and I’m now in the process of talking myself into at least a top 10 defense with a Norman resurgence and continued Wallace progression... That being said. I thought after the last 3 years of seeing things progressively turn around for our bills I could officially put to rest the term “BILLSY”. Then we come off a 10-6 season with our roster intact and a huge addition... a Pandemic and the threat of losing our best player immediately follows the promising outlook. That’s BILLSY, bro..... and I’m pissed.
  3. yup. i've been thinking it since the interview. She's throwing some weight around. Tom Pelissero just said this is expected to go right up the wire.
  4. how about they just wait until after 4pm today to do anymore interviews... i cant take anymore surprise gut punches.
  5. to me it feels like his lady is pitching a fit and he's dragging it out.... this happens in my house routinely and i mope around as hard and pathetically as i can until she feels guilty about it and changes her mind.... its got about a 23% success rate
  6. You guys remember yesterday when CB2 was all we had to worry about on d.... those were the good ole days.
  7. Burleson and schrager still clinging to the newton of 3 or 4 years ago. Sorry Nate, but I can’t see newton all of a sudden thriving on the short to intermediate area that edelman lives in. Or as Brandt coined it, “can’t see him edelman’ing his way down the field”. Newton and his career 59% comp rate is all of a sudden gonna morph into a precision slot passer just because he’s a Pat now? I’m skeptical. Team Kyle here, obviously.
  8. Just a heads up. Allen coming up with an interview soon on GMFB
  9. I would be down with a poor mans version of Big Ben to AB to start. Those 2 automatically come to mind and made a lot of hay over the years in those scenarios.
  10. So Nate Burleson was on GMFB this morning commenting on the potential of the Allen/Diggs duo. I thought he brought up a very interesting point that I personally hadnt thought of yet. He talked about how Diggs hasnt had a qb yet, thats a legit threat to extend plays. And that he's very anxious to see what happens when Allen extends some plays and Diggs has the chance to use his crisp route/playmaking abilities to get open for his QB. Mentioned how this may open up a part of his game we had never seen before. Link is below. While Allen hasnt been very good in play extending pass situations i'm betting having a wr like diggs out there may have a positive influence on it. https://www.nfl.com/videos/brandt-josh-allen-stefon-diggs-are-a-perfect-match
  11. Just a heads up. Kay just said Mcdermott is coming up for an interview during the 9am eastern hour.
  12. I can’t get over some of these pics zack moss. What a freaking Specimen.
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