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  1. Nope. I’ve seen enough laughable content from them that i put very little stock into whether they say good things or bad about the bills, or any other team, for that matter. ... but I can only speak for myself.
  2. PFF still sucks. I get what you are trying to do here. but it still blows..... it'll just be ammo for them to slam allen during the season if he has a down spell. or even if he doesn't play bad.... "he had a top 5 roster and he just threw 23 interceptable balls last game(while not throwing a single INT most likely). he inaccurately went 16 for 23. We told ya so!" this sites formulas had the bills ranked in the twenties and high teens in their power rankings all year. they called hodges a better qb than allen and they didn't even find room for a 1st team all pro in their top 100 rankings. you use of hate is a little strong there. I cant even hate that because its so bad you just have to laugh at it and not take it seriously in the least. I cant hate something that's so off the freaking wall that I cant even take seriously. if people wanna use them for evaluations, IMO, it should be a very small tool in that toolbox.
  3. My bad. Now I feel like a douche. Sarcasm can get lost in here sometimes.
  4. I agree on Adams but watt is a complete freaking game wrecker. That one is tough. I know our guy seems to make all his plays in the clutch. But I’ve also noticed watt totally swing games for the Steelers. That’s a real toss up IMO. You could make a real strong argument for either.
  5. Cherry picking a half of football to form an argument for or against a player makes somebody look incredibly foolish. .... so congrats on that.
  6. This is an awful and irrational take. Gore definitely petered out by the end of the year but he was the lead back through the 5-1 start and through that span was on a 1000 yd pace at over 4.0 a carry. takes like this make me wonder about people. Gore shouldered the load just fine while motor was out and was the lead back in the rushing game during a hot start..... and now it’s obvious it’s time to move on.
  7. This right here. There isn’t a glaring need on the whole team right now. They’ve afforded themselves the ability to draft BPA/whatever elite talent might slip through the cracks to their pick in round 2.
  8. Well... it’s all lip service right now but I think if Oliver keeps developing and the rest of the line holds serve we could get enough rush from the inside out to team with an elite secondary and at least make it interesting.
  9. I really enjoy listening to him and orvlosky talk football for their networks. Both at least made it to the nfl level at qb. Both most generally have very level headed takes. And both have been pretty keen on Mcdermott, Allen and the bills since last summer...... so that helps! Haha!
  10. I think your your posting and your thoughts on this board are awful so I’m not gonna talk to you(other than his specific post to tell you how crappy I think your posts are of course). but thanks for your input..... even though it almost always sucks.
  11. He likes what Simms says because there’s context and it makes sense.... and that’s not to say that anyone that says anything bad about Allen is wrong. But it’s refreshing to see an actual NFL qb saying something other than the lazy narrative of “he’s not accurate. Blah blah blah”.... which is what the majority do. It’s lazy.
  12. He was on buffalo and Allen all last offseason. Worked out okay
  13. I would add the Steelers as long as Bens elbow holds up. There’s no reason that defense shouldn’t remain a top 5 unit and, IMO, they would have won 10 games last year even with just solid qb play. And you’re right about the reporting. You really have to consider the sources. While your regular reporters are sticking with the same lazy takes, most former players I’ve seen talk about the bills(Irvin, Spears, orvlosky, Simms, O’Hara) have said they consider them favorites in the East and actual contenders.
  14. Thanks. Was trying to find it. While I love me some John brown he makes great points on him and that people value those 5th and 6th rounders wayyyyyy too much.
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