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  1. A handful of those drops woulda been spectacular catches from wr’s, let alone a DB. So I mean..... whatever. how about they do a “dropped td” category. I can remember 3 blatant drops just off the top of my head from Davis in the first pats game and then Jones and Knox in the 2nd pats game on the same drive that ended in a moss rush td..... and then there was the dime to Kroft in the jets game that he actually caught but decided he wasn’t a pro athlete and let the turf monster tackle him.... Josh easily shoulda had 40+ td passes
  2. Very simply put this is a fan of a division rival trying desperately to convince himself that the Bills havnt found an elite qb. There’s really nothing more to it than that. I live around a bunch of “Stiller” fans and they absolutely love our QB. I’m sure it has a bit to do with him bringing in shades of a young Big Ben.
  3. Thinking back on it, I seem to remember a read on him this summer and how he worked to put 10-15lb on during workouts. Maybe it was Jordan Palmer that said he had worked to put it on.... he seems to have lost some of that long speed but if the extra girth keeps him upright I’m good with it.
  4. Is it just me or is he already carrying an extra 10lb and a tick slower in year 3? I’m fine with it. Just an observation.
  5. It’s crazy because it’s not just piling up wins. His production against them is just freaking staggering.... I think its something like 20 total td in the 6 games.
  6. Random side story on Edelman. One of my best friends started 30+ games along the Kent st O-Line, and Edelman was included in that span at QB. He cant stand the guy and has routinely stated that he was a complete a**hole and nobody up front liked blocking for or respected him in the locker room.
  7. Yup. A good ripe cantaloupe isn’t even in the same realm of tastes as honeydews. And it’s so full of flavor it’s routinely served on its own... If someone’s point of reference is the supermarket then they have no real say.
  8. Josh is 100% correct. Anyone putting cantaloupe low on the fruit totem pole just hasnt had a juicy, ripe, perfect piece of it.... i'm legitimately triggered by hearing this was even a thing. First way to fix it would be to go to a local farms roadside produce stand and try the stuff thats not sitting in the chain stores. If you dont live in a agriculturally driven area then drive somewhere that is and until you do, just shut up about cantaloupe!
  9. Robert Royal: Freaking 4 fumbles in just 58 touches during a 2 year span. A tight end with a fumbling issue. What the actual F. Aaron maybin: Had the audacity to hold out and then came to work at about 165lb soaking wet. Jordan Mills: He just freaking sucked and it seemed the franchise just couldn’t get enough of it. Jones biggest contribution in his 2 years was making sure Fat A** KB was lined up in the right spot each play.... Like basically physically putting KB where he needed to be each and every play.
  10. i dont think anything Brandt said was unfair. I think we've seen enough to know Allen will be a top guy for years to come but i cant blame somebody for wanting to see more than one year of great production.
  11. GMFB crew opened the show today discussing if Allen is in the "Best qb's in the league" convo. I think all had fair points that were for and against. Solid watch from them. As always.
  12. How many weeks into the regular season before the same 3 or 4 fools on this board start telling us how much we need to worry about how the Fins are the clear favorites to win the East down the stretch? over/under week 4?
  13. if anyone from either "side" hears his answer and decides they are gonna get worked up about it they need to go find a hole, crawl into it, and then just stay there...... forever. EDIT: I was a bit aggressive there.... but thats my qb, d***it!
  14. The pandering definitely helps but there’s some tough love in there too. He was very critical of the bills in 19 when they couldn’t get over the Patriots hump and again this year during their early season skid.
  15. There’s a handful in the Milano thread that need to see this one.
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