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  1. Nobody WILLS his defense to multiple big time postseason stops/turnovers and then drives 19 yds for a game tying/winning FG like Joe Burrow does…. If only Josh’s name was “Joe” and he wore quirky pregame fits. Then we could naturally attach cool nicknames to him and it would obviously help our defense not be a complete postseason liability.
  2. Does anyone remember Kincaid not being a big part of the offense until about mid season and STILL getting 70+ catches. I would personally be shocked if he’s not at 80+ this year.
  3. Ya. That sounds exactly like the game in 22 🙄🙄🙄🙄… wrong. Deal with it.
  4. The sidelines were nearly 30 degrees difference because of the shading of that stadium. 92 isn’t even close to 110+. The issue has always been the discrepancy between team sidelines. This is well known. … also the average evening temp in Miami for sept is 76. So it’s mostly likely not even close to the “stroke game”. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes.
  5. its alarming to me that this needs to be explained.... but here we are.
  6. I NEED this game more than most playoff games. Living in Northwest PA, i've had to deal with that fanbase for the entirety of my 38 years. EASILY the most self righteous fanbase i've ever encountered having traveled to multiple cities and stadiums through the years. They act as though the franchise and they themselves are gracing the NFL with their presence.... I'm not joking when i say about 90% of them are EXPECTING to win this game. They WILL NOT accept that they have been entrenched in the middle class of the nfl for 3 or 4 years now. i have multiple bets out with these schmucks about who is gonna win this game. They arent even asking for the vegas points. They just assume Allen is gonna give them 3 to's and theres apparently no way Rudolph turns back into a pumpkin. ...... I wont be able to leave my house for weeks if this goes south. Weather is the ultimate equalizer.... the wind is my one cause for pause this week.
  7. Mannnnn, same!... i only lurk on that app for content and entertainment. My feed is FLOODED with fins fans saying the most absurd crap. The one that gets me is the fact they still use the pic of josh leaning on tua's shoulder from last seasons week 3 contest as if it still means anything. like.... Let that dude win more than one game in 4 years against the bills before you flex in any manner whatsoever. Its all really weird energy, man. Going on there is like going back in time and listening to my boy and his friends try and argue football at the lunchroom table in middle school.
  8. i was 20. that was the first game i ever attended. I grew up and still live in the outskirts of "stiller" country here in northwest PA...... nightmare fuel.
  9. Said every bills fan for the last 4 friggin years 😪... even more frustrating is they seemed to have found one last year(at least in the short term) and it went up in a cloud of smoke via non contact injury. Might not be as frustrating if it hadnt been made such an obvious yearly priority by this FO..... and here we sit however many years into this deal still looking.
  10. its not. they have some weaknesses but they also only give up 17 ppg on the season.
  11. is there anyone actually expecting them not to be tough after what we've witnessed up to this point?
  12. I’m sure it’s been mentioned upstream but over the last 3 years this team has shown real issues getting wins when the game gets ugly and turns into a slog for both teams. I guess I’m happy they let their nuts hang for once and came out of an ugly one with the W. ….. but ya. That sucked.
  13. Correct. From what I’m seeing nearly 80% of the sharps are betting bills…. It’s obviously no sure thing. But thats generally the trail you wanna follow.
  14. Its funny how differently co-workers at different outlets can influence one another. You have whole panels picking against them and then i just got done reading "the ringers" predictions and 6 or their 7 writers pick them to win the east while all of them pick them to make the playoffs.... That being said I've never seen the masses jump ship on a team like most have on the bills. A team thats averaged 12 wins a season over the last 3 years with a consensus top 5 qb and all of a sudden they're just..... DONE.... its truly odd. I honestly think people are way more comfortable not having to praise the bills after 17 years of obscurity and so it was super easy to jump ship once they underachieved last year.
  15. @FilthyBeasthas been predicting the inevitable fins division title run since we lost back to back games to the titans and chiefs back in early 2020. I guess if he just keeps at it, eventually he’ll be right.
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