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  1. before i even saw what you wrote about thinking of Williams I watched the gif and it immediately took me back to the season opener 2 years ago vs the jets when he pressured the qb and then worked all the way back to drop the rb that caught the pass for slim to no gain. HIGH OCTANE BABY!!!
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but if I’m not mistaken I read he graded out as an absolutely elite run defender from PFF. And that was playing out of position.
  3. both of them have 10 or more sacks in 2 out of the last 3 years..... again, IMO, ford and keeping my first this year and 2nd next year is more valuable to me than clark at face value. there is obviously more underneath that surface that we don't know about.
  4. I’ll be perfectly honest. Me thinking he bounces to a solid level is 100% the bills fan in me. If it were any other great back turning 31 on any other team I would say “stick a fork in’m“ the line improving(big time, if only on paper) doesn’t hurt either.
  5. i'm really confused here..... all i'm saying is that if i'm the chiefs keeping ford and my picks is more valuable than just clark….. what do the bills or Houston have to do with it?
  6. wondering the same thing..... IMO ford+1st rounder this year and 2nd rounder next year is significantly more valuable than Clark.
  7. I like McCoy. I'm glad we are keeping him but IMO the people fighting for him around here are drastically overrating his on the field value. I personally think there is no way any team would ever consider more than a 5th for him. I DO think he bounces back in large way this year with an improved line. which leads me to my next point, which I've already stated, and I think we are in a agreement on.... his value as a leader and veteran that can still have even just solid on the field impact is MUCH more valuable than the 5th or probably 6th they would get in return.
  8. I think the chiefs look sorta silly here..... why not pay ford, the slightly lessor but almost as productive talent, and hold onto your 1st this year and 2nd next year?
  9. why not just pay ford and keep your 1st? seems like a real dramatic way to just be spinning your wheels in the mud.
  10. can we stop bringing up money as a reason here? it means slim to none when it comes to this situation. mccoys contract isn't keeping us from doing anything this offseason. there are plenty of reasons to move on or keep him. money at this point doesn't even need to be brought up. although I agree that if he was gonna be shipped out it needed to happen already. i'll keep McCoy at this point over the 6th rounder a team would send over.
  11. Coolest thing about moulds was that fact that he morphed from an elite top popper early on to an elite hands and possession guy later on.... the freaking guy had a 1300 yd season in which he averaged 20 ypc. that's NUTS. he truly did it all.
  12. lets not forget arguably a top 3 line over the last 4-5 years.... that's an O-line that resurrected an over the hill DeAngelo Williams' career early on when bell was dealing with injuries and suspensions and then saw a 3rd rounder come in this year and basically match bells production..... then conner goes down and their rookie samuels goes for 130 in a game. bells whole surroundings got much worse. I personally think he may be in for a rude awakening. he'll play out his deal this year as a bill. he's worth much more in the locker room and huddle now, even with deteriorated skill set, than any 6th rounder we are gonna get for him.... and you're right, I think its laughable that people think he's gonna be traded now when his value is at an all time low.
  13. well beings that he was arguably the best player on the field in a playoff game 2 seasons ago with a bum ankle and has only had one bad season as a bill I find this statement quite foolish honestly. last year during the trade rumors when the season was lost? sure I could see a move then. but "for a very long time". silly talk! the reality now is that his presence on the team and leadership is much more valuable than the 6th rounder he could get on the market. he'll play out his deal and walk. no biggie.
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