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  1. i was 20. that was the first game i ever attended. I grew up and still live in the outskirts of "stiller" country here in northwest PA...... nightmare fuel.
  2. Said every bills fan for the last 4 friggin years 😪... even more frustrating is they seemed to have found one last year(at least in the short term) and it went up in a cloud of smoke via non contact injury. Might not be as frustrating if it hadnt been made such an obvious yearly priority by this FO..... and here we sit however many years into this deal still looking.
  3. its not. they have some weaknesses but they also only give up 17 ppg on the season.
  4. is there anyone actually expecting them not to be tough after what we've witnessed up to this point?
  5. I’m sure it’s been mentioned upstream but over the last 3 years this team has shown real issues getting wins when the game gets ugly and turns into a slog for both teams. I guess I’m happy they let their nuts hang for once and came out of an ugly one with the W. ….. but ya. That sucked.
  6. Correct. From what I’m seeing nearly 80% of the sharps are betting bills…. It’s obviously no sure thing. But thats generally the trail you wanna follow.
  7. Its funny how differently co-workers at different outlets can influence one another. You have whole panels picking against them and then i just got done reading "the ringers" predictions and 6 or their 7 writers pick them to win the east while all of them pick them to make the playoffs.... That being said I've never seen the masses jump ship on a team like most have on the bills. A team thats averaged 12 wins a season over the last 3 years with a consensus top 5 qb and all of a sudden they're just..... DONE.... its truly odd. I honestly think people are way more comfortable not having to praise the bills after 17 years of obscurity and so it was super easy to jump ship once they underachieved last year.
  8. @FilthyBeasthas been predicting the inevitable fins division title run since we lost back to back games to the titans and chiefs back in early 2020. I guess if he just keeps at it, eventually he’ll be right.
  9. i cant stand any sort of over top fear mongering for any type of foods. processed included. Its for views and marketing purposes. I get that. But it just looks silly to anyone thats been living and coaching rationally for years.... Sadly rational boring common sense takes dont sell in fitness.
  10. no surprise at all with the honey. Calorie/carb dense food with low volume. I train highschool and college athletes for a living. in simplest terms, you want them feeling fueled up but also not bloated or bogged down. Honey is the go-to. side note though.... i cant stand Saldino. He's super dramatic and routinely uses fear mongering and cites awful studies to push horrible nutrition narratives. Theres nothing wrong with this gameday approach here, but he routinely gets sliced up by reputable Science backed pro's in the field.
  11. He’s still out there doing gods work I see.
  12. It’s mind blowing to me how this is never brought up during these media talks. We’re talking 2 game changing type of players that were missing for WEEKS.
  13. So there’s at least 2 of you that like to use a one or two game sample size instead of a whole season…. And then not realize that’s really freaking dumb.
  14. People couldn’t wait to move off Buffalo. Max Kellerman, on his show, did a top 5 in the afc and buffalo didn’t make it in either. It’s honestly super odd how fast mainstream media wanted to move off of a 13-3 squad that lost basically one starter. It’s the same for Josh Allen. The slander there has only picked up steam as the offseason progresses. You’d never know the man finished 3rd in the MVP voting(AHEAD OF BURROW) when he’s being discussed at this point. Never seen so many people try and over correct on a team. People are treating them like the first preseason favorite to not win it all. Super odd IMO Lol. Nothing like using a one or 2 game sample size as opposed to the 14-4 overall record….. CLASSIC Not to mention getting Hyde and Miller back this year. Only a couple of all pro’s. No biggie …. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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