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  1. i dont think its rocket science, man.... the context is if it was on target or not. it doesnt always have to be a deep dive into something. why would we need a chart of every qb. they are literally telling us right here he's ranked 4th at putting the ball on target. without having to deep dive into charts and data, i would assume this stat means when he throws the ball it goes where it needs to almost all the time.
  2. cant wear the dark visors in game.
  3. i think context is key. just like i told SWAT up above. just my IMO though.
  4. guess we'd need to know at what stage of practice it is.... he's not gonna be cutting on a dime, or suddenly decelerating/exploding in and out of cuts on a cold day if he's just getting warmed up.
  5. I dont know what you and k-9 are seeing. he opens up his stride out of the cut and i see nothing there that looks like gimp.
  6. Bengals told Dunlap just to stay home this week. So they are all in on shipping him out. He's interesting.
  7. FWIW “The Athletic” has a writer that puts out a whole list, position by position, on his standout performers for the week. EO, Chris Jones and Donald were the 3 names mentioned for interior DL. DI Ed Oliver, Bills No interior player muddied the pocket more than Ed Oliver did in Week 7. While he didn’t lead the group in pressures — he was second to Grady Jarrett — he consistently pushed his blocker into the pocket and prevented Sam Darnold from stepping into his throws or sliding to escape edge pressure. Oliver’s role as a pressure-enabler was a big part of the day that Trent Murphy, Quinton Jefferson and Mario Addison had. He also did a fairly good job corralling Frank Gore and La’Mical Perine, though his role in the run game was also primarily as a player squeezing lanes and forcing running backs outside. Oliver, for the most part, played an excellent game buried beneath the statistics of his teammates
  8. Well you would make the 3rd person that has said they have a different definition of clutch next to his.
  9. That literally took me 10 seconds to find. That’s the point. I didn’t have to dig. Literally articles about him leaving and his clutch catches. But ya, “throwaway line”..... or just a matter of facts.
  10. Funny. Literally googled his name and one of the first articles I found is this one https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.star-telegram.com/sports/nfl/dallas-cowboys/article227461389.html title of article states he was their most reliable Wr over his last 3 years there and then a direct quote from the article.... “What the cowboys will miss most in Beasley was his ability to make the clutch catch on third down.” but you do you..... and not be a fan of a #3wr on pace for over 1000. . That makes sense Any chance we could get a link to that 70% stat? I’m interested on where I could get access to info like that. Would come in handy.
  11. Right. It must be literally everyone else in this thread that doesn’t get it. LOLOL.
  12. I think our definition of what clutch is must be quite different. The dude was a go-to in Dallas when they needed a quick first and he’s developed into that in buffalo. It has nothing to do with a ton of yards or catches overall. Back when we signed him I literally had 5 or 6 cowboys fans in passing by local establishments comment on how much they’ll miss his presence on big downs. Just quoting off overall averages on stats doesn’t say much if anything about clutch factors IMO. Not really even close to what I would define it as. “Still not a huge fan of his”.... said one person out of a whole 3 pages of comments.... geez man.
  13. ...... some of the youngsters may not get this one. LOL.
  14. thats literally exactly what he was considered in dallas. The guy had a rep for getting open on big downs. its what got him paid and its what he did occasionally last year in buffalo and with regularity this season.
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