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  1. When they don’t play good. Ya it’s easy.
  2. ... or the ones that he’s been dropping in games when Allen is plopping them into his sloppy gut. Stop posting.
  3. Stank_Nasty

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    Ouch. Not looking good. Oh well. Gotta accept the nature of the beast when it comes to betting..... easy come easy go.
  4. Stank_Nasty

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    right? spreads that seem too good to be true rarely workout well. that being said..... I HAMMERED it.
  5. Stank_Nasty

    Gambling 101 Bills line

    I've already made quite a bit of off UCF this year and I absolutely love them at -5 against a Memphis team that already has 2 losses in that weak conference.
  6. And I want to say that’s a really dumb statement and I believe that to be 100% true.
  7. Stank_Nasty

    Bills vs. Titans All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    starts about the one hour nine minute mark..... simms crucifies our wr's and talks of allen reverting back to some bad habits and being hard to evaluate based on the s**t show around him. I cant disagree on either front.
  8. the Texans started 0-3 and then needed OT to beat 2 lackluster squads.... that ten point spread is absurd.
  9. clayton might suck, but that is a great commercial.
  10. Actually, do any of those things really matter? Let’s ask KB.
  11. i don't disagree but if white can slow Hopkins with minimal help i think it changes their approach and strengths quite a bit.
  12. Stank_Nasty

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Outstanding!

    Definitely felt like a make-up call. It was a garbage flag and archuleta said as much.