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  1. blitz pickups, good hands out of the backfield, short yardage to move the chains(ivory)……. whomever they think can do that is who should play IMO. all that stuff helps the qb stay out on the field.
  2. start whomever helps allen the most. blitz pickups, good hands out of the backfield, moving the chains.... that's what should really matter. and IMO that's not ford. I see your points. I respectfully disagree.
  3. Stank_Nasty

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets All-22 Coaches Film Reviews

    phillips seems to love playing in buffalo. I really hope they do what is necessary to keep him this coming off-season
  4. Stank_Nasty

    Broncos Redraft: Chubb still or Allen/Other QB, etc

    my mouse fluttered between chubb and allen about 6 times but I settled on allen… i'll admit im biased. but the kid is gonna be pretty awesome IMO.
  5. I gotta wonder if dawkins could kick over to RT if we draft a guy like Williams.... might be easier to find a quality vet guard or draft one. rather than do that with RT. so many teams have 2 good edge rushers anymore. That rt slot is more important now than it ever has been IMO.
  6. Stank_Nasty

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    I think maybe even a majority of bills fans don't really understand how good white has been.
  7. Stank_Nasty

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    obviously it hinges on how Wallace finishes this year, but he and Johnson are sooooo young and have played really really well.... next years secondary could be SCARY good. i'm really excited for guys like him and foster. even mkcenzie for that matter.... really exciting seeing the potential plugs to holes before the season even ends.
  8. Stank_Nasty

    Patrick Peterson Trade Value

    if Wallace finishes out the season the same way he's started I see no need here.
  9. I gotta admit I thought this was a really stupid thread title when it started awhile back...…. but now i'm really starting to wonder. And that's a pretty awesome!!!
  10. I've had a hard on for Mayfield since like 2015. I freaking love that dude... and I agree with you for the time being. I was talking more about allens detractors in general. most just don't like how the yds are coming about. I think that's silly...… I think we all can agree allen needs to really improve upon his passing. I also think we could probably all agree said problem would look much better if he had what Mayfield had in front of him and around him. Quinn isn't really a writer. he's a former NFL qb in the media that thinks allen is doing a hell of a job. and he's the 3rd former NFL qb in the media to say so over the last 10 days or so including 2 other simms qb's….. but what do they know, right? stupid "writers"
  11. lots of work to do. but my goodness I love seeing Beane fill some holes before the offseason even starts. Wallace, Foster, and Mckenzie have been gems. excited to see how Levi finishes out the season.