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  1. Right! I try not to let it get to me too much and usually just chuckle at it but all I wanted to do today was get sat down in my Office with my coffee and listen to what all the morning shows had to say after last weeks predictions when they all decided the 13-3 team on a 7 game win streak was the underdog..... Literally every single show I turned to, other than GMFB, just tried explaining away the win and blaming the coaches and front office of the ravens for their style of play and the loss. Keep in mind this is the same team they said was unstoppable based on said style of play coming into
  2. Saying Lamar woulda came back once he got the wind at his back in the 4th..... Geez, have some dignity, Skip.... Also argued for mayfield over Allen during a whole other 10 min segment later in the show. Good lord, man. I can’t stand Shannon sharpe but he’s 100% correct when he says when Lamar is doing well he gets all the credit and the offense apparently can’t be stopped but the minute he got shut down everyone is calling for the coaches and managements heads. That was a theme on every network today.
  3. The 53% is the FPI factoring in mahomes being a 50/50 shot to play. It moves to 61% if he's a go and 32% with Henne... There was a write up on ESPN this morning.
  4. Allen played a clean game vs arguably the hottest d in the league.... just a bit disappointed is all. But like I said, I shouldnt be surprised.
  5. I guess i shouldnt be surprised but i'm a little annoyed by the narrative today. I expected to get into my office and click on my morning shows to enjoy some solid bills discussion.... i was sorely mistaken. its been a whole morning of "what the ravens did wrong". Nothing really about how well the bills played against what was allegedly "the hottest team in football". Its funny to me that all last week it was how the ravens cannot be stopped. Well they get stopped and now its "the front office and the coaches have failed their team". Like..... seriously? Just last week they were ge
  6. he finished it up by saying he'd take Mayfield over him still.... yikes....
  7. i had a buddy(stillers fan) text me this morning about getting a "late christmas present" when it came to mahomes. i snapped back immediately that i WANT him to play just so we dont have to deal with that lame narrative. Bring'm on..... and I agree. seems like a stand up dude.
  8. Independence Day, Either national treasure movie, The mummy trilogy...... The list is long for me. LOL. .... movies i would never pay to see but i will watch every dang time!
  9. All of them confident they win with Henne at QB. I’m making a promise to myself now that I never become that idiotic after one super bowl run.
  10. That’s interesting. I didn’t realize that. Definitely a big factor And John brown was a shell of himself.
  11. Allen came back within a week of his last year.... I’m expecting to see mahomes
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