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  1. “Ya’ll got what you deserved” you can go ahead and try and twist a positive from that all you like. It’s just you doing a bunch of mental gymnastics for the dude. There’s nothing in the other 25 min that’s gonna make that sound any better.
  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. At first I was ticked but now I really do think if we would had Jon 15 years ago the drought never would have happened. I’ve have to wonder if he had been playing for us in 90 if maybe that attitude woulda helped Norwood would at all. #missingpiece
  3. His appearances on the Pat Mcafee show during football season are pure gold. He’s just goes off on rants(in a good way) about the Bills and it’s hilarious
  4. It literally doesn’t matter what else he said in the whole interview. How else would you like people to interpret what he said there. “Ya’ll got what you deserved”. Wanna help me translate that into somehow not being a complete prick? dude can get bent. … Also Ariel goes on Mcafee show all the time and raves about the bills in the most hilarious ways. It’s must watch
  5. Hyde or Poyer already have possession and are 20-30 yds in the opposite direction by now. lol
  6. Uhhh ya. In that same alternate universe the bills had a real legit shot of winning it all. So I’m not feeling this topic at all.
  7. We should get you some sort of trophy made up.
  8. Can I bring up the fact that I think it’s absurd how nobody has brought up Aiden Hutchinsons mom tonight. My god what a smoke show.
  9. I get it. I really do… but let’s see how day 2 goes…. top ten wr’s in receptions last year we’re on average a 3rd round pick.
  10. If I’m being completely honest(and I’m OKAY with tonight’s pick), I don’t think anyone shy of sanders and Revis was stopping either of those qb’s in arrowhead that night. IMO defense is a great regular season tool for seeding. But come playoff time the top qb’s are cheat codes and almost defense-proof. I would much rather stock Allen’s cabinets and field the same ole top 5-10 style McDermott defense. But I’ve already talked myself Into the pick. So whatever.
  11. Honestly I saw Ramsey get punked during that game. ESPECIALLY on the final play. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. They dont take a corner or a RB in round 1 and this board struggles to find something to fight about for an hour or 2(a record). It would honestly be a great time for @Royale with Cheese to fill the void with his thoughts on ranch.
  13. Thats just false. stop... its more like a handful. if that.
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