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  1. i don't agree with Mr. Brown at all about it not being a great pick. with that being said.... i feel like ford not being crack the starting lineup would be a good problem to have.
  2. right.... i'll take the under by a hair and it'll still be a real nice rookie year.
  3. i cant disagree with the write-up about the all blues. I think they suck pretty bad. I've also always thought the red jerseys would look kinda cool with the white pants. but my personal favorite combo is the whites on blues.... while I like the white on whites I feel like they have totally played that out. as far as the other teams, I'm always a sucker for the sharp classic look. I've always thought the chiefs white on red was very underrated. very sharp classic scheme.
  4. topic came up today of who would be embraced the most and reach the biggest "hero" status if they won the big on for their town...… Kay did her spot on Allen. I think Brandt went with Stafford. Cousins was in there and I think Burleson went with Foles in JAX. anyone know how to find it?
  5. Basically at the end this dude still only admits he thinks there’s slim to no chance he succeeds while saying the team will have the same record earlier on.... thats just a really loonnnggg drawn out way to say he still thinks he sucks and nothing much will change with their record but he wants to cover his ass if Allen happens to make him look like an idiot. Solid.
  6. So he’s supposed to be improved. We improved the team around him..... and this guy thinks 6 or 7 wins is “within range”. LOL thanks for the kind words bro!
  7. Oh wow. Loving on josh AND the defense. Talking about how the defense performed without the support of an offense was impressive. There are gonna a handful of people from this board that watch this video and spontaneously combust before the end of it..... all for the better I would say. 😂
  8. I keep thinking the same thing about the pass rush. Any sort of legit push up front and that secondary is gonna be FILTHY.
  9. Right there with ya man... lots to prove. I enjoy and obviously agree with the positive stuff while understanding any negative media views with a “prove it” approach. I can’t blame anyone with that view. I just get a kick out of the people that immediately come into threads like this and act like it’s all beneath them.
  10. the people too cool to care about the media are coming in here to explain they are, in fact, too cool to care about what the media says and judge you for caring and posting this article in.....5....4.....3.....2.....
  11. solid response... good talk. I would have led with that instead of referencing numbers that didn't exist yet.
  12. lol... move the goal posts much? now lets go back to your actual post about jones not having the numbers.. the reason he doesn't have near the numbers is because sacks wasn't a stat yet. however they are a stat now because of deacon.
  13. deductive reasoning really... who's generally the more coveted athlete? the LT or RT? where does the better talent usually reside? as a general rule is the LT. I think its safe to assume that if white had played superior talent on the regular basis his numbers take a slight dip. playing more talented players week in and week out isn't gonna yield the same result...... enough dip to make a significant difference? I don't know. maybe not, but I still think is definitely worth taking into the picture. my personal list has always been jones, white, and smith. its sure is close between white and smith though.
  14. like I said, I think I give reggie the edge, but is it debatable that he routinely faced lessor talent on the right side of the line? I think its a legitimate knock against somebody when you have two people so good that the debate is gonna involve picking at nits. definitely what sticks out most of my memories of white was his power. using that one armed club to just maul people over..... I was really too young to appreciate either guy to the fullest though. was only in my elementary years in those early and mid 90's
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