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  1. Stank_Nasty

    Please name Josh Allen the starter

    Bro. With as over the top and dramatic as you’ve been about Allen in the offseason..... you shown your hand. im gonna assume if you happen to approach other matters that way you are wrong wayyyyy more than you might think. Your hot takes have looked really foolish so far.
  2. Stank_Nasty

    Optimistic About 2018

    you call saying I disagree jumping all over you? I simply said I disagreed and that I think extremely low of you therefore I wasn't gonna bother with a response. Then, naturally, and right on cue, your name calling started. teams that win more than they lose and make the playoffs aren't generally hard to watch week in and week out. you can have your assessment of last year but that doesn't mean its not a really stupid one. what do you call that exactly? and thank you for totally reinforcing my original statements and thoughts on you in the first place. you're a freaking jack-a**
  3. Stank_Nasty

    Optimistic About 2018

    the irony in all this is that in his condescending responses to either one of us he was the one calling somebody else a douche...… the dude is the very definition.
  4. Stank_Nasty

    Optimistic About 2018

    Nope. I don't. I had a lot more that I was gonna say and elaborate on, but i'll be perfectly honest and say I just don't care for you in the least and my delivery was coming off way more confrontational thank it need to be soooooo I'm just gonna move along. Good day, sir.
  5. Stank_Nasty

    Optimistic About 2018

    "Even making the playoffs last year, I hated the season, as a whole." that's a quote from the exact page we are on and its completely absurd. as for this season and the topic? honestly..... anything between 5-11 and 10-6 wouldn't surprise me.
  6. Stank_Nasty

    Optimistic About 2018

    Right on, boys. Last year was a perfect example of what teef is talking about. The first 7 weeks I knew a ton of people saying they weren't gonna "fall for it" or let their guard down until they actually made the the playoffs. In the middle of the season it was all the same people saying "I told you so". Then to finish the season those people clamored for everyone to not get their hopes up because we inevitably wouldn't make the playoffs and had now ruined our draft slot. It was all so freaking pathetic! As a fan that lives in the moment last season was thoroughly enjoyed and one hell of a ride! I was all in to start the season, low as hell in the middle and then all in during the run up to week 17! What the hell is the fun of a run through the regular season to the playoffs if I wouldn't "let my guard down". I honestly sort of pity those people. They missed out on a hell of a season..... Even as I was there in the stadium in j-ville and came to the realization just before the last drive that we were most likely not gonna move the ball enough to force OT I made sure to remind myself to soak in that atmosphere and that situation just so the fan in me could appreciate it win or lose.
  7. McDermott is a seriously impressive individual.
  8. Stank_Nasty

    Bills preview on Good Morning Football

    My god you sound.... just awful. And maybe in the future actually tune into a show before judging somebodies knowledge based on a picture. Could it get more ignorant than that? Good lord.
  9. Stank_Nasty

    Predict the division winner: AFC North

    live on the outskirts of "stiller" country just south of erie pa..... they are insufferable. acting as though not only the franchise but they as fans are gracing the NFL and the masses with their presence. awful group to deal with. here in the tri-state area us browns and bills fans all get along and have one common interest. annoyance with steeler fans. back on topic. I picked the steelers. can the media stop hyping the ravens yet? one playoff appearance in the last 5 years, I think, and every year they are a team to watch out for apparently.
  10. Stank_Nasty

    Bills preview on Good Morning Football

    Also this wasn’t a preview really. It’s a segment they call “road to recovery” and I’m slightly annoyed that we made the list at all because we are the first playoff team they decided to feature and needed recovering. I guess we’ll see if they feature other playoff teams in the future.
  11. Stank_Nasty

    Bills preview on Good Morning Football

    What can I say. She must have been taking good notes watching me the previous 6 years. But I’m being bit dramatic. All too often couples can’t find fun common interests. And grow apart completely. Ours are fitness(we own and operate our own gym) and bills football. I can think of a lot worse problems to have in a marriage than my wife wanting to enjoy football games with me. Haha. Back on topic.... the OP heard schrager completely different than what I did. He had nothing good to say about the wt’s at all. And honestly.... neither do I yet
  12. Stank_Nasty

    Bills preview on Good Morning Football

    This 100% accurate. My wife cared nothing for football when we met and eventually into year 3 of our marriage she was invested enough to actually suggest we get seasons..... cool right??? RIGHT???? Had to be.... well its been 3 years since then and while I love that we share a huge common interest now, I’ve been to only ONE freaking game without her since then. And you don’t tell your wife “i’d rather you sit this one out.” Buddies headed to the sport bar for games? If I say i’d like to head out with them I’m met with “Well I like football too ya know! ITS FINE. I’ll watch here on my own”. SMH. Then last year all my buddies thought it would be funny to invite her into our annual Fantasy Football league when a spot opened up..... and guess who she freaking beat week 1?
  13. I would argue that arm talent slightly dictates what should happen in those situations. His gift in that area is one of the primary reasons he was drafted so high. You wanna scrap that right off the get? In 3 years if he pans out and he’s making those “WOW” moments I can see you in the stands sitting there saying “ya but it was a risk and he shoulda taken the easy 5 instead of threading the needle on a 30 yd rope for 6”.... that sounds like fun. Im cool with it. It could be what separates him and the bills from the rest of the AFC.... or it could put him out of the league. But I think soon enough he’ll realize what he can and can’t do and adjust accordingly. Seems like a smart dude.
  14. Stank_Nasty

    Other League wide injuries

    Guice is gone for the season. Torn ACL. Just now.
  15. Stank_Nasty

    Josh Allen needs a nickname

    The Wyoming Winchester