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  1. wentz wasn't great when healthy last year. the cowboys finished the regular season 7-1 and won a playoff game. them going 10-6 and winning the division isn't really "out there" when it comes to predictions. I agree that the eagles could very well take it. but the cowboys are a really talented team on both sides.
  2. if all their players show up that wouldn't be a surprise in the least.
  3. the bills were 5-6 in games allen started in a year where he was basically winging it with nothing in front of him or outside to throw to..... any improvement from him reasonably means winning more than they are losing. OP apparently forgets 4 losses last year were started by friggin Peterman and Anderson...… garbage.
  4. Could pick the exact pass play that was going to be ran and he was the only qb that could STILL outrun the rush. You just needed enough field behind you to drop back and avoid the initial onslaught. I have a cleaned up functioning NES and that game and to this day if I have a couple of old buddies over we fire it up and there’s one buddy in particular that we won’t let use the Eagles because he was so good with Randall.
  5. Beasley is not going to be the well kept late round secret I thought he would be for me by the time my drafts roll around on labor weekend.... was just sitting down with a couple of old friends in my leagues(stiller, and browns fans) last night for some beers and both got to prying me on him..... I feel like my hesitance to say much about him basically told them all they needed to know 😂
  6. Kay says Jim Kelly is coming up on the show soon.
  7. I slightly disagree here. I think making it onto the initial roster holds merit. It’s the fact that nobody plays in it and 4th or 5th alternates are now going that waters it down.
  8. Right. I’m not even saying he makes it. We have an all pro return man. I just can’t believe it hasn’t been explored yet... or maybe it has and we don’t know of it
  9. I’ve said this a handful of other times and I’m gonna say it again. I really would like to see him get some burn with the KR/PR units. That open field rugby style and the speed seem to be a good match for those duties and it doesn’t take the football IQ that being dependable a starting NFL RB takes. Im not even saying he makes it that way but I dunno how they can’t be curious there.
  10. The fact that you actually watched how quick wade pulled away during that run and think shady has that sort of top end..... is absurd.
  11. I’m telling you I think they both would have been caught. its easy to identify elite long speed. It’s the dude passing up people like they were standing still. That ain’t shady or Singletary. And it definitely isn’t gore
  12. Shady took one 75 to open the 2nd half against the jags in 16. Regardless he ain’t doing it at this point in his career and if he did he wouldn’t be pulling away like wade was.
  13. First off. There isn’t a single back on the roster outrunning the colts db’s like that other than wade. Get a clue man. Dude passed them like they were standing still. And 2nd. Maybe you’re right and basically every single other person on the board is wrong. That seems about right.
  14. Lol. That was a horrendous pass from Jackson if I recall correctly. Not nearly as blatant as other drops throughout the preseason from football lifers that also havnt shown the ability to break 2 different huge plays in minimal touches.
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