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  1. 88 catches. I think you may have been looking at targets. lol.
  2. he's already had a couple big ones that josh just couldn't get there.... missed him on a huge play in week one down the middle and then again this week on could have been a very large game or a house call with a broken tackle. that's just off the top of my head. hopefully those start dropping in. i'm confident they will.
  3. the way that trade helped build the team and set us up, I would pump the brakes on if we lost it just yet..... lets give it a bit more time.... you may think differently as early as the end of this season.
  4. I think that's starting to swing the other way though. slowly but surely.... ever before this game Deangelo Hall was on the nfl network listing his top 5 corners and he brought Tre in at #3. it'll take the former players like this in the media taking notice and then the actual idiots in the real media will latch onto our team like we've dreamt of for decades!
  5. its gonna be so satisfying when he, the defense, and our up and coming qb execute some complete TEAM victories in the post season over a couple other certain young qb's... what a freaking player! off the top of my head you have the huge play vs the falcons his rookie year, the peanut punch vs tampa, icing the game vs a driving KC. now we have the game icer vs a driving bengals team and these 2 plays sunday that single handedly changed the tide of the game. he's making this a "thing". this is a freaking CORNERBACK that's making such huge plays they are directly related to the win. that's big. really big.
  6. and yet Beasley is on pace for a career high in receptions..... look out for when they meshing...
  7. Right. So you burn their to’s and punt it up 10 with about 3:45 to go. 100% ok with that. but some people need something to complain about.
  8. I have absolutely no complaints about that last drive. 10 pt lead. To’s burned. There are things to pick out offensively in this game. That drive isn’t one of them. This is just so..... you.
  9. It’s a week to week league, man. Chill. Seriously. Wow.
  10. This is a dumb thread created by a poster that’s made other dumb post-game threads. I commend the consistency at least.
  11. Right. I needed an A+ from you or bust. 🙄🙄🙄
  12. 240 yds accounted for. 2 td. No turnovers and a 98 yd go ahead drive. A “C”?..... really really stupid. really dumb. Just bad.
  13. This team has some issues. Oliver is really low on the list. Your crusade against him is silly and exhausting
  14. I had just been wondering that stat. That’s INSANE.... very telling. #GAMER
  15. We don’t have to win the division to “do something” in the playoffs. this style of team can travel.
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