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  1. Stank_Nasty

    NFL planning to suspend Jameis Winston for 3 games

    Man, it’s the real deal. Anywhere the dude goes as a backup he’s sees extensive PT. It’s crazy. death, taxes..... and fitz finding his way onto the field ANYWHERE he goes.
  2. I don't disagree. I just like the idea of a first round talent coming in motivated and in shape to try and win his job back. that can only be a good thing for everyone I think.
  3. Interior OL DE opposite of hughes…. I think Lawson vs. Murphy could heat up that edge!
  4. the play cost me my fantasy playoff matchup that year! my best friend and roommate at the time had the damned jets defense!
  5. Stank_Nasty

    Eagles, Bills, Pederson, McD, and Analytics

    you've been moaning about MCD since the indy game..... the dude made the playoffs in his first year with what most would agree was limited talent on the team. he's shown plenty of promise. I seriously don't get your gripe with the dude.
  6. you WOULD try and passively find a way to bring up and blame the old qb for petermans blunder. classic.
  7. bad lines screw up and let people run free to the qb plenty. I heard bosa's sound bite. I didn't look too far into it one bit. anyone trying to say it was some sort of conspiracy honestly looks like a complete fool..... they also need to rewind the tape 2 weeks prior to the jets game and watch the same line let the jets d-line literally swallow up taylor within a second or 2, play after play after play.
  8. Stank_Nasty

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    I remember that game. There was a good bit of hype going into that. It was a blizzard back in 07. But the teams recrods were actually a little better than you recall and the score was different. Bills were 7-6 and Edwards had taken the job by that point and the browns were 8-5. Score was 8-0. Awful game to watch. Lol. The kicker is the browns finished a very solid 10-6 and STILL missed the playoffs that year. OUCH. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200712160cle.htm
  9. Stank_Nasty

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    When my dad walked in the living room the tv had to be changed to anything other than football. So that’s a big NO for me. Haha
  10. You are right. There’s a couple that apparently had fairly reliable info that there was a ton of pressure from Dennison to make it happen.
  11. It goes both ways man. I’m perfectly okay with the move from the old qb but the minute I call somebody on their BS when they start spouting off about how absolutely awful he was they start throwing around the douchey “COT” acronym. Ive literally prefaced posts by saying I’m ready to move on from him but I don’t agree with some over the top posters claiming he was a RB in a qb’s clothing and have gotten labeled as a lover or COT or whatever else. It’s absolutley absurd.
  12. -The old qb played fine against Oakland. It was a nasty rainy day and the run game was humming. He did just fine managing that ball game and extending a couple big plays. Namely the 2nd and 20 to Tate and the td to Holmes. -he wasn’t benched after the jets game. -Zay Jones caught his first td before peterman ever started the SD debacle - how the hell does peterman being inserted have anything to do with the defense buckling down the rest of the season? - And I learned some things about peterman that game but it wasn’t anything close to how you mention it in your first point. That whole post..... it’s all just so bad and inaccurate.
  13. Production alone says Edelman. But it’s hard to not account for the Brady factor there. My vote goes to a healthy and motivated KB.
  14. has it been your goal to be the proverbial piss in the cheerios all week? dude. we get its practice.... its also nice to see the rookie doing well.
  15. Stank_Nasty

    Away Games You Plan To Attend

    have a family RV lined up and a crew of 5 or 6 of us ready for a weekend at Lambeau. that'll check off a bucket list item for me....that's it for away games this year.