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  1. Well we didn’t notice him in there... I think that’s at least a solid sign. Haha.
  2. i'm fairly certain this dude has been getting torched all season.
  3. I saw this earlier today. 3-2 bears had a bye and a backup qb and hop us? odd.
  4. exactly. we already have a ranking system based solely on records..... its call the NFL standings...
  5. because they are power rankings. not standings.... if they just wanna list them in order of record it makes no sense to do a power ranking. at that point they could just keep the "standings" column and have no need for an opinion based power ranking. having an opinion based ranking poll like these rankings allows for people to add context to the situation that have to do with teams beaten, injuries, how they played or how they won.
  6. potentially for the next 3 weeks. eagles are allowing 280 a game through the air and then the skins obviously are struggling.
  7. wouldn't mind seeing it but I think brown goes off for about 110 and 2 td
  8. seems to be a theme over the last couple of weeks that the former players are taking notice of how things are getting done in buffalo while the regular media just doesn't have a pulse on the league outside of the 3 or 4 trendy teams.
  9. I needed 15 measly points from Stafford tonight to win a fantasy matchup.... gotta be kidding me
  10. Rather the jets help us out with the division title and pull one out this week
  11. Fair enough. I don’t see a team we should be scared of the rest of the way out(NE included).... but they are gonna lose a couple of those games.
  12. they are 3-3. that's not garbage, man... I will say their pass d is a freaking leaky sieve. I'm excited about the prospects of 3 straight "get right" games for the offense. but it wont surprise me if we lose that eagles game. They can hang with anyone on a good day. you are being sort of stubborn on this I think. I can believe the bills are a very good team and still not be surprised if they those a game out of the three being mentioned. odds are they don't win all of those games. have you not watched the NFL over the last 20 years? parity, man.
  13. I’m all in on this season. I really can’t stand the whole “wait and see” approach to being a fan. People missed out on the whole 2017 season because of that nonsense.... that being said. It’s still ok to realize they need to beat some better competition and those teams are at least solid... describing the eagles as “garbage” is a bit excessive IMO. That will be a tough game win or lose, I think.... if we can take 2 of those 3 i’d be happy.
  14. The bills are on their way to a 2nd playoff appearance in 3 years and it’s rubbing so many people the wrong way. People that live to crack jokes on the low hanging fruit like the bills of the last 20 years.... they are all sorts of confused and butt hurt over it.
  15. Don’t the bills usually mic up one of their own though for each week? I can see how you read my post for wanting to see the titans mic’d up. I meant the titans game. Not the actual titans. Haha
  16. I havnt seen a mic’d Up for the titans game. Did I miss it?
  17. Saints. 5-1 with game manager at qb. When they get Brees back they’ll be right back to the favorites they were last year.
  18. Didn’t say guaranteed. but a toss up? Against a 1-4 team?... I’ve been to that stadium during a down year for Stiller’s before. Those fans thin out realllllll quick. Ticket prices have already dropped significantly for that game. It’s not a good team. I fully expect to be no less than 6 pt favorites in that. Which would be saying something beings the home team always gets 3.
  19. Already have and you most definitely aren’t invited.
  20. Pittsburgh? A toss up? Geez man. Sure they could give a great effort and the bills could lose that game but a toss up? No friggin way... they’ll most likely be 1-5 after tonight. If thats a toss up type of game we need to be worried about our team... I agree with the others. Cleveland gave that game away today. They’ll be a challenge and may figure things out by week 10 What’s the point of bringing up the first part of this post if you believe in the 2nd portion?
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