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  1. Its funny how differently co-workers at different outlets can influence one another. You have whole panels picking against them and then i just got done reading "the ringers" predictions and 6 or their 7 writers pick them to win the east while all of them pick them to make the playoffs.... That being said I've never seen the masses jump ship on a team like most have on the bills. A team thats averaged 12 wins a season over the last 3 years with a consensus top 5 qb and all of a sudden they're just..... DONE.... its truly odd. I honestly think people are way more comfortable not having to praise the bills after 17 years of obscurity and so it was super easy to jump ship once they underachieved last year.
  2. @FilthyBeasthas been predicting the inevitable fins division title run since we lost back to back games to the titans and chiefs back in early 2020. I guess if he just keeps at it, eventually he’ll be right.
  3. i cant stand any sort of over top fear mongering for any type of foods. processed included. Its for views and marketing purposes. I get that. But it just looks silly to anyone thats been living and coaching rationally for years.... Sadly rational boring common sense takes dont sell in fitness.
  4. no surprise at all with the honey. Calorie/carb dense food with low volume. I train highschool and college athletes for a living. in simplest terms, you want them feeling fueled up but also not bloated or bogged down. Honey is the go-to. side note though.... i cant stand Saldino. He's super dramatic and routinely uses fear mongering and cites awful studies to push horrible nutrition narratives. Theres nothing wrong with this gameday approach here, but he routinely gets sliced up by reputable Science backed pro's in the field.
  5. He’s still out there doing gods work I see.
  6. It’s mind blowing to me how this is never brought up during these media talks. We’re talking 2 game changing type of players that were missing for WEEKS.
  7. So there’s at least 2 of you that like to use a one or two game sample size instead of a whole season…. And then not realize that’s really freaking dumb.
  8. People couldn’t wait to move off Buffalo. Max Kellerman, on his show, did a top 5 in the afc and buffalo didn’t make it in either. It’s honestly super odd how fast mainstream media wanted to move off of a 13-3 squad that lost basically one starter. It’s the same for Josh Allen. The slander there has only picked up steam as the offseason progresses. You’d never know the man finished 3rd in the MVP voting(AHEAD OF BURROW) when he’s being discussed at this point. Never seen so many people try and over correct on a team. People are treating them like the first preseason favorite to not win it all. Super odd IMO Lol. Nothing like using a one or 2 game sample size as opposed to the 14-4 overall record….. CLASSIC Not to mention getting Hyde and Miller back this year. Only a couple of all pro’s. No biggie …. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Burrow has yet to even score a 4th quarter td in 7 post season games. But if you consider “clutch” to bd making a habit of letting your defense get you a timely turnover, driving 20 yards and repeatedly kicking postseason fg’s…. Then yes. Burrow is extremely clutch.
  10. Sadly I think a lot of his game will be able to carry through a more advanced age. It’s his savvy and knack for reading and reacting that makes him such b**ch to deal with.
  11. Nobody can sit back and watch his defense force a timely TO and then promptly drive his team 23 yds to kick a fg like Joe Burrow. Team it up with a fur coat and some douchey glasses and you have yourself an ICON.
  12. there’s always THAT guy. ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
  13. Well my wife has a crush on him so i was gonna let her do whatever she wanted to it at that point........But for now he shall remain unsullied.
  14. Welp.... looks like i can keep the life sized Poyer cardboard cut out that i stole from the local Tops last year..... BIG WIN.
  15. just stating that you left a good one out.... but by all means keep rolling
  16. went for over 100 and a score vs ravens if im not mistaken
  17. As of the last couple of years…. A designed run on 1st down that goes for 8 yards and sets up short sticks…. A rare creature.
  18. I mean my Tv in the office literally filters through ESPN, FS1, and The Network all day. For every Kyle Brandt there’s a literally the WHOLE PANEL of “get up” on Thursday morning that picked burrow over Allen and the Bengals to win. The ONLY negative narrative I’ve seen on the bengals is them missing their OL. The general consensus is that if they had them, they would handle is easily. When burrows struggles last week get brought up they reference last years playoff run as a counter point(even though it was pedestrian as hell). When Allen’s struggles have gotten brought up his prior 6 playoff games are an afterthought and the top inevitably goes to “can this guy ever play a clean game?”…. It’s honeslty absurd at this point IMO
  19. This game has such a 2020 feel to me. I remember heading into the home game against the “hot” ravens and the narrative the whollllleeee freaking week was “how were the bills gonna stop playoff lamar now that he had his first playoff win under his belt” Just like this week I remember sitting in my office that whole week as I watched my sports shows listening to the national media wonder how we would ever beat the ravens after we had just escaped a close game the prior week. Just like this week I sat there thinking “wait a minute. Am I missing something or aren’t we the team that’s 14-3 and on a half a season win streak?” I legit can’t ever remember a more negative media narrative surrounding a 14-3 squad that’s in the midst of an 8 game win streak. Allen has ONE turnover riddled playoff game and now all of a sudden the prior 6 go out the window. The topics aren’t IF he’ll turn it over but HOW MANY will he inevitably give away. It’s absolutely absurd. How will the Bills be able to overcome the coolness of Joe burrows pre-game fit and his whopping 6 td passes in 5 playoff games?
  20. My favorite for this week has been how since burrow didn’t play a great game this past week they’ve been referencing all of last years postseason(which was honestly quite pedestrian) as an argument for him going forward. But I’ve not see one person bring up Allen’s historic 2 game run from last season. Every show is “how many more to’s will Allen have this week?” It’s honestly baffling. Watching the tv today one would have thought the Bills were a 9-8 Cinderella 7 seed as opposed to a 14-3 team coming into the week on a freaking 8 game win streak. How do the Bills even stand a chance against Burrow and his 7 tds in 5 playoff games!!!???
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