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  1. More top of the AFC love.... Enjoy the ride boys.
  2. My favorite is always how announcers and social media cream their jeans when he runs his shovel pass. Literally nobody in the history of the NFL has ever been gushed over as much for shovel passes…. But his are underhand so OH MY GOD DID YOU JUST SEE THAT
  3. i think we all get that. i dunno why people need to do this.... i'm a fan thats gonna enjoy the ride. not just hold my breathe and wait to see how the end goes.
  4. Simms touting our guys as the best team in the conference. A fun little watch. Talks about how they've proven already they can win big in multiple ways and if Josh is on his game its basically game over. IMO, come January, Pitt is gonna be looking at week 1 as the highlight of their season as they watch the playoffs from their couches and it will have been nothing to the Bills but a nice little wakeup call.
  5. Here’s a tid bit from Grazianos weekly “Overreaction” article. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/32287437/judging-week-3-nfl-overreactions-rams-new-super-bowl-favorites-how-bad-steelers The Bills are the best team in the AFC Buffalo's offense might not have looked like its dominant 2020 self in the first two games of the season, but it woke up in a massive way Sunday. Josh Allen threw four touchdown passes and ran for another score in a 43-21 victory over Washington. (Remember when Washington was supposed to have one of the league's best defenses? We were all so young.) It was the second game in Allen's career in which he had more than 300 passing yards, four passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. The only other quarterbacks who ever had more than one such game are Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning, so that's pretty solid. This looked like the Bills offense we remember from November and December of 2020, when it was pretty much setting fire to the league on a weekly basis. The verdict: NOT AN OVERREACTION. The Bills were the AFC runner-up last season, so it was never going to be a stretch to think they might take one more step and become the conference's best team. The Chiefs, who have won the conference two years in a row, fell to 1-2 with a division loss to the Chargers, and the Browns' Week 1 collapse is really the only reason Kansas City isn't 0-3 Now, the Bills did lose to the Steelers in Week 1, which puts them in a group of AFC teams that are 2-1 so far. And the Broncos and Raiders are each 3-0. But meaning no disrespect to what those teams have done so far, it's fair if you want to use Buffalo's 2020 season and our preseason opinion of the Bills as a means of elevating their expectations over those of Vegas and Denver. Still, there are 14 more regular-season games and the playoffs left to decide all of this, so it really doesn't matter what we think (or even what the reality is) through Week 3. But if you had the Bills representing the AFC in the Super Bowl this season, you're feeling a lot better about that pick after they outscored their opponents 88-21 over Weeks 2 and 3
  6. It’s seriously bordering on weird. Last week when Wright picked the Fins to upset them Broussard just rolled his eyes and replied with “of course you would”… Broussard then went on to call him out and say that any team or player that starts getting touted as much as his chiefs, Wright feels the need to try and verbally destroy them. It was refreshing actually seeing somebody call him out on his BS.
  7. You’re wrong. Allen sucked the first 2 weeks. The difference is I’ve seen enough from 2019 to 2020 to understand it would workout… you are 100% underselling your tone this whole last week. It was annoyingly negative
  8. He also picked us to lose in the same segment last week vs Miami. Could somebody be more wrong? Good lord.
  9. Nope. Just that fact that you were so shook coming into the week and felt the need to make sure we all knew it. Allen is a superstar. Cool your negative jets.
  10. Right. Yours sucked By all means have your opinion. But opinions can be crappy…. And all week yours was.
  11. Agreed. He stepped up again…. Allen saves his lineman routinely with that little shoulder dip he does. My god, it’s just gorgeous every time.
  12. Dude is impossible to sack. Good lord…. I like him a lot.
  13. Thank you. The Steelers promptly lost the key contributors to their pass rush as of last week. @Process way off the mark with that post.
  14. Are you gonna shut up about Allen for the next week? That would be great! K thanks!
  15. I’ve maintained since that loss that “Stiller” fans will be clinging to that win as they watch the bills play through January and they’re team is sitting at home.
  16. That name right under Milano…. Mongo better buckle in tight this week or he’s gonna get his lunch money taken from him like week 1.
  17. Good stuff. I will add that I think McLaurin has leveled up since this matchup. But I’m confident in our guy. He’s answered the bell whenever called upon to follow a wr. I’m interested to see how Milano/Edmunds handle the Gibson/Riddick and Thomas stuff underneath and down the middle.
  18. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/32264913/most-underappreciated-nfl-players-every-position-execs-help-us-pick-10-secret-stars-deserve-more-respect Speaking of Under the radar or under appreciated. ESPN polled some execs and came up with a top ten list…. Matt Milano, ILB, Buffalo Bills The Bills were smart to lock up Milano to a four-year, $44 million deal back in March. The linebacker market is only growing, and Milano will look like a steal by year's end. Milano has done a little bit of everything for Buffalo, posting one sack, four tackles for loss and one pass deflection through the first two weeks. "He's a three-down player -- can run, cover and is smart," said an NFL scouting director. Former first-round pick Tremaine Edmunds is undoubtedly a top-end NFL linebacker, and defensive tackle Ed Oliver -- a top-10 pick in 2019 -- is coming on in Year 3. But Milano embodies Buffalo's largely overachieving defense. Among its best players are a fifth-round pick (Milano), a seventh-round pick (safety Jordan Poyer) and a fourth-round slot corner out of Weber State (Taron Johnson).
  19. He’s done it in the past depending on the weekly game plan. I remember he did an in depth film session with Kurt Warner after the Dallas game in which he talked about drawing up Cooper for the duration of that game. If I remember correctly he basically shut him down.
  20. Not only that but Barkley had a 40 yard scamper and the other 12 carries went for 16 yds…. Allen’s arm needs to get right…. like yesterday.
  21. i'm the opposite. I've grown even more irritated with them the last 2 offseasons as people still pick them to win the division make the playoffs just because "Patriots". Now that Bradys gone i find him pretty tolerable.
  22. Just wait til he sees the same Kelly blue Sunday that he saw that one preseason years ago when he tore it up…. Might not see a pass hit the ground.
  23. I just saw this as well. If it gets to 6.5 I’m throwing the hammer down on it.
  24. i was actually super annoyed with that "misfire" to diggs down the sideline. i thought at the time Diggs would have walked into the EZ if he hit him in stride. No clue there was a safety bearing down..... Guess thats why i'm on the couch. lol.
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