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  1. I gotta wonder how Chiefs fans are handling these comments. They literally cannot stand if any qb’s are ever mentioned in some sort of similar breath as mahomes. Are they gonna turn on their own QB for his comments and tell him how stupid he is for having the audacity to compare any qb’s to himself?
  2. Well he’s not necessarily right. So there’s that. Lacking on context for sure. There was an article last season that came out chronicling the repair of the special teams unit. Beane went to Farwell last offseason and asked him for a wish list. Matakavich and Jones were the top 2 names. Saying if he makes the team they didn’t do their job at the position seems silly IMO. Honestly I find that statement ridiculous. The #4 back has nothing to do with the play of the other 3. If he makes the team it just means they value his limited role more than maybe either one of us average
  3. Right. I’m just picturing somebody on their couch watching day 3 of the draft and then being sent into freaking orbit over a 5th round pick….. it’s the 5th friggin round. Calm down kids.
  4. Who actually has the energy to hate a 5th round pick. Bit dramatic I think.
  5. Why is it surprising? I doubt she was mistaken. She ultimately said the browns didn’t wanna move so I’m assuming he went about other modes.
  6. Anyone just see the the Kim Jones report on NFL Network? She reported Beane tried moving all the way to #1 to secure Allen. Hadn’t heard that reported yet I don’t think.
  7. Anyone know where Allen ranks overall? If it’s true that jackson is 6 pts higher than him, that’s absolutely absurd
  8. Because that’s fine about 85% of the time until you get into the playoffs and battle some of the elite pass offense. At which point it ain’t gonna cut it and you need somebody that can go out and change a game. Make a play.
  9. As well as the primary reason they went 13-3 and earned the #2 seed in the conference. Which leads me to my one big gripe of which tier he is in. Tier 2 was defined as somebody that can occasionally carry their team and be the reason they win. Riding Josh Allen is primary reason the Bills were 15-4 and a game away from the Super Bowl. You don’t have to be an NFL exec or coach on this voting panel to have noticed that. It was extremely obvious. Think I saw a graph in which Allen accounted for a higher % of his teams years and TD’s than any other qb…. Sorry that’s not carrying the team
  10. I think it’s worth mentioning that Allen got 20 tier 1 votes and the next closest qb in his same tier was 4. they noted the gap between him and Watson(tier 1), is much smaller than the gap between him and the next tier 2 qb(jackson)
  11. I don’t have a huge issue with him being number 6 on the list. But I have a LARGE issue with him being categorized with Qb’s that don’t regularly carry their team. It’s been argued by plenty in the media that no team in the NFL relied more on one player than the Bills did. And relying on that player got them to 13-3 and in a title game.
  12. I think i read somewhere if a player gets even one vote for 2nd team all pro they get the nod.... Peter King came out at the end of last season and said he's gonna get heat for it but he voted Beasley in as a slot because its so big for the league now.... That honestly may have been the only vote he got. Still love the dude as a player. But i think thats how it may have went down.
  13. i saw it. he threw an even bigger hissy fit a month later when Cossell echoed the same thing in his MMQB article and they brought it up on the show. Wrights just...... the worst. And everyone conveniently forgets Hill, Kelce, Hunt, and Reid were there from day 1..... Also his day 1 was actually year 2. Allens day 1 was being thrust into a s**t storm of an offense in the 2nd half of week 1 during his rookie year. All while having "weapons" like the 270 pound Kelvin "where am i supposed to line up" Benjiman, Andre "never made another roster" holmes, and Zay "at least i help KB line up in
  14. Oh I know they’re touchy too. If you suggest there are Qb’s that are, even just for a time, playing at their qb’s level or might be capable of some of the same things mahomes does, they go into full on toddler temper tantrum mode.
  15. Is it fair to say that Ravens fans have overtaken us insecure Bills fans as the most sensitive fan base in the league?
  16. Replacing “very good” doesn’t just… happen. Beasley is one of the very best at what he does. Hands down. People are being way too dramatic about his social media tantrums around here. If I’m on that team his Twitter rants change nothing about my preparation and I want him out there on Sundays. … Josh makes the jump and now all of a sudden we can just start tossing his best weapons? That’s absurd to me.
  17. Speaking of odds. Let’s talk about those. They say that they’re very VERY low a team goes to 3 straight Super Bowls. I’ll take the field. KC isn’t coming out of the AFC. About 98% of history proves that. so let’s break down said “field”. Last I checked we were at the top of that…. Ya. I like our chances.
  18. given the amount of players that are already in the vaccination process i find this matter to be 100% overblown... other than the fact that he himself may not be able to play due to testing positive. in which case i'd be a bit irritated. this wouldnt hinder me from preparing for the job in which i'm deemed a professional. stop being so dramatic.
  19. The “me first” player that limped through the playoffs for his team on a broken limb. I’ll say it again, I don’t agree with his stance. I personally think he looks sorta foolish. But IMO you shouldn’t just call somebody selfish or putting himself First just because of his convictions. Especially after what he’s already put himself through for the team.
  20. This is absurd. A 1000 Yd wr, that’s a top 3 slot man in the NFL and you won’t be upset when we cut him? Because of some dumb Twitter BS? Sorry, but that’s complete garbage IMO. I think Beasley looks ridiculous right now. I find most of what he’s saying very off putting. But with that being said, let’s not get things twisted. This dude gutted through 3 games with a freaking broken leg. Plenty wouldn’t have. The man loves the game and his teammates. The bills are a lesser team without him. Hands down.
  21. Ohhhh, you watch your mouth!… It would have led to us seeking one another out and coming the blows. I’m 100% convinced of that…. You woulda looked like a real POS beating up a 14 yr old though.
  22. Simply not true. What roberts lacked in top end speed he made up for with elite vision and feel. One cut and go type of returner I’ll give you that. But it was almost always the right cut. Guy was an asset. Hands down…. He definitely wasn’t just running head first into defenders.
  23. was coming here to say this.... i'd be totally cool with a big year from sanders but i personally believe Davis has a better shot at that 1000 mark.
  24. Well i'd wager this is about what our guy is gonna look like in 10 years. That said, i get so tired of the annual "Ben is in the best shape since his rookie year" talks. I just saw the obligatory article from yahoo sports about it the other day. He looks the same every year. i have no clue why these articles surface yearly.
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