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  1. I remember his reaction to that ranking. He claimed he wasn’t even deserving of a top 200 ranking let alone top 100. It’s been very clear from the jump that the players(they voted him in) respected Allen’s game much more than the media over the last couple of years. Same goes for former players/QB’s. There’s a handful of former qb’s that have been adamant about what he would become since his rookie year. Quinn, Dilfer, and both Simms come to mind.
  2. Well…. PFF just ranked him all the way down at #40 in their countdown of top players heading into next year. They also only put Diggs at #45 while AJ Brown is at 38… so at least we have that bit of normalcy still 😂. Schlereth and Cowherd have some thoughts on that right here at the 3:20 mark
  3. I doubt they were catching anyone by surprise by the last month of the season when they finished it out averaging about 38 pts a game over the last 4 or 5 weeks.
  4. Just saw a cool stat on "The Herd". Including the playoffs, Allen had 3 games of 300 passing and 50 rushing last year..... That happens to be the most ever in a season. This further pushes the point that Simms tries to make about no QB being relied on as much as the Bills relied on Allen.
  5. Newton as high as 20 is about as hot a take as that list could contain. He’s freaking awful at this point. Just downright bad.
  6. I guess you aren’t wrong but in his defense he‘s pounded the table for Allen since he was drafted. And for McDermott as well. So I don’t know if I actually believe he thinks it’s a hot take. He also flat out says rodgers is his favorite qb of all time…. I personally love him just based on his weekly breakdowns of players and game situations and how he has a knack for communicating some complex things with your average fan. ….. and it obviously doesn’t hurt that he routinely called out anyone that still was dumb enough to bash Allen last year. Haha.
  7. Not gonna get into an argument about what makes sense. Just going on the record saying this fits my personal preference for a game day. Love the unique experience our tailgate environment provides as opposed to other NFL venues and I love open air games. Just feels right. Pure. Went to the game in Lucas Oil a couple years ago. Amazing crisp fall weather during the walk up. Felt like game day outside. Then you walk in and the whole feel just went away. Felt like walking into a shopping mall. The wife and I both hated it.
  8. They played like 5 starting qb’s all year. There’s nothing to see there.
  9. Reid has a career win% of .630. Of the 22 years he’s coached he’s made the playoffs 16 times while making 8 conference title games, 3 Super Bowls and winning a title…. The man literally makes the conference title game at a rate that’s better than once every 3 years over the course of a 22 year career. Bro….. go sit at the kids table.
  10. Nothing to see here really is there? It looks like the writer he was talking to reports out of Ohio and I’m assuming framed a question asking about the browns going forward. I really don’t see any bulletin board stuff here.
  11. Josh stretches defenses very thin horizontally. His arm talent has definitely shown up more in that regard than vertically. Challenging defenses sideline to sideline and making them “defend every blade of grass”.
  12. I feel like I remember her, about 2 days beforehand, confirming McCoy wouldn’t be able to play in the wildcard game…. Then he happened to be the best offensive player on the field for either team that day.
  13. As a profession, I work with high school and college athletes. You’re making it way more deep than what it needs to be. It blows my mind that anyone paying attention to their body on a professional level could just accidentally lose 20 more pounds than they should over a summer. Whether he had access to a fitness pro or not. It’s a gradual process. It’s not like he just woke up one day and went “whoopsy! I just lost way too much weight last night!” With all the available resources, I’m having a hard time grasping how it happened.
  14. i just got done reading this whole deal myself.... they state he got as low as 245. i think thats the the first time anyone has put a real number on exactly how low he got. and thats friggin LOW.
  15. Jones is a heck of a back. You could at least make an argument for him being borderline top 5. Adams is bad man. Not much needs said for him…. and whether or not it was because of Rodgers tonyan had a heck of a year. I have no issues with them being high on the list. That’s just me I guess.
  16. Holy crap YES. This, times a billion! Our team has made the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years while cultivating what looks to be an elite option at QB. That finally happens, Bills fans have every right to be confident, and now the same ole “realists” have to tell us how cocky we’re being. This team has reached a point where we should honestly expect to win most games they go into and and new era is in here ticked off about it, as if we should be running to the panic button over the Titans picking up Julio. Sorry not having it. They could very well still beat buffalo at home on Monda
  17. Man, it’s the NFL. anybody taking any week for granted is just foolish. The Titans can certainly beat the bills. I would say as we stand right now the bills are STILL the better team. And since when does me thinking the bills should still be regarded as the better team hint towards me thinking they are some sort of unstoppable force? Anybody that’s paid attention to the league in general for an extended period of time knows that saying that about any team is silly. It’s why I chuckle at anybody that’s just locking the Chiefs into the Super Bowl again… The Bills make the playoffs in
  18. No. What obviously makes us better is being 2 games better than them in the regular season and then advancing to the title game while beating a team they couldn’t handle. All while having a budding superstar at QB. But by all means keep bringing up the week 5 matchup…. and the Bills have been to the playoffs in 3 of the last 4 seasons while attaining what seems to be an elite qb. You’ll have to excuse everyone for having high expectations for the squad. By all means feel free to point out that week 5 matchup again.
  19. They were a good team that didn’t win a single playoff game and then lost numerous key pieces on both sides of the ball. If anything this move just drew them back to even. You honestly need to step back and count to ten. Good lord. ….. and stop obsessing over a random week 5 game. They beat us bad. So what. It happens all over the league. The bills ended being the better team and most likely still are…. This seems like an odd hill to die on.
  20. What exactly does his size have to do with what I said? It has nothing to do with them losing starters on defense or their starting TE that was a key cog in their offense… Again, IMO, jones helps them barely break even on a offseason where they were coming out on the other side as a weaker squad(on paper).
  21. I disagree. I don’t think they’ll be any better than they were last year. The lost both starting corners and then Davis and smith on offense. IMO adding Julio barely makes that a wash.
  22. Months ago on the show “First things first” Brandon Marshall went into detail about how Diggs has come to Marshalls facilities in the offseason to train with other wr’s and he said anytime he’s there the whole feel of the workouts change. He explained he can quite literally lead and carry a whole practice amongst pro’s. Very impressive.
  23. You're not wrong. But i'm a betting man. And the odds say its extremely rare for a team to come out of the conference 3 years in a row. history says KC most likely isnt coming out of the AFC. i would put large money on the field..... and buffalo just so happens to be at the top end of said field.
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