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  1. Go about a minute in for the start.
  2. If they can get training camp going then we will have a season. Everything before that (mini-camp, rookie camp, OTA's) is not happening.
  3. I think the streak they broke in this game(1983) was winning in Miami for the first time since 1966. The 80 opener was in Buffalo and the Bills like most home games back then wore white jerseys with blue pants.
  4. Was this the 1983 game (Marino's first game ) where the Bills won for the first time in Miami since 1966. I think it was 38-35 in OT with Ferguson throwing 5 TD's passes this day.
  5. From a Bills perspective they should show the Bills win over the Jets on MNF at Giants Stadium in the early 90's. The Bills were trailing late and Kelly threw a TD pass to Thurman for a 23-20 win if I remember correctly. That GW TD pass happened right in front of me as my seasons at GS were at the goal line.
  6. The 1980 season opener is the game I would love to watch. I also wish that game was available. That is the best regular season Bills win with honorable mention of 31-0 season opener win over the Pats a few years back.
  7. Mini camp, rookie camp, OTA's are done. Hopefully they can get a full training camp in July and go from there. Who knows what will happen. I am a Bills fan living in NJ who happens to be a Jets season ticket holder. The Jets sent me an e-mail last week that they are suspending payments for the upcoming season. That can't be good. I don't want to be all doom and gloom but the possibility of no season is real. I would imagine other teams have or will do the same for their season ticket holders as well. Have the Bills suspended any payments to the season ticket holders like the Jets did?
  8. Yesterday I watched the 1981 WC game vs the Jets at Shea. That was one of the most exciting Bills games ever played. Bill Simpson saves the day with an INT at the goal line with just seconds left stopping a furious Jets rally. I was at this game and I remember leaving Shea with a giant smile on my face looking at all of those disappointed Jets fans. This was also my first "heart attack" game that the Bills gave me. Up 24-0 in the 2nd Q and 31-13 in the 4th it never should have come down to a last second play. Thankfully they held on to win as that would have been a very painful loss if they didn't.
  9. You are right at the end of the day the Bills have to prove it on the field. This does however feel different from the Rex days. Beane has done a good job adding talent to the roster and the same for McDermott with coaching the players. Both are building/coaching the Bills the right way. Two playoff appearances in the last 3 years. Coming off a 10 win season for the first time in a long time. Expectations are going to be sky high in WNY with Bills are rightfully so.
  10. The only game I truly remember during those terrible years was the huge upset over Dallas in 84. I believe the Bills were 0-11 at the time and Bell had an 80 yard TD run on the first play from scrimmage that led to a 14-3 win. I think the crowd that day was 75,000 but mostly Cowboy fans. With the exception of this one game there was nothing to cheer for in 84,85. Of course we did get Bruce with the 1st pick in the 85 draft but from a gameday standpoint the Cowboys game was the only good memory during this time.
  11. I know he replaced Knox in 83 but I remember him with 1984,1985 along with Hank Bullough. Many people associate the reds with the Kelly years and winning but they absolutely sucked during this time period. Back to back 2-14 seasons with crowds of 20,000 or so in the stands. A "good" crowd back then was 50,000 in a stadium that held 80,000.
  12. I am guessing Kim is in charge of the uniform combos. It seems like the Bills have 5 different home uniforms that they use. Early in the year when its hot is white on white. Then switch over to blue on white. Then they get an all white throwback in there around home game 4 or 5. Then they finish the year when it gets colder with the all reds and all blues. If they bring back the red helmet then Kim will use it with the all reds would be my guess.
  13. I was never a fan of the red helmets. The Bills have the perfect uniforms(just lose the garbage blue on blue, and red on red) along with the white helmet. The white helmet with the charging Buffalo or white helmet with the standing Buffalo(throwbacks) are both great.
  14. Right now the Bills secondary vs the Jets WR's LOL. Darnold will be seeing more than just ghosts when he faces the Bills. We still have the draft to go thru but I can't see the Bills D having trouble with that offense.
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