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  1. I would be shocked if the next home game vs KC isn't blue over white.
  2. Could you just imagine if the Bills and Chiefs can win their next two games and that sets up 5-0 KC vs 5-0 BUF. Obviously its one game at time and the focus is on Vegas but if 5-0 vs 5-0 happens with Allen and Mahomes then what huge a game in Buffalo. Just bummed that 72,000 couldn't be there for it. FOX would be loving it though as TV ratings around the country would be strong for this one.
  3. White on blue is a good look. All of their uniform combos are nice except the all blues and all reds.
  4. If anyone should be forced to forfeit then it should be the Raiders. They ****ed up not the Bills. The game will be played though unless their are positive tests between now and Sunday.
  5. In the NY Metro area both the Cross Bronx and LIE are much worse.
  6. For the early game I think I will watch Seahawks at Fins. It's fun watching Russell Wilson playing QB plus the Fish will probably get their asses kicked.
  7. Raiders always wear black at home. Bills were always going to be wearing white this game.
  8. If they are looking to build around Darnold or they draft Trevor than a good choice for them could be Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy.
  9. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=weekly&year=2020&week=4&league=NFL Black uniforms for the Jets tomorrow. Seems appropriate since it could be the funeral for Gase as HC of NYJ.
  10. I hope not. My nerves can't take another game like last week.
  11. 21-0 Bills halftime. 24-21 Raiders late 4th. 28-24 Bills final.
  12. I would rather the D gets their act together with Allen throwing for 300+ and the Bills dominating on the scoreboard. If they are going to get by KC/BAL/PITT come playoff time then we will definitely need the D to step up.
  13. But remember that Darnold is better. Jets fans say so and they are the most intelligent fanbase in all of sports.
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