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  1. I am sure it will be a lot easier this week. Most important is Damar is on the road to recovery, so the team won't be stressed over his health. It will be a normal week practice wise also as they get back into a normal routine.
  2. CBS will try to protect the Bills-Bengals and Bills-Chiefs games. Allen vs Mahomes and vs Burrow would be their national game that day.
  3. Same. My selection is also biased. Never happen though as it would end being a Bills home game from a crowd standpoint. KC would have a right to complain.
  4. If it is BUF vs KC in the AFCCG then I hope, they select MetLife. A 20-minute drive for me and I would definitely be there.
  5. No reason to bring the Jets into the conversation. Is Saleh coaching the Dolphins since he said he was going to see us again?
  6. If the league alternates the AFC team going between Detroit and Dallas on Thanksgiving, then the Cowboys will get the AFC opponent since the Bills played at Detroit. Only 2 AFC teams scheduled to play at Dallas next year. The Jets and the Pats.
  7. They will be more of a threat if Tua plays but this is not a toss-up game. The Bills are a solid favorite to win the game no matter who the Dolphins QB is.
  8. For his sake he shouldn't play. Big picture is his quality of life down the road could be a bad one if he suffers another head injury.
  9. I also have DTV. Had it since 2002. Only reason I got it was for the Sunday ticket. As a Bills fan living in NJ, I needed it otherwise I would be stuck with the Jets and Giants on the local channels. I think DTV is going to be in for a very bad year now that they don't have the football package.
  10. Same. I really want no part of CIN. If the Bills do win on WC weekend, that is who I think they will play.
  11. Per the uniform gridiron database page. The Bills are wearing blue jerseys but the pants are "TBA". So, either blue over white or all blues vs Miami
  12. They need to clean up with the turnovers. The INT before the half, and the fumble deep in our territory. I can't get on the Bills too much as the week leading up to the game was stressful. Practice time wasn't normal either. But now this should be a normal week for them especially with #3 on his way to a full recovery. They need to be much better protecting the ball.
  13. I hope the Ravens win. I think the Bengals would be the biggest challenge for the Bills. Burrow and those WR's vs our secondary, is not a matchup I want to see.
  14. (1) Ian Rapoport on Twitter: "The #Texans have fired coach Lovie Smith, per me and @MikeGarafolo. Another one-and-done in Houston. https://t.co/1Ld7PxCGUq" / Twitter
  15. Allen seems to raise his game to another level in the playoffs. If that happens then the Dolphins are in for a long day.
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