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  1. But even if Allen wins this game and the Super Bowl he still won't be in the same conversation as the great Sam Darnold
  2. In today's Daily News and Newsday football predictions both picked the Bills.
  3. You could actually make a case that during their dynasty nobody from the division was a rival to the Pats. Early on it was the Colts and Ravens then the Steelers and Broncos who played big regular season and playoff games against them. The Giants were a bigger pain in the ass to them as well for beating them twice on the biggest stage.
  4. You might be right. Didn't Josh mentioned something about getting a dome in Buffalo or that he wasn't a fan playing in bad weather? I could be wrong but I thought he mentioned something to that effect.
  5. You would think a team from WNY would or should be built to play in bad weather. If not Terry better get that new domed/retractable roof stadium built ASAP.
  6. Over at the the ganggreen.com forum in the main New York Jets section they have a thread titled "SAD - JETS AND BILLS WERE IN THE SAME BOAT". It seems like "big brother" is jealous of "little brother".
  7. Especially for a team that has trouble running the ball.
  8. Eating one wing is like eating one potato chip. It can't be done.
  9. Win or lose they had a great season. Let's be honest its going to hurt if they lose and we all know it. Two wins from a Super Bowl championship. As others pointed out there are no guarantees the Bills get back to this point. I think they will and I also think JA leads the Bills to a couple of Super Bowl championships when his career finally ends but that is just my opinion which means nothing.
  10. But they are so close. I am going to be screaming my head off for them to win. May have to call in "sick" for work Monday as I expect many beers on Sunday night.
  11. On the flip side of bad sequels I thought all three Expendables movies were all pretty good. As for bad sequels Caddyshack 2, Fletch Lives, Revenge of the Nerds to name a few.
  12. Hopefully the Bills can get pressure on him and hit him as much as possible. He most likely won't be 100 percent for this game. If the Bills hit him often maybe he doesn't finish the game.
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