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  1. I just want the Bills to get in as a WC. Maybe next year they get the division.
  2. It was what 2015, or 2016? It's possible some players were on the roster but I don't know. I am a Bills fan who lives in NJ so I have plenty of family, friends, co-workers who are Jets fans, and it has already been said to me how they hope the Bills need a week 17 win and the Jets can get payback. I am sure when the time comes if that is the scenario the NYC media will bring it up about the Jets getting payback on the Bills. I remember when the Bills ruined the Jets season it was big news here in the NY/NJ area. Jets fans were calling WFAN (local sports station) cursing out the Jets and the Bills. It will be a story here if the Bills need a week 17 win to get in.
  3. In this scenario the Jets will be fired up for revenge. It wasn't that long ago they needed a week 17 win at Buffalo to make the playoffs and the Bills ended their season. That was the game Fitz threw 3 INT's. I hope the Bills have a playoff spot clinched before week 17 but I doubt this will be the case.
  4. They barely beat the Bengals at home so maybe they stumble along the way. I actually think(hope) the Jets can upset them at MetLife this week.
  5. NE is being carried by their D. Brady looks more like a game manager. He might be capable of having a great game once in a while but his skills are definitely declining. At 42 that is understandable.
  6. I think 9 might do it as the AFC is having a down year. The NFC you better get 10 at least.
  7. This will be a tough game. A few weeks ago Denver went into Indy and had the lead most of the way until a FG in the final seconds gave the Colts the win. Yesterday the Vikes needed a huge 2nd half rally to win. This will be a good test for Allen and the offense as the Broncos D is no joke. I do think the Bills D will handle the Broncos offense. With what is coming up at Dallas, Baltimore, at Pitt, at NE this is a must win. I think the Bills win a close one 20-17.
  8. I guess we are all Jets fans this week. I actually think at home they can beat the Raiders. Oakland wasn't that impressive yesterday and Darnold has been playing better lately granted against crap teams. I have no hope that Pitt loses to the Bengals this week but I can see a Jets upset. Oakland is listed as a 3 point favorite so Vegas thinks it will be a close game. For this week only J.E.T.S....JETS,JETS,JETS
  9. I predicted 24-13 Bills. I think the Bills D does a better this time against Fitz. I don't expect a blowout win but the Bills will be in control from the start. 7-3 and get ready for Denver.
  10. Thank you Cleveland. Now the Bills need to do their part on Sunday and we will have some separation from Pitt standings wise. Also that game at Pitt looks more winnable even though Allen vs the Steelers D makes me nervous. I have no doubt the Bills D will cause problems for Pitt. Now go Squish the Fish.
  11. I remember we played the Jets on TNF in back to back years. Once at MetLife and one at NEF. I don't recall the Bills playing on Thursday night since FOX took over.
  12. No they don't have the talent on offense to dominate anyone and Miami has been playing tough. Even in some of the games they have recently lost (Bills, Steelers) they have covered the spread. I think the Bills win somewhat comfortably 24-13 but they won't dominate. Hope I am wrong as I would love to see them kick ass.
  13. If the Bills finish 9-7 or 10-6 I wonder if that would be enough to get them on SNF or TNF which I think are the more attractive prime time games over MNF since they are on NBC and FOX. This will be a discussion for the offseason but I definitely think the Bills get a MNF next year with a 9-7 or 10-6 record. After that I don't know.
  14. at Miami - WIN Denver - WIN but will be a tough game. at Dallas - LOSS Baltimore - LOSS at Pitt - probable LOSS but wouldn't be shocked if they won. at NE - LOSS until we beat this team I can't predict otherwise. JETS - WIN but if we need the game to get in then watch out. The Jets would love to spoil our season just like the Bills did to them a few years ago. I see 9-7 maybe 10-6 if they get the Pitt game.
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