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  1. Normally I would agree with you but 13 seconds was a big slap in the face for them. Besides McDermott always preaches the one game at time and respect your opponent type of mentality.
  2. Losing Hill tips the scales in the Bills favor. Without Hill then covering Kelce becomes easier. You are right if the Bills play them in the playoffs then they will have to prove it on the field. Of course beating them in the regular season will go along way in getting a playoff game vs them in OP. I know that didn't help last year but with the AFCW being stronger it probably makes a difference this year.
  3. KC is going to have their hands full trying to win their own division. My pick for the west is the Chargers but you could make a case for any of the four teams. Assuming the Bills win the east then a Bills-Chiefs playoff game next season probably takes place in OP. I think we get by the Chiefs this season. If Miami had a QB I would say they could challenge the Bills but they don't.
  4. Even if the Bills win the Super Bowl this season I would think Beane will make OL a priority at next year's draft.
  5. We will have our answer this year. Something tell me Jones won't be able to make those same plays for Daboll that Allen did.
  6. So glad the Canes came back. They played like poop for 40 minutes and still won. In the 3rd P when they found their game they had the Rags on their heels. Shesterkin can only save them for so long. Anyway 1 down and 3 to go until the Rags go home.
  7. Right now going into the season I would say CB. Losing Tre hurts and when he finally comes back then how long will it take for him to be playing at the level he is capable of. Might not be until the 2nd half of the season at the earliest.
  8. Prices for the PSL's can be adjusted (and they probably will) if they are having trouble selling tickets. Happened to the Jets. Behind the end zone lower level they tried to have a PSL fee of $10,000 per seat. When tickets weren't selling they were dropped to $5,000 per seat. Fans had to put down a $1,000 deposit to secure their seats. They were happy when the Jets sent an e-mail saying the remaining balance went from $9,000 to $ 4,000 per seat on the PSL fee.
  9. The AFC is loaded with good teams but I would say the top challengers for the Bills will be the Chargers, Colts, Bengals, and Broncos assuming Wilson can still play at a high level.
  10. Hard to go 6-0 in the division. Even during the Pats dynasty years they usually lost once or twice. Most of the time it was at Miami. I think Brady's career record is around .500 or so at Miami.
  11. Just looking at the picture I would say yes.
  12. That's great that the Bills and Sabres step up and help out. Class organizations all the way.
  13. If she wasn't a kid she would have been booed out of the building. Tonight as an Isles fan I will be cheering Go Canes Go. The Rags barely got by Pitt with their 3rd or 4th string goalie. I doubt they get by this round. Canes in 6
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