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  1. When you consider he is the main piece in their rebuild it's not a good look that he isn't there. Rookie QB needs all the work he can get heading into the season. This is good for the Bills but not the Jets.
  2. New coaching staff, new systems and schemes to learn for a rookie QB. The more time he misses hurts the Jets and Wilson. This is a good thing. Hopefully this lasts a while.
  3. Finally it begins. About 6 weeks until the opener.
  4. I agree 100% on Boone. I would be shocked if he isn't fired at the end of the year. Cashman also needs to take blame here as well but I don't think he will be fired. If George were still here both would have been canned already.
  5. Yanks 51-47 and the Mets 52-44. The only reason the Mets are in 1st is because the NL East sucks. It reminds me of the NFC East last season.
  6. Is it crazy. WTF was this guy thinking? I am all for "sports hate" with our rivals. I hate the Pats, Jets, Fins as much as anybody. But its "sports hate" not real life hate. I sure as hell wouldn't kill somebody for anything much less arguing over football.
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/07/23/shooting-at-pats-steaks-in-philly-after-eagles-and-giants-fans-argue/
  8. Bruce on defense. OJ on offense. Talent wise best players in Bills history. Both are in the conversation for best ever at their position.
  9. You want to talk tough schedule. The Isles open up with a 13 game road trip before playing their home opener Nov 20 vs Calgary. The majority of those road games require getting on a plane. It's not taking a bus to play at NYR, Philly, Washington. But they do have one game at NJ in that 13 game set.
  10. This will will go over well with the clubs. I can't imagine the league won't find ways to get the games played. Didn't the Steelers and Ravens play on a Wednesday afternoon last year. If I remember correctly.
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