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  1. Here is a replay of his two point conversion that won the Titans game.
  2. The all whites looks great. Both current and throwback. Check out what the fish are wearing tonight.
  3. On what planet is he a good President? It sure as hell isn't Earth.
  4. I just saw that Dead and Company will call it quits after there 2023 summer tour. I know Bill K has had some health issues and Bob does like playing with Wolf Bros but I am surprised they are quitting. They have been very successful touring as a GD offshoot band.
  5. These stats are nice but we all know why Von was brought here. A good regular season from him will help us win games but his impact will be judged in Jan/Feb.
  6. Since this is the Bills we are talking about make sure its a 2 score game by the time we get to the 4th quarter. We all know how those one score games go
  7. Allen was able to throw the ball just fine in that "wind game" vs NE last year. 10-20 MPH isn't that bad. As for the rain that would probably hurt LJ more with his running in slippery conditions. Even though it will hurt Allen's running he is a better passer than LJ. He doesn't rely on the run as much as LJ does.
  8. Congrats to Judge. I was starting to think the pressure was getting to him and maybe he wouldn't tie Maris. We only have 8 or 9 games left in the regular season.
  9. It is what it is. Hope won't make the OL better. Beane can with the draft. This upcoming draft I expect OL and safety to be priorities. Poyer and Hyde are both over 30.
  10. The Steelers offense is bad especially if they stop Harris. Trubisky has been terrible. No TJ Watt to deal with this time. Nothing is guaranteed but I can't see the Bills losing to them at home this year.
  11. They are 2-1 but they are not a good football team. While their defense has been good the offense is terrible. Schoen and Daboll are looking at a rebuild. Just like Beane and McDermott did when they got here. Beane did trade Sammy Watkins who was one of our better players on offense at the time. Schoen is probably looking to acquire as many picks as possible for a reset/rebuild. Besides the Eagles are winning the division this year anyway unless injuries play a factor.
  12. To much to give up for someone who has a history of injuries. Barkley when healthy is better than Moss/Singletary but can he stay healthy. The Giants would have to retain salary for the Bills to make it work.
  13. This is a discussion for the offseason but I would think Beane would put a priority on the OL when the draft comes. That and secondary help with both Poyer and Hyde over 30. Going to have to start getting younger in the secondary at some point.
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