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  1. I like it. Its always nice to start 1-0. Who knows if it happens. If true it is strange that the league has the Bills and Jets playing week one a lot. I get that they are divisional rivals but they could throw the Fins or Pats in their as well.
  2. You might be right. Below comment is from the Jets site for fans to guess the schedule. The Jets are hinting its Buffalo again for the season opener. The New York Jets are having a giveaway to those who can guess the 2021 season schedule of the team. The Jets social media account suggested on Twitter that the Week 1 opponent on the team will once again be the Buffalo Bills.
  3. The only Hail Mary I like watching a replay of is the 1981 Ferguson to Leaks on the last play of the game turning what would have been a horrible loss to a bad Pats team into a 20-17 thrilling come from behind win.
  4. The biggest play in that game besides the Norwood FG attempt was Hostetler holding onto the ball when Bruce sacked him in the endzone. He fumbles there and 17-3 is a lot different then 12-3. That Giant team wasn't built to come from behind. 17-3 would have taken them out of their comfort zone which was running the ball and controlling the clock.
  5. The league certainly didn't handle the Tom Wilson incident this week well. NHL = WWE on skates.
  6. Living in NJ I can tell everyone that Rangers fans are upset about these firings. They thought both JD and Jeff Gorton were doing a good job with the rebuild. The Sabres should look to speak with both of them unless the Pegula's are happy with their current FO.
  7. Florida is definitely brutal but honestly the 1st game anywhere in September outside of a dome is brutal. I always get a nice sunburn every year at MetLife for the Jets opener. Every year when it happens I always try and remember suntan lotion for the next time but I always forget.
  8. Same here love the all whites both current and throwback. I wish they would lose the all blues and reds and replace them with the blue over white throwbacks. If it were up to me I would have for the 8 home games 2 each of all whites current and throwback and blue over white current and throwback. I don't know if the league would allow the home and road throwbacks in the same season but if they did that is what I would do. Playoff home games should always be blue over white. Preseason go with the all whites. Speaking of the blue over white throwbacks I wonder why the Bills won't bring that bac
  9. One thing I am sure of is when the Bills have their home opener they will be wearing their all whites which will piss of the Bills should always wear blue over white at home crowd.
  10. Rangers fire John Davidson, Jeff Gorton in shocking move (nypost.com) I wonder if the Sabres look to Davidson or Gorton. I don't know why I can't post the link here but the story it is up at the New York Post.
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