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  1. Blows my mind not a single throw from the colts game made it. Throw rolling out to his right to Knox in the Pats MNF game is worthy.
  2. It's definitely debatable though. i'm fine with anywhere in that 4-7 range honestly.
  3. He's 6th among cb's on the list. Not really what i would call a ton of disrespect IMO.
  4. This has baffled me for a while now. Allen had 3500 total yds and 29 total td to just 13 to’s in 2019 while going 10-5, yet the narrative is he was junk in year 2 and nobody saw the leap coming in 20. It’s literally as though people saw a comp % of 58 and they totally short circuited. Couldn’t think straight… I’ve never seen one certain number make people keep saying such stupid things about a player and totally disregard everything else they do well.
  5. I was facing my best friend in the fantasy football playoffs that week. Losman gave his Jets defense 11 pts between this play and the subsequent desperation Hail Mary. I lost the matchup by 2….. This sequence still comes up when we see one another and the beers start flowing.
  6. Usually i would expect somewhere in the 20-40 range based on players thinking he needs to prove he can do it more than once, BUT its clear from his ranking last year that the players hold him in much higher regard than what most fans/media expected. With that in mind i think he'll come in anywhere from 5-15...... And its gonna be awesome to watch certain media members skin crawl when that happens.
  7. So I saw a stat yesterday that Allen is 7th all time in wins for a Qb before the age of 25. They didn’t show the rest of the list but I’m assuming he’s in some elite company…. off the top of my head I would guess maybe guys like Big Ben, Marino, Luck, mahomes, and jackson are in front of him???
  8. How did the dolphins do this offseason? you should tell us all about them and how they're likely to take the division.... you were all the rage with that last year...
  9. Steelers. First time in a stadium in nearly 2 years and I absolutely despise their fans. A nice reality check for them in week 1.
  10. I was at that playoff game. You aren’t wrong. I’ll give them a little slack though because they dealt with literally thousands of amped up bills fans trying to take over their town all weekend. I’m sure by game time they were fed up. I was also in lambeau back in 18 and you are correct about packers fans as well. Really cool experience.
  11. Oh look. Badol getting in a pissing match about fanhood and full page of passive aggressive pot shots. In other news water is wet and I saw the sun come out of the East this morning. I hope to see you at the opener.... would be a shame if you got nailed by oncoming traffic before then. I enjoyed the 2 years without any interactions. If you’re good with more of that then so am I.
  12. I would have just chalked it up to where I live, here in NW pa, but I’ve talked to numerous posters on here as well as other family members from other parts of the country and they all confirm they’re awful no matter where you are. they literally act as though the franchise, and they as fans, are gracing the NFL and the nation with their presence. I’m telling you anyone that’s had plenty of interactions with them will confirm it. It’s disgusting. And you should here the mental gymnastics they are doing as they try and talk themselves into thinking they’ll be fine without Ben. I’ve ta
  13. ...Said everyone about 4 years ago....
  14. I’ve been day dreaming about how quiet they are gonna be walking out of the stadium... I can’t put into words how much I can’t stand that fan base. A third straight win against them would just be so so SO perfect to start the season.
  15. I mean, whatever.... I’ll take the opportunity to crush an AFC playoff team in front of 70,000 rabid, football deprived fans. I also happen to live between buffalo and Pitt so I’ve grown up amongst those self righteous pricks of a fan base. Personally, I honestly can’t think of a better way for the season to start than letting them all in on the reality that their time has passed and they have no business thinking they can hang with the big dogs of the conference.
  16. i coulda swore it was moss that muffed that hand off. EDIT: i just youtubed the highlights. it was moss for sure.
  17. I’m less annoyed with the total amount than I am with the fact that only 1 of them is at home.
  18. well my first choice is still New Orleans and she just told me not to count it out completely. But i'll be sure to keep you posted either way.
  19. Ugh. I had this game marked as the ONE place i really wanted to go this year for my annual away trip. Thanksgiving makes it not likely..... looks like i'll be looking towards Nashville. The wife has been there and she said its amazing.
  20. years ago I was gifted the same jacket that’s in this photo right here. It’s still in amazing condition. Not a single crack in the pleather collar. About 2 sizes too big for me and so... so so ugly.... It’s always a convo starter 😂
  21. Death, Taxes...... and @ScottLaw hyping the jets during the off-season.
  22. I took the bait. I clicked. I read about a paragraph until he said that Jefferson is the better WR in every way possible, gave that a chuckle, and then x'd out of it immediately. It was clear at that point that there wasnt anything logical that would come from that guy. YUP! All of this..... i'm so tired of the "lets stay under the radar" or underdog mentality. IMO its for losers. Once you start winning and KEEP winning, it inherently puts you smack dab in the crosshairs/on the radar. Personally, thats where i'd like the bills to be. That would mean they've been wi
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