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  1. What I mean is how the article is presented. The article does not talk about how it will effect the little guy. It talks about how it will effect the bottom dollar. "And while you'd save on expenses like event staffing, you'd still lose out on millions in concession sales and parking." "A loss of local revenue in the tens of millions will significantly impact operations for each team in the NFL, and it will especially harm the teams who have been nearing the edge. As teams begin to count the money that won't be coming in this fall, they're focused even more on making sure more doesn't go out the door." "And even if that sponsor stays with the team, it still has to see value commensurate with its investment. That won't happen if it's purchased a luxury suite or naming rights to a now-closed gate entrance." "At the risk of upsetting a current sponsor, teams would have to be mindful to avoid a Coke-vs.-Pepsi-like conflict. But this could open the door for a newcomer in the sponsorship world. "
  2. You arent wrong. I know its just from a bad day
  3. Boy I know Im just in a mood today, but I dont really care if muiltibillion dollar companies lose some money. How does it affect advertising? Oh boy how will Geico, Budwieser and Pizza Hut be able to manage...
  4. So I know the majority are against it. But I use wresting as my example. Wrestlemania was brutal with no crowd. Just a lot of silence and was uncomfortable. But I watched a stream of it where they watched it and put just minimal crowd noise. Like a low dull noise that a crows will make while talking and it made it 100x better. I know it seems dumb but when the games/matches are going on you brain just takes it as a real thing
  5. I much prefer the Chargers version to the Rams in basically every way.
  6. Which makes all recievers besides for the 3 top are in a battle
  7. 7 team switches in 7 years and h was on our team for 2. Has played 14 games in 7 years
  8. We have clearly been trying to build a culture here. I am going with a team is fragile and a bad apple can ruin a bundle. Just because he is productive does not mean he will fit into what we are doing here. That being said if we trade for him and he does great an no bad blood? Great good for us. But I dont think Beane pulls the trigger on this for anything more then a 6th
  9. He does own the 2nd biggest wrestling company in the US. May be getting tios from Vince McMahon
  10. Yes there is a difference between a lazy jerk and a motivated jerk
  11. Thats why I dont believe he would trade for him or Yannick
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