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  1. No just speculation, Ty was dressed but got 0 reps and didnt look happy and Texans are trying to get a tackle
  2. Could you imagine being on 10 teams in 10 years between AFL and NFL. Working your way from the Arena League to a solid backup. Gets paid to join a team he wants to be a part of a a potential starter only to get traded before you play their first game there. I wouldnt be happy either
  3. I know it is against the rules but I feel like most teams would not trade without at least a deal in place. It is basically what happened with AB (I know he isnt the best example right now but at the time they were happy) It all depends if we want to do the Seattle and LA thing. Stack the defense during their QBs rookie deal. If we are trying to win a title in the next two years a 3rd wont be the reason we dont do it but Clowney would help
  4. Am I giant Clowney fan? Not at all. But the thought of Hughes, Oliver and Clowney going after Brady and the other QBs sounds great. I would be okay with a 2nd or a 3rd/4th and Shaq Lawson. Saying we could get an extension of course
  5. If I start a Brady retires post does he play longer?
  6. The one time I break news
  7. Former Dolphin with 1 years experience. Was let go with an injury and out of shape but seems to have refocused since then.
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