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  1. I have to go with Bray Nothing better then hearing children clap for being barbarically punished
  2. So that means we are at MetLife the first two weeks.
  3. My guess is it has to do with the second part of the skit. The part where Rick James is grinding his feet into Eddy Murphy's couch. The one where where Rick James is talking about how Eddie is rich and can afford new stuff and how "never should have given you _______________ money" Seeing how that one is all about money to me it makes more sense but I know I am reading waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far into it. Im sure he just finds it funny.
  4. I looked at them both. But McCoy is a better pass protector then Bradbury. I just have a feeling that McCoy will end up with a higher ceiling then Bradbury
  5. So the Chiefs have two major needs CB and C. Looking at the CB left on the board none wow me and it is very easy to get a decent one in later rounds. But rght now we have the top choice in Center which we need to solidify our title run. Because of that the Chiefs select Erik McCoy, C/G, Texas A&M He impressed at the combine with his speed and had great interviews. Most have him going early 2nd but we want to make sure he is ours for the next 5 years. @aristocrat and the Green Bay Packers are on the clock.
  6. Yeah I was the Titans and got my pick right haha just wrong round
  7. Mr Wild


    So we had a can drive and it went well. We will probably have a few more later this year
  8. Mr Wild


    So someone has announced doing the same raffle suggested. We are having a can drive this weekend. I am thinking like a spaghetti dinner later this year. Gets the kids and moms involved. Hopefully
  9. Mr Wild


    What is the size of the location you do this at?
  10. Mr Wild


    High school football team
  11. Mr Wild


    Trying to figure out good fundraisers to make money. Small town, not a lot of money here, need suggestions for future ones.
  12. Mr Wild


    What is the most successful fundraiser you have been a part of/ran? What made is so successful?
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