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  1. Moss is out there to pass block. He is a better pass blocker but if you only have him out there on passes its abvious
  2. I expected it to slope outwards but will there be a perimeter so you cant really be right next to the stadium on the outside? For safety reasons?
  3. So here is my question about the covered area over the seats. All the ones we have seen are not in snowey areas. If anyone has seen the metal roofs that are popular now. Snow when it warms up a little will just slide off and crash to the floor. How will a covered seat area be able to stop the snow from sliding down and potentially falling on someone from high up? It has to be something they have thought of right?
  4. I just hope there are no real gimmicks. Like the SoFi Cirlcle Screens that didnt work, The Dallas stadium where punts hit the screens, Atlanta where thte Mercedes Benz stadium does open right.
  5. Prediction. Boogie get more sacks then Rousseau.
  6. Hopefully just a tweak and will be back by week 1
  7. It is interesting that 2 days of Von/Oliver/Phillips/Boogie getting pressure but in 2 days no real mention of Groot.
  8. Undrafted Rookie RB from Virginia Tech
  9. Go to 1:23:41.... He is literally walking to the stage. Before they even mention he was a 4 year player or any of his stats. They spend his whole time walking to the stage talking about how his Grandfather was accidently killed by cops 8 years ago... That is not what we want to watch
  10. Honestly I was done with ESPN when the NFL draft every story was how someone in their life died. His uncle dies at 6... We do we need to bring this up on what is supposed to be the best day of his life.
  11. I actually have no good reason. Just a feeling. It could be a G/C
  12. Most of the names I looked up articles from those cities and chose the ones that I think fit the best for the place and arent completely generic (Huskies, Mounties, Aztecs)
  13. Yea I more or less ignored rivalries like that bc new ones will form. I think especially in the new "Frontier" division. All Midwest teams that went with manifest destiny. All their names are associated with the wild west. Minus Titans but they came from Houston so close enough? My arguement for the Ravens steelers is remember when 15 years ago that was Colts Patriots and Steelers Patriots? It was must watch when Brady big Ben and Manning were facing. Does anyone care now if the Pats and Colts play? Times change.
  14. Here is my random if there is an expansion... if we were forced to add more. Idk bored NFC West (Pacific) NFC North (Central) NFC East (Atlantic) Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings New York Giants San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles LA Rams Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens San Diego Chargers Detroit Lions Washington Commanders Las Vegas Raiders Indianapolis Colts Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals Cincinnati Bengals Atlanta Falcons AFC South (Gulf) AFC Middle (Plains) AFC North (Northeast) Houston Texans Denver Broncos Montreal Voyageurs Mexico City Lobos Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots Jacksonville Jaguars Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins Tennessee Titians New York Jets Tampa Bay Buccaneers St Louis Spirit/Arches Cleveland Browns New Orleans Saints San Antonio Stallions Pittsburg Steelers My thought Process on new teams: San Diego goes home so both "LA" teams can be in same division. Mexico City Makes the most sense. Large Market. Go with Lobos as a Spanish name that can connect with local animal. St Louis gets a team back after the lawsuit. Call it Spirit after the plane or arches for being the gateway to the west. San Antonio Stallions. Everyone always says this is the next most likely place to get a team. The heck with Jerry. Why Stallions? Did you know almost every team in there town starts with an S? Montreal Voyageurs Canada gets a team and isn't Toronto bc of the Bills or Vancouver bc of the Seahawks. The name honors the French side and them being a place for explorer in colonial times. Why separated this way? Taking the NBA technique of keeping divisions close and similar lifestyles by area. Want the people of the area to gain a passion for their divisions and hatred/rivalries with those close. How Schedule would work? Play the people in your division twice. Then another division once. That means you would play team once every 5 years. Playoffs? Top from each division and 4 wildcards for each side. Only top record on you conference gets a bye Sorry was bored
  15. Phillips played 18 out of 34 possible games for the Cards. Hopefully it is cheap
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